Thursday, September 1, 2011

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  • desitechie
    06-29 01:58 AM
    Thank you so much Elaine for your quick response..

    So am I correct to assume that there is no need to renew the I-94 if one enters using the AP.. I am myself also planning to use my AP for re-entry later this year, but have the H1-B approval valid till 2011, so was a little confused as to if I would be needed to renew my new I-94 if it is issued for 1 year based on AP..

    Yes. I was told the same by my lawyer.

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  • ramus
    07-02 09:50 AM
    Please study IV first and then raise any question.

    I see people not supporting the CIR which was suppose to be a pro Immigration bill, no matter which part of the society it was supporting. My question is Are you guys out here a Pro or an anti immigration forum?
    Or are you guys out here are to fulfill their selfish dreams, stand on others to reach the top.
    Can anyone answer me? I really doubt the people out here.

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  • illinois_alum
    08-11 01:13 PM
    I am trying to fill the canadian visa application and would like to know what should I check on Question #8
    a) citizen( obviously not)
    b) Permanent residet
    c) Temporary resident
    e) Student(obviously not)

    It also asks valid until date(What should I put).I am no longer working on H1B as I am using EAD

    Need to travel to canada on Friday(08/13/2010)

    Any help is appreciated.

    Check Temporary Resident
    Provide Date of I-94 validity as valid until date
    You can attach a cover letter and mention that you have an application for permanent residency pending (provide copies of I-485 filing receipts, also copies of AP for proof that you can return back to the US)

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  • chanduv23
    11-18 03:11 PM
    Dear Members,

    One of the IV member recieved a phone call from Ombudsman office and is as follows.

    I received a phone call (WOW!) from a sweet lady from CIS Ombudsman's office. I sent letters to his office and in the letter I mentioned my cell #. Anyway she wants a real person who got deniel. I told her that my friend got deniel (IVens are my fried). Anyway, she sent an email too after I asked her to give her info so that my friend can send her his case details. Unfortunately, the email I received shortly after the conversation, looks like general and does not have her ID. Please PM me if you like to hear more about the phone call.

    Thank you for your correspondence to the Office of the Citizenship and Immigration Services Ombudsman (CIS Ombudsman).

    We greatly appreciate your comments regarding issues concerning the American Competitiveness Act in the Twenty-First Century Act of 2000 (AC21) processing at the service centers. As we have received several inquiries such as yours, we are currently discussing these issues with USCIS and reviewing their policies and procedures regarding adjudication of these petitions.

    If you have evidence of a specific I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status case that you feel was erroneously denied due to USCIS not adhering to AC21 guidelines, we kindly ask that you please immediately forward us a case problem request, including a copy of your denial notice, detailed information as to the reasons for the immediate denial, and, if appropriate, evidence that you have submitted a Motion to Reopen or Reconsider.

    Instructions for completing a DHS Form 7001 (case problem) can be found on our website:

    Please submit your case problem and supporting documents via email to or via facsimile to 202-357-0042 with the subject AC21 Evidence of Immediate Denial.

    Thank you for your cooperation.


    CIS Ombudsman
    The issue is gaining attention. This is the exact time to crack it down. Guys, who have not sent the letters yet, please do now.

    With the issue gaining momentum, we will defintely get some relief for AC21 issues. Please do send letters

    Great job folks. Not only Ac21 issue, but if there is any other issue, please lodge a complaint with the Ombudsman's office.


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  • cchaitu
    07-18 03:40 PM
    I don't think you are right for first question. AC21 can be invoked if you have applied 485 more than 180 days. Why EAD is related here. You can change the job after 180 days by transferring your H1 to new company. This is the information I have but it is better to verify it from a lawyer.

    Can I join new company on my EAD after 180 days of I485 receipt date??

    One quick question:
    What is AC21 provision: is this a clause or any other application or ????

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  • nileshup
    09-25 04:50 PM
    I had a positive skin test & doctor recommended the 9 months tb treatment, but I applied for I485 & EAD because the doctor did provide me with I693 sealed envelope.

    Now, Will it be a problem to get an EAD??? because I haven't completed my 9 months of treatment.



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  • ohguy
    02-12 10:42 PM
    No I did not receive any RFE earlier to this. It was in that Initial Review status all the time.

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  • Saralayar
    09-09 10:39 AM
    There is ATA (American Telugu Association) too and they have a convention in New Jersey this weekend.

    ATA and TANA are big orgs but most of them are ABCD and USA citizens and I aam not sure to what extent we can get help from them.

    The key to our solutions lies in us. Ours is a big community, but a very few people spend time and money and energy on working towards our goals and always want others to fix our issues

    Most of the members even don't care about us. All are well settled citizens. One more thing, there is lot of group politics in those organizations. This also needs to be taken into account...


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  • hellomms
    05-27 03:29 PM
    Guys, I have added information in the original thread, please refer to the link below and add your questions, concerns or comments there.

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  • va_dude
    02-17 05:06 PM
    I wonder why they even need new FPs, its not like i shed my skin and grew a new one with a new finger print.

    Just another wasted step in "the" process i guess :)


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  • EB-VoiceImmigration
    08-14 01:07 AM
    can i apply one more I-140 , and what will be my case in this situation

    If you tranfer ur H1 to new employer, i think u need to start green card process from the beginning. your old approved labor no longer valid and also u can not port ur PD.

    If you I-140 approved (then I dont think u will do H1 transfer), still same process above but I think u can port your PD.

    But like other members suggested, please consult attorney.

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  • still_waiting
    06-03 09:20 AM
    good job !


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  • vikaschowdhry
    06-02 07:04 AM
    Yep - she has an MBA from here. So there are no requirements for how long passport needs to be valid for at the time of H1 application? I searched for any rules regarding this on their website but came up empty.

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  • nosightofgc
    04-05 09:59 AM
    I am scheduled to close my refinancing (changing from conventional to FHA). Quicken Loan processed my loan - of course their charges are a lot more than others. The point is, I did not face any objections so far due to EAD status. Of course they asked my EAD copy a few times. Hope this helps!


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  • waitingimmigrant
    10-21 05:12 PM
    thanks sandy and everybody... GCOP thanks for finding that info...
    hope they look at it and take it forward anytime between now
    and early/mid december... good luck all ....

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  • Dhundhun
    10-26 01:28 PM
    I'm just curious. How will the driver read "No right turn on red"? There is no sign for that.

    As far as "No right turn on red" is concerned, there could be text only ( or sign only ( or both.

    For "text only" cases also drivers of other languages must honor. The sign test has several "text only" questions. I think, DMVs are making effort, so that other language driver also must know all the signs and texts - at least by taking exams.


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  • nashim
    08-11 03:23 PM

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  • vrbest
    02-12 03:50 PM
    Hi I am on the same status. My lawyer said I dont need to worry. She said I am still on H1 as the extension is applied and is pending.

    I am not sure what my status is at present.

    I re-entered in US in Dec 12th 2007 with the I-94 stamped as valid till duration of H1. My H1 Visa expired on Feb 6th 2008.

    My company lawyer has filed for my H1 extension in Nov 2007 and I am still waiting.

    I do have the EAD permit and the AP which I presume is not being used at present.

    Please provide some guidance. My lawyer is not responding.

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  • arunmohan
    01-10 12:16 AM
    Have already done that.

    I want to contact Janet specially because I went to school in AZ and in 2002 elections - I was a part of her campaign at the University supporting her.

    Not that I have any proof of it but I had just joined some friends for it - hence I thought would be good to be able to meet up with her.

    I work in Chandler. I am ready to go with you.

    03-24 03:38 PM
    She will need to complete a 3 year waiver in medically underserved area or a 2 year home return before you can file for her adjustment of status(I-485).
    We had faced a similar situation 3 years back and decided to go ahead with it since looking at the backlogs I am assuming with my PD of 2007 I am still way off from getting my GC.
    So now my wife is completing her residency in June this year and has a waiver job lined up. Once/ If dates become current I will file for her I-485 after the waiver is complete.
    If you need details then PM me.
    Everyone has their own priorities and their own way of dealing with the situations.

    08-13 11:35 PM
    I am also in the same boat.

    I have an earlier approved I-140 from my previous company (PD : 30 Nov 2005). In addition, I also have an approved I-140 from my current company (PD: 27 March 2007). However, my latest I-140 still shows the priority
    date of 27 March, 2007. As My old priority date is current, my attorney sent a letter to TSC requesting for recapture of my previous priority date. But, TSC sent a reply back saying that we should contact National
    Service Center. HUG..!!

    Did any one in the similar situation? How did you resolve?

    Appreciate your help.

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