Thursday, September 1, 2011

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  • pcsim6770
    12-20 07:27 AM
    thank you so much for the reassurance, have been getting mixed reports of immigration officers denying re-entry, so am a little perturbed :) dont want to be stuck in a situation where i cannot re-enter :)

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  • GCBy3000
    11-13 01:45 PM
    Could anyone tell me when the PD is exactly ported.

    1. I filed my labor thorugh location A for a company. Then the company moved me to location B within the same state.
    2. My company attorney asked me to refile the labor sicne the location is changed. I did and get it approved.
    3. In the mean time, I got my location A labor cleared. So to port the PD, i asked the company to file 140 for location A. They did and it get approved.
    4. Now I filed the 140 for location B.

    I did not see at any place in the second 140 mentioning about my previous PD . How and when exactly the PD is considered ported?


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  • gcnirvana
    06-27 06:51 PM
    From Immi-Law:
    06/27/2007: SPECIAL ALERT: I-485 Cap for FY 2007 Can Be Exhausted Before End of July? Then What Will Happen?

    According to the AILA, approximately 40,000 visas remain in all employment-based categories, other than EW, for FY2007, according to its sources, and that the USCIS has far more than 40,000 adjustment applications in the backlog queue that are ready for approval, not to mention the additional numbers which will be consumed in concular immigrant visa processing. It is thus possible that the cap may reach within a short period in July, even though no one can predict it until after July 2, 2007. The USCIS at this time does not have any policy announced with reference to July 2007 I-485 filings which are filed after certain date in July when the total number is exhausted. However, considering the fact that the USCIS currently rejects the "Other Worker" category I-485 applications even though June 2007 Visa Bulletin show current for certain applicants because the "other worker" category quota was exhausted on June 5, 2007. This raises a serious concern because as we reported earlier today, the USCIS appears to be picking up the speed of processing of backlog I-485 applications in anticipation of flood of July 485 applications. The USCIS hands may be tied, should the EB visa numbers for FY 2007 is exhausted before the end of July.

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  • HV000
    03-06 04:20 PM
    As far as I know, since you are past 180 days of 485 filing, you are ok. You can stay in the country based on your pending 485 application. You can take whatever time it takes for you to get a job in your same/similar job classification. However, if your 485 is close to approval, then you need to hurry to find the job, since a job offer is required at the time of adjudication of 485. This will depend on your country of chargeability and PD. If you are from India/china/philippines/mexico with a later PD, you should be ok as long as you find a job in the same or similar classification.

    Others can correct me if I am wrong.

    What impact does this have on H1B holders who are ALSO AOS applicants? How much GAP can they have while on H1B?


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  • dan19
    02-15 11:24 AM
    Any idea?

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  • willIWill
    12-10 03:33 PM


    1st C C C C C
    2nd C 01MAY05 22JAN05 C C
    3rd 01AUG02 01AUG02 22JUN01 01JUL02 01AUG02
    Other Workers 01JUN01 01JUN01 01JUN01 01JUN01 01JUN01


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  • sweet_jungle
    11-13 12:33 AM
    Has anybody tried getting an FP by walking in at an ASC? If you have waited really long enough, will the ASC entertain you if you produce them the I-485 receipts?

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  • ak_2006
    08-11 01:10 PM
    My friend will come from India on H1B first time to Atlanta Air port this weekend. His H1B was approved for year 2008 and his stamping was done in early 2009. His H1B is from small desi consulting company. What kind of questions he may face? Any inputs will highly appreciated.


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  • Green_Always
    07-28 08:20 PM

    Congress may push India's IT firms to Mexico with H-1B crackdown ( H_1B_crackdown)

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  • k_confused
    08-16 06:56 PM
    Dear All,
    I got a labor substitution and filed for my I-140 and I-485 concurrently. Today was the last day to send the documents and some paperwork was missing for my wife! I missed sending the package!

    Now how should i proceed?? My wife is on H1-B currently. Any ideas??

    My priority date is 25 jan 05 - eb2.



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  • zCool
    12-18 04:41 PM
    You can't.. It's very risky and not worth the trouble.. I tried and got denied.

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  • waitingimmigrant
    10-27 03:05 PM
    Illinois Congressman: Immigration Reform Cannot Wait : NPR (

    President Obama says he wants to change United States immigration policy. But so far, immigration has taken a backseat to other pressing issues, like health care, the economic recession and the ongoing conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq. But Rep. Luis Gutierrez, a Democrat from Illinois, wants to bump immigration to the top of the President's agenda. Gutierrez explains why he thinks comprehensive immigration reform cannot wait any longer.


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  • casinoroyale
    07-01 04:13 PM
    Thanks Reddy.

    My question exactly, There are so many so called consulting company which might do it for a cost, but is it legal.
    Reddy, says yes. Anyone else?

    Consulting company doing it for a cost? Sorry, I did not understand. Why do we need consulting company? What costs?

    Any legitimate company should be able to port the PD from an approved I-140 as long as it is allowed.

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  • pthoko
    07-16 01:08 PM
    You can re-enter from Canada with same I-94 and status as long as trip < 30 days.

    Yes, it resets out of status clock.

    Not a legal advice.

    Yes, it resets out of status clock. --- Even if NO VISA stamping is done in CANADA???


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  • avantika.nandamuri
    04-08 09:23 PM
    As soon I got the receipt number, I started working for Company B. Now I have paystubs for almost 8 months. With those pay stubs, can i transfer to company C? If Company C files for a H1 transfer, with which H1B receipt will he file for transfer-H1B approval copy of employer A or H1B receipt of employer B? My attorney feels that my H1 transfer petition with Company B has got stuck in a security/background check, since USCIS has not responded to 2 SR's placed by my attorney and added that PP will not help if my petition got stuck in security check.

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  • lance21broke
    10-14 01:37 AM
    How could this happen? This is very unfair. So how do want to deal with it?


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  • gccovet
    10-07 01:49 PM
    also found this on the net:

    page 6/18 - section (vi)

    Excellent!!!!! Thanks a lot, VA_Dude

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  • nitrips
    04-26 04:41 PM
    I was in a similar situation, I took my wife's GC with me when I went to India and she travelled back on GC instead of AP, no issues at the Immigration's.

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  • Bytes4Lunch
    08-17 11:07 AM
    What annoys me, is that the consulate delays the visa stamping and also keeps the passport. Seems to me that they deliberately keep the passport so that the candidate doesnt travel back on the AP. I was in similar situation in March 08 at the Mumbai consulate, after waiting for around 45 days I travelled back on the AP(back then they had not taken my passport)
    Let us what happened to your cousin when you receive updates from him. Is he working as a consultant (paid by his employer) and working elsewhere ?

    10-12 02:41 PM
    Is this movement have any relation to prove or disprove that the FOIA data is correct?
    Any analysis on it.


    10-12 10:16 AM
    I got EAD with "finger print not available" on card. Strangely ,Online status doesn't has any information it still displays that NSA received my EAD application and they are processing.It seems they are sending EADs but they are too busy to update their system.

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