Thursday, September 1, 2011

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  • Pineapple
    11-16 02:47 PM
    Is it really against EEOC guidelines to specify US nationals or GC holders for jobs which do not require security clearance? I mean that specification is so common to job advertisements that I always assumed the law allowed that.. certainly news for me if that is not the case!
    Thanks for posting this, GCwaitforever..

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  • sapota
    10-11 05:02 PM
    bcos I was there stuck at BEC with no result in sight for 4 years.

    My advice would be to file for another LC through PERM ( I know its hassle) & file it in the EB2 category if you are eligible (even if your company might not sponsor the 2nd labor, you should probably foot the bill). This way, you can retain your old priority date & file in EB2 sooner. Or maybe wait & watch how the cutoff dates progress ( I think EB3 will surely move to 2003 soon (early/spring 2008) for India.

    I know that its not easy looking at all the threads talking about starting company using EAD, buying homes, recpt. number, AC21 etc. when you missed the boat to file I-485. But hang in there. When one door closes, another one opens.

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  • logiclife
    04-03 10:56 AM
    Please ask your colleagues who are unaware of this that it takes a few clicks to send faxes to all 100 senators and number of faxes matter to emphasize the gravity of situation and widespread support to our cause.

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  • sys_manus
    01-28 09:49 AM
    Well said..


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  • MDix
    11-04 10:46 AM
    Upcoming month's visa bulletin: December 2009 (coming soon)

    Visa Bulletin (

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  • like_watching_paint_dry
    02-27 03:15 PM
    LOL. This thread again...

    They gamble, they lose and then they whine about rules being unfair here.

    And this willwin guy has the nerve to give me a red mark on my post saying I'm not being diplomatic... like I care about being diplomatic when they want IV to shift its primary focus in order to cater to such ridiculous asks!! If I wanted to be diplomatic, I'd have come here on foreign service. :rolleyes:


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  • abqguy
    01-15 04:59 PM
    Sent the letter. I will get with my Employer to do the same. Also, will try to get with my lawmakers too.

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  • jfredr
    08-22 11:14 AM
    Thanks for posting


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  • gcdreamer05
    04-13 11:59 AM
    Brother, your idea is good but practically it is very difficult.

    Do you see a donate progress bar at the top, it took an entire month and lot of pushing to get 10,000 US$ in donation.

    People are not willing to donate, many have questions about credibility and what work is being done, some have lost entire hope and hence not willing to donate.

    It is like chicken and egg, we are asking people to donate to see change, some are saying change is not there and donation does not make a difference.

    If it is so difficult to collect 10,000 US$ a month how can your plan collect 5 million ?

    If someone is going to ask you the following questions what are your answers,
    1) If i donate 50$ what is the feedback (in terms of info, progress) that i will get?
    2) What will you do if the administration thanks us and takes the donation and gives it off to a non-profit education organization. (giving donation does not mean that they will do something for us). Then what do we do.

    Instead can we not use that money to lobby for our goals.

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  • v7461558
    07-17 12:32 AM
    Think of it this way, there are already 280M US citizens who didn't take your H1B job for one reason or another, but most likely due to insufficient education or experience in your field.

    The additional 500k potential EADs, of course, are a bit different in that their I-140s are approved (this is the scenario we expect to play out on Tuesday afternoon). What this means is that they are also in the pool of people whose job position could not be filled by a US citizen. If they are in your field, they may potentially be competing for your job, and it will indeed be easier for your employer to hire one of them because there is no H1B petition cost or hassle for the employer to go through.

    Hiring an H1B is a barrier for your employer. It is there, but it is not particularly high, especially if you are not a new H1B but a renewal. You can just hope that your qualifications bring something on board with the company that is enough to overcome that barrier.


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  • felix31
    04-01 03:20 PM
    sent fax #10

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  • arc
    09-09 02:40 PM
    I can help in carrying stuff!


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  • arihant
    06-20 02:38 PM
    I am planning to apply for my 485 and wife's EAD/AP through my employer's lawyer. My employer will not do my EAD. I hear that we can file our EAD/AP ourselves after we get our 485 receipt. If I do that, how do I let USCIS know to send any RFEs to me or my lawyer and bypass the previous G-28?


    But, I will try to answer based on what I think you are asking.

    If you just want to apply for EAD/AP for yourself on your own, then that is fine. You will get all communications relating to your EAD/AP application directly to you.

    For the applications being filed by the lawyer, one G-28 form is filed with each application. So, you would have one for your 485, your wife's 485, your wife's EAD and your wife's AP. There will be no G-28 for your EAD/AP as you would not have filed it through your lawyer. There will be bno G-28 for your EAD and AP as you are filing yourself.

    BTW, it is strange that they will do your wife's EAD/AP and not yours!

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  • bestia
    08-31 11:23 PM
    you are assuming he has applied for 485. If he has not, (ie. started labor in 2004) then until atleast July he would be in the same boat. If his LC is still in BEC (remember 30K are still stuck there); then all of this applies to him even after July VB fiasco!

    Well.. this is how I understood "He applied for his so-called green card, [...], in 2004" if it means LC, then the article is correct. but then "eight years ago" - doesn't make sense.

    BTW, the link works without 'www' (stone to abc's IT guys)


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  • gc007
    01-07 10:25 PM
    Oh No ! Thats too bad. I was really hoping that it was possible to use the old H1B. And can be used anytime to change the status.

    I am hoping someone wud come up and say Yes its possible.....

    keep me posted if find anywhere about the same.

    Thanks !

    I am in exact same situation. The company that is going to sponsor my H1 checked with two attorneys and both said that I will need a fresh H1 in April07 and I can start working from Oct07. Even I never got to work on my earlier H1. I guess this is because you need previous paystubs for H1 transfer. Let me know if you hear otherwise from your attorneys.

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  • KanME
    07-19 04:24 PM
    I have been in this country for almost 10 years and I have never felt more stressed about these status issues than I did today. I even stopped working from this afternoon reading forums for similar cases, finding info here and there etc. :(

    This is confusing..I have a similar situation(not paid for 2 weeks)..

    When i talked to my lawyer she said that employement verification is done in I-140 and since that is approved I dont need to worry abt it for 485??

    What does your lawyer say?


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  • Almond
    11-02 06:19 PM
    MY GC NOW AND NOW NOW NOW.. uuuuAAAAnnnn uuuuuuuuaaannnnnnnnnnnn

    I want my GC now... booohhhoooooooooooooooooooo

    Okie thats it, my prediction thingy done.. back to work with desi tharra.

    Um, priority date August 06 and you're an EB3? might want to leave these forums for about mm...3-4 years and come back when it's ALMOST your turn. Then you'll be almosting for a few more years :D like me. Then you can start doing your little song and dance. Look at my date.... :(

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  • gconmymind
    10-11 04:43 PM
    This situation is really bad. There are so many people who missed the deadline as their labor was stuck in BEC. USCIS should at least allow a one-time chance (like July 2nd) for such people to file 485. I was lucky to clear the labor stage earlier this year.

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  • kart2007
    05-15 03:26 PM
    I know many people working here in my city who are from TCS. TCS blatantly breaks rules and sends these people on L1 visas while paying them an Indian salary and a minimal per diem for their time in the U.S. They don't even get enough for renting a car and I see many of these poor guys walking from their apartment blocks to the office. It's good exercise (for one's physical health) but the intent of the company is exploitation and nothing else :mad:

    In addition, I notice that many of these recruits are here not for long term jobs but for gaining enough knowledge so that those jobs can be outsourced back to the home country. That has started to make many of my American colleagues really mad. But it's the fault of the company, not these poor guys who don't have seem to have a clue what a bad deal it is until they arrive here.

    Sad to say, Wipro, Infosys and the rest in their flock are no better.

    Yup, TCS, Infosys, Cognizant, Patni etc are all offenders. Its sad to see L1s getting such a paltry salary.

    For H1 there are rules that are laid out for minimum wages but not for L1 (I think). Even then these Indian companies pay the least they have to to H1 visa holders.

    07-19 11:46 PM
    There is an obvious difference between "fretting over" and "reflecting". You seem not to understand the difference (reminds me of George W. Bush on Iraq war).

    George W Bush rocks man! I like his positive attitude towards life :) . He should be made president for life.

    02-11 10:10 AM
    On one hand we have VLD Rao crunching numbers like CRAY XMP and telling that EB2 will be close to current by End of the Year . On the other hand Mapadpa now says that the movement will be slow . I am a mere mortal and i am confused to the core on what to make of it ,

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