Thursday, September 1, 2011

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  • h1-b forever
    07-16 10:45 AM
    Over 60% of the US and 90% of Arizona supports the law they passed.
    The same 60% or more people in the US support the cause of solving the immigration system.

    Obama and his Attorney General are doing the wrong thing by interfering with state politics.
    As for the Arizona law, immigration issues fall under the federal jurisdiction - so it is the State that is interfering with the fed agency.

    How can these high ranking officials tell state law enforcement NOT TO enforce laws?
    The Fed is going after the law itself - and arguing on its unconstitutionality. Enforcing a law that is unconstitutional is not right

    The Supreme court will favor AZ even before the case starts. Slam Dunk.
    Lets wait and see!!

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  • dsairam
    10-10 05:10 PM
    After folks start getting their EAD, God alone knows how many "New" desi bodyshopper's like this will spring up.

    All those so called "Enterpreneurs" a.k.a desi bodyshoppers...Perhaps if someone started a company that actually makes something rather than just contracting....more jobs, more value...

    I feel everyone of us has the potential to have such a vision...after all isn't this the land of opportunities

    Perhaps it is wise only to dream....

    The desi companies, while their methods may not be employee friendly, also add value in the chain and that is why they exist. So I don't know what you mean by "actually make something".

    And no I don't own or am affiliated to one.

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  • DSLStart
    04-29 01:42 PM
    Pakistan had the F series jet fighters since the last many decades. The Americans were offering the advanced version to India and Pakistan. Pakistan is much ahead of India in maintaining log sheets of it with rich experience of 30-plus years. The type of relationship that exists between the US and Pakistan Air Force what is the guarantee that our system won't be leaked to Pakistan's system? If that happens, India's advantage would vanish.

    Quick Chain of events .

    India rejected both Boeing and Lockheed Martin's proposal of fighters . I am not debating the reasons or the merits of this decision if this was right or wrong . I am just discussing the potential repercussions this has had so far and might have .

    'Exclusion of US firms from IAF jet deal a setback for ties' (

    1) The issue is so serious that Tim Roemer , US Ambassador to India submitted his resignation immediately since he was on the hook for making this deal work .This shows the measure of disappointment they had.

    2) India was seeking US assurances in security a Permanent Security council seat , which looks far fetched now .

    4) Pentagon , Whitehouse and the DoD very upset that deal fell through . This sentiment will certainly percolate to the USCIS and the State department and might embolden Anti Immigration senators whose measures will get more support in the house and senate.

    5) Prosecution of companies entangled in cases like Infosys might find more support and favor with the Govt.

    Question is how/if there will be a backlash against India / Indian's get back at us at least in the short term .Increased scrutiny and visa denials , PoE Harassment , GC audits etc.

    Will the US take a Tit-for-Tat reaction on this issue is what remains to be seen.

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  • learning01
    03-17 08:02 AM
    What's is Frist's motive in trying to trip the McCain - Kennedy or Specter's Markup? What's his point?
    Looks like in Congress, each senior senator is a leader of his own and don't tolerate or cannot see eye to eye on more serious work of fellow senators or congressman. The idea is to trip the whole effort to treat illegal immigrants as humans. In Frist and its ilk's opinion, they want the services of illegal (and legal) immigrants, but this great country doesn't want to give any benefits to the illegal aliens in return. It's is so farcical, only the feudal minded Frists' can do it. Many in this country want 'closure' for this and 'closure' for that, but they deny all relief to these illegal aliens. Our goal of relief from retrogression and to increase visa numbers is unfortunately tied to such 'comprehensive bills'.

    I want users of this forum to think about it, ruminate on it and write letters to law makers, newspapers etc.

    As Senators Debate Immigration Bill, Frist Offers His Own

    WASHINGTON, March 16 � Senator Bill Frist, the Republican leader, introduced a stringent border security bill on Thursday, rejecting pleas from senators in his own party who appealed for more time to ..


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  • cjagtap
    07-03 06:50 AM
    lawyers fee-1250
    cancelling trip and appointment for stamping H1B -400

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  • seratbabu
    02-23 09:48 PM
    Thank you all for your valuable suggestions... I have compiled the list from your posts and I will ask my attorney as to what all from here can be submitted...

    1. marriage certificate
    2. wedding photographs
    3. wedding card invitation
    4. property papers on joint name
    5. other investments on joint name might help.
    6. Indian passport has spouse's name entered
    7. "Lease papers"
    8. "Medical insurance papers with name of the spouse"
    9. joint tax filed as additional proof.
    10. Her H4 stamping etc can be a proof too

    I am now trying to come up with a affidavit format that I need to send to some folks in India who attended our wedding and get those too... I will keep you all posted..



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  • fightretro
    04-01 06:21 PM
    Sent fax # 10 and 11

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  • sbabunle
    01-31 02:58 PM
    Well again...if they allow to file 485, most of those folks will
    file EAD and Parole too.. more money and more money :D

    Its the same reason they wont discontinue Green Card lottery.
    I think last time about 5mil people participated with $100 entry fee.
    So its $500 Mil dollars..thats half a billion.....Nobody would kill the
    goose who lays golden eggs... :D :D :D :D

    Well, you are bringing up a very good point. May be we can setup a webfax event to USCIS, for allowing us to I-485 even if PD is not current, so that they can reap the exact benefit of this fees hike.

    Core members - what say you???


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  • gk_2000
    05-11 04:09 PM
    No IV provision is in the bill.

    For something to happen, each member needs to do their part by supporting this effort and taking part in action items. With so little support and initiative we cannot expect to match the kind of hard work DREAM act advocates have done.

    If we need an amendment, we should be showing up for advocacy day or signing up for monthly contributions, volunteer our time, or doing any state chapter work by meeting local lawmaker offices regularly in groups. Dream Act folks have built a very strong network and advocacy effort that no politician can ignore. Go through the list of things they have been doing over the past few years and you can judge how much percentage we have as a community matched that effort. This is a reality and and ultimately it will be us that are responsible for no bill being passed in the last few years.

    The community needs to do more than wasting time on the forums and trackers if they really want any bill to happen.

    Definitely it is time to Unite. If they are doing illegal immigrants legal citizens, why should not legal applied immigrants as Green card holders.

    Do you think we need to start some thing like flower campaign or sending letters to president like that....

    But it is the time to act. Now or Never..........

    Another idea.. (this will require a small bunch of people only)

    Let a group of 10-25 people tie themselves on chainballs and handcuffs (or fetters) and march 1 mile to the USCIS office. Get this event covered by media..
    Hold banners like "Free us", "We want EAD", "i485 NOW" and raise a few slogans

    In addition someone can dress as Uncle Sam and pretend to whip the prisoners..

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  • downthedrain
    02-18 04:39 PM
    another LUD today for me 02/17

    Another LUD 02/18...probabaly another RFE


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  • nogreen4decade
    07-16 06:18 PM
    Wishful thinking - Would be nice if the court went against AZ and asked the congress and senate to resolve the issue soon through legislative action. Republicans will be against any sort of amnesty, so not a thing will happen till November, but there may be chances of piecemeal legislations to address legal immigration issues if Republicans get the majority.

    I have paid over $10 K in attorney fees so far and Obama wants to legalize the illegals who broke the law by granting them amnesty and asking them to pay a "fine"? If this happened in our home country, wouldn't we all do the same and think the same as the people of Arizona? I'm in favor of AZ taking this initiative .
    I agree with you on amnesty. And I usually agree with republicans on immigration law reforms. Surprisingly, they have been fair. But I dont think AZ new law falls into this republican agenda. I live in Phoenix. I can see the racist motivation behind it.

    Ironically, dont forget that if there are no illegals, noone would be talking about any kind of immigration reform!

    Here are 3 scenarios, when this law become effective and how it makes legals suffer again!
    1) Let us say they stop citizens. They can always say "we are citizens and we dont have to show you any papers". And they are safe that way

    2) Let us say they stop legal non-immigrant visa holders, which is my case. In this case, I have to say that I am not a citizen and I will be asked to show papers. I lived in this country for 11 years. My papers are more complicated that even I get confused. And not only that, it is such a pain to carry them all the time. What if I lose them?

    3) Let us say they stop an illegal. Since the illegal immigrant already broke the law once, he/she would have no problem breaking it again saying, "I am a citizen. I dont have to show you any papers!"

    So what would this law achieve at that time? Just that legals would get more headache!

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  • gc_rip
    07-02 04:06 PM
    Medical : $885 (400 * 2 + 85 chest xray)
    Birth Certificate : $120

    + pain for parents and brother to go and stand in line to get the documents.

    Also the India tickets cancellation: 250*4 = $1000

    Total above $2000.


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  • crazy
    06-07 11:35 AM
    I am in 4'th year of H1b. I filed for I 140 and got approved in May 2006.
    After that I changed my company. My new company is going to apply for my GC In jun.
    I know that I can use previous priority date from employer 1. But my question is with this new CIR bill Will my case be considered under old system?
    Please help.

    I am going to do as much as I can for this forum. It's like angel's help for me.

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  • bluekayal
    02-10 10:37 AM
    I've sent you a pm Oguinan.

    Way to go!


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  • vdlrao
    06-04 06:47 PM
    which VB are you doesnt work...

    see the VB now its working.

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  • newu77
    07-02 04:11 PM
    I spent $500 for medical.
    Lawyer fee and other expenses (fedex etc) (around $2000) - paid by my company.
    plus $1500 is filing fee (which I guess should be refunded).


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  • EndlessWait
    07-27 01:13 PM
    to get the receipts. Lets not bug them and have them work instead on receipting. With over 500K+ applications, it'd be a while to get the reciept..
    oops did i mention EAD/AP..ur gonna have to wait a really long time on that one.

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  • Drifter
    04-06 04:14 PM
    One way of thanking IV is by making a donation, so that IV can continue to help others like you.

    just a thought.

    Good luck with your situation.

    Ofcourse, that goes without saying... I will be contributing to IV and will continue supporting the efforts in fact we all need to support IV.

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  • DoggyStyle
    07-21 11:28 PM
    thank u for posting the conversation that I miss. that saves me few bucks. u have the nerve to dial in that other IVians don't
    have. u r the hero. (dial-in-hero) :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

    06-12 04:50 PM
    The bill goes no where after the hearings unless there are enough co-sponsors and CHC members are ok with the bills. Then the house speaker will decide to let the bills be debated and voted on the house floor. If it goes through House then Senate will vote on it and then the Prez signs it off.

    So the most important thing is to participate in the phone campaign esp the one targeting CHC members.

    Did this bill passed in House Of Representatives?


    08-10 01:38 AM
    Please don't forget me or leave me behind
    apr 2004

    Hoping that USCIS will look at this thread...
    That is how vain I am :)

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