Thursday, September 1, 2011

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  • jasguild
    07-16 10:59 PM
    but even with this big announcement tomorrow, we still only have 140,000 visas and keep in mind USCIS has just been averaging about 100,000 per year. (so about 40,000 get wasted every year)

    All all this does is to push the bottleneck further down the pipeline.

    the only benefit I see is that it helps with filing of AP and EAD which does not help someone like me with my 485 already pending

    Sorry I dont share the enthusisam


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  • vhd999
    04-21 11:23 AM
    My wife went to India last month on AP via Frankfurt without any visa. She faced no problems while going and coming back.

    While coming back, at the Indian airports, they do check for the visa/ap/gc before they let you aboard.

    I guess the confusion part is that the consulate's version of the visa requirements do not match the visa requirements enforced at the airports.

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  • rajs
    12-27 12:31 AM
    my PD is april 2001
    and still waiting , & when we call ins we get a letter
    still in processing time :(
    what can we do?

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  • singhsa3
    01-03 06:58 PM
    A freind of mine came across a gentleman, who is here on work visa and he is facing a unique problem. He is married to two persons and wants to bring his whole family here in the USA. He was looking for answer if he can get both his spouses and kids here on H4 visas. Currently both of them and his kids are in India. Interesting hmmm :D


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  • solaris27
    07-14 08:00 AM

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  • lskreddy
    06-13 12:26 PM
    Every one has his own vantage point. Mark K has his own and the others who represented for legal immigration has their own. Mark K's argument to only allow the so called 'Einstein caliber" people speaks volumes about how he has simplified the problem.

    Sitting on a high position in an immigration research facility does not necessarily mean that he is abreast with the technological needs. From his arguments, he certainly has proven that he has very little or no idea of where the resource needs are.

    Everyone of us are here because there is room for us to work. If his research shows that there are more US people who will fill our shoes, then I am sure the market needs would govern the numbers. For all the anti's who cite articles about how low paid we are, how less qualified we are, they should research to complete the full circle. They leave it half-hearted, its not as if they don't know, they just want to stick on to the rhetoric.

    Even to entertain Mark K's idea about bringing the so called cream of the crop, there has to be proven ways to identify who these people are. One way of doing it is to allow people to come here on F1, prove their worth in research, work for a few years. One does not become an EB1 qualified before he steps into the country, he probably climbs his way up to that qualification. Some may succeed, some may fail. To selectively choose the best and expel the rest would mean disaster for the country. These are human lives we are talking about, not parts in a process control factory where you can chuck as and when you need as it does not meet 'specifications'.

    He has blinders on, and that will never change. You can't debate a person who has already decided on what the outcome. The most amusing part personally for me is that most of the anti-legal folks accuse the entire industry of conspiring to screw their own. I can see how one or two companies to do that, but to underline that the entire system is geared towards raping their own is blasphemous to say the least.


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  • kaisersose
    06-05 02:55 PM
    I am more curious to know if you can use the EAD in conjunction with the H1B (working 2 jobs 1 on H1B and one on EAD).

    This question was explictly asked by AILA to CIS in one of their monthly calls and CIS said they would get back on this. In other words, at that time, their position on this was not even clear to them.

    This is why we see conflicting opinions on this topic from different attorneys. Some say the H-1 is gone and some say it is not.

    Personally, I think it is possible to use both simultaneously and I think some people are already doing it.

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  • gbarquero
    08-31 09:44 PM
    I've called several members and I am dispointed of them just saying "no.... I can't..."
    But they all have time to be in the forums everyday asking for help, asking questions about dates, receipts, etc. It just doesn't make any sense that they have the chance to do something about it, they don't have "enough time for it"
    But I am sure, they all complaint about how long is taking and all the money they have to invest on attorneys.


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  • Jaime
    08-31 04:26 PM
    Thank you! The reporter interviewed me for this story and I didn't even know it was published.Wow, you're the guy in the article? Good job!

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  • thomachan72
    11-10 01:56 PM
    I think I have joined IV in last 3 years or so...
    Donated money once & have called congressmen & senators many times ...

    Could someone please tell me -

    What has been achieved by IV till date? I know we all meet elected reps, officials in washington dc ..... but I am interested in end result like not wasting visa numbers , implementing spillover & along these lines.

    I have asked few friends to join IV but then if they ask me for IV accomplishments - i can't count any....

    Goel_ar, I dont know why anybody would give you a red for asking this question. It is a very valid question.
    I would like to say that dont count what IV has achieved but try to consider the situation "If there was no organization like IV around". Right now even if you have some issues (minor or major) you could communicate with like minded people in one place and hopefully get solutions. If you are a continued donor then IV even helps to solve some of the issues?
    There are lot of benefits in being organized and whether you donate or not it is well in our interest that this survives and stays strong. What is a new opportunity arises, immediately we have a platform to jump in, right? without IV existing that would be difficult to organize and arrange at short notice.
    Hope this and other posts helps friend;);)


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  • nlssubbu
    12-13 06:42 PM
    What I am finding is, there are not enough people to do the really complicated stuff. Because of demand and supply the salaries are going up for folks that do specialized tech work( say OS Kernel development).

    Then again, nothing in this world is too difficult, so lot of this stuff is getting pushed out to development teams outside of the US, where it's cheaper to get it done. The only downside is the ramp up time.

    There is a critical point when it becomes too expensive to hire anyone in the US and the folks elsewhere are sufficiently ramped up, at that point we can thank all those who are against employment based immigration and find an alternate career :)

    It is also obvious that the current graduates are more reluctant to take up jobs in US or stay here for a long time due to the following:

    1. Messy GC process as more students are becoming aware of the situation
    2. Ability to work freely in a competitive environment
    3. Boom in their home country (India and China) [A survey shows that majority of foreign students are from these countries]
    4. Ability to start at higher levels over there compared to start up jobs over here
    5. Can stay with family

    In our team, we are trying to hire 3 full time employees in west cost with specific skill set and could not succeed for the past 6 months :( One of my friend who is leading a team, recently want to expand his team had a similar issue. He finally setup an office in India and recruited people over there.

    These trends clearly indicate that US is loosing clear competitive advantage and more jobs are moving off-shore.

    If for some reason I move back to India, I am sure that I will be taking away as many as 10 jobs along with me as well :)


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  • dpp
    01-31 09:10 AM
    Form No. Current Fee Proposed Fee Difference
    I-129 $190 $320 $130
    I-131 $170 $305 $135
    I-140 $195 $475 $280
    I-485 $325 $905 $580
    I-765 $180 $340 $160


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  • lca2004
    04-02 05:10 PM
    sent both

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  • snathan
    06-17 09:20 AM


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  • nogc_noproblem
    04-08 07:26 PM
    Lou Dobbs just reported in his show in CNN that more than 400k applications received for H1b (as against the quota of 65k), ofcourse with his usual bla bla cheap labor comments specifically pointing out Indian outsourcing companies.

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  • mhb
    07-06 06:45 PM
    Contributions go well with congratulations...
    PLEASE, GO TO and the synopsis of the interview has been posted there. it will be broadcast nationally tommorow!!!


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  • sravani
    05-22 04:25 PM
    This Jan 1,2007 date is another Joke by this lawmakers. These undocumented workers came crossing the border without any port of entry evidence. How can they prove they came before or after that date.

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  • cal97
    02-10 07:33 PM
    I got the same message in the last week of September in 2008. I honestly do not know where my case is. Called NSC, checked with an InfoPass appointment, made an inquiry through the COngress rep's office. All say the case is in NSC.

    Not sure what the Hard LUD, followed by a soft LUD and the message was all about.

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  • morchu
    04-19 11:56 AM
    10+2+1+3 ?

    You have two options:

    1. Prove that the requirement for 3 year diploma, was 10+2+1

    2. Get a very detailed credit by credit evaluation of all the courses you did compared to a US bachelors. I have seen that in many schools in India, just by a 3 year diploma we complete all the credits for a US bachelors (some times even US Masters :) ). Exact credit hours, course description etc may be required in official form.


    So this is actually 16 years of education overall and not 14 as suggested by other member. Sorry to ask, could you confirm this again, or did you mean to say 10+3+1? as you said this is accurate about what other member said.

    10-11 04:25 PM
    Yes Sir. Unfortunate for labor not cleared in time.
    EB3 RIR March 2005.

    08-10 12:37 PM
    Yes, I did use LS.

    But my motive was not to jump the line as I told my company attorney to purposefully find an LC from this year or last year. And since it was a multibillion dollar company with some xx thousand employees. They were able to find one.

    Not everyone's motives is to jump the line. I did this because I didnt want to wait another 10 years to apply for I 485.

    And on the top, dont even think that all who did LS were able to jump the line. LS involves lot of scrutiny and it was always safer to use one's own labor.

    Its so funny that some people think that people who cannot prove themselves for what ever reasons (education etc) with their own labor use LS. hehehe. This is even more riskier.

    And it was always legal to do it. And may be many people and employers misused it. Shout at those people.

    As for me, my labor was going nowhere and the company with which I worked for the past few years found an LS for me which was from last year PD and I do not regret doing it.

    And I bet, people who had an opportunity like me would do it.

    And also, THE THREAD WAS NOT OPENED WITH A TITLE "WHAT IS YOUR OPINION ABOUT LS, SHOULD IT BE BANNED". There were a number of threads on this forum where you can show these kinds of opinions. This thread was opened for a different purpose.

    And moveover LS is banned now. So dont waste your energyy but use it for some good causes IV is planning for.

    jump line by one year Right? If you own labor wasn't going anywhere why not apply for new one since your multibillion dollar company looks ready to do anything for you?

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