Thursday, September 1, 2011

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  • boys1729
    04-10 09:57 AM
    I know many Indian students in my uni who have cheated and plagiarized and somehow graduated and then gone to these fraud consultants who applied for their h1-b.
    Last year I knew at least few Desi masters students who were caught for plagiarism and suspended, but those guys/girls went to a desi fraud consultant who applied for their h1-b based on their bachelors while they were doing there their masters (they had no job, nothing) and guess what?.. they got it!
    There are not many desi students at my uni, I have heard these things are very common and happen at a large scale at bigger schools. A lot them of don�t bother to really study because they know would somehow find a job and visa through a bodyshop consultant after they graduate. If these students could do a job, I think anyone in the world could do what they are doing,. no talent or skill is required!
    These bodyshops consultant are just bad for everyone- for deserving students, schools and industries.
    So I think bodyshops consultant should not be allowed to apply for h1-b at least.

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  • pappu
    03-26 12:47 PM
    I sent an email about 2 weeks back to sanjay and I still have not recd any documents that I need to schedule my appointments and what I need to talk about. Please send me an email or PM to give me the guidance.

    Thanks from Michigan
    Sanjay or Varsha will get in touch with you.

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  • desi3933
    06-19 10:33 PM
    Sats123, Chanduv23 is correct, also reading that with the paystubs you can avoid the employer letter saying that you work in such position and for such salary, finding out what position they used to file your labor (did you find it in the database on my previous post) and considering that you are about to get ripped off, it would be advisable that you go through that lawyer that someone was saying charges 1000 to file your papers and 500 for your spouse;

    Did you get the medicals? I know it takes time now to get an appointment, and if you want to file the I-485 on your own, please ask if you have questions, I think you can get out of this trap and before the immigration rates hike on July 30th.

    Pay stubs are for the current job, whereas GC is for the future job. You will need EVL fom employer. I suggest that you talk to YOUR attorney and he/she will tell you that.

    However, you can get EVL on the pretext of visa stamping, Drivers License renewal etc. Making your next move tactfully.

    Somehow, I do not see any good reputation for Desi Consulting Company on these forums. I worked for non-Desi company, so I am not aware of all these politics.

    Not a Legal advice.
    Premanent Resident since May 2002

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  • immi_enthu
    08-22 10:27 AM
    Murthy or Oh or Carl Shusterman or Greg Siskind will have the contents in their website soon.

    murthy , yeah right. they will have it next month. "oh" will have it soon....


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  • sanju
    09-09 08:59 AM
    I140 should be approved or approvable at the time of filing. Yates memo is very clear on that- I-140 approval is not required in concurrent filing. Also there is no salary requirements on invoking AC 21. Again, please read Yates Memo.

    Kindly see the context of the post and please read the post completely before going ballistic –

    I am not talking about the requirements for concurrent filing. Yes, everybody knows that I-140 and I-485 could be filed together, hence the word “concurrent”.

    However, approved I-140 is required for invoking AC-21 to change employer after 180 days of 485 receipt.

    If you want to change employer without consideration to the salary, be my guest. I am simply trying to relay what I have learnt from discussions with 4 top attorneys in the country. If you have any doubt, speak to an attorney. But you are welcome to do whatever you find is best for you. I have changed employer using AC-21 and simply attempting to provide the information about practical implication/ramifications of AC-21 from my experience and knowing. As always, you are welcome to do whatever you deem fit in your case.

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  • GCaspirations
    10-02 04:43 PM
    I am still waiting for FP notice, i got my EAD/AP/RD, for both of us.

    It was filed @ NSC on July 6th, ---> CSC -----> NSC. I got my LUd on 09/21 last on our 485.

    - satish

    I have the exact same dates as yours. What is your employement category and where was your I140 approved from?


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  • se_vnt3
    02-28 01:49 PM
    Though I want to feel sorry for you I cannot. Between all the things you have written I was trying to find one small indication to know that you are sorry for what you have done. I did not find one. You are arrogant enough to blame the immigration laws for not permiting you to come to the US, but never really looked into your own flaws for flouting drug laws.

    Besides, this is a forum for legal employment based immigrants. You may hardly find any resource here that will help you with what you want!

    ...It goes without saying that as much as the United States has a duty to protect its citizens it also has a duty to be equally diplomatic toward foreigners and not continue persecuting the one or the other long after any condemning sentence has been exacted and executed.

    I have nothing to be sorry for. I�m still paying my dues along with my family and we�re all grateful for the opportunity to redeem ourselves. It�s time we are recognized. I�m struggling with the principal of the matter. I�m not as bad as immigration is trying to make me out to be.

    The government is telling my family I am not an adequate person to form a family with in the U.S. because I was deported with a drug-related offence of more than 30 grams of marijuana, yet it is granting the 212(d)(3) Waiver for Non-Immigrant Visas to Aliens deported with a drug-related offence of more than 30 grams of marijuana and who wish to travel to the U.S.. United States Citizens need an Immigrant Visas Waiver available to their Alien Immediate Relatives deported with a drug-related offence of more than 30 grams of Marijuana in order to even the scales on both U.S. citizen and Alien immigration privileges concerning Deported Aliens with a Drug-Related Offence of More than 30 Grams of Marijuana.

    The way things are now U.S. citizens without a criminal conviction and with Alien Immediate Relatives are being discriminated against by their own government. The needs of deported Aliens with criminal convictions are being placed before their own.

    It�s pure hypocrisy and it�s my family�s and my name being placed on the line.

    I mean, really, how great can the U.S. be if it�s willing to lose their citizens to aliens like me when they decide to move outside of the United States to join their Immediate and shunned Alien Relatives? The U.S. government�s violation of my family�s civil human rights to liberty, freedom of expression and equality before the law is unwarranted. My U.S. family�s civil liberties to equal protection under the law, to due process and privacy are being discriminated against, they are not receiving fair treatment.

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  • qualified_trash
    12-12 01:39 PM
    I think that the DOS (Dept of State) releases VISA Numbers on a quarterly basis. If that is the case, there should be movement in EB2 India in Jan 2007.

    The other possibility always exists that the numbers were released for this quarter but the demand was SO HIGH that the net date did not move at all.

    possible?? maybe!!


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  • shana04
    02-14 11:57 AM
    My wife is using EAD . I am still on H1 and have not started using EAD. Can I still switch to a new employer with a H1 transfer ?. Or since, she is in EAD, should I do an AC21 only with EAD ?. Thanks..

    you can use h1b transfer

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  • ronhira
    07-08 06:13 PM
    That might be customary in your Mexico. :D

    i figured u won't have a clue that this is a quote form the founding father of The United States of America - Ben Franklin.

    hey.... how would you know?


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  • pappu
    11-02 02:58 PM
    Questions for everyone to research and post the answers------

    -- Is there any real example on any internet forum, website or blog where someone faced problem in citizenship because they left their sponsor employer before 6 months expired? Do not find opinion but a real proof.

    -- Can any lawyer provide a case example to illustrate the above. We can go into detail, talk to USCIS and seek clarification.

    -- Is there anywhere in the law, memo or rulebook that says 6 month employment is needed after getting green card.

    I will repeat again that I said earlier.

    Again, do not quote some lawyer's opinion on this issue from his/her website.

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  • BharatPremi
    11-06 11:14 AM
    Thanks bro for great information.

    however, I have some questions. You say that the officer told you that your AP was approved on Oct 1, 2007. Did you see a LUD change that day in your status. If you did, what did it say. I ask because I got a LUD change on our AP on Nov 2 but the message is still the same as it was when i got the receipt notice. No mention of AP approved.

    Ans: Yes, I already mentioned that in my write up. First (and only)LUD change happened for me on 10/1*/2007 and that is the approval date as per lady officer in USCIS. During LUD change message content never changed for me and still it is the same which is as under. so currently I have not received physical AP papers yet and on line status still does not show our AP aaproved yet I found our APs are approved during this infopass appointment.
    Receipt Number: LIN*******


    Current Status: Case received and pending.

    September 1* we received your application .....

    My recetip date is August 14, and NOtice date is Oct 2, 2007. SO the TExas website states 3 months. Is it 3 months after notice date or receipt date.

    I have heard people getting their AP without their online status being changed. Is this true. Anyhows, I have yet to go and do my finger prints. It is scheduled for Nov 21. Maybe they need to wait for finger print to before the AP is approved. or is this not the case.

    Anyhows, comments are appreciated.




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  • hopefullegalimmigrant
    07-25 03:29 PM
    What not in hand may be (or always be) in head. What in head certainly may not be in hand

    So Cheers up your mind and think of things that you can do that are achievable goals from your perspective

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  • v2neha
    03-27 04:00 PM

    The meeting with Rep. Pete Stark's district director Jo Cazenave went very well. She had a little idea about, but was not fully aware of EB process for obtaining GC, and was impressed with our presentation that explained the process in graphical manner. Jo confirmed that Congressman Stark was against illegal immigration and also clarified that he was all in for high tech legal immigration. She listened attentively and took notes. She showed more interest in knowing facts about provisions of S.2454 and Spector's mark up that would reverse provisions of AC21 and Sen. Fienstein's amendments to these proposed bills. She repeatedly reminded me to make sure to forward more details on these after the meeting. I've sent her these details in the 'Thank you' email after the meeting. As it has been the case with outcome of other lawmaker staff's meetings, she suggested that we agressively meet with as many lawmakers as possible - especially in DC, seek support of big companies who hire EB workers and encourage people to contact their congress reps in case of unacceptable administrative delays. Jo has extended her invitation to members of IV to attend Rep. Stark's town meetings. (The next one to be held on 1st Apr'06 in Newark - details on ). She asked my personal experience with the GC Processing and how it has impacted me. She noted down my home address and promised that she will not only convey a picture of the issues faced by EB immigrants to the rep, but also have him contact me via mail for anything he might have to say or ask.


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  • snathan
    06-18 12:40 PM
    Guys...thanks for the support. But we need to find out and bring people who are suffered due to this. Once we get enough stories, I can create a draft. Along with these stories we can send the letter and start the campaign. So please spread this to everyone you know.

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  • zoozee
    08-28 03:46 PM

    I m flying to Pittsburgh on Saturday 15th Sept and will drive to Wa-DC on 17th Monday - and will schedule to meet lawmaker on Monday.

    Enjoy and see you in the rally

    Even I'm flying from San Jose airport on Monday evening.My flight is at 6:30 pm (AA airlines). Can you tell me about your flight schedule?


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  • gc_check
    10-27 09:04 AM
    Well, what is the point in saying it now, he should have said it in the 90s and early 2000 when industry was booming and people found a career path in coming to the US.
    Right now, so much work is outsourced and it is continuing. Very difficult to get a IT job in US on h1b and IT consulting on h1b also facing so many hurdles. For any new immigrant on a software job who wants to get a h1b visa and green card - it is not an easy task.

    From from the article. "On wooing back Indian talent, Murthy said there was no need to increase their salaries by 50 times to ensure this. But their lives could be made easier by providing schools, making sure that power condition and commuting is reasonably all right " Looks like he wants to still have the "less expensive" advantage over non-Indian companies / competition and he just wants more and easy H1B's and does not like the path to permanent residency and eventually citizenship and integrating with the American society - which is what American immigration is for. Just need the $$$. Though there are many good to learn from this company and this man, I do disagree with his views when it comes to immigration to USA.

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  • wellwishergc
    04-10 09:15 PM
    I understand!!! I was just kidding..:); I will call it a night.. It was a pleasure talking to you..

    Bye for now..

    Ah, but that was the private sector -- not head bashing against slow governmental bureaucracy. You'd be surprised to know what is going on with MS's current efforts on these matters.

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  • eb3retro
    10-29 09:41 PM
    Hi eb3retro,

    I see that your PD is Jan 2003. Mine is Mar 03. I thought I would ask you about your opininons.

    So, do you think we will get our GC in 2009?

    Do you think it would be better to move to EB2?

    Thanks for your inputs.

    hi, personally i am looking for a chance to move to eb2. Being in eb3-I is as good as u will never get ur GC,or by the time you get ur GC, u would have lost your time and patience to live in this country anymore. follow your instincts..

    09-06 09:24 PM

    10-01 12:43 AM
    Hi Ebizash-

    Did you noticed any LUD today on ure AP renewal case


    The reason that the USPS is not showing your documents delivered could be many. One of the biggest reasons that I have experienced is "unable to scan the bar code". This is more probable if you had printed the mailing label and affixed it on the envelope with a tape. Sometimes the tape can overlap the bar code making the bar code difficult to be scanned. I frequently use USPS priority mail and in about 10% of the cases this happens. But I never had a lost priority mail piece.

    Additionally the fact that you had a soft LUD on 9/28, I would think that LUD was for the reason that USCIS received the documents. I had applied AP online on the same date as you did, sent docs via priority mail the next day. USPS showed that the documents delivered on 9/25 and had soft LUDs on 9/25 and 9/28.

    Hope this helps!

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