Thursday, September 1, 2011

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  • hopefull
    07-06 09:41 PM
    Looking at your writing skills, I will be amazed if you can get yourself a job in a BPO !! I am sure, you are one illeterate idiot, who just wants to ruffle some feathers and get some attention .. Damn.. I should not be wasting my time reading your messages itself !!!

    Thats all right. I will not blame you for your lack of information. I woudl still give you a job when you return to India in my BPO ;-)..

    What do you do write VB code or Java code ?

    Do you write SQL to pull out reports ??

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  • conchshell
    08-06 11:12 AM
    But consider this: I just posted this in the approval thread:

    Looking at the overall approval trend in IV, , Murthy forum etc it is clear to me that FIFO is out of the door and in most likelihood low hanging fruit is being plucked from the tree. At the next Ombudsman call I am going to raise the issue of USCIS's declared commitment to FIFO but actions that seem completely contrary to it.

    Obviously anonymous postings in open forums cannot be presented as evidence but one can certainly request the Ombudsman's office to ask for monthly 485 approval statistics and the cat will be out of the bag. By the time the wheels of Goverment bureaucracy move it might be a month or two before this data is made available to the Ombudsman's Office; forget the applicants - that will be like asking for the moon.

    Regardless of whether I get approved or not in the next month or two; from a process perspective a monthly approval report going from the USCIS to the Ombudsman's Office each month should hopefully force them to stop this stonewalling and walk the talk.

    This will not only help EB2s down the line but spare a thought for next year when EB2 is current, EB3 has a cut off of June 1, 2006 and we start seeing May 2006 EB3 approvals when 2001/02 EB3s are still pending. Again I welcome suggestions but the focus of my effort is going to be the approval process rather than a personal case or two.

    Good idea delax. I support this action.

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  • billu
    08-24 10:28 PM
    While it is true that EB 3 india will take "forever" for those with priority date after 2005, USCIS has been coming down heavily on recent spate of EB3 to EB2 filings. One thing to ask an employer who claims to file EB2 on your behalf is whether they have applied similar EB2s successfully for candidates at similar position that they are offering you. If they fail to provide a satisfactory answer, they are more than likely luring you with a false promise.

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  • pdx_Soft_Eng
    04-12 04:49 PM
    I think soon every IV member will have enough hands-on experience to practise immigration law in U.S. The analysis and research skills make all of us great candiates for practicing law after getting the green card... Obviusly without a law degree, you cannot practise law but it could be an option guys :-)

    As a matter of fact, my twin brother is a lawyer in my home country.


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  • Guig0
    02-10 09:55 AM
    all 3 of you :P :(

    Thank you very much! ;)

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  • Jaime
    09-10 11:32 AM
    There's 1 million of us. We can take easily tens of thousands to the rally!!!!


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  • ilwaiting
    12-12 01:03 PM
    Here's your answer in the bulletin

    EMPLOYMENT: Demand for numbers in the Employment Third �Other Workers� category, as well as the China and India Employment Second preference categories, has been escalating. No movement in those cut-off dates will be possible until the current level of demand subsides.

    I hope it doesn't retrogress in future.

    I still don't understand why is EB-2 not moving forward especially that EB-1 is current.

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  • ahmed
    02-02 08:59 PM
    pretty darn hard to vote :smirk:


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  • sobers
    04-03 09:51 AM
    I didn't webfax but sent my state's US Senators a message through their official portal (I had recieved a response last time I did that). I also followed up with a phone call to their offices.

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  • gc_on_demand
    06-10 04:02 PM
    Completely baseless and irresponsible statement from Mr. Gotcher!!!

    He contradicts his own statements:

    "If these statements are true, then the end of the current mess is in sight.
    If the CIS really has wiped out its processing backlog, then when the "pre-adjudicated" cases are given visa numbers in the next fiscal year, cutoff dates should advance rapidly. At a minimum, we should see them return to February 2007 levels, if not closer."


    " EB2 China and India: Outlook is "grim" and there may be further retrogressions until later in the fiscal year."

    On what basis he thinks that EB3 India will have PD in 2001 but EB2 India will further retrogress (currently it is stuck in 1999):

    "EB2 China and India: Outlook is "grim" and there may be further retrogressions until later in the fiscal year.
    EB3 India: November 1, 2001"


    "Of course, all of this becomes academic if CIR is passed. In that case, all priority dates will become "current" overnight and remain that way for years."

    Yeah...right...this is same Mr. Gotcher who predicted that "if you do "consular processing" you will get your GC very soon as USCIS does not process cases"....Look what happened...

    First of all he mentioned that 500k app in 2007 and then USCIS used 280k in 07 and 08. so 220k remaining. Dont forget that they opened gate till 2006 where so many people who got their labor cleared from backlog centers in 2007 ( Sep , after july 2007 thing ) applied.
    So I would say out of 500k it didnot reduce 2 years but only 1 year ... so total left are 360k - 140k ( 2009 ) = 220k remaining. Now that they have pre adjucted 110k so 110k left. If they stop accepting new app for next 2 years then they can clear all mess in 2 years but law prevent them to do so...... so end of mess for ROW contries is near ( with improved USCIS process )... but for India out look is grim as law prevent india to get more than 3k if there is more demand from ROW and Eb4 and Eb5.

    also If CIR passes and they add recapture then it will make dates current becasue those visa go on oldest app first. ( God knows who is oldest here ) but given that india has lot more app pending in back those recapture can clean lots of indian backlog while new supply keep going to ROW countries.

    To me the bottom line is " VISA RECAPTURE " either law suit way or congress through.............. other than pack ur bag and head to wards home.... ( specially people like us who didnot file AOS and very tough to be on h1b after 6th year is over ) ..


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  • kumar_77
    05-15 09:41 AM
    This Is Good for every one , as People With Phd's and Masters degrees will be eliminated from 140K Cap ..which will defenetly double the number of green cards for EB3 ......hope this works

    I have 2 MS degrees from US Univs ... 4 years ...and a lot of $$$$$$ spent


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  • sanju
    12-18 10:24 AM
    Sarcasm ? Or is he really our friend ? Bad at remembering names.


    That's ok, totally understand.

    Sorry, I did not raise my arm to indicate that it was ALL sarcasm. Durbin is aginst H1B. Although his press release says that he is not against green cards, but thats just bull.

    And if he is appointed Labor Secretary, that will be the last straw to break the camel's back.



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  • Shirdibaba
    11-03 04:22 PM
    Yes,it was 10/15 when we called the center.
    the agent id is XM0161
    Is the ID same for all?
    I am trying to get the appt wt infopass through my lawyer.Hope he will not have to accompany us then.
    ALSO Guys, what are the docs u took for the appt wt the officer?
    Was there any specific questions?

    thanx again.we were so worried all this while.till i read ur thread.

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  • Libra
    01-24 09:45 AM


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  • kate123
    02-12 08:48 AM
    Exactly Same thing happened to me last year..

    I Complain to IRS and they issued me W2 with in 3 days...

    Dont worry you will be alright.. Go ahead and complain to IRS...


    I left my previous employer more than 6 months back , he didnt paid me my final paycheck and i complained to DOL since 3 wehn i asked for my W2 he said me to do whatever i feel and he is adamant at not giving it....moreover he said that his company has suffered losses worth 25K and his lawyer has sent a legal notice in this regard....and when i said how will we file taxes he says he wished for me to be out of status and go back.....

    Since i have complained to DOL and also it is more than 6 moths since i left his organisation giving proper notice and have email confirmations, can he issue me legeal notice.....?please advice...

    He is also saying that he has written to USCIS that I am fraud,....though I have been working in fortune 100 companies and now also working in reputed company and never lied for anything and was on project from day 1 since I came to States....? can USCIS cause problems for me in future...

    Also, he seems to have closed his company..

    Folks please advice....

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  • harsh
    12-30 02:01 PM
    This is crazy if this is how USCIS or DHS or whoever is going to interpret the law. We need some clarification from an experienced attorney. From the visa bulletin in Nov 2005, it does seem that USCIS is saying over subscribed countries will only get 7% in FY2006 and AC21 will not apply. If its only 2800 for EB2 and EB3 India then priority dates will never reach somewhere like 2005 or 06 for Indian nationals.

    May be this explains why priority dates have got stuck at Jan 03 for EB2 India since october 2006.


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  • Nil
    04-19 04:07 PM

    Pls let us get over this and get back to real work.
    Writing to the whitehouse is a good idea.
    So is filling up one's details and donating for the cause.

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    07-19 12:46 PM
    Since we already applied for I-485, I am keeping my fingers crossed. Her employment letter (submitted) only says that she is employed with the company and her employment is valid till 2008.

    Isn't valid/unexpired I-94 counts as legal status not the approval notice. Also what if the employee takes a un-paid leave of absence due to health reasons etc.

    I am sure so many in the same boat. Is there anything we could do?

    She would still need to be on the Payroll and reported as an employee, preferable from the date of COS, If making a case of vacation or medical leave.

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  • rolrblade
    07-19 11:12 AM

    i guess i mispelt the statement, my response was to his idea of seeking an Emergency appointment.

    ofcourse, just normal rescheduling is absolutely do-able.

    i think our friend is trying for Emergency so that wife can get appt in chennai only.

    No problem. I misunderstood too. Sorry about that! he has disappeared anyways. I believe he got his answers.

    06-07 12:41 PM
    I am surprised with this thread. There is no Deadline for employemnt based GC (this was mentioned by Sen. Robert (Bob) Men�ndez,NJ when requesting to move the FB deadline which is clearly mentioned in the bill as May 01, 2005) . Please read the summary and text carefully.
    First five years
    Total number of merit-based green cards includes sum of:
    a.) First five fiscal years have same number of green cards as made available to EB category in 2005. This number is 246,878.
    b.) Any visa number not used by family based category.
    How the total number will be divided between Current system and new merit-based system and Y visa holders --
    - 10,000 (or more) reserved for exceptional aliens under �Y� visa category.
    - 90,000 (exactly 90,000 � not more not less) for backlogged (pending or approved I-140 applications). Currently, this number is 140,000.
    - Remaining possibly goes to new merits system. Until the merits system is ready for accepting petitions, the Y visa holders probably get a shot at this since the clause says �No more than 10,000� � leaving room to let it go up from 10,000 to whatever is left.

    and the TEXT of the Bill
    �(A) for the first five fiscal years shall be equal to the
    33 number of immigrant visas made available to aliens
    34 seeking immigrant visas under section 203(b) of this
    35 Act for fiscal year 2005, plus any immigrant visas
    36 not required for the class specified in (c), of which:
    37 (i) at least 10,000 will be for exceptional aliens
    38 in nonimmigrant status under section
    39 101(a)(15)(Y); and
    40 (ii) 90,000 will be for aliens who were the
    41 beneficiaries of an application that was pending
    42 or approved at the time of the effective date of
    43 this section, per Section 502(d) of the [Insert
    44 title of Act] ( Act not the bill)

    (c) EFFECTIVE DATE.�The amendments made by this section shall take
    11 effect on the first day of the fiscal year subsequent to the fiscal year of
    12 enactment.

    So a bill becomes law only after signed by the president, and the effective date could be Oct 01, 2007 if not Oct 01, 2008.

    So all the I-140 filed on of before Effective date are considered as pending!!

    I don't know why even lawyers are getting confused here!:confused:

    03-26 09:23 PM
    I too thought that it could be a hoax call. But When I discussed with my employer and came to know the name of the person who called me is same as that of person who visited our employer 2 months back, then I realized that it is not a hoax call.

    But I really don't understand what was the purpose and why I got such call and why he did not show up. Till now there is no communication from the officer.

    Can you update on this

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