Thursday, September 1, 2011

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  • same_old_guy
    07-22 03:07 PM
    There was a memo from USCIS for in-time receipt compliance for I-485 ( along with other forms) for 8/1 supposedly for June filers.

    As I understand it, not all June filers got receipt yet. So obviously USCIS can start looking at July filers only after 8/1 or later.

    Another recent memo says on in-time receipt compliance for I-485 to be 10/24. I am guessing it was meant for July/Aug filers.

    So between 8/1 and 10/24, we are suposed receive the receipts from USCIS. To me, earliest we should talk about cashing the checks sometime is first week of Aug.

    Does it make any sense ?

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  • chanduv23
    11-07 09:37 PM
    also try

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  • lkapildev
    03-20 05:34 PM
    I heard one guy dies because of Kidney failure in Newdelhi on fasting infront of LoakShaba. He was remembered for few minutes. He got senseless and theytook him to nearby Hospital.

    The reason is he was fasting even if without water.

    You can do fasting with water & juice. Still some American say you are diating for me you are kind of fasting.

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  • Pallavi79
    01-29 10:41 AM
    what is bc & nabc?? :(


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  • dush0805
    11-25 01:32 PM
    I am in the same position guys, I have a approved H1b visa (started oct 2010), I am flying to mumbai through Munic, so I probably wont need a transit visa....

    But let me ask you a dumb question, what does AP stand for?

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  • EndlessWait
    01-22 04:59 PM
    Have you used AC21?

    What are the implications if for some wierd reason your I-485 gets denied and you dont have an H1-B to fall back upon?

    Say you have an H1-B which is extended for 3 yrs( based on approved I-140) from now till 2011, in the year 2011 your I-485 file is opned and its not approved for some reason so will you get another 3 yr extension for H1-B ie till year 2014?

    if your application is fine, there is no reason for you to worry. sometimes mistakes can happen..but i dont think you need to worry too much..its like having a heart attack while going to the movie..u can't plan for everything..



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  • maximus777
    10-27 06:34 PM
    Thanks, I do have the copy of I-140 approval notice with receipt number and all that info.

    It's hard to find employers (once again, non consulting ones) who commit to file my GC application again. At best, I get a "we'll gladly transfer your H1-B visa but no commitment on GC" sort of response. Considering a worst case scenario, if I dont have a newly approved PERM by May 2013 and my original PD (July 2008) becomes current, what happens then?

    Thanks again!

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  • Life2Live
    04-22 12:54 PM
    Is I-140 Premium processing is available now?


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  • Jaime
    09-15 08:29 PM
    We need the large numbrs in attendance!

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  • munshiviral
    10-26 01:26 AM

    I am currently working on EAD and my Priority date is May 2007. I was wondering if I get a job in a US company which allows me to stay in india and work for them on regular employment under inter office transfer, Can i still work on EAD and be aligible for my GC?

    Will there be any limit on how long can I work from out side of US, if I can?

    is there any other legal formality i should fulfill in order to work for US company from out side of US and continue with my GC Process?

    Any help is appriciated,




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  • pa_arora
    07-17 12:32 PM
    A federal judge has ordered USCIS to pay attorney Kip Evan Steinberg $25,000 in legal fees after the lawyer's client sued the agency to force it to complete processing in an adjustment of status green card case. USCIS tried to point the finger at the FBI for delays in the name check process, but the judge wasn't buying. The judge found the 151 hours the lawyer put in to the case to be reasonable. So 151 attorney hours were wasted, an individual waited years unnecessarily and America's taxpayers are out $25,000.

    - From Greg Siskind blog

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  • peer123
    06-07 05:33 PM
    SA1249 amendment was it voted....


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  • komaragiri
    08-09 11:22 AM
    Anybody with July 19th receipt date got their Check encashed? How about Receipt Notice? EB-3 India.

    I am worried about checks not being cashed yet. After Aug 17th the window is closed.
    You can expect receipts by Aug 24th or during last week of Aug(Based on current trend at NSC)

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  • saurin
    02-09 09:24 AM
    I inquired about the possiblity of LOA and that is definately possible according to my manager. Now how to get paystubs when there is an RFE?


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  • augustus
    07-23 10:06 AM
    sorry mine has not cleared I wrongly clicked. Please discard that vote. I apologize for this.

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  • sertasheep
    09-04 08:43 PM


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  • kshitijnt
    05-11 03:20 AM
    Dont worry. As long as you have last 3 months paystubs, always present them to INS even if they dont ask for it. For your last 2.5 months of bench check with your employer if he will give you a letter for unpaid leave of absence. Many people on H1 face this problem.

    As meridiani said, you should visit india once before filing 485 and before your current visa stamp expires.

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  • atul555
    03-20 07:03 PM
    u got ur response from long, we WON'T miss you.

    I joined this forum a while back since it seems like a good place to exchange experience with people in the same boat as us. I got repulsed with IV very fast, and this person above very effectively presents the reason why.
    There are just too many smug mother&*#$# like the eb3retro guy above, who chase the newcomers with their gloomy personality right out of IV. Though the situation we are facing is very bleak and gloomy, but why does so many of IVers around here wear it on their sleeves. All garfield asked was a valid question and more like advise and in jumped eb3retro with a lecture on his profile with a tinge of sarcasm to vent his weeklong frustration.
    With a movement like IV is trying to be, how is it ever going to be sussessful if there are unwelcoming smug people like eb3retro,. They contribute $20 and then they feel they own the joint, and have to find and boss around someone who doesn't dot their i's and cross their t's to feel better about themselves.
    In the vein of openness that the eb3retro is asking garfield to post his details, let's take this a step further and post the picture and names also alongwith other details, to put a smug face with smug messages.
    Peace out.

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  • insbaby
    09-02 11:15 PM
    I got 2 red dots for this .....Crazy people


    10-22 07:49 PM
    OK. mystery solved. The IIO from TSC I spoke today, said everything is in order, and perhaps there was an inputting error. I'm relieved, and yes, my case is preadjudicated.

    02-04 02:30 PM
    I have a close friend who has floated a company to pursue an entrepreneurial dream.
    My husband is currently working in US and has filed for GC (140 approved status). I have an EAD and am working in a company very close to where I am staying.

    My friend has requested me to help market clients for the product that they are developing.. Is it ok for me to approach companies, as a representative of my friend's company and try selling the product(strictly non-compensational)? Or will there be legal hassles in doing this? Please enlighten me with your thoughts..

    Appreciate your help in advance.

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