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  • Shirdibaba
    11-04 06:59 PM
    Thakyou Nrk,
    what do u mean by preadjudicated?
    I cudnt wait nomore hence took an appt wt infopass for Nov 10th.
    Hope all goes well.
    U bet i would b ready to follow others, coz its gotten me all the worries in the recent past like never before.

    Thnx again.SB

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  • VMH_GC
    07-10 09:26 AM
    I just posted this in another thread.

    I saw the show yesterday. It is very sad that people like lou dobbs are twisting the facts by saying around 700,000 H1b visa holders are overstaying in USA. Also on that show one senator named "TOM" forgot his lastname, is saying the same and also that guy even did not know how long H1B is valid, he says it is valid for 5 years after that H1b visa holder become illegal. These kind of people spread hatered among common people against immigrants. is there way, we can sue these guys for their racist remarks/ misleadeing information?

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  • seahawks
    01-20 06:28 PM
    Sent mine, who is next. Come on, this is something that does not take too much effort, make a difference. Together WE must do what it takes. All it takes is the write/print a letter, send one to the President and one to IV.

    Yes We CAN.. But it takes you and me to make the WE! Stop putting it off for later or feeling you don't count.

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  • ss1026
    08-20 06:18 PM
    I would like to know How to file a complaint about labor fraud? I just found out that my employer didn't file 485 for me and instead he used the labor for someone else. Is there anyway I can file a complaint? I have no other option except to wait until the dates are current again. I paid all the expenses for labor, 140 and 485.

    I don't think I can truly understand how frustrated and angry you must be and I really hope there is a legal avenue by which you could atleast get some kind of monetary reward. I hope you could take this employer through the DOL fraud dept and cause him to really pay for this.

    One of the side benefits of the end of labor substitutions is that unscrupulous employers like your desi employer will not be able to sell a labor to the highest bidder or give it away to a new hire as a 'sign on' bonus. Either the original candidate gets it or goes to waste. Though it seems a little tough, it more than makes up by preventing such stories as yours in the future. Good luck


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  • mheggade
    12-27 03:53 PM
    Everyone of those people using AC21 will come from an existing job. They will typically go to a higher paying job. Every one of those jobs vacated will have to be sought on the open market, where they'll have market rates of today vs three years ago.
    So my glass is half full. :D

    yes..agreed. But you are forgeting all the new EAD's (H4's) who will be part of the mix.

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  • bestia
    08-31 03:55 PM
    Good Find

    Nah, I don't think so. Not a good article.

    1. His salary CAN be raised.
    2. His wife CAN work, as article mentions that he applied for GC in 2004
    3. I never heard about 1 million - I guess we were talking about 140000 unused visas right? Where this 1 million came from?
    4. If the company is bought - one doesn't generally reapply for GC.

    Even little lies don't serve a good cause as this article can be easily discredited.


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  • bharol
    08-18 02:22 AM
    how does one know NC is cleared? do you see an update?

    If you were July/Aug filer, it does not matter even if it is not cleared...

    ...180 day rule, thanks to IV efforts.

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  • qtoask
    06-20 12:05 PM
    please update here


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  • gcdreamer05
    02-11 10:45 AM
    But, Mpadapa has some reality. That's what we are seeing in last 3 - 4 bulletins. A slow but steady movement.

    Atleast with current movement we can plan in what period we can expect our case will clear.

    But brother, there has been no movement in EB3, so based on what will we predict when our case will be clear...........

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  • sac-r-ten
    05-12 03:21 PM
    Interesting. Talk to congressman and senator - talk to IV - IV also helps in these situations.

    How does one find the local congressman/senator's contact info?
    i would like to get help on my MTR/re-appeal for 140 denial.



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  • Munna Bhai
    05-15 03:46 PM
    I believe Mbhai did a dis-service by negating good advice. What is the guarantee that the 2nd women that this guy marries will not ask for divorce? The best thing he can do is find a way to reconcile, unless there is marital infidility.

    I believe "snathan" story was inspiring and addressed the true problem of that individual and every indivudual's life. Trust me, when you all get your GC's will be these things that will matter to all of you, rather than anything else.

    I think we, in this forum, should get more mature in handling others personnel issues. The reason I was against that "snathan" story was that we are trying to play goody goody for no reason. We are in a country where the divorce rate is the highest..then why don't we open this forum for all of those people..let's play good Samaritan to everyone...

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  • gcformeornot
    08-10 12:37 PM
    Yes, I did use LS.

    But my motive was not to jump the line as I told my company attorney to purposefully find an LC from this year or last year. And since it was a multibillion dollar company with some xx thousand employees. They were able to find one.

    Not everyone's motives is to jump the line. I did this because I didnt want to wait another 10 years to apply for I 485.

    And on the top, dont even think that all who did LS were able to jump the line. LS involves lot of scrutiny and it was always safer to use one's own labor.

    Its so funny that some people think that people who cannot prove themselves for what ever reasons (education etc) with their own labor use LS. hehehe. This is even more riskier.

    And it was always legal to do it. And may be many people and employers misused it. Shout at those people.

    As for me, my labor was going nowhere and the company with which I worked for the past few years found an LS for me which was from last year PD and I do not regret doing it.

    And I bet, people who had an opportunity like me would do it.

    And also, THE THREAD WAS NOT OPENED WITH A TITLE "WHAT IS YOUR OPINION ABOUT LS, SHOULD IT BE BANNED". There were a number of threads on this forum where you can show these kinds of opinions. This thread was opened for a different purpose.

    And moveover LS is banned now. So dont waste your energyy but use it for some good causes IV is planning for.

    jump line by one year Right? If you own labor wasn't going anywhere why not apply for new one since your multibillion dollar company looks ready to do anything for you?


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  • nrk
    10-29 01:47 PM
    Thanks rb,

    Did you visit any country that might have triggered this?
    I worked in Kuwait and visited Bahrain, Dubai. Does any of the countries were in that list.

    Have you ever faced any issues with your last name being on no fly list?



    Did you visit any country that might have triggered this?

    Have you ever faced any issues with your last name being on no fly list?

    You have pretty much answered no to most of the questions asked by other posters. If the answers to the above questions are no too, then it must be USCIS error.

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  • HarshJ
    10-02 01:22 PM

    Filed at NSC on Jul 21st. Received as per FedEx receipt on Jul 23rd. Transferred I-485s, EADs and APs applications from NSC to CSC.

    Received EADs and APs on Sept 25th from CSC.

    Sept 18th notice received that I-485s have been moved back from CSC to NSC.

    Rceipt date for transfer notice is Sept 18th. Dont see my actual Jul 23rd date anywhere.

    When I posted this on , posters suggested that there is a "Receipt Notice" versus a "Transfer Notice".

    My lawyer received the receipt notice. Will check with him about the Receipt date on that notice and post later today.

    Any other ideas what this all means would be appreciated.

    Seems like a ping pong ball being hit from one center to another with no result


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  • willigetagc
    07-26 03:15 PM
    F5 ? I dont see that on my keyboard. I remember it had one before, but it must have fallen off after the recent F5 marathon. :)

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  • hunkuncontrolled
    03-11 02:33 PM
    Read this


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  • manand24
    08-01 10:44 AM

    Just now i called up USCIS (1-800-375-5283 Option 1,2,2,6,2,2,1) since my App was mailed more than 4 weeks.

    The lady who picked up was nice enough to explain me the revised ETA for receipting from 4 weeks to 60 Calendar days. She also said that they generally receipts in 2 weeks (not even 4 weeks) but because of this rush that ETA is set to 60 days. She appreciated all of our anxiety and re-assured me that i dont have to call after 60 days because the receipt will be definitely with me ( if everything is filed correctly as per rules )

    One thing i found funny - she explained me that this Rush is just for avoiding the 'Fee Increase' - She has no idea about the Retrogression and stuffs like that :)

    Good luck guys - chat with you after another 29 days !!

    I also just got off the phone with USCIS, I am July 2nd filer with no receipts yet. The nice lady at USCIS customer service told me that due the increase in the in-flux of applications, it is taking USCIS longer to generate the receipt notices. She told me to call them back after 2 weeks.

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  • vishwak
    01-13 03:38 PM

    Did you drive car on High Way over the speed limit and got ticket.
    And passer by drivers at Higher Speed than you. Can you point police for stopping you.

    So don't tell that you are fine and everybody is fine.

    What if someone here saw your postings (800+ posting guru) and travels wihtout Transit Visa and Aitport people ask for Transit Visa and missed flight--- Have to stay at Airport for hours.

    Try to accept rules guys....

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  • onemorecame
    07-17 10:41 AM
    Sorry But please tell me how to do this?
    Yes I got it, after clearing the cookies, I closed that instatnce of browser and opened again from new browser and it worked for me.

    06-26 03:05 PM
    Congratulations !!
    My PD is Oct 2001.
    Can you please explain what you meant by
    "Senator Inquiry 5 days ago yielded result that cards will be ordered in 30 days" ?
    Did you send an inquiry ? And how ?
    Thanks and regards,

    PD Aug 2001
    RD Jan 2005
    CSC case transfered to NSC in Feb 07
    Senator Inquiry 5 days ago yielded result that cards will be ordered in 30 days.

    08-07 07:30 PM
    If I were you, I would discuss this before the wedding. Its too important an issue not to disclose, in my opinion.

    I second grupak...

    Its very very important to discuss this with your future wife. If your marriage starts with telling a lie, IMO, its not a good sign. Whether its good or bad, just talk to her and discuss the best available option. If she is really understanding and supportive of the decision you both make, then you have already started your marriage life with flying colors...:)

    And BTW, if you are considering reentry permit (to be out of US for more than allowed time on PR) NEVER APPLY REENTRY PERMIT WHILE YOU ARE OUTSIDE THE U.S. IT'S GONNA BE DENIED AND THE APPEAL WILL ALSO BE DENIED...And you will be stuck outside U.S. with a PR...

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