Thursday, September 1, 2011

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  • reachrc
    04-01 04:13 PM
    Fax Sent..

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  • snathan
    07-08 12:17 AM

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  • genius
    04-14 06:47 PM
    Desi consultants should be heavily fined or shut down if they get caught in filing multiple petitions. Why doesn't USCIS take reasonable steps to avoid these kinds of fraud. i hate it when desi consultants hire people from business background and file a H1B for them as a DBA's or programmer analysts or QA's....!!!

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  • shana04
    11-19 10:26 AM
    Received EAD and AP, but not FP yet. Not opened SR yet.



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  • myvoice23
    07-20 07:27 AM
    Hi all legal eagles, advice please

    My case is quite complicated. Here is my situation.

    (1) Applied for I-485 (Adjustment of status) in July 2007. EB2-India category, PD March 2006.
    (2) Wife missed the bus when I applied for I-485. Her papers were not ready at that time.
    (3) Changed job utilizing AC21. So no more H1 status for me. Working on EAD in a new company. Living in US on a pending I-485 status.
    (4) Sent wife to India so that she will not stay in the US on an invalid H4. (After I quit my company, I assumed my H1 and my wife's H4 became automatically invalid because they belonged to my previous company. In any case those H1/H4 have expired too now.).
    (5) I was planning to call wife on a visitor visa. We planned to apply her I-485 once she is in US and dates become current for her.
    (6) Suddenly, my PD is current as per the latest bulletin!! Totally unexpected!!
    (7) Wife can't come back to US on a short notice on a visitor visa because of many pending tasks back at home.

    Now the big question is, is it worthwhile to apply for my wife's I-485 in India through a consular processing route? My understanding is that consular processing does not provide the benefits of EAD and advanced parole. So my wife will anyway have to come to US on a visitor visa. So we may as well apply her I-485 in US itself. At least then our applications will be processed together and she will get the benefits of EAD. And if there are any immigration interviews we can go together too.

    But the risk in this plan is that
    (1) By the time she is back in US the dates may retrogress again.
    (2) Worse, my GC may get approved this month itself, before my wife even has a chance of applying her own I-485, cutting off my wife's chances of getting a dependent GC based on my GC forever.

    Now my hunch is that risk no. 1 is a low risk. Either the dates won't retrogress again, or even if they do, they will move forward in October again. So we can live with that.

    Risk no. 2 is a bigger risk. But can USCIS take a decision on my I-485 petition so quickly. I don't think so. But if it does, then we lovers will be torn apart.

    And lastly, has anybody ever heard of "Follow to join" procedure? What exactly is it and can we utilize it to our benefit?

    Common man. .You already aware of that your wife's apps are not ready for I-485. Is this USCIS mistake and you says cruel system? It is your problem when you got the opportunity to not utilize it. You might say some another reason to excuse your self. Don't blame USCIS for everything man.

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  • telekinesis
    02-02 06:28 PM
    I was in a fight between eilsoe and soul. But damn it, eilsoe just had something that caught my eye, sorry soul :*(

    No hard feelings, I loved them all, but his was just the bestest! ;)

    Good Luck, hopefully I will get to organizing this forum area this week!


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  • ragz4u
    03-16 03:59 PM
    I did read it, and I really hope that something happen this year. The OC magazine is very focused on Immigration, like the AZ Central.

    Here's a link to his website

    I have a feeling it will have some pro-immigrant stuff too....the next 10 days are going to be very interesting

    Text of Bill Frist's statement below

    March 16th, 2006 - WASHINGTON, D.C. � U.S. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, M.D. (R-TN) today announced his intention to introduce a border security bill before the recess to ensure the Senate has a border security bill ready for debate during the week of March 27:

    �Our country needs security at our borders in order to slow the flow of illegal immigration and make America safer from foreign criminals and terrorists. That�s why today I will introduce a border security bill, to guarantee the Senate will have legislation available for consideration the week of March 27.

    �This bill will be based on the consensus enforcement, visa reform and immigration litigation reform titles of Chairman Specter�s mark-up of border security legislation and focus on ensuring strict enforcement of our nation�s immigration laws. I look forward to bringing a border security bill to the floor during the week of March 27 and allowing the full Senate to start work on border security and interior law enforcement, as well as comprehensive immigration reform, so that America is more secure and our constituents are safer. It is my hope that the Judiciary Committee will be able to report a bill we can bring to the floor that meets these objectives. As a country of immigrants who respect the rule of law, I expect us to honor those heritages as this debate unfolds.�

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  • shamu
    01-11 09:37 PM
    <Quote>About point 4, I am trying to find a hospital that would provide a payment plan in Dallas area.</Quote>
    I believe all hospitals provide payment plan.

    I really appreciate your help Pallavi

    I could not think that some many of IV'ans are responding and trying to help each other.

    This is highly appreciable!

    Thank you all.


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  • CT_Green
    07-02 03:13 PM
    We spent approximately $1000 (including medical and postal expenses)

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  • chanduv23
    03-09 08:10 AM


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  • pooja_34
    12-20 12:08 PM
    I think Meera Shankar needs to be fired. Its bloody 2010 and this is the kind of customer service the indian consulates provide - they dont pick up calls - it takes them a month to issue new passports - Always feel ashamed to be an indian any time I have to deal with these useless consulates.

    The Houston consulate does not even have their address properly listed on their website.

    This is what they have listed

    1990, Post Oak Boulevard,
    # 600, 3 Post Oak Central,
    Houston TX 77056

    So what is the correct address ?? Is it 1990 Post Oak Blvd or 3 Post Oak Central ?? Bunch of freaking idiots is what we have in all these US consulates.

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  • boreal
    01-19 04:08 PM
    I have sent the letter to President as well as IV.

    Sent the letter to the President and IV.


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  • pady
    08-20 09:32 PM
    No, they stopped responding to my emails from last month.

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  • viv24
    05-25 03:01 PM
    Hi guys, here is my case

    came to us 8.2003 on f1, completed studies in 02.2006, opt from 02.2006 to 02.2007.

    filed h1b petition 07.2006, h1b approved for company a,02.2007 changed to company b 06.2007 approved 01.2008.

    company b filed for i140 i485, got EAD, AP and FP done in 2007-2008. i140 not yet approved

    Gone to montreal in march 2008 for visa stamping, got 221g, waited for 60 days no positive reply from consulate.

    Came back to US on AP, since i had job, could not lose. My questions

    1) if i get my h1b visa get approved and stamped hopefully, can i go back to h1b status without losing my EAD, i140 applications. i have about 4.5 years left on h1b. other reason for me wanting h1b is getting married in india.
    2) can i file another i140 for the same i485 for back up.
    3) I have entered US on AP, do i have use EAD or just work on h1b.
    do share your experiences and opinions, I am also working with attorney on these issues, your input and guidance will help to plan for all events.



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  • suhanya
    08-15 04:47 PM
    my non-lawyerly suggestion: do not file ac21 until well into whichever job you takel

    I have read on various forums that there is no necessity to notify unless there is an RFE, but to maintain appropriate evidence at all times. you may want to consider doing that until you are well settled in whichever job you take.

    by the way, what is your PD?
    hope this helps.

    My priority date is Feb 28 2005

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  • songlan
    06-19 04:09 PM
    You would be little naive or new to say so. Look at my signature, 5 years with retrogress till recently. The waited period 5-7 years is very usual .

    holy cow!!!!......its gonna take 4 years from here to get our
    green cards?


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  • nrk
    10-26 09:08 PM
    Hi i just checked my 140 online status is shows,

    "On August 30, 2007, we shipped this approved or re-affirmed case to the Department of State for visa processing. For more information, please contact them directly."

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  • prioritydate
    08-10 04:15 PM
    BUMP :p:p:p:p:p

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  • whattodo21
    11-01 09:07 AM
    Is there any pattern to the the sense that, did the applicants apply it late or the USCIS has been late in spite of applying around 120 days before expiry of EAD?

    07-07 08:29 PM
    Condi Rice Interview where she was asked about us.

    11-27 10:17 AM
    Note: Please read the entire document rather than just basing your judgment on the graph and the visa bulletin charts. There are several caveats and limitations of this data. The data USCIS has published may not be 100% accurate. There are several thousand applications that may not have been pre-adjudicated at the time of publication of this data. The CP applications, field office applications etc are not part of this data.As an advocacy organization, based on the data we can work towards seeking explanation on slow movement of visa bulletin dates or wastage of visa numbers in the months to come. We feel this is a one step ahead of the IV prediction tool published by IV in the past. We will continue to refine the analysis as we receive information from DOS and USCIS through our advocacy efforts.

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