Thursday, September 1, 2011

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  • nshantha
    07-18 02:36 PM
    Why you want to mad on him, What is there to become mad on him.

    Sorry admin, I got mad at this guy.

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  • meet_rayhan
    08-10 06:43 PM

    I have fallen through the same situation. Does any one has any estimate or any contact # to contact DOL for this kind of case? I do not have much time as my current Visa is expiring pretty soon.

    My lawyer has already sent all the information to DOL and we are waiting for response. I am in a real panic mode at this time.

    Rayhan Khan

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  • vali
    11-15 11:01 AM

    USCIS assigns Unique A# for each individual, who files I485 , some people recieves A# even in I140 too.

    When your adjustment of status application(I485) approves then you will be registered as Permanent Resident.

    thank you very much, I understand now exactly what that means.
    thank you all for your time and patience.
    Good luck to all of you,

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  • PD_Dec2002
    08-27 05:00 PM
    thanks for you understanding....i don't want her processing to be closed. if we're divorces can her processing still be on?

    No, her processing cannot go on. It would be illegal on YOUR part to claim her as a spouse for a GC when she is really is not your spouse anymore (once you file for divorce, that is).



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  • Munna Bhai
    08-28 07:52 AM
    I have an apporved I/140 and RD of I/485 in May 2007 under EB3. The PD is april 01 which is unavailable per current VB. My H1 is expiring in Jan 08 (9th yr extn.) Should I get my H1 extended and also can I do it myself? Kindly advise if I go for premium processing for H1 extn., can I get it extended for 3 yrs? Any related link for extn. be appreciated. Thanks

    yes, you can..infact complete immigration process you can do yourself without any lawyer but only for 1 year as your AOS is pending. Search this forum, you will find an email from one of member who has given complete list for H1b extension.

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  • GCSOON-Ihope
    11-04 10:02 PM
    How often does a denial happen in a case of H1 "transfer"? Do you know? Why would a transfer be denied?

    How often is an H1 denied? I have no idea but it happened to me...twice!
    The first time, the attorney screwed up. The company fired him ...and me as well since I was then out of status (long story that I will post someday, maybe...):mad: Second time, I never knew the details but the company appealed... and won.
    All that can happen on any type of application of course. Everybody makes mistakes, and even without mistakes, no approval can never be guaranteed in advance.:(


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  • mheggade
    07-18 03:50 PM
    i was reading just now,
    and I know that each year only 140000 green card is allocated for EB category.

    I have several question regarding this number/quota:

    1. Does that number (140000) include the spouse/all dependents of applicant ? or just the main applicant ?

    2. I keep hearing of this 7% cap for each country, what does that mean ?
    does that mean each country only have maximum of 9800 (7% * 140000) green card each year ?? or is it depend on the number of citizen of the country (for example citizen in India is bigger than Japan, so India will get bigger quota)

    thanks in advance :D
    1) Yes, 140K includes primary applicant,spouse and minor children.
    2)It means India or any other country can be alloted upto 9800 green card per Fiscal Year, again this number includes spouse and children.

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  • gc_perm2k6
    08-11 01:42 PM
    Got 2 Year EAD.


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  • WeldonSprings
    10-14 12:30 PM
    I have a few questions on using AP-

    1. I have a valid AP till Jan. 04, 2009. I have applied for a new AP in Sept. last week. Can I travel on my current AP which is valid till Jan. 04, 2009 or will I have any problems with I-485, since I cannot travel on current AP, because I have applied for a new one.

    2. Next, suppose I travel on my valid AP (the one till Jan. 04, 2009) in November first week and return on Dec. 10, 2008, what date will I get I-84 till? Will I get it till Dec. 09, 2009 or till Jan. 04, 2008. Ofcourse, the officer will stamp 'Parolee' on I-94, but till what date?

    3. Have anyone had any bad experience, when boarding airlines at Indian airports, particularly Mumbai- Do they understand what AP documentation is, in lieu of the normal visa on passport?

    Please let me know. Thanks in advance.

    Renew you AP before Feb 25, 2009. You are usually paroled upto an year from the date of entry.

    Yes you can file for AP your self, its as easy as filling out the form.

    The stamps having nothing to do with the renewal.

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  • visshy
    09-12 09:06 AM
    My wife's ead expires 10/02/2010. We applied for renewal/extension in july and requested expedition which was rejected recently. My question is :

    Can she take unpaid leave after 10/02/2010 while waiting for EAD approval? If yes, then is there any legal document that can confirm this or an online link (from uscis or any other legal documention) to confirm this that she can use to provide to her HR?

    Please advice.



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  • kartikiran
    06-17 05:53 PM

    Subscribe to google group with a mention of your IV Handle(UserID). The state chapter leader will get in touch with you, if they need further information.

    For contributing please visit the link for details. On the right side of the screen, you also visa, mastercard icons and you can click them to donate.

    Please excuse my ignorance as I joined IV recently. Please tell me how do I join state chapter. I reside in DC metro suburbs.

    I am glad that we are at least thinking in this direction. Please let me know how can I contribute. Have we formed any regional leaders who can perhaps guide us. If so, I would like to get in touch with the ones in my area. Any other information I need to know.

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  • oaktree
    01-13 12:03 PM
    I am planning on filing a new PERM as a prospective employee of a consulting firm and also have a PERM filed simultaneously from my current employer..
    Has anybody had any experience with this kind of situation, Are there any complications? would this be feasible...pls suggest...


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  • loveiv
    06-18 05:11 PM
    someone please explain me how complete agreement works. I am working for the client through the main vendor who has a noncompete agreement with my employer (This is signed by my employer, not me). Now I am planning to leave my employer but the client is interested keeping me in the project through another vendor. Can someone explain me if it is possible?

    Since the Noncompete is between my employer and the vendor, how am I responsible since I didn't sign anything? Don't laugh, may be I am ignorant

    This is exactly what I did in the past and my desi employer could not do anything because I never signed anywhere, it was between him and the vendor.
    I think you should be fine.

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  • srgadi
    06-30 12:46 AM
    I am using a labor substitution (dated 2005) that requires BS + 3 years. I had only 2 years experience by 2005. But I have an MS degree in related field. Would this be ok? Would MS+2 years suffice for a labor for BS + 3 years?

    Please respond soon. I have prepared all my paperwork for I-140 and I-485 and meeting the lawyer tomorrow. I am planning to file by Monday. My stupid attorney told me only today that the experience mismatch can be a problem.

    Thank you all in advance.


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  • desi3933
    06-08 11:52 AM
    Thanks for opening this thread, I have a question which is not related to IV's core cause but suitable to this thread.
    I want to ship my car to India and don't know where to start, I would appreciate if someone could share knowledge/experience.
    Thanks in advance.

    There are many other sites for this service.

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  • hopefulgc
    12-30 12:55 AM
    Even though we have a very honest agenda at heart which at its very core aims to help America be more competitive in the global scene, apparently, we need to have the financial clout to be able to turn heads and thus have our voices heard.

    Here is an idea: say we have roughly 500 members out of this vast array of 35000+ members who have the heart and the will to contribute. we get $2000 from each and place it in an escrow trust account that does not release money for expenditure unless we reach $1 mln

    why? because the first 10 or 50 contributers are the most elemental in getting such a campaign off the ground and we need to give them a guarantee that its an ALL or NOTHING DEAL. If for some reason we stop at $10k because only 5 members contributed and no more are ready to contribute (unlikely), those 5 members can get their money back.

    now is $2000 a huge amount?.. absolutely... but maybe we could tweak this amount or do some payback if we have more people stepping forward in excess of 500. and the amount of payback depends on how early your contributed to the campaign. The first 50 guys could even get a substantial part of their contribution back.

    People, we gotta swing for the fences, the next time we go to play.
    It has taken us some time to understand how the lobbying game is played.. but this time "Lets play to win"
    As evident from current campaigns (, we need to be a big fish.. a million $+ whale to be taken seriously.

    Lastly, i'm just presenting an idea .. its not endorsed by IV core.. and I maybe overlooking some finer points of non-profit corporate taxation and finance.


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  • bikram_das_in
    04-13 02:44 PM
    Congrats bro. Please keep contributing to IV.

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  • gcseeker2002
    11-05 01:01 PM
    Is there any basis needed for approving AP? Is it EAD ? If so my application is in deeps***. onceagain, is there anybody here with this kind of experience. Also since I already took infopass once, is there any use taking it again for my ead ?
    ^^^ bump ^^^

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  • Raj_345
    07-11 11:24 AM
    Thanks for the response raysaikat... the above information is definitely very helpful for me.

    As i understand from your response i will not be subject to cap again if i plan to move from company B (cap-exempt) to company C(non-cap-exempt) as i was already counted once under cap.

    However i also want to know when i plan to move from B to C in future, Although C will file a new H1-B petition, can this petition be filed any time during the year? And if approved can i start to work immediately without a gap?

    Please advise.


    07-22 11:47 AM
    Generally just filing an H1 extension is orthogonal to filng I-485. However in your case it looks like your I-94 has expired, so to prove your status your lawyer needs to include a copy of your H1 extension receipt

    05-15 08:06 PM
    I got my GC last year auguest but her gc/485 status is stil pending. Is it even possible based on her case was dependent on me? What can I do abt it. Thanks.

    Did you submit the 485s together or separately.

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