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  • liberty
    10-06 04:30 PM
    I am working for a Fortune 500 company on H1 visa. I am switching to a startup and will now be using my EAD( GC status: I-485 with more than 180 days). I have the following questions.
    1. Can I join as an individual contractor by myself directly with the company without going thru a 3rd party vendor?
    2. I am offered a temporary contract position at an hourly rate every 15 days without deducting any taxes. I will have to pay my taxes at the end of the year by myself using the form sent by the employer. Does anyone have any such experience?
    3. What formalities do I need to complete with the USCIS regarding this change in my status? Will it affect my green card process in any way?

    I will really appreciate your help.
    Thanks for the support.

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  • gc28262
    07-23 07:22 AM
    India develops world's cheapest 'laptop' at $35 - (

    New Delhi: India has come up with the world's cheapest laptop, a touch-screen computing device that will cost just $35.

    Human resource development minister, Kapil Sibal, this week unveiled the low-cost computing device that is designed for students, saying his department had started talks with global manufacturers to start mass production.

    "We have reached a (developmental) stage, that today the motherboard, its chip, its processing, connectivity, all of them cumulatively cost around $35, including memory, display, everything," he told a news conference.

    He said the touch-screen gadget was packed with internet browsers, PDF reader and video conferencing facilities, but its hardware was created with sufficient flexibility to incorporate new components according to user requirement.

    Sibal said the Linux-based computing device was expected to be introduced to higher education institutions from 2011, but the aim was to drop the price further to $20 and ultimately to $10.

    The device was developed by research teams at India's premier technological institutes, the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and the Indian Institute of Science.

    India spends about three% of its annual budget on school education and has improved its literacy rates to over 64% of its 1.2 billion population, but studies have shown that many students can barely read or write and most state-run schools have inadequate facilities.

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  • aya2004
    06-07 04:45 PM
    I see two votes on cloture were rejected !

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  • smodekurti
    05-20 07:51 AM
    How early did you file your application ?


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  • bigboy007
    04-18 03:50 AM
    But here is the key point when one uses EAD uscis doesnt outright know what status he is in as he just signs I-9 form which is just with employer. so weigh your options but to be safe once taking up EAD means done with H1b

    Thanks virtual55.
    In guidance issued by legacy INS after the 1999 rule change, the Service stated the following:
    However, an H-1 or L-1 nonimmigrant will violate his/her nonimmigrant status is s/he uses the EAD to leave the employer listed on the approved I-129 petition and engage in employment for a separate employer.22 (Emphasis in original).
    AILA believes that a nonimmigrant who �moonlights� pursuant to an EAD has not �left� his or her employer, and thus is still maintaining proper status. AILA requests USCIS to confirm that, in the case of an H-1B or L-1 nonimmigrant, present in the United States under a valid petition in either classification, who moonlights pursuant to an EAD, still maintains his H-1B or L-1 status.

    I think as per the Addendum II, USCIS has yet to certify that moonlighting will not loose the H1B status. AS OF TODAY ,working with additional employer on EAD will void the status.

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  • eagerr2i
    09-08 01:38 PM


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  • Blog Feeds
    12-05 09:20 PM
    This great summary is provided by AILA with the guidance of Amy Fox-Isicoff. The EB5 program is of great interest to many applicants, especially those with the means to participate. he EB-5, Green Card through investment, was created to promote investments in businesses and to create and preserve jobs in the U.S. You can become a lawful permanent resident by establishing a new commercial enterprise and provide full-time employment to at least ten U.S. citizens, legal permanent residents, or other immigrants with employment authorization.

    Under section 203(b)(5) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), 8 U.S.C. � 1153(b)(5), 10,000 immigrant visas per year are available to qualified individuals seeking permanent resident status on the basis of their engagement in a new commercial enterprise.

    Of these 10,000 visas, 5,000 are set aside for those who apply under a pilot program involving a CIS-designated "Regional Center."

    What is a Regional Center (RC)?

    A RC is a proposed business venture often located in a targeted unemployment area supported by an econometric model based on a business plan forecasting indirect and/or direct job creation. Normally, RCs are located in areas of high unemployment or rural areas and require a $500,000 investment. However, some RCs are not located in targeted employment areas and therefore require investments of $1,000,000. An investor in an RC is not required to be actively involved in the management of the investment as long as the investor is a limited partner under the Uniform Limited Partnership Act. An RC normally structures one or more new commercial enterprises (NCE) that receive capital from investors to engage in direct or indirect job creation project or projects.

    What does RC designation by USCIS mean?

    It means that USCIS has reviewed the proposed business plan, any accompanying econometric model, location, and proposed job creation and has determined that the proposed business plan meets the requirements of The Immigrant Investor Pilot Program, created by Section 610 of Public Law 102-395 on October 6, 1992.

    Are all RCs that have received designation from USCIS operational?

    No, actually only a small percent of designated RCs are operational and have been the basis for approved I-526 Immigrant Petitions by Alien Entrepreneur. Even a smaller percentage have approved I-829 Petitions to Remove Conditions on Residence.

    Is USCIS required to conduct background checks on RC managers or directors?


    Does USCIS monitor the performance of RCs?

    No. USCIS has sent out questionnaires to RCs, but it is not clear at this time what USCIS is doing with the information obtained from the questionnaires.

    Does USCIS publish a list of operational RCs and those with approved I-526 and I- 829 petitions?

    While USCIS does publish a list of designated RCs, it does not publish which RCs are operational or which RCs have approved or denied I-526 and/or I-829 petitions.

    If an RC is designated by USCIS, are all NCEs formed in the RC automatically

    No, each NCE within the RC must meet the requirements of the requisite investment amount and job creation. If the NCE will be investing in another business, that business must meet the requisite employment creation.

    Is there a process whereby USCIS provides pre-approval of an NCE within an RC?

    Yes. USCIS has recently created a pre-approval process. However, this process is not taken advantage of by many RCs as the time to obtain pre-approval of an NCE can be extensive, inordinately delaying the NCE from receiving funds from investors. The preapproval process is so new that it has not been adequately time tested.

    If USCIS has approved a number of I-526 petitions for an NCE or pre-approved an NCE is it a guarantee that future petitions for the same NCE will also be approved?

    No. USCIS will always examine the source and path of funds of the individual investor and failure to carefully document this can result in the denial of the I-526 petition. More baffling is that on frequent occasions, USCIS has raised questions pertaining to NCEs that have a long track record of approvals, and USCIS can also raise questions pertaining to NCEs that have been pre-approved. USCIS has also raised questions concerning an NCE�s qualifications after approving an I-526, at the I-829 stage. Thus, prior approvals for the same NCE, pre-approval of an exemplar petition for an NCE and even the approval of an investor�s I-526 for a particular NCE, does not mean that the NCE will not be further scrutinized by USCIS.

    What happens to an investor who invests in an NCE that never gets off the ground?

    The initial I-526 petition may be approved based on the business plan and supporting documents, but the I-829 petition to remove conditions on residence will be denied.

    If either the I- 526 or I- 829 is denied, will the invested funds be returned to the

    This depends to some extent on the agreement between the investor and the RC. Some RCs hold funds in escrow pending approval of the I-526. Others do not. At the I-829 stage, it is doubtful that funds will be returned if the I-829 is denied as the funds must have been placed at risk in order for the I-526 to be approved in the first place. See Matter of Izumii, 22 I&N Dec. 169 (Assoc. Comm. 1998). The RC cannot provide any guarantee of the return of the invested funds if the I-829 is denied.

    What happens to an investor if the I-829 is denied by USCIS?

    The investor can renew the I-829 in removal proceedings before an immigration judge. If the I-829 is denied by the judge, the investor can appeal to the Board of Immigration Appeals and to federal court. If the investor does not prevail, the investor can be deported.

    More... (

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  • JunRN
    07-17 01:59 AM
    All I can expect at best is that "extend up to August"....meaning, from July to end August...but will it be "current"?


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  • brij523
    11-12 04:02 PM
    for the member who helps us complete our first century..

    I change my membership from GA to TX. Where is my T-shirt?

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  • Honda
    05-20 11:52 PM does this mean that no one really knows what OP stands for? :D

    OP means 'original poster' in discussion forums.


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  • stxvr
    07-09 04:37 AM
    During the stage of 485 in how much details they look your your current status. In what all things they look except last 3-6 pay stubs and W2s.

    I have following questions:

    1. Dose any one has experience that they have asked for the details for the H1B LCA to verify the satus during the stage of 485(like your location specified in LCA). (-not talking about LC).

    2. Another good question. If your LCA filed with the petition was for the some location of California. Now if you relocated to NY. Now you worked in NY for a year and now your W-2 will have the sate as the NY. IF you submit this W-2 at the 485 stage then they can easily figure out that your LCA was for some city of california and you are paying tax in the NY. Means in such cases they can easily find out that you are out of status. Don't they look into such details?

    Asking this because I have not read a case like where they have traced back to the LCA level. Also many are doing the consultancy job means staying to one state for 1 year and another on second year. Eventhough not heard about any RFE on LCA to verify the current status.

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  • xela
    11-12 10:23 AM
    Sounds liek a great idea, I am right there with you, because this just makes no sense.


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  • GCWhru
    03-24 12:22 PM
    I never heard of this...Last year I applied for extension and had to travel for family emergency. But I got the approval without any issues. Might be just lucky?

    Your extension may be become invalid. We use I94 number in the extension application form. when you get extension approval you have the extended I94 for the same number.

    If you have traveled you have different i94 from the recent travel and different one in extension.

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  • skpanda
    05-17 07:03 PM
    This is a tricky situation. I would suggest you consult your attorney.

    Since one of your parent's is Indian citizen having a Birth place Nepal and Obtaining an Indian Passport is a valid situation. There are many people who are born outside India for various reasons. Their Indian citizen parent(s) can get Indian citizenship for them.

    In my opinion, you should change the place of birth in your passport as Nepal (provided you have proof). This way, it not confuse USCIS. Remember no matter which Citizenship you have, your place of birth is what determines the Chargebility.

    Once you are able to change the place of birth on your passport and show Birth Certificate from Nepal you are good to go!!

    Please update here about any new developments in your case!!

    All the very best!

    Thanks Nathan for quick response.

    But what do i need to do? Do i have to change my place of birth in my indian passport? Can i have "Nepal" as place of birth in my indian passport? Do i still remain indian citizen or would it be considered a fraud? I think, my parents put india as birth place, so i dont face any difficulty in india. what does Indian constitution say about citizenzip?

    Are there more people like me here? who were born outside of india, but are Indian citizens?

    Thank you for help


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  • mattresscoil
    11-05 02:29 PM
    I find it difficult to digest that parents ship their infant children to someone else to raise.

    Circumstances my friend...Circumstances
    1. Either you dont have kids to understand
    2. Or you are blessed/lucky enough to have great circumstances to raise your kids personally.

    You have expressed your feeling that it is difficult to digest and I respect it. Thanks for voicing your opinion which BTW did not give me any information on what documents are required. Others have responded, Thanks to the responders and you too Shantanup!

    It helps the situation when one asks for a question and one is able to answer instead of voicing ones own personal problem/opinion. Anyways I wish all well to you and hope you never have to ship your kids!!

    Best Wishes, Mattresscoil!!

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  • cliffmacnab
    04-17 08:14 PM
    the problem is if it works


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  • chanduv23
    10-13 01:00 PM
    Mark is from LI. I wonder why he does not show up any more. Has he quit IV?

    He is active - he is a big guy now, sometime back, I approached him for his autograph, and he said he does not have time to sign autographs :D:D:D

    Jokes apart - Mark is very much in IV. He is involved at the national level more than the State level - he does make sure he is in conference calls and if we have a meetup in his area, he will make it for sure.

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  • signin241
    07-27 10:02 AM
    Your friend should be fine as he is

    1. married before his 485 got approved
    2. his wife's application reached NSC before his 485 got approved.

    So they are perfectly fine and this situation would happen to anybody who is filing 485 alone and getting married later. They all will wait until their respective PDs become CURRENT and then send their spouse's 485.
    Primary applicant may be approved 485 soon and the wife's later. 180 day window is there.

    Please correct me if I'm wrong ....... I'm just a junior member of this forum.

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  • aroranuj
    08-21 11:41 AM
    This is extremely helpful. I did not even get so much information from the Call Center.

    Thank you everyone for your ideas. I think I am finally ready for file for my EAD :)

    If you have the ead card, the file #/card# will tell you which center was your EAD fiiled. To get an approximate date using the online case status search for the file number in the approximate range as yours. For Eg. if you card # is EAC 07 043 52343 - then the center is Vermont, Filed in Fisical year 07 ( Oct -06 - Sep 07) 043 is the 43rd working day in FY07 and 52343 is the case number.

    Hope this helps.

    07-30 05:30 PM
    this spring�s defunct immigration bill partially replaced with a skills-based system.

    This statement is confusing between SKILL BILL and Point based system bill.

    I cannot make which one he has in mind for us, can you guys comment.

    01-24 12:00 PM
    The cheapest way will be to give some $50-75 to the attorney. They will answer your questions through email. At least you have some opinion to verify with. I would also suggest to go through the yellow pages and find immigration lawyers who give you first hour free consultation. Do not rely on people like me for the prefessional opinion. Even though we have good things in mind, we are not prefessional lawyers. Get 4-5 professional opinion and then you will automatically know what is the truth.

    Best luck !

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