Thursday, September 1, 2011

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  • Macaca
    08-31 10:38 PM
    This is your only chance. There is no more rally later.

    If you want to wait 10+ years for your green card, stay at home and hide. (Retrogression will just get worse, I guarantee). If you want to change your future and get a GC one day please show up at the rally. We are there to show that we even exist, no need to do anything else. We need everyone.
    No one cares about people who doesn't exist.
    I understand that you will be in DC!

    Way to go. Thanks!

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  • arnab221
    06-10 04:14 AM
    I think there are people who have a labor pending from July 4th 1776 , so they might take the date back to July 4th 1776 when the US was formed and when the USCIS was established . However they will then not allow people living in the west coast and the then Confederate states to apply , only people living in the Union states will be eligible to apply .

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  • ronhira
    07-21 10:28 PM
    mike – what about some of the corporation r not american corp.
    donna – it doesn’t matter. ha ha
    mike – indian corporation is hiring indians,
    donna – that’s right, but doesn’t matter where they come from, we have to tell that they r taking away from
    what will happen is that they will cease to exist. tata has not applied for 1 h1b.
    kevin – they get people on company2company transfer
    donna – because durbin bill hit the nerve, that essentially, h1b is dead in water, now l1 is being scrutinized by uscis, so actually, these cos have to hire locally
    we have to laying down tracks for – that the bypass of us citizens and gc holder creates the culture of exploitation – this is our version of best & brightest.
    if you look at our opposition – best & brightest, remain competitive, so this is, i think we have really strong chance to stay on message. democrats are articulate but can’t stay on the message, but we can. i meant it people.
    btw, compete america, gave up on job posting for 30 days from durbin bill. durbin bill not allow h1b on client site, so have to place americans on 3rd party cites, and 30 days to post a job on dol site for us. it’s the academic arena will choke, and there will be so many jobs for us in academic arena.
    kevin –schumer idiot thinks rich people wall street but we in it cannot make more than 40,000.
    barbara – someone will say 30 days – that will stop our mission critical project
    donna – no it won’t happen compete america, gave up on job posting for 30 days, because we were able to fight back, and we r in a strong position. we have to push for our agenda to strengthen our position.
    kevin – on durbin bill, who will testify in the committee hearing
    donna – nobody knows
    kevin – the message is fragmented, donna the first one to say, get on to the message
    donna – the players and politicos, who will talk about this, there is a big group who called me last week,
    barbara – yes, we r fertilizing the soil.
    donna - there is a republican who wrote this book – who said – its not what we say its what they hear. when we say after labor day – we are fighting for our right to compete for the jobs – the unions around the country will go wow, say anything that we have to defeat them.
    kevin – we put this on internet it will stay forever and people will see it.
    donna – someone in dean campaign, is interested in helping us
    kevin – we have to get sound bites on the news, mostly its ron hira or kim berry
    mike – one can
    donna – a large organization will put me in 1 of the hearing. let’s guarantee that, by showing our level of sophistication. so target h1b only wants ads, companies are recruiting abroad for american jobs.

    have to checkout now, have to head out, thanks everyone, bye guys.

    if we play our cards right, we maybe able to get our contingent for the hearing. well great, i’ll do it next september.

    alright bye bye.

    waste of my 1 hour, will not my time ever on these losers, now i know why they can't keep the job that they have, and why they can't find a new job.....

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  • ita
    05-29 09:27 PM
    Just voted.Thank you


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  • sumanitha
    01-12 02:59 PM
    In Dallas (Las Collinas), if you dont have medical insurance, you can have an arrangement with the Doctor and Hospital.

    Like one of my friend paid 3K for everything for Delivery + 5K I think for the hospitals. Ofcourse this is based on the delivery is not complicated / C-section couple of years ago.

    Hope this helps.

    IV friends,

    Sub: Immigrant requiring info on Maternity insurance.

    I need information about maternity insurance** in Texas (in particular Dallas). Your help and advice is highly appreciated.

    What are your inputs on Maternity Advantage, I got this information from Pregnancy

    Also please provide me info, if any, on hospitals which provides maternity insurance.

    Any thoughs, suggestions, guidance, & information would be considered helpful is highly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.


    ** for pregnant with individual health insurance which does not cover maternity.

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  • nshah1968
    01-28 04:23 PM
    I have send the letter to President and IV


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  • sandiboy
    07-26 04:54 PM
    it will be released tomorrow

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  • gvenkat
    11-09 05:28 PM
    When should I start rumbling?

    Filed Date : Aug 30th 2010
    Receiept date : Aug 30th 2010
    SLUD's thrice : 09/03,09/10 and 11/05
    E-filed, Texas Service center and sent in supporting docs.

    No emails or anything so far... Should i wait the whole 90 days before starting to make some noises?

    I filed my EAD on the same date at Nebraska recieved that last week.

    I just cannot understand why they need to do this filing and can't make EAD/AP a single doc and valid for two years.. Just plain frustrated. :mad:


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  • we_can
    05-30 09:23 AM
    Voted and Commented

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  • mariner5555
    11-20 06:32 AM
    Giving speedy Green Cards to July Visa bulletin cases will ease the Housing Crisis in US.

    Above statement implies, housing crisis is because of not issuing green cards.

    BTW, I don't have english blood in me ;););)

    your implication is wrong can imply anything from a statement.
    the reason I support the above initiative is because it is the most cost effective approach. immigration will/does help housing since americans already have houses and they have fewer or no kids. so immigrants constitute a sizeable chunk. a person I had met once told me - as long as you make money for yr bosses and managers they will do a lot for you (we were talking about filing for GC's) - with the same approach if you include builders and car dealers - you could get them to support IV. but my view is since our community is so divided and selfish ..nothing will ever happen because of us. whatever good happens will be because of USCIS mistakes or else we will get GC's after the long wait


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  • venky08
    01-05 10:21 PM
    funny that you said we all go through the same 3 year old is the same way...wait till yours get to be 3 year old...then they *own* that space and there is nothing you can do about it...:) i suggest you should start letting your kid sleep in a different room from now on before its too late like my case
    (:Ddisclaimer: i am not a pediatrician, so consult one before you do that:D:D:D)

    Especially after when you have kids. You are booted out of your bed and the kids take your place.
    Believe it or not I got so sick of sleeples nights (my 18 months old kid virtually rotates like a clock on bed all night long) that I had to buy a twin size sofa bed and place it next to our King Size bed. These days I am sleeping on that bed.

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  • asindu
    07-14 06:57 PM
    Its not only for illegals but its also for kids of legals that aged out due to retrogression or backlogs in visas...plz don't be selfish with view points like "it doesnt help us so im gonna oppose it"....instead help the children who aged out due to the visa backlogs!!! Read what Greg Siskind wrote:

    FYI - You can read the bill at . Note that it applies to kids who entered illegally and kids who entered legally but became illegal later.

    On the 245(i) question, unfortunately I have heard nothing about this being reintroduced any time soon.

    Posted by: Greg Siskind | July 14, 2007 at 05:24 AM


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  • Libra
    01-29 09:54 AM

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  • raydon
    10-12 03:03 AM
    Looking at the movement of dates for EB3, esp India and China, it's hard to be optimistic of any changes. It's a very wretched position to be in for Indian and Chinese nationality, if they're in EB3. All those who are eligible to port will definitely try to port to EB2 as long as it's available and cut their waiting time. It might be risky and unpredictable, but it's a risk worth taking considering the endless torture in the form of a long wait and zero or little forward movement of dates.

    There've been times when I've felt like attempting porting, but am not sure of the reaction of my employer - a big "reputed" company. If they revoke the I-140 in retaliation for using AC-21, then no chance of porting and back to square one. So it's the seemingly endless wait for me just like all others suffering from 2001 onwards. If only I'd not hesitated to take a bold step back in 2003. Too late to lament about that though.


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  • H4_losing_hope
    02-17 07:31 PM
    As I have already accepted that my decision of choosing CP was not right during the time of recession. When dates became current, I thought mine will be current in a month or so and CP is a faster process to get green card as 485 filers some time stuck in name chack and all ( as I know couple of friends). So that was the only reason I filed Cp instead of 485.

    There is one ideom in Hindi -" Chaube jee chale chhabbe jee banane aur reh gaye dubey jee"
    So I am dube jee now.:rolleyes:

    Hope you are able to work through this situation tinku01. I sympathize with you. Good luck.

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  • chanduv23
    03-11 05:25 PM
    You're right, the point I was making is the real intention of these Senators...When you want to scr.ew somebody you ask questions that are hard and mostly unanswerable....Take this example, Look at the requirement that Hyderabad Consulate has put up for H1B Visa Stamping, it sounds like they are saying don't you dare!!!

    Such an escalated tone has been established due to various reasons, based on the fact that there is documented evidence of some abuse. It is not to scare every h1b visa holder.

    See - people are writing so many posts their their friend is having trouble in h1b , friends friend is having trouble in POE etc... but none of them are original posts. Just look around yourself and your friends - check to see if anyone really got screwed (genuine folks) - there may be some people who got additional grilling and that's it.

    People are still traveling everyday and getting stamping and no issues at POE.

    Like I said earlier "unless you set the ass on fire those who abuse will not straighten themselves" - greed overtakes any good forward thought.

    Senators are not your own country senators and we cannot influence their thoughts or feel bad about what they think about h1b visa. All we do is make a case for ourselves that we are genuine and really interested in following the system.

    AFAIK every h1b and GC case has been dealt with on a case to case basis and people who have really followed rules did not have much issues - we continue to follow the system because we believe in it.


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  • SEP03NY
    12-20 12:07 PM
    If someoe is on H1B then he converted to H4. Then He converted to H1B.
    He didnot leave(USA) the country any time. How his time calculated.


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  • xyzgc
    10-28 09:06 PM
    oh God! all of you self-righteous prigs! get a life and give this person a break. He didnt like something, so came out and expressed it, and very politely, i might add. If all you want to do is show the world how pompous your ego is, then go do it somewhere else..enough already!! If someone expresses something, dont take it personal and start responding as if he directed his comments at you!

    that's exactly what we did you self-righteous prig!
    When we didn't like something, we came out and expressed it.

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  • tinku01
    02-12 10:53 AM
    I request everybody to add one line in the letter for Consular processing filers as they should be allowed to get AC21 and EAD facilities now. This law came earlier only for 485 filers because CP process was fast but now due to retrogession all CP filers are waiting for Years and in the worst sitauation as 485 filers are enjoying their freedom with AC21 and EAD

    Immmigration Voice I'll appreciate if you could add this agenda in you campaign letter.


    12-18 02:11 PM
    Thanks to paragpujara for giving me the offical AC-21 Q/A memo. Thank you.

    Quick question:

    If I file AC-21 Memo to USCIS and I got laid off from my previous job 14 days prior to 180days and started the new job 14 days prior to 180days and the petitioner employer will not revoke I-140, will that cause any issue?

    Do i have to show to USCIS that I started my new job after 180 days?

    06-02 08:45 AM
    Later my wife made me realize that family life is most important as long as we are together, country of residence does not matter. When our son was born last month, I truly felt 'damn GC'.. funnily got approved in the same week:

    Congratulations. I wish the baby all the very best in life. With regards to GC, yes, sometimes you get things when you are least expecting it.

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