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2003 Honda Civic Sedan

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  • anai
    06-26 04:22 PM
    Read in the middle of the page....

    "Though the principal employment-based categories are current for July, future retrogression is possible later this fiscal year, particularly if demand for immigrant visas increases substantially. Visa numbers can retrogress in the middle of a month and become unavailable without prior notice. If there is a mid-month retrogression, USCIS could elect to stop accepting adjustment applications. While this is unlikely to occur in July 2007, it becomes more and more possible as the fiscal year progresse"

    Hope this help

    Ok, if the Fragomen page is the source of this rumor: can someone who is a Fragomen client ask their attorney about what's going on here. That might help clarify things a bit. (Given that they are the largest immigration law firm, there's bound to be many IV members for whom Fragomen is preparing documents.)

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  • reddy2cool
    09-23 09:42 AM
    Nixstor: I know how responsible person you are. You must have given lot of thought to this. Even if 20-30% people buy house, that reduces the no of applicants waiting for GC which will make it faster for the people that do not want to buy now for various reasons.

    I fully support this idea. Thanks for bringing such good and justified proposal.

    Definetely a good idea, I completely endorse it. Even for people who arent eligible/dont have money right away- dont you think reducing the line will eventually help all of us. we dont need to jump 100 ft at once (read relief for all) as long as we are able to jump 10ft once without injuring ourself. Also for people cribbing about seperating rich, anywhere in the world i.e the concept after all they are taking huge risk by investing their hard earned money (just like 20% people contribute to 80%of taxes) they need a break somewhere.

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  • walking_dude
    02-14 01:35 PM
    One of the plaintiffs is a Michigan chapter member. Though IV isn't a party in the lawsuit, we have enouraged members to participate on their own. Though 2 of them backed out, 3rd one did decide to participate.

    We had formed a group on MI DL issue - Mark and me. We have been working on this issue in different ways, contacting attorneys, state lawmaker offices, other organizations and so on. IV has provided us all necessary support. But, most of the work was done by Mark & me.

    Same should happen here. Some leaders need to come forward and take the initiative to organize. Come out in public, contact other members, collect money, find plaintiffs, talk to attorney and own the initative. IV can provide necessary background help.

    Will some leaders step forward?

    Watch and see how fast the Michigan government will start issuing DL to H1B holders and to those who has pending I-485.

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  • newbie2020
    02-19 10:52 AM
    Guys, There was a reference to class action suit on Murthy

    Which clarifies doubts from so many folks whether being a part of class action will have a negative effect on his/her case.


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  • lordoftherings
    07-12 11:39 AM
    It seems after reading all this that canada maynot be for all aspirants. You need to know somebody already there and should have strong family ties before you land. Or better get a job offer from a company first or acceptance offer from an university if you want to enter as a student.

    Just my thoughts.....


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  • _TrueFacts
    09-06 06:52 PM
    Aditya Sinha is the Editor-in-Chief of ‘The New Indian Express’

    Link - Don't let his son rise (,+Y+S+Jagan+Mohan+Reddy,+B+Ramaling a+Ra&SectionName=aVlZZy44Xq0bJKAA84nwcg==)


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  • krish2005
    05-18 06:13 PM
    To me: sinhalas and tamils look very similar.
    This guy even goes further and says they are one and the same.

    The present day Sinhala-Tamil conflict though originally a conflict between followers of Hinduism and the neo converts to Buddhism had morphed into a conflict between casteist Tamil Hindus and Tamil followers of �Organized Buddhism� to a conflict between Tamils and Sinhala with the converted Buddhist shifting there allegiance to Pali/Sinhala.Organized Buddhism succeeded in separating Elangai from Tamilakam with its own language of Pali/Sinhala.

    If we are trying to quote facts here then myths also come into play. Remember the ramayana when ravana was ruling srilanka. Who were those in Srilanka at that time ? Were they tamils ? No. If that can be accepted true then natives of srilanka should not be tamils. We dont know that time of ramayana tamils were a clan that even existed. But tamil is a age old language so tamils were one of the earliest clan too.

    Only way a co-existence could be established is by the world exerting pressure on lanka to
    treat tamils as brothers. If tamils existing there are citizens (granted by lanka), then why the inequality in rights. These armed groups only spring into existence because of suppression or power greed. Earlier times it was suppression, later it became power greed which killed the cause. Peaceful protests are always watched and will be supported by world. With technology in hand, (post LTTE) tamils could show to the world that they have a peaceful fight at hand.

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  • jetflyer
    06-02 10:51 AM
    ss benefits when we retire is such a long way away ..who knows what the situation will be that time

    You are so right that ss may not be there when we need, so we should raise voice today and fight for ourselves. We pay 40-45% of our hard earned money in tax, SS, medicare, insurance, etc. and then pay another 30% in housing... what left for us ? 25%??? is that what we work for ? even if you have your own paidoff house govt. want house tax 1-3% of current value of your house every year... what the heck. all this when we even don't get fair share of job market?
    we must raise voice for NO SS, Medicare for H1b/EAD exactly same way as they say in job positing NO H1b/EAD - ONLY US Citizen/Green Card nee to apply, then yes ONLY US Citizen/Green Card holder need to pay SS + Medicare.


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  • gcfriend65
    08-31 10:12 AM
    For the Police certificate at the Indian consulate, do they keep the passport for 45 days i.e. until clearance is received. Or do we get the passport back the same day on which we apply and then the certificate is sent later.

    I am doing my Canadian Immigration myself.

    It is fairly a simple and straightforward process. So my advice is "Do it yourself". Immigration lawyers do normally charge more that $1000 and make mistakes.

    Since it takes around 1.5 years for the entire process to complete, send the application as soon as possible. Dont wait for gathering all the document! That will ensure that you get a early priority date. If more documents are needed, they will ask you. (Most people sent English Proficiency and Police Certificates after submitting the application, though they are required to be part of the initial application)

    I can describe the procedure:

    1. Calculate your points based on the information on Canada Immigration website. If it is more that 67, you are good.

    2. To prove English proficiency, take IELTS test. You need to register for the test as soon as possible since some centers are always full. (Some of my friends who studied in USA skipped IELTS - rather they wrote a letter stating that they are proficient in English as they studied/worked in USA)

    3. Make sure you have the required funds. It's around $13,000 for a 2 member family. (Again check the Canadian Immigration website for accurate info)

    4. Get experience letters if you are claiming experience.

    5. Get Birth Certificates and Police Certificates. If you are an Indian, the link you need to look for is

    6. Though they do ask you to send US FBI Police Certificates, do it later. (They will ask you for updated FBI Police Certificates evenif you submit it earlier)

    7. Fill the forms, attach the documents and send it!!!!

    Visit or for further discussions.

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  • sachug22
    09-15 03:25 PM
    Hi ocpmachine,
    But in 2008 and 2009 EB2 India got the maximum share of the spill over visas. But still the dates are in the first month of 2005. So hardly EB2 India moved forward about 6 months to 9 months in the duration of 2008 and 2009 with the help of spill overs. That too in this bad economy where there would be comparatively less labors applied than the previous years.


    I agree the forward movement will be slow, and i am expecting it to go pass PD of 2005 in 2010 fiscal year. In 2009 CIS has many EB2-ROW application pending, and they have processed most of them by now(in 2009). So for 2010, unless they see flood of new applications (from EB2 ROW) we will see EB2-India pass 2005 PD in 2010.


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  • hiralal
    05-31 12:51 AM
    I agree but complete removal of county quota is almost impossible ...diversity is just a name !!! US political system in super advanced in many ways(US contitution was written centuries ago and is much better than Indian ..remember the foreigner becoming PM issue and multi party mess that India has) guess would be that country quota limits were introduced to prevent one country nationals from becoming a eventual majority . ofcourse the migration from south Am is another issue)
    and hence a better bet would be recapture ..

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  • gimmeacard
    07-22 06:17 PM
    lately i have been observing the # of folks is reducing for Amway/Q, maybe newbies are not coming to the country in chunks now.

    offtopic ques :

    i am surprised i havent said anything negative about anyone yet i see RED DOTS, whats the purpose of having a rating stated with, did u find the post useful?
    maybe u didnt, but then why rate it negative? is this again few/limited desi behaviour or maybe some annoyed quiksters doing that


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  • number30
    01-18 08:14 PM
    "just eating everyone's head"

    To eat the some heads What if tomorrow same rules are applied for the Green card process?

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  • breddy2000
    09-04 01:11 PM
    Its because there are mute spectators who are giving greens or red based on what they think is right

    I don't believe I CHANHUV23 & _Truefacts are the same

    With all the due respect. Can you tell me how on earth can someone without Admin access reveal someone's personal details???? Pls read all previous posts.


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  • gc28262
    07-27 02:43 PM
    "..veracity of this statement"
    Sure pick up the phone and dial IRS, or call your accountant. Or your lawyer if you want to play it safe.
    Other people doesn't do or will never do anything, other then wearing pantyhose and tip toeing through the tulips.

    I don't think it is legal to work in QXtar when you are on H1B. When you are an IBO ( Independent Business Owner), you are running your own business. I don't think that is allowed on H1B.

    Checking IRS doesn't make sense from an H1Bs perspective as IRS has got nothing to do with H1B laws. All they do is make sure you are paying your taxes.

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  • xela
    02-13 02:57 PM
    What ever gave you the idea that EB ROW only wait for 3 years? There's this common misconception flying around here that somehow ROW just cruises by

    YEs all the people I know around me are ROW EB3 and PDs 2002 and 2003 and no GC, so please stop thinking we have it so good!

    With regard to the per country limit.....there is only one for the first 3 quaters and it seems like in the last couple of times in the last quater India and Chine and maybe Phillipines did end up getting more GCs than their per country limit, at least I was so informed by my lawyers.

    Besides that, immigration is a privilege not a right, so if the US wants diversity and limit per country immigration, it is their right to do so. Before you start being shocked by this, I am NOT saying I do not understand your frustration and the feeling you discriminated against, but rights are rights and we knew that before we started the process. If we can improve it great, if we can't we will just have to deal with it realisticly.

    Some EU countries are doing the exact same thing by the way.
    I do believe in diversity in any way and shape, and I do not stand for discrimination. I am just trying to face the reality.
    I also have days when I wonder about leaving my own country which provided me with a wonderful education and how I am taking away from that country by leaving for my own success? if you don't have days when you feel guilty good for you.

    take care


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  • CADude
    04-18 02:49 PM

    04/18/2007: Further Clarification on Pending I-140 Substitution Petitions and Proposed Substitution Elimination Rule

    There are a couple of clarifications we want to make on our previous posting on this issue. The supplemental information part of a regulation is not binding, but when there is a room for interpretation on specific provisions of the rule itself, it gives a guidance to the interpretation. In this regards, for now, the correction to our previous interpretation should stand. Secondly, there is no information available about this issue in the final regulation which is expected to be released sooner or later. Whatever the final version will look, it may be prudent for the employers with the certified labor certification applications to file the substitution I-140 petitions as soon as possible before the final rule is released.
    04/18/2007: Clarification and Correction of Scope of Validity of Substitution of Approved Labor Certifications Under the Proposed Substitution Elimination Rule

    The final rule to eliminate the substitution is expected to be released in the near future. One question that raises the body heat has been the pending I-140 substitution petitions which have yet to be approved. Under the proposed regulation, there was a provision that the substitution approved at the time of enactment of the final rule will not be affected by the elimination rule. We previously interpreted the language "substitution approved" would include the approved I-140 substitution petitions and would not include the pending I-140 substitution petitions.
    We want to correct such interpretation. The substitution approved under the proposed rule appears to mean the substitution approved by the DOL and not necessarily the I-140 substitution approval. Accordingly, if the I-140 has been filed and is pending at the time enactment of the final rule, such case should not be affected by the elimination rule and remain valid. This is made clear by the following supplemental information to the proposed regulaation:
    Substitution of alien beneficiaries will be prohibited as of the effective date of a final rule resulting from this NPRM and that prohibition will apply to all pending permanent labor certification applications and to approved certifications not yet filed with DHS, whether the application was filed under the prior or current regulation. This regulatory change would not affect substitutions approved prior to the final rule's effective date.
    We stand corrected on this change.

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  • ns007
    04-28 10:29 PM

    There is an another thread on the same topic. Please merge both threads.

    Sorry, I didn't see that thread before opening this.

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  • Subst_labor
    03-16 01:24 PM
    If the prior experience was related to your field, then I don't see why not. You may want to hurry because if USIS comes with 45-day labor expiration rule soon (which they may), you may not be able to use the prior approved labor.

    arent you in conflict with chanduv23's reply? i am stuck between both of the ideas:) not worried about the bill, its not a law yet..

    Mr. Brown
    08-16 12:41 AM
    The question doesn't arise because he is SRK or APJ or in future Manmohan singh. The point is does it take TWO HOURS to find the identity of the person. How did you feel when you were questioned for an hour at the POE even after staying here for 9 years and stay in US legally and paying taxes etc.. can't they have better immigration procedures in place to identify legal from illegal (LIKE biometric finger printing, etc). They have this sophisticated computer information network.. if you give your SSN they can find any data they want.. about your employer, about your pay roll, your taxes etc.. then why this delay at POE to idenfity geniune people from entering US. These actions look totally racist to me. Don't you think these (US) people know how to improve this system.. they can but there is no will to do so.. Just look at priority dates how they swing +5 years to -5 years every year (2000 to 2005). It looks like someone just picks any year between 2000 to 2005 based on his mood. Can't this developed country have a software system to predict visa number availability or to predict how the dates should advance and by how much... this is want really sucks.. this so called developed country doesn't have a system in place for immigration issues.. Just look at the people who got their green cards who's priority dates were 2006 and people from 2002 or 2003 are still waiting.. how can their system (software) allow people with older dates to wait while someone with PD 2006 get their GC.. Things can be better managed and controlled with total transperancy but there is no WILL to do so.. i am not sure if IV can play any role in pushing some reforms to have a better system in place. There was another thread discussing about IO officers visting to employee office to find geniune applications and for more details.. this is simple waste of money and resources with SSN can give you almost 90% of the details.... overall the frustration is about the System and not about SRK or APJ.

    While proponents would mask this whole backlog issue as something purposefully done by the "system" I don't buy it. It is a proven disaster.

    As far as the software goes clearly their programmers suck. They sure could use some help from the more efficient H1B's.

    12-13 05:09 PM
    If someone from country X, Y, or Z comes in on that same quota, that's OK - but we can't accept folks from countries A, B and C??


    Yes, exactly that is the point. What would be the purpose(backdoor policy theme) to implement Per country limit , particularly for EB category? And why IN, Philipines, MX and china are the only choosen ones?

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