Thursday, September 1, 2011

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  • wahwah
    06-05 04:39 PM
    you 're may what shivap80 is saying is correct also...
    if your i-485 comes up for adjudication and you have file ac21 and your i-140 is pending as well, then the portability is only valid if i-140 is approved. of course after that to make sure that the portability is valid they will apply the "similar job" criteria.

    You are interpreting as: It must be approved when in reality it means that It should have been already approved in order to make a decision on portability. They can not be forced to approve your I-140 just because you are changing jobs.

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  • gc_on_demand
    06-12 11:05 AM
    It must have started.. Its already 11 AM. may be not on C_SPAN

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  • sroyc
    09-19 03:43 PM
    Do you watch cricket? If you want quick results you might want to watch 20-20 cricket. You can see the results within a few hours.

    Things like legislative changes take time. We may think that the debate on illegal immigration has nothing to do with our issues but the corrupt Senators will always try to sneak in some reform related to illegal immigrants into our bills in exchange for their votes, ultimately derailing the entire bill.

    Ok, I've seen a lot of threads about go to the rally, actions items, I've reading a lot of guys saying dont ask for your receipt status, dont waste your time etc, etc.

    Yes we did the rally we were great with all those signs, and appearing in the Indy TV but...

    Question remains open:

    1. When are they going to increase the GC quota?
    2. When congress id going to do something?

    I've the feeling that that's it we made our point but we are still with no GC, waiting receipts..............

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  • sanprabhu
    07-14 12:29 PM
    If they can attach Dream Act as an amendment to the Defence policy Act why cannot they attach SKILL to the same. That is the question we should be acting on.

    I think expecting Sen. Cornyn to do something now is kind of remote. He is going to be facing elections soon in 08. May be Cantwell is the one to do it.

    What do you guys think?


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  • waiting_4_gc
    08-28 06:54 PM
    where are you planning to stay?

    I'm reaching there on Tuesday morning and flying back in the
    evening (same day).

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  • skakodker
    07-17 08:36 AM
    Exactly. God foribid we lose our jobs. Before and after this announcement we are one bad earnings quarter away from being shipped back home. Its hard to enjoy life with stress like this.


    We recently experienced a miracle of unity through the hugely successful flower campaign. What a shot in the arm that was!

    My suggestion to you is to keep an open mind, accepting that your circumstances aren't presently of your choosing. Once you acknowledge your stress and accept it, you will be in a better position to focus on other aspects of your life that you might be neglecting as a result of your stress - for instance, having fun.

    Life is short. Choose to live.


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  • bkr
    12-18 08:03 PM
    My advice is to take a new job, leave the current employer on good terms and forget about AC21.

    One more question, If we opt for AC21, can the previous employer revoke I140 (After 180 days) ? will that impact I485 ?

    Please advise.

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  • pointlesswait
    01-04 09:27 AM
    well..if he converts to a Mormon and moves to Iowa..he can have many wifes:D


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  • prioritydate
    08-21 12:06 AM

    I got a CPO email today.

    PD : 12/23/2004
    RD : 07/26/2007

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  • ragz4u
    03-16 03:43 PM
    I tend to agree too that nothing will happen, too much talking, too much BS, but, I can only hope that the republicans know that they can loose the house control, so, maybe they will prefer to have something more conservative than nothing.

    Check out the following article from the OC register here

    If this is true, this seems to be good news for us. The McCain Kennedy bill is the most pro-immigrant of the bills and if thats what becomes the Comprehensive Immigration Bill, we all might end up happy!

    WASHINGTON � The Senate Judiciary Committee today reached agreement on proposals for a new guest-worker program and a plan to allow the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants living in the United States to become permanent residents.

    Less than 24 hours after most experts and Capitol Hill watchers believed the committee would be unable to get a bill to the Senate floor by Majority Leader Bill Frist's March 27 deadline, committee Chairman Arlen Specter had brokered deals between some key senators on the complex issue.

    No formal votes were taken and committee staffs were preparing to spend the next 10 days drafting language that would put in place the compromises reached. It appeared that at least a dozen of the 18 members on the panel would be prepared to back this deal. The committee plans to meet first thing in the morning on March 27. It is not yet known whether Frist will allow the panel to finish and send its bill to the Senate floor or if he still plans to bring up a more limited, possibly enforcement-only measure.

    But even if nothing scuttles the compromise between now and when lawmakers get back from recess, and if the Senate passes a bill with these elements, there would remain a steep battle to get agreement from the House. The House passed an enforcement-based measure in December that doesn't include a guest-worker program or a plan for undocumented immigrants in the United States now.

    Early this afternoon, Frist announced his intention to introduce a bill before next week�s recess that would deal with enforcement of immigration laws but will not include any of the controversial guest-worker or illegal immigrant provisions. Officials in Frist�s office say he is doing this to ensure that there is a bill ready on the floor if the committee fails to pass one. If Specter does get a bill out of committee, said Frist press secretary Amy Call, that could be substituted for the majority leader�s measure.

    The most likely scenario, said ardent supporters of immigration reform who were pleasantly stunned by today's events, is that this will end in a stalemate, only to be brought up again in the next Congress. But they say it's important that the Senate go on record as supporting comprehensive change.

    For the first time, Specter, R-Pa., who said he spent hours on the phone last night with Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., agreed to Kennedy's plan to deal with the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants. Specter would have allowed these people to work indefinitely but not get green cards. Kennedy wanted to give them a path to legalization.

    Specter agreed this morning with Kennedy's approach, provided that these illegal immigrants would not be able to start legalization proceedings until the backlog of 3 million people now waiting in countries around the world for their chance to come to the United States legally get their green cards.

    The deal reached on a new guest-worker plan says that 400,000 new guest workers would be allowed into the country each year. Under the proposal authored by Kennedy and Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., that number would have been unlimited. But Kennedy, a senior member of the Judiciary Committee, agreed to a cap and also agreed that after working for two years, these new guest workers would have to go back to their home countries and reapply for another stint as guest workers, one that could last up to six years. But first they'd have to stay in their home countries for one year.

    Built into this compromise, however, is a chance for these workers to get a waiver and not go home based on how long they have been employed here or if they are considered essential to a U.S. employer's business.

    The plan also allows guest workers to apply for permanent U.S. residency, something not included in either Specter's bill or the other major proposal under consideration, the bill by Sens. John Cornyn, R-Texas and Jon Kyl, R-Ariz.

    Kennedy essentially compromised with Cornyn, who chairs the immigration subcommittee. The deal takes parts of each of their proposals.

    Not all members of the committee agreed with these compromises.
    Kyl said he still believed the illegal immigrants would get preference over those waiting legally in line overseas because the undocumented would be able to stay in the U.S. and work until their turn at a green card came. Those waiting to come here legally don't have that option, he said.

    And several committee members most opposed to a guest-worker program � most notably Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., were not at this morning's session.


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  • americandesi
    01-04 03:03 PM
    Let me acknowledge..This thread made me easily come out of holiday blues. Above thats its friday...!!!!

    My take on this situation....ask your freind to apply for concurent H1b' works out well with concurent wives...!!!!:):):) He can bring one wife on each visa..!!!!

    Yeah right! Do you really think that these women would qualify for skilled labor under H1?

    Anyway, they could try getting their LCA with following information and apply for H1.

    Client � Husband

    List of duties - Nagging, sobbing, yelling, demanding, gossiping, fighting, scolding, complaining, irritating, urging, nerve-racking, tormenting, annoying, upsetting

    Work location � His peace of mind

    Work duration � Equivalent to his lifespan

    Prevailing wage - Equivalent to his entire earnings

    Finally a kind hearted IO might think that they are really something and approve the petition ;).

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  • vdlrao
    06-04 06:47 PM
    which VB are you doesnt work...

    see the VB now its working.


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  • dealsnet
    07-13 04:37 PM
    Congratulations on your greencard approval.

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  • PG75
    09-30 02:43 PM
    Thank you very much illionois_alum :)

    Title field is for your title or how would you like USCIS to address the applicant as...Mr/Ms/Mrs/Dr etc...


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  • lucas
    07-02 07:52 PM
    Medical: $375
    Fedex: $100
    Photos: $50
    Attorney: $1350

    Total: $1875

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  • billu
    08-24 10:28 PM
    While it is true that EB 3 india will take "forever" for those with priority date after 2005, USCIS has been coming down heavily on recent spate of EB3 to EB2 filings. One thing to ask an employer who claims to file EB2 on your behalf is whether they have applied similar EB2s successfully for candidates at similar position that they are offering you. If they fail to provide a satisfactory answer, they are more than likely luring you with a false promise.


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  • kaisersose
    08-24 10:42 AM
    I still don't get it. There are around 300k AOS applications now pending. Given that there are only 10k EB based green cards for India, and I am sure there are more applications than 10k for FY2008 and still Visa bulletin for Oct indicates a date of Apr 2004. Should it not be "U" for the entire FY2008?


    There are 2 agencies involved here - DOS and USCIS. Visa numbers and cut-off dates are owned by DOS. 485 applications are held and processed by USCIS as and when visa numbers are released by DOS.

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  • rolrblade
    07-19 10:27 AM
    What will be the basis for emergency appointment ? I was strictly warned not to mention AOS as the basis for the request as it can seriously harm.

    I just checked the Mumbai consulate website (I am assuming your wife is in India) and the earliest available appoitment for H4 is July 27th. Why cant she take that? All you have to do is reschedule.

    There are also appointments for H4 for Aug 3,6,8,10. She shoudl reschedule her appointment.

    Send me a PM if you need help with the appoitment website.

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  • anilsal
    07-15 09:22 PM
    does not have FP requirements. Correct?

    11-29 08:19 PM
    The message says designated time frame, without specifying what the "designated time frame" is. I am just curious, where did you find that 120 days is the "designated time frame"?

    Thumbs up to IV and everyone involved in making this happen.

    As of now, for the background/name check -time frame in FBI rule-book is 120 days. It will be great if uscis can approve AOS if nothing adverse is reported by FBI within 120 days

    07-14 12:29 PM
    If they can attach Dream Act as an amendment to the Defence policy Act why cannot they attach SKILL to the same. That is the question we should be acting on.

    I think expecting Sen. Cornyn to do something now is kind of remote. He is going to be facing elections soon in 08. May be Cantwell is the one to do it.

    What do you guys think?

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