Thursday, September 1, 2011

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  • JunRN
    06-06 10:32 AM
    Since the promotion is within the same field of expertise, within same employer, and same as LC job, I see no problem accepting the promotion. The intention of AC21 is for situations like this, that the beneficiary will not be stucked in one company or in one position.

    That is the very ideal situation of using AC21.

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  • ita
    11-06 05:37 PM
    You should do following for Advanced Parole related appointment if you are arranging the first appointment.


    - You need Service on a case that has already been filed

    On next screen select

    -Case Processing Appointment - If you received a notice to go to your local office for further case processing.

    I don't have any update on AP .
    Should I still select the below mentioned option ?
    'Case Processing Appointment - If you received a notice to go to your local office for further case processing' is what I should select for AP inquiry?

    I have EAD approval notice but no card yet. SO I need to get another infopass for EAD eslecting'EAD inquiry Appoinmetn' option ?

    Thank you.

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  • kumar1
    07-27 04:18 PM
    Do this - Hire a homeless person, give him a VOIP phone with unlimited calling minutes, and ask him to call USCIS every second of his life asking for your recipt. Some day you will get the good news. If you hire 10 homeless and give all of them this job then you might qualify for "investor green card"!!

    Guys....please say....well said (pat on my own back)

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  • ramudu
    10-29 10:26 AM
    My EAD is now pending 96 luck..not going anywhere with USCIS - they have stopped responding also.

    All your posting makes sense but I suggest each of us write a letter to CISOmbudsman explaining your case so that it gets documented and they can put some pressure on USCIS on explaining as to why across the board they are dealyed i issuing EAD renewal. USCIS keeps claiming its only 1.3% of cases thats pending but why? What reason? We all understand they may be loaded but atleast if they cant handle the laod they should admit it and issue interim EAD. Just keping mum does not help. What i cant understand is if they can approve my AP on time whats the issue with EAD?

    I have really started questioning myself as to why i am in this country. Its no more a land of oppurtunity..its really disccouraging for the young graduates who are heading to this country or graduating in US Universities.


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  • chanduv23
    10-10 07:32 PM


    IS that what this means?

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  • wa_Saiprasad
    03-22 07:18 PM


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  • walking_dude
    10-11 04:51 PM
    I don't know why some people have issues with everything?!

    If all those demands, that you blame, are passed - PD will move by at least a couple of years. Many, if not all, will be able to apply and get GCs faster too (as GCs are given by PD). That will definitely help the oldtimers.

    I support your cause. It should be possible to apply 485 even if dates are not current. However, it's never achieved by creating acrimony in the EB Immigrant community - H1 vs EAD, H1 vs F1, Oldtimer vs NewComer etc.

    There used to be a time when the ability to apply for I485 even during retrogression. was of the highest priority for IV. Now majority of the IV members (hopefully) belong to post I485 filing group. Now the amount of green cards for employment category, exemptions from quota for family members, US degree holders etc, and country quota may be the higher priority issues if one goes by the numbers.

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  • like_watching_paint_dry
    02-19 10:50 AM

    What you say sounds very selfish and narrow-minded.

    When I made my first contribution to IV, I was stuck in BEC-hole and clearing out BEC was my top priority but not the top priority issue IVs list. I still believed in the big common goal and believed in the IV team.

    You say that you don't see any benefit from IV's goals and so you wont contribute. IV's top priority is to bring relief through legislative solutions to retrogression. Can you tell me that eliminating retrogression will not benefit CP filers? If not, then what's the excuse of your bunch to not contribute?

    If you still want to stick with the above "Oh it does not directly benefit me, a CP filer, because it does not massage my foot and make me feel good" rhetoric, then hey since I'm interested only in 485, I'd have to say that not a single cent of my contribution should go towards anything other than 485.

    If every 485 filer were to get that selfish and said that, it would leave out this small pool of CP filer contributions (if any) which does not cover the costs of even arming up for your proposed cause. Now, where do you want to go from here?

    BTW, it sounds like the CP filers are the ones who are frustrated - not the 485 filers.


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  • bujjigadu123
    03-03 03:32 PM
    I hope he was not deported.

    Hi All,

    Sorry for the delayed response.

    ICE officer did not visit me on the scheduled day. There is no communciation from him so far on reschedule also. I donno what happened. I also did not want to follow up with him.


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  • pady
    08-20 04:14 PM
    I tried to contact the attorney so badly until Aug 16th, but he never responded. I was able to get hold of him only on Aug 17th. I guess he was directed by my employer so.


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  • drona
    09-20 06:57 PM
    Thanks for playing your folk tunes, and singing and reciting poetry on stage at the rally! Please let us know the IV handle of the other guitarist and singer. Thanks for inviting me to join you but I am way too shy to sing on stage :o 3 cheers to abhijitp, you make CA proud!

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  • Keeme
    07-13 03:49 PM
    "Long Journey. Finally GC
    by J2GC
    Hi Guys,
    After a long journey of more than Sixteen years in this country, I finally received my GC.
    In short, I came in 1993 on J-1 for my training which took six years, followed by one year on O-1 visa and then J-1 waiver for three and half years in underserved area. Then applied for labor certification in Oct, 2003 EB2, through university, which was approved and then retrogressed. Applied Schedule IIA, approved but also got retrogressed. Got AILA liaison and Senetor involved.
    Applied for EB1 and NIW in July 2008.
    My lawyer was very much involved in the whole process, was very helpful at every step, and wrote letters to USCIS.
    Finally, GC came in April, 2009 and received the cards one week later. My PD Oct 2003.
    During these time, I actually had no problmes at my job or my my wife's job. Brought a house four years ago.
    The main problems were:
    Daughter and son could not apply to state colleges/ medical colleges. (daughter going to med school next month)
    Got stuck in India for renew of H-1 for 2 months!!! (worst time of my life, with my wife and kids in US) I tied every thing from writing letters to calling Ambasador. Not effective.
    Could not go to certain occasions, like death of very close family members, weddings etc.
    However, I kept my cool and prayed and got lot of support from Immigration voice.
    As a small token of appreciation, I am donating $500 .(and will keep on supporting)
    We all are going to get GC, some sooner some later. Just keep on doing you job.
    Thanks you all for all the information and support.
    J2GC (J-1 visa to GC)"

    Congratulations !

    To others,

    How about if IV publishes his brief story( off course with his permission), congratulating him on IV behalf, in all national news paper ( with or w.o his name ) Date of entry, profession, long time wait- reasons and all opportunities he may have missed, couldn't buy house, collage-tution probelms etc and all struggles he has his family might have faced. point by point.

    Money would come from special campaign. NY TIMES, USA TODAY, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, Miami Herald etc. News paper industry is struggling so won't cost much to buy a half/quarter page with a title - " An untold story of legal immigration" Or similar kind of eye catching title. Not more than 10-12 lines stating thousands others are waiting in line...

    There won't be difficult to get more his kind of cases to run it on regular basis in future.

    Any one ?


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  • we_can
    05-30 09:23 AM
    Voted and Commented

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  • rsdang1
    11-03 06:30 PM
    I GUESS a slight movement forward - say 3 months.... :D


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  • willwin
    06-05 09:59 AM
    I am not sure. Here is what my opinion is :

    I think he posts spicy messages on his forum to market himself. He uses strong language against USCIS to gain support from his prospective clients.

    Has he ever stood up for immigrants other than writing strong worded posts? Give me examples as I do not know any? I may be wrong in my assumption.

    I am sorry but I don't agree with you.

    He never said he was running a charity for immigrants or an active supporter of IV.

    Despite, he has been helping several immigrants with very apt and prompt replies to several questions (most of them very basic and repetitive) and if that is a way to attract new clients, I don't see anything wrong in that approach. After all, it is his business and he is using his own website to promote his business!

    Above all, his views on USCIS is very logic to me especially his way of reasoning retrogression. He says VISA cut off date movement is inversely proportional to USCIS efficiency. The higher their efficiency, lower the movement and vice versa.

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  • hydboy77
    02-10 11:52 PM
    Congrats on getting your green card. its nice to see people like you visiting and participating in IV after getting green card.

    I have a question for you. You said in your post below that your 485 was approved end of september 2008. But I thought the visa numbers were already exhausted by august 21 2008 for eb2 india. Are u sure you got approved in end of September 2008 and not in august, did you actually get an email end of september or your LUD on 485 was actually end of september. Please dont get me wrong, I am not questioning your sincerity, I am just trying to understand if infact some case were approved in september as well for eb2 india.

    Its a small good news. I got similar status update last year sometime in Aug/Sept before my I-485 was finally approved around end of Sept '08. My case was originally filed at CSC and then was transferred to NSC. I got this message when NSC finally picked up my transferred case, dusted it off an (I'm guessing) input it in their system. Most likely your cases went the similar route and now they have been finally picked up by the destination center for processing.


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  • perm2gc
    12-20 06:21 PM
    Does USCIS provide any clear documentation regarding the Visa Allocations?

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  • logiclife
    03-21 04:47 PM
    In order to be sending consistent messages to all lawmakers, please email Varsha and Sanjay at and respectively and get the material and talking points from them.

    Its very important to read those tips and directions and also keep in mind the talking points.

    We have crafted those points after intense experience in talking about these issues and these are tried and tested talking points that work. Stick to the message and you will really make a big difference.

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  • sandy_anand
    11-06 12:11 PM
    Does anyone know when VB will be out this month?

    08-31 07:47 PM
    Its useless... How many senators, their voters or other decision makers watch those kannada, telugu or even rediff???
    Try to contact FOX, CNN, ABC etc.. that will be helpfull.

    It is for all those people (the indian diaspora) who do log on to the online versions of their hometown newspapers to check local Indian news, it might be a pleasant surprise to see the news abt the rally out there!!!

    Secondly won't you be inclined to be a part of the rally when your mom or dad friend or a cousin read the news back home and asked you " are you a part this movement" imagine all the non commital people saying ummm ummmm food for thought bloke!!:rolleyes:

    An BTW I would bet that CNN, FOX and ABC would be forced to cover a rally of this magnitude...

    11-02 10:47 PM
    Well, at least the bill has been introduced in senate. And if it fails then perhaps peacemeal will happen

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