Thursday, September 1, 2011

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  • rickys_in
    10-04 06:31 PM
    How soon before the passport expiry can we go for the renewal?

    1 year before the expiry

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  • Mr. Brown
    12-10 03:37 PM
    Does anyone know what 202(a)(5) is and why doesn't it apply to EB3?



    Based on current indications of demand, the best case scenarios for cut-off dates which will be reached by the end of FY-2010 are as follows:

    Employment Second:
    China: July through October 2005
    India: February through early March 2005

    If Section 202(a)(5)were to apply:
    China and India: October through December 2005

    Employment Third:

    Worldwide: April through August 2005
    China: June through September 2003
    India: January through February 2002
    Mexico: January through June 2004
    Philippines: April through August 2005

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  • FinalGC
    02-24 09:08 AM
    My wife is studying for Nursing and hence I know the anser. Either General Nursing or BSN will allow you to give the RN exam. However, before that have your crendtials evaluated by, so that an US equivalency is established. Based on that you can apply for the RN exam.

    General Nursing is equivalent to an Associate in Nursing. For future promitions, BSN is better.

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  • kuhelica2000
    05-27 09:25 PM
    I am stuck in PBEC. Please let me know if you need any information.


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  • immigration_confused
    08-02 11:09 PM
    Dear friends, i would like to share my experience regarding the earlier post. My brother as i told you had surrendered his I-94 to the airline while departing for canada.
    He went to the US immigration at Toronto airport and the officer asked him for his I-94 which he told that airline had taken from him. Officer told that the airline was wrong in doing so and called his superior who told that it was not a problem and they issued him with a new I-94 card with out a problem and he got back into the US.
    i guess the lesson is not to panic and carry all your doccuments with you. In summary, automatic visa revalidation works but please do not surrender your old or new I-94 to the ailrine if you are planning to visit canada or mexico for < 30 days.

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  • bobzibub
    07-27 10:45 AM
    Thought folks might find the following interesting.

    I recently returned from a visit to Canada where I stayed with my brother-in-law, who owns a small but very successful web development shop. He told me that due to the booming Canadian economy, he can no longer find experienced programmers at reasonable bill rates. So he's been doing some outsourcing to get cheap foreign labor ... hiring American programmers !

    Where was that? Vancouver? Toronto?
    Was it Java or LAMP or .NET stuff?


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  • ujjvalkoul
    06-23 06:10 PM
    r u guys filing both applications with the same employer.

    Can I retain PD (Aug 2003) of EB3 labor application filed with Employer 1

    Now I have PERM approved in EB2 with employer 2

    Can I transfer PD in this case.

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  • rajeshiv
    03-01 01:33 PM
    I was moved from state (A) to another state (B) along with Client 'Y' four years back...and my Employer didn't filed for H1 amendment at that time, but my payroll was running from State B with same salary. I was not aware of this rule to file an amendment for change in job location and I dont know even employer is aware of that or not.

    After three years I got EAD and I Employed by Company X in state B.

    My question is....what are my options and problems for not being filed H1 Amendment four years back.?

    Please advice.


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  • kumar1305
    01-25 03:06 PM
    IMO: 7th Year extn can be filed if PERM is pending for more than 365 days or if I-140 is approved.

    You can also get 7th yr extension with approved labor. With approved I-140 you get 3 yrs of extension.

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  • desi3933
    02-18 11:36 AM
    As I am paid on an hourly basis, I am not paid while I am on bench. As a result I don't have a pay stub for a period of 3 weeks.

    Will this be a big problem in the future in terms of Green card processing?

    ..... I don't know much about the legal process.

    Thank you!

    First, you should know about rights of H-1B employee. You must get paid for all times including unproductive times (knows as "bench") as well.

    Read this pdf

    You should consider getting your salary for "bench" time, otherwise you are out of status. Being out of status can cause issues for H-1B "transfer" as well.

    Not a legal advice.


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  • loku
    08-16 08:04 PM
    I was on H-1 and got laid off on July 23. I filed for COS to H4 online on the same day and got the electronic receipt the same day. As I had filed I-539 after work hours, the receipt shows that USCIS received my application on July 26 instead of 23. I got the paper receipt in next 3 days. I hope this will not create any problems as my employer sent notification to USCIS on July 31 and I received my last paystub on July 31 though it was only till July 23. I have been working in US with good status for last 5 years.

    Now I have some questions. Any help is greatly appreciated:

    1) I recently got two Job offers from different consulting firms. When I told them that my H4 status is still pending, their attorneys told me conflicting things.
    - One employer's attorney said that I have to wait till my H4 is approved and only then they could apply for my H1. At this time I have not status and they cannot file my H1.
    - The other employer's attorney said that I could apply for H1 while my H4 is still pending by giving pending petition reference in the new H1 application. This will let USCIS adjudicate both the pending status together and there will be no problem for my H1.

    Which one of them is correct ? What are the risks involved if I go with the advice of second attorney? Is there a possibility that filing H1 increases the chances the both my H4 and H1 applications are rejected and I could be OOS ?

    2) Second question is that the second employer wants me to start immediately after I get H1 receipt. Am I eligible to work on a receipt with my situation or do I need to wait for the complete approval ? What if I get an RFE ? As this is a consulting firm, they have work order from end client for only 3 months and it will be renewed after every 3 months. Will this 3 month work order will create any problems ?

    3) What is my current status ? Will the current time while H4 is pending will be counted against H1 or H4 ? As I have only a little over year left in my H1, it is important for me to know how much valid time I have left for H1. This processing time could go in months if I get an RFE.
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  • LostInGCProcess
    11-12 12:21 PM
    Your new company must sponsor your H1 before the old company send the request to cancel your H1.
    Once revoked, you have probably couple of weeks to pack up. So, its best you get started on the new H1 before the old H1 is revoked.


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  • bandoayan
    08-27 10:32 PM
    My PERM application had job location as " employers office and various client's site throughout US". The PERM was approved in EB2 without audit.

    My company is in a different state. I am consulting and hence working in a different state. Do we specify the job location in PERM application ? If yes, does it matter that I am working at a different location ? I am working on applying PERM in EB-2. Thanks.

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  • WaldenPond
    08-29 10:04 PM
    The lawyer should have received the receipt of I-140. It would be best to ask your lawyer a copy of the I-140 receipt for your record. Using the case number from the I-140 receipt notice you could check the status of your application online at:

    Hope this is useful.


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  • wkhalifa
    05-19 05:58 PM
    hi can any one help me i have i-140 notice 10/22/07 and up till now i can not track it online every time i try the respond is th rn is not correct my employer called couple of times and every thim they till him it is a problem in the system and they sent sr but no thing done is there other cases like me ? what i should do ?


    lc eb3 11/06

    i-140 10/07

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  • ssksubash
    02-16 11:54 AM

    I recently booked an appointment for visiting visa for my parents through vfs, during the process , I first entered my Dad's details and then his ds 156, then It asked if I wanted to add additional family members, then I entered my Mom's details and her ds 156 . After that it asked for my Mom's ds 157 and never showed my Dad's ds 157.

    So the final list of documents it generated was :

    Dad's ds 156, Mom's ds 156,157 , interview letter.

    Is this correct, does my dad need ds 157 and interview letter or is 1 ds 157 and interview letter enough ?

    Thank you for your time.


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  • tmayer01
    05-09 06:14 AM
    i'm finishing work on friday and i still havn't got a new job. I'm a really shy person and i hate the thought

    Hey, just be confident.. not all people get a chance to go in a place and apply for a job.. besides, if you have all the qualities of an applicant, there is no reason to be shy, rather tell your interviewer on what you can do to be an asset and help the company grows more.:D

    study in australia (

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  • soumya_bhatta
    03-23 11:31 PM
    Thanks for the reply.

    No, my new would be employer will not be doing H1 transfer for me. They will take the EAD route. Yes, I know the start and end date of EAD as that is printed in the approval letter.

    So, I guess, although I don't have the plastic card in hand, I can start processing AC21 on the basis of EAD approval notice and A#, that gives me 90 more days.

    I will read I 9 more carefully with time. Also started upgrading profile.

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  • harrydr
    04-30 12:51 AM
    If i'm from Michigan, which processing center is handling my application for Green Card. Nebraska??????????????

    05-06 05:27 PM
    Need advice on my birth certificate matter.

    I have my birth certificate. My DOB is correct on it along with Date of its registration (DOB+5 days).
    My father's name and mother's name is not spelt exactly the same as in my passport.

    my father's name has an extra "bhai" in the name. xxxxbhai yyyyy zzzzz
    my mother's name has only her first name and not her full name. aaaaa

    My passport has thier correct full names.

    What kind of document(s) would i need to submit in order for me to use thier names listed on the passport? Could this cause an issue?

    OR am I preparing for no reason?

    Thanks for all your help,


    05-17 01:00 PM
    As far as I know/understsand : to be eligible for H1B visa for 2010, a company should applke for H1B on april 1st 2010, so that the person gets it by october 1 2010 right??

    if the 65000 limit is still available , lets say after october 1st 2010, can the company still apply for H1B after october 1st or november or even ion december, as long as the H1B cap 65000 is still available??

    thank you?


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