Thursday, September 1, 2011

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  • nixstor
    12-14 04:42 PM
    Hey brother,

    I am not trying to question your intent just trying to get some knowledge of facts. However your reasoning suggests that there are numbers available to overflow from EB2 World to EB2 India. What if there are just enough numbers to keep EB2 World rolling. I will be interesting in learning more about how these allocations work. Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.

    If you are really interested in learning more how these allocations work, You might want to talk to 2 depts in Bureau of Consular Affairs.



    Their numbers as per foia

    Try your luck and enlighten all of us. Tell them that the VB is more exciting than the BCS rankings.

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  • vrbest
    09-30 10:41 AM
    Got CPO status email on 9/29 for my EAD. No changes for my wife and son.. looks like they will have to wait for some more time :confused:

    Still pending... Just checking to see if there are many waiting like me

    NSC: July 3nd 2008

    FP : Aug 1, 2008

    LUD on AUG 3, 2008

    Still pending approval..

    What a weird system - even for E-Filing (supposed to be online system- easy to organize), we see random approvals. Hope someone realizes and makes the system organized better...

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  • amit_p27
    06-19 02:26 PM
    Guys Got approved today morning........... Thanks to everyone on this forum for infinite information........... Will be back when ready for the Citizenship application..................:D


    The last processing action taken on your case

    Receipt Number: LIN0XXXXXXXX


    Current Status: Notice mailed welcoming the new permanent resident.

    On June 19, 2007, we mailed you a notice that we had registered this customer's new permanent resident status. Please follow any instructions on the notice. Your new permanent resident card should be mailed within 60 days following this registration or after you complete any ADIT processing referred to in the welcome notice, whichever is later. If you move before you get your new card call customer service. You can also receive automatic e-mail updates as we process your case. Just follow the link below to register.

    If you have questions or concerns about your application or the case status results listed above, or if you have not received a decision from USCIS within the current processing time listed*, please contact USCIS Customer Service at (800) 375-5283.

    *Current processing times can be found on the USCIS website at under Case Status and Processing Dates.
    *** Please do not respond to this e-mail message.

    The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)

    PD- Dec 2002, I485-RD- Dec 2003.

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  • mmk123
    01-25 02:16 PM
    If the allegations on this university are correct, I am very very happy for this crackdown!


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  • bbct
    04-22 11:00 AM
    I copied your content to post on the website. Thank you.

    Emailed the same also to my local Congresswomen.

    Posted the letter to whitehouse address with the following contents:

    "I am writing to inform you of how the country based quotas imposed on Employment Based green cards are unfair and illogical. I came to the US with the belief that this country is a meritocracy where you are judged based on your abilities and qualities. These country based quotas judge people based on their place of birth. This causes people from India and China to wait over a decade to get a green card whereas someone from another country with similar or lesser abilities can obtain permanent residence in a fraction of that time. Lack of permanent residency has made me hesitant to buy a house or to do any long term investments in US and I want to get out of this limbo at the earliest.

    My requests to you are:
    1. Eliminate country level quota on Green Cards (to reduce the backlog of permanent resident applicants)
    2. Recapture unused permanent visa numbers from the past (to allow USCIS to issue permanent visas to eligible applicants whose applications have been processed and pre-adjudicated)
    3. Issue 5-year EAD cards (to reduce workload on USCIS of administrative renewals)
    4. Issue 5-year Advanced Parole document (to allow people like me stuck in the backlog to travel back and forth from USA without having to renew AP every year)

    I believe in President's slogan "Yes, we can!"."

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  • bugmenot
    07-17 02:19 AM
    Now how does that makes me an anti-immigrant :mad: :mad: :mad: . I am ofcourse happy that so many of my friends here are going one step further in getting GC. Something is better than nothing. But, suddenly more than 1/2 mill people getting EAD will have some effect on the market. People(on H1B) loosing jobs after 3-4 months may find themselves in a difficult situation to get a job.
    I am on H1B myself, how can I ever be an anti-immigrant ?:) :) I was expecting a little bit more permamnent solution and not a band-aid solution as somebody pointed out.


    ur contradicting urself, all getting GC's or EAD's is still the same to the job market ,permanent or band aid , effect on job market is gonna be the same so in effect either ways that was an anti immigrant statement


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  • ivy55
    03-26 05:54 AM
    Anyone in Delaware please reply

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  • hazishak
    08-01 11:08 AM
    I don't think she will have a H1 approval notice if she is coming to US first time.

    My wife is here in USA and just convert her status from F1 to H4 .And her F1 visa expiring this August. So we r planning to go Canada for Visa stamping.....


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  • Almond
    07-17 10:58 AM
    For NSC

    I-765 Application for Employment Authorization Based on a pending I-485 adjustment application [(c)(9)] March 26, 2007

    Thanks, Laborday! They're on the same time unfortunately:(

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  • HV000
    02-13 12:18 AM
    Thanks Shana for AC21 Format!! Is there any way to find out LC information for RIR applications?? I know PERM LC info. is posted on foreign LC website.


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  • gsc999
    07-10 01:27 PM
    I was watching the program 20/20 on ABC called Myth, Lies and Nasty Behavior today. It was like an investigative journalism program.

    One of the segment interviews Lou Doubs and shows how he is incorrect in his assumptions and how his arguments are faulty. Let the media do the expose Lou Doubs thing.

    The frustration at CNN for airing Lou Doubs is understandable but lets focus on our strategic goals of removing backlog & retrogression.

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  • GCwaitforever
    11-17 01:57 PM
    Part of the reason was that few H-1B applicants were running big debts on credit cards and leaving the country. Credit card companies have no way of collecting the money overseas. Few bad apples make every one else look bad.


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  • greencard_fever
    08-05 10:52 PM
    I think signature is not getting displayed here.

    PD:- December 28 2004 EB2-I
    140:- Approved on 01/31/2008
    I1485:- Pending at NSC
    I485 RD:- 07/23/2008
    Last LUD on 485:- 08/04/2008
    FP:- Done

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  • GCaspirations
    10-03 10:30 PM
    How do yo uknow ur app moved from nsc to csc etc.. when you havenot got anything...other than just the lud on uscis website...
    can u pl clarify?

    I got transfer notice. Also LUD on the website.


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  • dealsnet
    05-15 09:20 PM
    Bhai, Please read his previous post. He admit the thing. No need of a witness. He himself wrote in IV.
    misdemeanor charge and green card


    I may be charged with Misdemenor Class A for Domestic Battery around 15th of Nov/1st week of december(Court Dates).
    Am I screwed for green card? I applied for 485 in July, got EAD.

    Will there be a Deportation process involved? I am prepared for the Worst hpoing for the Best...

    Guys, need your advise....

    The Charge sheet is on Class A Misdem..

    This is my first offense.. I have not had any offence at all...

    Will being on Probation cause a issue. I spoke to my Immigration lawyer.. he said I will be called for a Interview...
    He asked me to tell the Criminal Lawyer to try to get supervision. but he said not to plead guilty...

    When I relayed the same to my Crim lawyer,, he said it will be difficult to get Supervision if we plead not guilty...

    So does it mean Misdemeanor does not qualify for Deportation?

    I am cofused whether to plead guilty or not...

    Were you witness to what happened in his home on that day?? If not, don't be judgemental....leave that to him and his wife and to family court. IV is not for "every good cause"...we are having very difficult time ourself...

    Looks like you already received GC and you have great & lot of time to get into other issue.

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  • satishku_2000
    06-24 06:18 PM
    Once this Mela of accepting 485 is over ...looks like dates will retrogress to somewhere in 2003 or 2004 .. hopefully it is 2004


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  • perm2gc
    12-20 12:11 PM
    If someoe is on H1B then he converted to H4. Then He converted to H1B.
    He didnot leave(USA) the country any time. How his time calculated.

    the time on H4 will not be counted.That is what the document is all about.

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  • Mount Soche
    12-18 09:16 AM
    This is not to oppose your message - I am just trying to figure out where these arguments comes from because I don't think I believe in this whole fraud thing. AC21 is meant for one to change jobs after working for the original sponsoring company for 180 days. Also, there are no clear guidelines stating that one must inform the USCIS - so what will this fraud be based on? How can one be committing fraud if there are no guidelines to tell you what is considered fraudulent? I think one is fraudulant when one actually violates some set rules etc. I don't think the USCIS can have a basis for suspecting someone of fraud when they don't even have a definition of what may constitute fraud in this case because of the lack of guidelines. Plus, I have never, ever heard of anyone be denied or suspected of anything like this during citizenship, I just don't believe this is a factor AT ALL. I see these comments a lot and they just don't make any sense to me. To me, it is like breaking a law that doesn't exist. And you say one may be "suspected", well, suspicion is just that, suspicion. The USCIS needs to show proof that you intended to be fraudulent and for as long as there are no AC21 guidelines that tell you that you must inform the USCIS upon invoking AC21, the USCIS will not and cannot have a case against you.

    The disadvantage of not filing for AC21 is if your AoS is approved with USCIS believing that you will be working for the original petitioner after approval.

    That is the disadvantage. USCIS will not know that you intended to port to new employer by invoking AC21 and come the time your apply for Naturalization, USCIS will discover it and may suspect you of fraud.

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  • spicy_guy
    11-04 01:29 PM
    For those of you celebrating the defeat of Democrats because they sabotaged CIR due to the "path to citizenship" it's time to get real. Conservatives (both Dems and Repubs) are more than comfortable shutting the door to ALL immigrants. Don't fall into the trap of anti-immigrant legislators, don't let them turn this into a wedge issue.

    I agree with this 110%. Reps are more conservative. They don't want any non-american in this country. They would just say "GC or what.. Get the hell outta here".

    Turning on the undocumented is not what we want to show to the outside, it is a losing proposition and will turn off the public.

    As to what to do now, I'm puzzled. CIR is effectively dead in the US House, probably the Senate as well. The voters said loud and clear this week that they want the focus to be on JOBS not anything else like grandiose immigration legislation.

    What to do now? Looks like another 2 years tacked on to the wait from my perspective :/
    Another 2 years., and another year after and an year after... come on guys....

    andy garcia
    06-05 01:09 PM
    (d) Form I-140 Petition Must be Approved Prior to a Favorable Determination of a �106(c) AC21 portability request.

    this could be read 2 ways...either you need have an approved I-140 prior to filing for portability OR the adjudicator needs to approve the I-140 prior to determining portability.

    You can read it 10 ways, but the CIS has only one interpretation(see bold below).

    An un-adjudicated Form I-140 petition is not made valid merely through the act of filing the petition with USCIS or through the passage of 180 days. Rather, the petition must have been filed on behalf of an alien who was entitled to the employment-based classification at the time that the petition was filed, and therefore must be approved prior to a favorable determination of a �106(c) AC21 portability request.

    11-30 08:24 AM
    Note: These details may be true. Last month we had heard such information but not in detail and thus had not posted it. We were hoping to get this news within 6-8 weeks (As per oour note on There are efforts to make name checks current and that is good news for everyone waiting for several years in the namecheck blackhole. It will also help recent applicants who might be getting into this problem.
    IV wants to thank all its members who took up this issue with their lawmakers and also contacted Ombudsman's office to solve this issue.
    - IV Team

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