Thursday, September 1, 2011

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  • boys1729
    04-09 11:21 AM
    I completely agree with you amit 79, those fraud bodyshop consultants should be banned from applying for h1-b.

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  • jonty_11
    07-31 11:01 AM
    Thx a Lot...

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  • wallpaper Blank Map Of Canada

  • Madhuri
    07-21 02:25 PM
    E-Filed: May 30th, 2008
    FP: June 26th, 2008
    AD: Pending.

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  • pasupuleti
    04-02 11:53 AM
    sent both faxes


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  • lank map of canada for kids.

  • buddyinus
    08-01 12:47 PM
    Everybody is checking LUDs on their approved 140s. What doz this mean? And how do I check it? Pls send me step by step information...Thanks

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  • mhtanim
    11-09 01:27 PM
    I am another one.


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  • Blank Map Of Australia (Medium

  • manand24
    07-31 12:09 PM
    Still waiting for my receipts numbers from USCIS. July 2nd filer.

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  • gc_on_demand
    11-21 11:29 AM
    Dear Friends,

    As per yesterday�s floor summary (access link below), the House of Congress has been adjourned and this marks the end of the business activity in the house of the110th Congress. House will re-convene at 11:00 a.m. on January 3, 2009 and that will be the first session of the 111th Congress.

    Floor Summary:

    3:02 P.M. -
    The House adjourned pursuant to H. Con. Res. 440. The next meeting is scheduled for 11:00 a.m. on January 3, 2009.

    HR 5882 introduced in the 110th Congress will no longer valid for consideration in the 111th Congress and a new RECAPTURE bill has to be introduced in 111th Congress with the same contents of HR 5882 in order for us to obtain some relief.

    I think we should start our campaign now itself, targeting Rep Lofgren, Zoe [CA-16] and Rep Sensenbrenner, F. James, Jr. [WI-5], for the RE-INTRODUCTION of the RECAPTURE bill during the first week of the 111th Congress.

    Also, it is very important NOT to campaign for the expansion of the scope of this bill at this point of time as that will make this bill to get ignored and become a reason to add the whole relief measures to a Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill which may take 1-2 years to get passed depending on the political landscape.

    We should ask Hon. Zoe and Hon. Sensenbrenner to introduce this as an emergency relief measure and try to get this passed during the first quarter itself.

    Once this bill gets introduced, we could request all previous Co-Sponsors of HR 5882 to become Co-Sponsors of the new bill.

    So at this point, we should send mails to Rep Lofgren, Zoe and Rep Sensenbrenner, F. James, Jr. encouraging them to re-introduce the RECAPTURE bill.

    Let�s keep HOPE alive!

    I was pushing it for week. I tried to email her. It didnot work out.. On her website if you are not from her constitute it will not allow to send message. I called her office to and lady asked me details first like name , address and she said I should call my local rep. Also she didnot give any details on HR 5882. I was asking support from some member from her consitute and get the thing going one showed interest. People are busy on AC21 thing. I think its good for them but doesnot matter for me who didont even file I 485.

    We are in such a minority in terms of immigrants. 12 mil Illegal Vs 500k legal ( who are waiting for visa ) Out of that who knows how many we are on this site ? may be 10 % or less.. and people starts campaign for AC21 which brings number even smaller. How can we get success... We should think broad. The whole point of this was forum should be for every one. I know we had done a progress. (1) We did good job on July fiasco. only helped those who were waiting for filling 485.. ( may be 90 % of population of this site . )
    (2) then we did good job for 2 year of EAD
    (3) Now AC21..

    but this is helping only few % of us. and becoming less and less as some senior members get GC and leave site.. In order to attrack more and more people we should be broad. Our primary goal should be Backlog and increase visa .. Unless congress increase visa nothing will happen to backlog.

    Good start and let me know if you need some help on this campaign.


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  • svam77
    08-10 12:23 PM
    Yes, I did use LS.

    But my motive was not to jump the line as I told my company attorney to purposefully find an LC from this year or last year. And since it was a multibillion dollar company with some xx thousand employees. They were able to find one.

    Not everyone's motives is to jump the line. I did this because I didnt want to wait another 10 years to apply for I 485.

    And on the top, dont even think that all who did LS were able to jump the line. LS involves lot of scrutiny and it was always safer to use one's own labor.

    Its so funny that some people think that people who cannot prove themselves for what ever reasons (education etc) with their own labor use LS. hehehe. This is even more riskier.

    And it was always legal to do it. And may be many people and employers misused it. Shout at those people.

    As for me, my labor was going nowhere and the company with which I worked for the past few years found an LS for me which was from last year PD and I do not regret doing it.

    And I bet, people who had an opportunity like me would do it.

    And also, THE THREAD WAS NOT OPENED WITH A TITLE "WHAT IS YOUR OPINION ABOUT LS, SHOULD IT BE BANNED". There were a number of threads on this forum where you can show these kinds of opinions. This thread was opened for a different purpose.

    And moveover LS is banned now. So dont waste your energyy but use it for some good causes IV is planning for.

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  • sam_hoosier
    12-27 10:45 AM

    With the current rate of outsourcing happening around in US and the rate of influx of temporary workers coming in on mostly L1 and may be few on H1 B Visas every year through the outsourcing companies , i am sceptical about the future of GC aspirants. With the way of GC processing happening which are caused by restrictions /policies of governing bodies and no sight of positive relief in near future i am little apprehensive about the future.

    I feel that there might be no areas that are not impacted by Outsourcing boom . Most of the companies that i see and my friends work ,i see many of the operations are outsourced or planning in place to get outsourced.

    with the current rate of outsourcing and subprime mess which may cause slow down in economy , i am not sure if there would be any positions to support our AOS , when our PD becomes current. Some times i think , the fight for GC is even worth it.

    Every one feel free to post your views/opinions/Analysis on this topic ....

    The impact of outsourcing (if any) would only be on lower level software/IT jobs which are getting sent to cheaper destinations. However the GC applicant pool is much wider than just IT/software programmers, so overall the impact would be smaller.


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  • speddi
    05-05 02:56 PM
    Here is my situation:

    Company A:
    EB2 PD Aug 2006
    140 Approved
    485 Applied July '07 (Got EAD and AP for myself and wife. I am still on H1B but wife used EAD)
    Still working with Company A and intend to work with them for another couple of years.

    Company B:
    EB2 PD Nov 2005 (Substitution labor)
    140 Approved.

    Can I interfile or do the PD porting so that I can get the older PD? If so, do I have to work for Company B?
    I dont have a copy of the LCA and I may not have the original of the approved 140. Can I use a copy of 140 approval notice to apply for the interfile?
    Do I need any kind of document from Company B like employment letter in future ?
    Does the PD need to be current to interfile?
    Do I need to work for Company B?
    Does this process in anyway create problems for my current 485 status? My wife used EAD but I have been on H1B with the company that filed for my 485.
    I already completed 180 days after filing 485. So, I can use AC21. Will this interfiling process have any impact on that?
    How would I know that interfiling process completed successfully?
    If USCIS denys the interfile I submitted, does that have any impact on my current 485 process?
    If I want to use AC21, does that new job need be similar to Company A or Company B job requirement?

    Thank you everyone..

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  • Jaime
    08-31 04:22 PM
    not sure there are "lies".

    No lies, salary cannot be raised and people on H-4 cannot work. The article is right.

    What I don't get is where they got that the Sept 18 rally will see 5000 of us attending? That's way too little guys, we need at least double that!


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  • rajakannan
    06-26 08:56 PM
    I understand that there is lot of fear among applicants that USCIS might retrogress the dates interimly sometime in july due to the expected high volume of applications filing in the begining of july.

    To minimize the chance of USCIS from taking any such steps, shall we all unite and file the applications on a specific date in july probably on 30th of july? This will accomodate all that we shall all be winners and use this opportunity to our advantage instead of competing amongst each other...where only a few will be winners and others will be loosers.

    This will also reduce the pressure among applicants , attorneys and doctors.

    Can the AILA cooperate? Will there be unity amongst applicants to make this possible??? any ideas ??

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  • styrum
    12-19 03:48 PM
    Moreover, the decision totally ignores the fact that "The basis for adjustment is not actual (current) employment but prospective employment" and the entire answer to Q10 in Part I of the Aytes Memo od 12/25/05

    Still his main problem was that the employer had requested a withdrawal of 140 (apparently doesn't matter when it was actually revoked by USCIS) before 485 was pending for 180 days.

    Resume: make sure the petitioning employer doesn't revoke 140 before 485 is pending for 180.
    As far as actually working for them: You don't have to work for the petitioning emplyer since it is for a "future" position. But if you never do and then (after 485 has been pending for 180 days and provided 140 was not revoked) port to another, how do you show you ever had the intent to work for them? The same answer to the same Q10 in the same memo says: "Adjudicators should not presume absence of such intent and may take the I-140 and supporting documents themselves as prima facie evidence of such intent, but in appropriate cases additional evidence or investigation may be appropriate." So what will be your "additional evidence" of your intent if you never worked for the original petitioning employer? Looks like working for the original petitioner (not neccessarily for all the 180 days after 485 was filed but as long as they don't withdraw 140 before 180 days is up) is the main proof of your intent to work for them and their intent to hire you permanently after you have GC.


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  • Blank+map+of+canada

  • gcmaya
    12-12 01:10 PM
    As EB3 India passed April 2001, where huge number of 245i cases are filed, is it mean they processed all those cases. Can we expect big movment in coming months::confused:

    Any Idea's Please

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  • kopra
    04-09 03:19 PM
    I Still Believe in USCIS for the GC and the H1B Processing for giving me a fair chance to particpate, eventhough its a Lottery ( more or less like that for GC Processing also, although its not an "official" thing), because if GC was processed from India, i know that half of the people will come with an MP's, and MLA's recommentation, another group will come with distant relatives in USCIS( to approve their cases faster) and another group would bribe the officials to get it. Poor people like me who dosent have any of these will wait for a GC or H1B forever. Its only because in US when we stand in a Queue or line, we see the FIFO, we expect the same from USCIS also

    Even horse-betting has some amount of skill level (of the horse) and knowledge involved when u place a bet...and to think about it....When I used to be in India, I was told why India is not improving is because meritocracy takes a back seat everywhere while in US people are rewarded based on merits. I now realize with the backlog and the H1B that things are worse out here. GC process is such a long and arduous process that it takes the most productive years of your life away by forcing to work in a company without a change in position. H1B has now become even more of a laughing stock because of the mega lotto we have every year and everyone could see this coming 100 miles away and pity that nothing was done for last 2 years to address this problem


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  • JunRN
    08-22 06:17 PM
    Don't harrass the man....he has specific problem to be solved and he was asking for comfort and some advise....he's airing his frustrations and agony...

    do you think attending the rally will immediately solve his problem? I know that attending the rally may bring out some results but not guaranteed...

    each one of us has each own specific case to his case, it was a fatal mistake by his lawyer, who was over zealous in submiitting the application and was submitted too early....I hate lawyers who do not know what they're doing...

    Now, in this case, isn't it an advantage if he re-filed his case during the July 1 to Aug. 17 period? Some are arguing that we should not re-file...I hate those arguments because some cases like this really needed to refile....

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  • GCBy3000
    01-02 11:41 AM
    1. Find an employer who is willing to H1 sponsorship.
    2. The filing data starts by April 1st I beleive. Check with attorney.
    3. Make sure your future employer does all the paper work required to file an H1. Ex. adv etc etc. Do not wait until April as the quota gets over in very short span of time. May be in few days.
    4. Make sure you have all the paper work ready by march end and file it on April 1st or 2nd.
    5. Check with attorney whether you need stamping to start working. I dont think so, but make sure. If you need a stamping, make proper arrangements to get it stamped. Once all are done, you are ready to rock from OCT 2007.

    Time consuming part is finding an employer to do H1 and working with them to all the ground work before April 2007. Good luck.

    Hi Group,

    Am on H4 since Sep 06. I want to apply for a H1 this year. Can any one of u tell me the procedure? How long will it take for me to get a H1 and start working?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • freeindia
    06-20 08:20 PM
    I strongly support this campaign.
    Also, I would check with my friends about their support.
    Would it be a good idea to mention the costs/efforts involved in this visa stamping tours.
    Especially, all dependents including infants/kids need to go either to canada or India forcing to loose 3-4 days of vacation.
    Neither of party's ( US gov nor Visa aspirants) are gaining any benefit.

    06-26 05:04 PM
    visit your senator's website. Look for links for "casework". Look for contact person for immigration. Call your senator's office at that number. Explain your problem. They will ask you to write a letter giving your case information and requesting them to find out the status. Some senator offices may require you to fill some form in a format pertinent to them with the intention of giving the senator's office permission to inquire on your behalf and to give access to your personal information.

    Once they have letter from you they will contact USCIS on your behalf. They will tell you by when they will hear back from USCIS. Make sure you do not call them repeatedly, call them when they ask you to call them or call them after a reasonable amount of time i.e. 2 weeks.

    04-01 05:49 PM
    Sent Fax# 10 and 11.

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