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  • lord_labaku
    07-25 12:41 PM
    You are suffering from a form of COLTS disease. It is a man made disease affecting potential immigrants to the US, usually for those whose cases are pending at USCIS. This was not one of the diseases screened at Ellis Island in New York. This disease developed only recently. Search this forum if you want more info on this disease, symptoms.

    Effective symptomatic remedies include abstaining from reading immigration related forums, pursuing interesting hobbies & diverting mind to other relaxing activities.

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  • rajakannan
    06-28 08:02 PM
    if everyone is so confident tht "USCIS has to accept 485 thru JULY 31 no matter what" then why the rush by few to file on july 1st are they selfish and don;t care about others ??, can everyone join together and file on a particular day for the benefi of all ?

    matthew fox tattoo. or Matthew Fox?
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  • Mr. Brown
    11-30 12:29 PM
    BIG Thanks for the report!

    I wonder how the following calculator results would change (if they'd change i.e.):

    Immigrationvoice team has been working on the publicly available USCIS data since its release on USCIS website and we have been discussing this data with top USCIS officials to clear doubts.

    Immigration Voice is releasing the analysis of the information for the community. You can view the report at

    We are putting together a list of recommendations about this data for our next meeting with USCIS. If you have suggestions, do post on the thread. We would also be updating this report on regular basis as the data is updated on USCIS site and numbers change due to approvals/pre-adjudications/field office data/ CP and spillovers. The visa bulletin movement will also be compared against the report and checked with USCIS and DOS.

    Team IV

    Note: Please read the entire document rather than just basing your judgment on the graph and the visa bulletin charts. There are several caveats and limitations of this data.

    We feel this is a one step ahead of the IV prediction tool published by IV in the past. We will continue to refine the analysis as we receive information from DOS and USCIS through our advocacy efforts.

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  • gchopes
    12-07 12:25 PM
    Tried everything. Infopass, Congressman, Ombusdsman. Still over 100 days and no movement on AP. Anybody in the same boat? AP applied in TSC.


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  • rodnyb
    11-26 03:13 PM
    Labor market has no influence on EB1/2 ROW. Look at DHS historic data (core should look at that as well), EB1+Eb2 ROW is well above 70K every year, even in 2000 recession. My understanding is that they are athletes, managers, PH.D. which rarely change by economic condition. Also past DHS data showed over 10K india EB2 2008. That could be the max we can get per year

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  • unitednations
    03-11 05:19 PM
    You're right, the point I was making is the real intention of these Senators...When you want to scr.ew somebody you ask questions that are hard and mostly unanswerable....Take this example, Look at the requirement that Hyderabad Consulate has put up for H1B Visa Stamping, it sounds like they are saying don't you dare!!!

    The hyderabad consulate is nothing new. Chennai has been asking for this type of documents for years.

    Yes; some people are not going to change their minds no matter what. I'm sure Grassley gets a lot of contributions and support from like minded people and he has to toe their line or they turn on him.

    The other real American way would be to look at ways of undermining Grassley.

    Case in point was Elliot Spitzer. Although what he was doing was right and justified; he took on some big players in Wall Street. Lots of fines; regulations, etc. Then all of a sudden he gets caught in a sting and he is ruined forever.


    matthew fox tattoo. megan fox tattoos 2011. megan
  • megan fox tattoos 2011. megan

  • optimystic
    10-24 02:32 PM
    Ignore the IOs, just talk to your Senator or Congressman. They will be able to help you out. I was stuck in name check for more than 3 years. My congressman did not help but the senators office had a namecheck cell and they help out with genuine cases. The person there helped me clear my name check in 2-3 months (talk, dont email, send certified letter with details after talking to them). Had i known this earlier I would have had contacted them earlier and would have gotten my GC in June 07. My lawyer sdid not allow us to contact the IOs for information and i suffered big time because of that. Based on my experience all i can say is be proactive.

    Thanks for the pointers.

    In my case I don't even know if it is namecheck that is blocking my case. So far my guess is that it was just the huge deluge of July 2 applications under which my application got stuck. But now that they have opened my application and mailed an RFE on Oct 22, at least I know that some IO is processing my case. Right now I am eagerly waiting for the RFE details. My law firm(FDBL) has not received it yet. I am pinging them every other day.

    To answer another question from another poster, yes, I have been with the same company since 2001.

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  • glen
    04-01 06:27 PM
    Fax 10 & 11 done.


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  • yagw
    08-20 02:26 PM
    Expedite request approved yesterday. Hopeful.....

    how did you expedite?

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  • eb3retro
    01-13 05:11 PM
    gcseeker, u just spoke my mind, this was exactly what was going in my mind, when i decided not to take transit visa. i just cant believe, there is another soul who thinks just the way, i thought, look at my PD, came to US in 1999, still no GC after 12 years, planning to leave back to india for good, this year..oh well, life goes on..

    vishwak, dont consider my seniority by number of posts. As is I am going through so much injustice in life, having spent 12 years in this country and still waiting for GC bcos of this stupid EB3 mess, and now the germans decide to harrass me by asking for transit visa ? Not that I dont want to follow rules, but after spending 12 years waiting for GC, I am glad that I broke atleast one rule, of travelling through frankfurt to and from india without the damned transit visa. Of course I was travelling alone, and my family was not travelling , and hence I could risk it out. This does in no way prevent anybody in this forum or the world from not getting transit visa and continue to be opressed by the germans. Folks, I have just told my experience, rest is upto you if you want to get the transit visa .


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  • ramaonline
    11-29 06:43 PM
    From ILW:

    FBI name check delays that have stalled benefit applications may soon be a thing of the past. We understand that the Executive branch will soon provide name check clearances within a prescribed amount of time. If the clearance is not completed within the designated timeframe, the benefit will be approved by USCIS while the FBI continues to work on the security process in parallel. The rationale to move tothis new process is not just better customer service for benefits applicants but also because it will enhance national security(our security demands that the bad guys be apprehended, not merely be denied immigration benefits). The background for this change of heart by the Executive branch is the fact that many federal courts have been coming down hard on excessive name checkdelays by the FBI. In fact, not only have some courts ordered expedited name check completions but in some cases courts have suggested that the courts have and would use their authority to adjudicate petitions if the Executive branch could not get itsact together. The attorneys and litigants who have sought federal court relief over these last several years deserve credit forforcing the Executive branch to adopt a more effective policy in this area (when it does happen, hopefully very soon).
    Note: These details may be true. Last month we had heard such information but not in detail and thus had not posted it. We were hoping to get this news within 6-8 weeks (As per oour note on There are efforts to make name checks current and that is good news for everyone waiting for several years in the namecheck blackhole. It will also help recent applicants who might be getting into this problem.
    IV wants to thank all its members who took up this issue with their lawmakers and also contacted Ombudsman's office to solve this issue.
    - IV Team

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  • ngopalak
    03-03 02:37 PM
    This is probably somebody playing a prank or worse somebody trying to cheat you...cannot imagine how though.....


    Today I got a call from an officer in "immigration and customs enforcement" asking for an appointment to visit my residence for checing my immigration status.
    I am on H1B visa.

    I would appreciate if someone could give any sort of information related to calling for a home visit.



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  • mallu
    12-04 08:31 PM
    The govt. authorities in Bangalore never gave my PF, citing some
    spelling mistake in my fathers name. Guess if i showel down 10% bribe
    in their throat , they might give. Later i didn't bother to pester them,
    i am here. The babus also might think "This chap is in USA , minting $$$".

    I can attest to that. It's not unusual to have to pay bribe from 10-25% to get the PPF money. And even that takes weeks/months to complete. I've personally known relatives in India who had to do that. It's not even considered anything out of ordinary there. Good Luck R2I's.

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  • sairam
    07-02 03:10 PM
    We spent approxiamtely $4000 not including the filing fee which is another $1500 approx.

    This $4000 includes, Attorney fee, Medical exam fee, Flight tickets to attorney office, Mailing charges etc.


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  • ganguteli
    06-02 11:01 AM
    Dude....we need more people like you.......See below....

    OpenCongress is a free, open-source, non-profit, and non-partisan web resource with a mission to make Congress more transparent and to encourage civic engagement. OpenCongress is a joint project of the Sunlight Foundation and the Participatory Politics Foundation. To read more about our approach, our data sources, and how Congress works, see About OpenCongress.


    Does it say that by voting, your votes will be sent to congress?
    Do you know how your registeration data will be used?
    Do you know how their organization is funded ?

    I really wonder why people are so crazy about voting there. Educated illiterates is the right word. You guys are just promoting a website and the money they will make from your participation.

    I can also make a webite that asks you to vote to remove poverty in India and say its is a free, open-source, non-profit, and non-partisan web resource with a mission to make Indian government more transparent, responsible and to encourage civic engagement. Do you really think you will vote? or your votes will be seen by Manmohan singh?

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  • leo2606
    09-19 08:02 PM

    You think right after the rally USCIS will distribute Green Cards at the union station ticket counter? How stupid you are talking, look at you.Ask yourself the following question.

    1) How did I ask these stupid questions?
    2) Am I contributing/contributed a penny for IV's efforts.

    Ok, I've seen a lot of threads about go to the rally, actions items, I've reading a lot of guys saying dont ask for your receipt status, dont waste your time etc, etc.

    Yes we did the rally we were great with all those signs, and appearing in the Indy TV but...

    Question remains open:

    1. When are they going to increase the GC quota?
    2. When congress id going to do something?

    I've the feeling that that's it we made our point but we are still with no GC, waiting receipts..............


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  • sushilup
    02-13 07:42 AM
    All the people who had LUD on 2/10 and 2/11 (WAC cases), any update?

    I heard in many post that after LUD few people got RFE...some people also saying that it could be FP notice

    Please update if your status online changes



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  • nemadeni
    08-25 08:08 PM
    Received only one year EAD .I will have to call USCIS for incorrect validity date of issued EAD.

    Did anybody contact USCIS regarding 1 year validity?

    hairstyles Lost#39;s Matthew Fox matthew fox tattoo. Matthew Fox.
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  • nozerd
    12-29 09:59 AM
    Before I approach Ombudsman is it wise to get any sort of clearence or green signal from your lawyer ? Can you approach them directly without a lawyer ?

    07-25 11:44 PM
    I like the way you think.

    I hate to say it but this is starting to sound very much like an Alcoholics anonymous support group session. LOL.

    Let me jump right in!

    Get a grip guys. Life is not so bad. What you guys are worrying about is relatively trivial. The odds are heavily stacked in your favor for you to get the green card eventually, most likely within 2 yrs. I can't fathom another 2 plus years with no legislative relief. In the mean time as long as you stick to AC21 rules, you should have the courage to move jobs. Heck, with EAD, you could even move into something part time and try it out before finally deciding to commit etc. My point is you have tremendous flexibility, enjoy that.

    In the small chance things do not work out, then you have presumably had an opportunity to save enough to purchase a decent home in India(or wherever your home country may be), a car and your line of work(I'm referring to the predominantly IT folks here) is in such international demand that you will be able to earn a livable wage anywhere, including India.

    And here is the real shocker to many of you. There are millions of Americans(probably well over half) who will trade their position in life with you in a heart beat given the privilege, family and social support system, education, world view and demand you are in. Sometimes it is hard to see how blessed you actually are in this world. That is why I have taken a very grim view of people who have compared their issue to slavery etc. That only speaks to their unawareness of that practice.

    Now I know none of this is going to get you your green card tomorrow and improve your mistreatment in this needlessly ridiculous and tortuous green card journey. However I am hoping it atleast gives you some perspective.

    11-07 02:00 PM
    I received my AP on Nov 3 and looking at the AP doc it had an approval date of Oct 10 whereas I had "Document mailed to applicant" message on Oct 31.
    I am not sure what happened between Oct 10 and Oct 31st.

    I am sure nothing happened between that period to your papers except eating dust in USCIS mailroom.

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