Thursday, September 1, 2011

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  • shree772000
    10-26 08:15 PM
    Maybe your I140 was withdrawn by the company A.

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  • gcgonewild
    11-03 08:20 AM
    He's the most dreaded Anti-immigrant.

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  • pcs
    05-22 02:36 PM
    Regarding contribution & phone calls ???

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  • aviko21
    10-03 10:17 PM
    my case is quite funny.
    Applications went to texas service center originally.
    From there they were transferred to California where they issued my EAD and AP but transferred the application back to TEXAS.

    Oddly enough the only thing that i initially got in the mail was a transfer notice and the ead cards. I didn't get the receipt notice, the AP or a FP notice?????/

    Any Idea whether anyone got ead without FP?


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  • amit_p27
    06-20 07:36 AM
    Today is the next day of my GC freedom, and I am still on this forum, I didnot mean to leave the Forum, I still support IV with all my heart.......

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  • gcformeornot
    12-26 09:10 PM
    First of all, not everyone here is from India. Second, not everyone here is from programming/IT background. It is easy to make that assumption, but believe me, there are plenty of non-indians, or non-IT people, and even non-Indian, non-IT people here. :D

    For these, what is or is not happening in Bangalore is completely irrelevant.
    Second, people who are still here have already decided where they want to be. (Which is why they are on the forum in the first place). People change countries for more reasons than just following the next IT boom.

    Anyway, regarding impact on opportunities here, there is a common misconception that companies have unlimited access to talent in other countries, and the only limiting factor is the quota of H1B visas.
    Not true, by a long shot.
    To give a simple example, our company is looking for people in Australia, Denmark, Finland, Canada and UK since the pool of qualified people in India has dried up in our field. Can anyone guess where is the biggest talent pool? Nope, not in Bangalore, its right here in USA!! Not all companies are looking for the cheapest person. They are looking for the best person. And in many cases, the best person is already here, and has gathered more experience over the years working for US companies. But they cannot hire her, simply because she is on a visa and thereby beholden to another company. If she had a GC, that would free up the talent pool and thereby make many companies less reliant on H1Bs. Increasing GCs for EB candidates has the same effect as increasing H1 quota, with the added benefit of making the cream of the crop available and reducing the uncertainty and hassle of hiring an H1.

    When you outsource, you lose this talent pool which is already sitting in your backyard. You may still outsource, of course, but the most cost effective solution would be to hire the top talent already here. This is especially true in professions which do not work very well in outsourced situations, like business consulting, marketing, management etc.

    This is why it is in the best interest of companies to support EB GCs.

    most of the US companies don't look for cheapest person availiable. They are willing to pay whatever they pay to other employees. They just want right person with stability in mind. Most cheaply paid persons are not stable and happy.... they leave employer as soon as they get a $100/month+ offer.....
    So I agree 100%. Even the company I work for is doing same. They are willing to pay me equal benefits..... and they are waiting for GC to come thr'......


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  • JunRN
    08-25 06:33 PM
    To tell you honestly, my primary reason for joining this forum is to learn from others' experiences - whether it be good or bad.

    I can also see the opinion of others regarding matters of my personal and general interests. It is my own judgment to believe some of it or not.

    Joining the rally or givin' contribution is last in my interest as I do not have a job yet and no income.

    We should start respecting one's opinion and one's life. Each of us has its own case and unique to each other. My suggestion to those inviting to the rally or seeking for contribution to do it via private message. That is a nice way of doing it.

    When somebody starts a thread that you do not like, just ignore it instead of posting 'close this thread'. The thread has a life of its own. If it is not popular, then it will go down to the bottom of the line. If it is very interesting, many will subscribe to it and you will find it at the first page.

    Cheers to all...we all have our own problems...some are here just to find comfort...

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  • ilwaiting
    01-31 12:58 PM
    This is ridiculous. Looks like, They want to increse the fees to collect money for border security, to build the fence on the border. Pretty sure they wouldnt use this money for speedig up the processing times for applications.

    Form No. Current Fee Proposed Fee Difference
    I-129 $190 $320 $130
    I-131 $170 $305 $135
    I-140 $195 $475 $280
    I-485 $325 $905 $580
    I-765 $180 $340 $160


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  • lazycis
    12-18 02:41 PM
    Sorry to hear about your situation. You should've taken unpaid leave for two weeks instead of a lay off. Now you definitely should not file AC21 and hope that the USCIS will not issue RFE (rarely happens). It doesn't matter how you quit, if the USCIS finds about it, it will probably deny I-485.
    Regarding Shusterman's Q&A. I am not sure where he is coming from. The law (8 USC 1154) does not provide for lay-off exception. Wait... The USCIS memo says this:

    "Question 10. Should service centers or district offices deny portability cases on the sole basis that the alien has left his or her employment with the I-140 petitioner prior to the I-485 application pending for 180 days?
    Answer: No. The basis for adjustment is not actual (current) employment but prospective employment. Since there is no requirement that the alien have ever been employed by the petitioner while the I-140 and/or I-485 was pending, the fact that an alien left the I-140 petitioner before the I-485 has been pending 180 days will not necessarily render the alien ineligible to port. However, in all cases an offer of employment must have been bona fide. This means that, as of the time the I-140 was filed and at the time of filing the I-485 if not filed concurrently, the I-140 petitioner must have had the intent to employ the beneficiary, and the alien must have intended to undertake the employment, upon adjustment. Adjudicators should not presume absence of such intent and may take the I-140 and supporting documents themselves as prima facie evidence of such intent, but in appropriate cases additional evidence or investigation may be appropriate."

    So you may not be in a bad shape after all. As for whether to file AC21 papers in your situation, I am not sure. I would not do it.

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    07-22 01:43 PM
    E-Filed: May 30th, 2008
    FP: June 28th, 2008
    EAD Status: Pending:mad:


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  • Devils_Advocate
    06-24 01:20 PM
    The pace by which the Climate change and health plan bills are moving is pretty impressive, they should tackle that within a reasonable period of time, i have a strong feeling that CIR might be taken up this year, as all the dirt has been worked out in 2007, its just a question of political will, and with the hispanic vote swing that changed the face of the elections, the GOP might just swing the other way, you never know

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  • Canadianindian
    07-07 06:36 PM
    I watched is great step..but we should all write to Brian Williams
    to do indepth story on it.

    Can someone please send a link.


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  • ilikekilo
    03-26 02:41 PM
    My HR already mad at me. Because

    (1) First EVL - for AC21 job change
    (2) Second EVL - to answer NOID
    (3) Third EVL - for travel on AP

    All the above in 3 months gap each after joining. Now if I ask for one more saying I need it for driver's license - she may ask if I also need an EVL to go to six flags or ride the NYC Subway

    lol...cant you ask a different HR?

    I dont IL they give 4 yrs for a DL regardless of your EAD/H1 or whatever expiration is..and they dont ask for EVL...

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  • dtekkedil
    07-06 03:34 PM


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  • eb3retro
    09-19 03:08 PM
    Ok, I've seen a lot of threads about go to the rally, actions items, I've reading a lot of guys saying dont ask for your receipt status, dont waste your time etc, etc.

    Yes we did the rally we were great with all those signs, and appearing in the Indy TV but...

    Question remains open:

    1. When are they going to increase the GC quota?
    2. When congress id going to do something?

    I've the feeling that that's it we made our point but we are still with no GC, waiting receipts..............

    sorry i have to ask you this question, (after seeing your post), did you attend the rally??

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  • kumar9844
    06-01 04:12 PM


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  • kothari_rupesh
    02-22 12:08 AM
    FYI, I got my RFE today too and it is for the same exact thing as my wife's, which I shared yesterday below.

    I got LUD 2/17 and 2/18, same for my wife, 2/17 was RFE message, got my wife's RFE in mail today it was for a serological HIV test which was supposedly required but was not done.

    Have yet to receive my RFE yet, hopefully tomorrow.

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  • Gravitation
    12-13 12:39 PM
    Hi Gravitation,

    How do you know this? Can you please elaborate.

    I read about EB2 flow on one of the forums at I'll try to find the thread and post the url if I can.

    About EB2 people filing is only from my personal experience. Every single friend I knew who was in EB3 with PD somewhere mine filed for perm EB2.

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  • ken
    10-01 08:31 PM
    Hi Ebizash-

    Did you noticed any LUD on your case today

    Hi Ebizash-

    Did you noticed any LUD today on ure AP renewal case

    09-21 02:21 PM
    LOLL .. Pappu .. man are you funny or what ...

    Did you get it in the rally? I overheard a rumor that they were being distributed. :D

    11-03 10:09 AM
    EB2 likes visa bulletin predictions.
    EB3 does not.

    That explains the green or red in my opinion.

    The current USCIS policy is favoring EB2. There is no dispute about that. EB3ers are justifiably angry and are venting it out on EB2ers. What EB3ers must understand is they should be hating the game not the players. They should be hating the systems and not the other applicants. EB2ers, like me, just got lucky.

    I guess this EB2 v EB3 fight will go on until Obama takes up Immigration.

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