Thursday, September 1, 2011

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  • rockstart
    04-21 03:13 PM
    Trust me there is no way you can sell a diploma as equivalent to degree program. I mean all people can do is if they have 3 Yr BSc + 2 Yr MSc they can hope that CIS accepts it as equal to 4 Yr BS degree. I have seen cases of AMIE candidates rejected stating that US does not recognize AMIE. Now in these two cases atleast their home countries recognize their degrees, In your case India govt will also classify you as diploma holder and not degree holder. Also how can you add 1st year BCom with Hotel Management diploma I mean they are 2 completely different streams?

    Here is a solution that I would have done if I was in your shoes. If you have enough time on your H1 then please enroll into a community college or University and try to get a US bachelor degree. I am sure your diploma will help you to get waiver for some courses so that will save time. Also taking evening classes will let you keep your current job. I know it is tough but that is pretty much the best alternative you have. USCIS has clearly stated that your diploma is not equivalent to US degree. I mean even the best evaluation agency can do is compare India degree program to US degree program how can you compare diploma to degree


    The minimum educational requirement for the diploma was 10+2. However I did 1st year of BCom out of choice before enrolling in the 3 year diploma. The diploma was for hotel management from a Govt Funded/recognized institute with nationwide entrance tests. DOnt know their acceptance rates but it falls under the umbrella of the Ministry of Tourism.

    I think in the denial letter the officer is accepting that I have an equivalent of a bachelors degree but is still denying it. My attorney thinks that he might be mistaken & might have processed the case as EB2 instead of EB3.

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  • pvganesh
    01-05 02:58 PM
    Hi Sheila Danzig,

    I have an ICWA degree from India. Do you think this can support my 3+2 years education to support a EB2 case.

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  • gcgamble
    12-13 10:14 PM
    I always wonder and think what we do more that cannot be done offshore in India. As a business owner you are always concerned about bottomline. I work for IBM and I am on short assignments at different client locations, during early 2000s some offices used to have exclusive american staff (or should say white) then it was Indians on H1 Bs and now there are more Indians in offices than americans and if I check who they are, 90% of the time they are on site from a outsourcing companies. So I see that as a trend. As a CIO you got to wonder if I employ 90 out 100 of my staff who are high skilled Indians here why cant I just go to India and get them for cheap and tell my fellow CIO buddies how I saved money and how they should also do it. So it is a combination of cost benefits and chain reaction.

    Even I feel what I can I do which my fellow Indian in India cant do, since considering we went to same school etc. It is not like we are inventing rockets here we are all intelligent people to some degree and hard work is part of our blood so if I can do it I bet my neighbor can also do it.I think it not far when everything repeatable will be moved to India same as why you do not find very many americans laying a optic wire cable or digging a road, but almost 100% of the time the optic fibre company boss is American and usually white.

    I understand CIO line of thinking ...he may see all indians around and think of offshoring ..but he dont realize the desi consultants are here through a preferred vendor who might be american who is getting business through this placement and he might be employing one american and so the chain goes on ....But when he says to CIOs and every one start doing the same ..then after some time the Job growth decreases, so is consumer spending ...And as a result ,this CIO may be layed off ,as a part of cost cutting measures and Outsource his job too ...:D

    At the same time i dont know enough to take any side between free trade and protectionism....

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  • dixie
    11-16 05:47 PM
    Non-immigrants are routinely charged a hefty premium on mortgages and loans just based on the fact that their stay in the US is limited in time - irrespective of what your credit score and other usual risk assessment metrics have to say.
    Bank of America is discriminating against non-immigrants by not leting then open self directed brokrage account. It's like going in to a store and store personal telling you that I cannot sell you gallon of milk because you are non immigrant.


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  • dilvahabilyeha
    07-02 05:07 PM
    Medical: 200
    Photos: 25
    Lawer: 2500
    Fees (if app accepted): 1450 (Fees later if not accepted now but later: 2500)
    Travel + Certificates + photocopies: 150

    Total: 2875+(1450 or 2500)

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  • El_Guapo
    05-05 05:16 PM
    Welcome. I urge you to browse this wonderful site and try to gather more information as to what IV has to offer and its history.

    BTW: "sub prime" has nothing to do with the real estate market or the location of the house. It is a financial term to describe a "risk" category invented for the layman. People who got loans even though they do not have the 'prime' credit rating and paid zero down payment are the ones who are walking away from their houses. These foreclosed houses can be anywhere and probably in better locations than not, as their prices would not have precipitously climbed during 2003-2006 crazy years.

    Yup, I know what sub prime is and more. What I meant to say was more that 60% of the foreclosure was due to the sub prime crisis. A lot of these come from the Low Income Group and were sucked into the ARM with 5 yr fixed and variable therafter. They usually don't buy homes in a $500,000 community. They bought houses in a 150K community. Most of the houses in those areas are not what a typical, highly skilled immigrant earning good money would be interested in buying. Atleast not in my area. But you are right. These houses could be in good areas too. With 12 million foreclosed homes, say 6 million are in good areas and with 500K immigrants in line, perhaps buying 250K houses, its about 4% of the foreclosure market. Now tell me, how can that help the economy?


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  • payur
    06-27 08:15 AM
    You seem to have got your case approved and you have filed your wife's I485, correct me if I am wrong.

    What do you say to people who have been waiting from 2002 and 2003 and 2004, as of today there is no difference for person who got labor approved in May 2007 and case with priority date May 2003. For lot of them it has been a frustrating and stressful period, mainly because their spouses have been idle.

    How on earth can you come with this idea, see the traffic on this site now, when core IV team was fighting for the retrogression and other benefits for our cause, there were very few. The world is selfish buddy. I wish you good luck on this idea.

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  • gcbikari
    06-02 02:18 PM
    Done. Thanks.


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  • somegchuh
    12-07 01:59 PM
    I see there is a lot of discussion about how one day GOI will have an agreement with US Govt and we will all get benefits of all social security taxes paid. I don't see that happening because India doesn't have a social security system! US does have social security agreements with a lot of countries but those countries have social security programs. US transfers credits and the other govt has to take care of the details. Also, these agreements are always bilateral. India would have to offer some sort of social security or something in return to US nationals working there. I wouldn't get my hopes high about getting social security money if you leave the US before getting 40 credits. In fact even if you do gather the credits ... by the time you become eligible in 30 years things could be drastically different and you may not get a single penny out of it.

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  • nkhari
    07-19 10:02 AM
    you can get medicals in 2 hours.

    Not sure if this is chicago/pittsburgh.

    your only option is to find out by calling all numbers in chicago and pittsburgs.

    People have flown in from various locations into chicago and got medicals in 2 hours.

    also, ask your wife to get the immunization record of mmr and tetanus.

    that will make your life easier.

    x-ray is mandatory.

    people, this is a fact.


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  • PresidentO
    04-01 06:35 PM
    This is clearly crap.

    Either USCIS or your attorney screwed up.

    In either case, ask your former attorney to provide the letter he wrote to USCIS to withdraw his representation. If he did what you asked, good forward the same to USCIS with a MTR and then file a DHS7001 form (google if you dont know the form) with USCIS Ombudsman.

    if your attorney screwed up, hire another one first to file an MTR along with your communication to your attorney (also file DHS7001) showing that its the attorney who screwed up and not you. Next hire a good litigation attorney and beat the crap out of this slimy attorney and get him to pay some good $$$.

    I sincerely hope its the former and not the latter. Even if its the latter, stay positive and engage a good attorney and litigate. You sure will win some $$$. :)

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  • MerciesOfInjustices
    02-20 09:02 PM
    Mercies.... if your answer is still not answered than please call QGA and find out about us. Before spending so much time writing this post if you had gone to the resources, you would have got some questions answered.
    The only reason to create this thread is to
    (a) find if this guy is making any sense at all
    (b) to alert you to all that some people are talking about
    (c) get straight forward answers
    Do not start jumping on me now!
    You guys are doing a great job - but the stated goal of funds is at 15% collected so far! More people are needed, unless you have won a lottery and can spare rest of the cash right away!
    That know-all who is telling people to go hide in their blankets is scaring more people than any stupid reproduced posts will do!
    Please somebody needs to counter this guy at the other site!


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  • solaris27
    10-09 07:53 PM
    you can directly go to USCIS website and take printout of your approved I-140.

    It will not have all informaion but more then enough to change job .

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  • EndlessWait
    07-27 01:25 PM
    In that case, we can have third application ready!

    but invalidate the other 2..can they do that?


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  • hpandey
    07-19 09:33 PM

    Even though your PD is current now it is almost like at the end of the line at 2006. I doubt that your GC will come soon in August - Sep timeframe unless you get real lucky ( with USCIS you never know ).

    EB2 jumped two years for the Aug bulletin because DOS wants USCIS to utilize all the visa numbers. There is a high probability that it will retrogress to 2004 or maybe 2005 in October and then move as per visa availability.

    I didn't want to sound pessimistic just realistic.

    The only option I see is what has already been told above - H1 / H4

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  • Macaca
    08-31 10:29 PM
    Explorer starts exploring google map and gets lost.:D

    Its seems to be working fine on my explorer and Firefox.

    It worked now after 2 days. I think my explorer settings need work. I don't know much about them

    Macaca your help is needed in finding some good slogans and quotes for banners. we are still looking for a few. We do not have much time to finalize. If you know some, then post on slogans thread

    I have never thought about slogans. Will keep that in mind. What is the deadline?

    We need a slogan that mentions H1B's contribution to Social Security. I have not been able to find an article that mentions it. There are lot articles that mention undocumented workers contribution in billions. Just imagine how much we must have contributed and NO ONE mentions it


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  • BharatPremi
    11-30 05:10 PM
    IV Team,

    Thanks for this much eagerly waited update. Now I can again start quoting Shakespeare's famous quot "What's in a name?" again

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  • kaisersose
    06-05 03:27 PM
    Thanks KS !! but is it a law or did they create their own rules ? I know I am day dreaming here ...but if they were to push (the worst category) EB3 - I in this case so that it is somewhere in 2003 then it would make their system look better ..i.e. instead of giving people a chance to say that USCIS is broken they could say ..people will get GC's in 4 -5 years time.

    Check the Family based 4th Category for Phillipines. It is stuck in 1986 for a long time now. That is they have pending applications from 22 years ago.

    I don't think they have any interest in making their system look better. It is what it is.

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  • Gravitation
    07-06 03:53 PM
    Just Dugg it! It has 16 Diggs now. Can we make it 500 Diggs?! It's certainly within our reach and that'll make the top stories on Digg!!!!:D

    06-24 01:39 PM
    If this is true, how come CIR is one of the main agendas of democratic party. Also remember hispanic votes were a deciding factor in the last election. GOP acknowledges that. Moreover voters demographics has changed since last election. Electorate is comprised of higher percentage of forward thinking younger generation.

    IMO anti-immigrant racist voter percentage will be on decline in coming years. So democrats/gop is better off catering to the likes of this younger generation.

    Actually it is like the "Gareebi Hatao" (translation: Remove Poverty) slogan for the Democratic party. Something to be used in certain districts for election only.
    Just like Gay Marriage issue for Republican party.
    In fact Rahm Emanuel (key strategist of the democratic party and one of the people credited for the success of the Democratic party in the election) said immigration
    is the third rail of American politics.

    It is the independent voters that decide a election, not the core democratic(ultra liberal) or core republican(ultra right wing) supporters. Passing an CIR will piss off
    a significant portion of these independents and will create a swing against the Democratic party. A very small swing can create devastating losses in the swing

    The immigration issues is in a factor in the 1st generation Hispanic community whose parents are illegals.

    Even the younger generation wants illegal immigration control.

    11-03 01:03 PM
    En tout pays, il y a une lieue de mauvais chemin....Nous devons Le mieux est l'ennemi de bien.

    ...Please. Show off. :rolleyes:

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