Thursday, September 1, 2011

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  • matreen
    08-15 04:35 PM
    In the letter from the new employer include the following (start date, title, job description, salary and position type):

    This letter is to verify that Mr. Cool Dude (SSN: ) has been employed by our company as a full-time employee. He has been working with us since Oct 32, 1666 as a Full Time Gamer.

    Mr. Dude's primary job duties include:

    Put Bulletized description here

    Mr. Dude is compensated with an annual salary of $xxx,xxx. The postion is for permanent at will employment and we have continued interest in employing Mr. Dude.

    I trust that this letter would assist Mr. and Mrs. Dude in adjusting their status to a permanent resident as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


    Joe Employer

    As far as docs are concerned add the following with the EVL:

    Your covering letter
    AC21 Yates Memo
    3 latest paystubs
    I-485 receipt

    that would be it ;)

    Is there a way you can get me a sample letter from employer?

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  • shreekhand
    07-04 12:00 PM
    Following paid by company:

    Attorney Fees + USCIS Fees
    Medical (spouse & I): $459
    Photos (just mine): $25
    Fedex & USPS Express: $51

    From my pocket:

    Spouse EAD Fees: $180
    Photos (spouse): $24
    Photocopying: $61
    Gas: $15

    Total my pocket:$280

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  • gc_check
    10-27 09:04 AM
    Well, what is the point in saying it now, he should have said it in the 90s and early 2000 when industry was booming and people found a career path in coming to the US.
    Right now, so much work is outsourced and it is continuing. Very difficult to get a IT job in US on h1b and IT consulting on h1b also facing so many hurdles. For any new immigrant on a software job who wants to get a h1b visa and green card - it is not an easy task.

    From from the article. "On wooing back Indian talent, Murthy said there was no need to increase their salaries by 50 times to ensure this. But their lives could be made easier by providing schools, making sure that power condition and commuting is reasonably all right " Looks like he wants to still have the "less expensive" advantage over non-Indian companies / competition and he just wants more and easy H1B's and does not like the path to permanent residency and eventually citizenship and integrating with the American society - which is what American immigration is for. Just need the $$$. Though there are many good to learn from this company and this man, I do disagree with his views when it comes to immigration to USA.

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  • gc_perm2k6
    09-26 09:06 PM
    Thanks for the reply tabletpc, but my GC was approved when the PD was current. i was wondering about the options i've to get my future wife to USA.

    Thanks again

    Get your Fiance a F1 Visa before marriage. So, she is not married at that time and to US Immigration, she has no plans to immigrate. After she gets the Visa, marry her and bring her here. Technically I think you are OK, only you have to Spend bucks for here education :), which might be fruitful in long run!

    Please take lawyer's advice anyways.


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  • shukla77
    05-30 06:23 PM
    current count 260.Great job everyone.I was chatting with few friends casually and mentioned this. Four of them also have voted. If we can hit 300 by end of the day today, that will be pretty impressive. As someone said, even though this might seem very insignificant but spending 3-4 minutes is definitely not going to hurt us.

    Keep it up..

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  • jonty_11
    07-19 02:42 PM
    as long as emplyer employee relatioship exists u r OK..
    So if u can get a letter (if REF'ed upon) from ur employer(former) that u were on Leave/vacation or whatever, during that period....u should be fine.

    Go to and readup on H1B FAQ and u will see this statement: Dont ask for a link....research.


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  • kart2007
    05-17 12:52 PM
    First of all make a complaint about the employer to the INS that he is not paying... and make decision, US is not your entire life. If you have confidence you can do anything anywhere in this small world.

    So I assume you told this to your neighbor who lives downstairs :D

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  • Dipika
    01-12 02:29 PM
    If preganent before starting insurance, then you won't get covered by most insurance comapny.
    In this case Hospital charge very high for delivery.

    But certain hospital provides package, like $3500 for Noraml Delivery and 2 days stay with including every month visiting doctor for checkup. if C-section then pay $1000 more to pay etc. I had pass throgh this for my first kid, but i'm living in NJ.

    If Insurance is started b4 preganency then it will get covered.


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  • swamy
    04-03 02:21 PM
    I really thank IV for the support extended so far. I am praying to god and hoping that this matter is resovled else this will seriously affect my small family of me, my wife and my one year old for absolutely no fault of ours.
    I am also working with the law firm and they are trying to reach out to USCIS to try to rectify this grave mistake.
    The only thing that really worries me is that in the withdrawl notice from USCIS it says

    "'As a result of your request, your application is considered withdrawn, and it will recieve no further consideration by USCIS. There is no appeal to this decision.'"

    I will keep the forum updated on any developments

    "'As a result of your request" - the fact that you didn't request it negates the basis for their action - so i think you will be fine

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  • help_please
    07-13 11:14 PM
    :confused: I found the information regarding both the senate and house bills on AILA's website. From my understanding, they are going to attach this version of the bill...hopefully, without any changes. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. :)


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  • CT_Green
    07-10 11:45 AM
    Lou has branded an entire national communiy in his hate filled rhetoric. I appreciate that good people differ in their views on immigration, but this crosses the line. H1b is "cheap Indian labor" and "overstay their visas" ??
    Lou believes in quoting no facts, just bullishly repeating such views. Nobody who disagrees can ever get a word in. I am a specialist physician with multiple degrees and board certifications. I practice in underserved communities, speak fluent English and pay my taxes. My visa status is and always has been legal. Do I meet the Lou standards? I am waiting in an endless line for a green card that keeps me at the bottom based on my country of birth. So much for Lou's cheap labor! Has everyone forgotten his tacit support for outsourcing in his "other professional life"?
    Shame on CNN for allowing this. I, for one, have no further interest in this channel.

    Thanks paskal. We need to continue this momentum and more people should contact other media outlets as well as CNN

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  • Ramba
    08-07 06:07 PM
    Now the actual tension started to me.

    Is my H-1b still valid. I have scheduled travel on August 15'th 2008 via London (LHR). I believe, London airport does not allow any one with out proper visa's and documentation.

    Does GC approval triggers automatic canellation of H1-B visa ( which is valid until Dec 2010)

    How can I start another GC process , when they just approved a GC ( on August 06, 2008)

    I heard some thing called Transfer of Residency. What is that?.

    - Suresh

    Your H1 (non-immigrant status) is invalid on the date of approval of 485 or once you become PR. Plastic card shows your PR starting date. Sometime, it is before the 485 approval date.


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  • NNReddy
    09-20 03:16 PM
    ANYONE else in this queue.

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  • H4_losing_hope
    02-17 07:11 PM
    Will send the IV copy pretty soon.

    Your part is appreciated :)


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  • sunny1000
    07-13 11:38 PM
    Congrats and good wishes! Thank you for your support to IV. Appreciate it.

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  • mirage
    03-11 06:26 PM
    You made an extremely important and valid point here...
    Such an escalated tone has been established due to various reasons, based on the fact that there is documented evidence of some abuse. It is not to scare every h1b visa holder.

    See - people are writing so many posts their their friend is having trouble in h1b , friends friend is having trouble in POE etc... but none of them are original posts. Just look around yourself and your friends - check to see if anyone really got screwed (genuine folks) - there may be some people who got additional grilling and that's it.

    People are still traveling everyday and getting stamping and no issues at POE.

    Like I said earlier "unless you set the ass on fire those who abuse will not straighten themselves" - greed overtakes any good forward thought.

    Senators are not your own country senators and we cannot influence their thoughts or feel bad about what they think about h1b visa. All we do is make a case for ourselves that we are genuine and really interested in following the system.

    AFAIK every h1b and GC case has been dealt with on a case to case basis and people who have really followed rules did not have much issues - we continue to follow the system because we believe in it.


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  • gc28262
    03-26 11:36 AM
    Hi Guys,

    I am not sure if this is the trend everywhere only in TX. The DPS - Department of public Safety which is issuing Driving License started asking for the Employment Verification or latest Pay Slip. I asked the officer if its the new requirement and she replied Yes, its started recently. If you are in H1 or H4 visa, you need to prove that you are still in job and getting paid. One more nail in the coffin.


    Any idea who introduces such legislation in Texas ? ( Drivers id with vertical orientation, paystubs requirement etc)

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  • justAnotherFile
    01-23 01:46 AM
    Whats the POA?

    Is the CA drive currently centered around any particular city? How many members from CA?

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  • cal97
    08-06 07:00 PM
    My infopass appointment was this afternoon. NC cleared. All the IO said was I should wait as there were many applications filed on 7/2/2007.

    I mentioned once that 2006 cases are getting approved and with my PD being in 2004 when should I expect to get my 485 approved. All I heard back was WAIT :mad:.

    Not sure how long though. Been seven years since I filed, first in 2001 and then again in 2004. Looks like a never ending wait.

    Hoping for the best :)

    07-19 09:33 PM
    OK guys, here is what I think. Being in US on a visitor visa, and then applying for an I-485 does seem like a violation of visa terms, but the other way round seem to be fine. I mean she can apply for an I-485 first in India, and then apply for a visitor visa later while her I-485 application is pending. While applying for a visitor visa she just has to honestly tell the consulate officer that her I-485 is pending and there should be no problems.

    If she applies for I-485, she has *beyond a shadow of doubt" expressed immigration intent. Her visitor visa request will immediately be rejected.

    If this is not so, then it means that all those who have filed I-485 in their home countries through consular processing route are in effect barred from entering US till some decision is taken on their application. This sounds bizarre. Does not make sense. What do you say?

    Once someone applies for I-485, then s/he has expressed immigration intent. From that time onwards s/he cannot apply for any visa that requires intent for non-immigration, such as visitor's visa, student visa, etc. He/she can only apply for a dual-intent visa, such as H1/L1/H4, etc., after expressing immigration intent.

    It is your own personal problem if you find this rule as "bizarre", but that's the rule.

    12-03 05:30 PM

    You need to submit a new education evaluation.

    I had also received an RFE.

    An acceptable evaluation must:
    1) consider formal eduction only
    2) state if collegiate eduction is post-secondary education (i.e did appicant complete the US equivalant high school before entering college)
    3) provide detailed explanation of material provided

    For EB2 degree.. even if your labor states only Masters degree is required you need to prove that minimum education required for master's degree is Bachelors degree and a minimum requirement for Bachelors degree is your 10 + 2 high school education. Please contact (sheila), they helped me in getting my I-140 approved.


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