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  • thomachan72
    11-02 03:07 PM
    yep, makes sense.
    Regarding the orignal topic, even I have never heard anyone not getting citizenship because of them leaving the GC employer. Personally, I won't wait for six months or even a single day, if I see a better opportunity.

    What happens in case of people who obtain GC through marriage and then due to some reason have to divorse? Do they have to stay married for a certain period of time?? :D:D If so how much would that be?

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  • onemorecame
    07-17 10:35 AM
    Clear IE/Firefox temp cache to view refreshed page. I had to do it (pressing F5 20 times did not make a difference). The dates are now updated to July 16, 2007.
    Sorry But please tell me how to do this?

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  • Winner
    07-21 08:18 AM
    Oh my god.....Really? is the ice cold there?

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  • raysaikat
    01-09 11:56 AM

    I am joining new job using AC21 provision coming monday. My new employer does not provide medical insurance for the first month. I am eligible for after I complete 1 month.

    So my question is: till the time I get medical coverage from new employer (approx. 20 - 30 days), can I invoke COBRA? I heard that one can not invoke COBRA if he or she is employed (only meant for un-employement) is this true?

    Also, should I call my current insurance company for COBRA now, or I can wait if I really need to visit a doctor? is there a grace period for this? Because there is a possiblity that I may never would have to visit a doctor for next 20-30 days, but who knows!

    Appreciate your answers.

    Remember that you need to pay the entire cost of insurance from your own pocket for COBRA for whatever time you use it. Typically that's around $500 per month per person (depending upon the coverage, place, etc.). The only benefit of COBRA is that you can keep seeing the same doctor.


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  • MightyIndian
    11-29 11:41 AM
    Details in my signature.

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  • Berkeleybee
    02-15 09:41 PM
    If you haven't already volunteered for the CA team, please get in touch with blue_kayal and get information about the weekly call. Sign up, and participate in a lawmaker meeting near you.


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  • smuggymba
    05-11 11:12 AM
    WASHINGTON � Democrats are trying once again to advance legislation that would give some young illegal immigrants a chance to live legally in the U.S.

    Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois plans to file a new DREAM Act bill on Wednesday. In the House, Rep. Howard Berman of California plans to file similar legislation.

    Generally, to qualify the young immigrants must have a high school diploma or the equivalent and have spent two years in college or the military. They must have been under 16 when they arrived in the U.S.

    At least one Republican, Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of Florida, is co-sponsoring the House bill.

    The bill filings would follow a speech Tuesday in Texas on immigration by President Barack Obama.

    Read more: Democrats to try again on DREAM Act - (

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  • rajeshalex
    08-17 11:01 AM
    Where is it mentioned that LC sub has been rejected ? I looked at the link and
    I couldnt find any thing.



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  • Maverick_2008
    04-24 11:47 AM
    Getting a driver's license is also problematic in some states.


    Hello all,

    I am starting this thread exclusively to know and understand all kinds of problems faced by our legal non-immigrant visa community, does not matter if it is minor or major, just put your experience here. Unless we tell and discuss about our problems, how we can expect a solution? So, let�s list all our issues here, rank them and forward it our law makers. I am very hopeful that they will help.

    I am a firm believer of the proverb "Crying baby gets milk!"

    I feel that we are here to compensate the shortage of highly skilled people and we do not deserve unnecessary hurdles/problems/pains that adversely affect our normal lives! We have other things to worry about! For example if our kids don't poop!;)

    Here is one I have faced personally and I feel it is absolutely unnecessary! ( or may be it can be changed )

    1. Travel issues....when you have applied for H1 extension, sometimes it takes 6 months, you cannot travel during this period, and you have to wait till it is approved. Have paid $1000 twice for premium processing! How this can be fixed ?

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  • WaitingForMyGC
    02-11 10:23 AM
    On one hand we have VLD Rao crunching numbers like CRAY XMP and telling that EB2 will be close to current by End of the Year . On the other hand Mapadpa now says that the movement will be slow . I am a mere mortal and i am confused to the core on what to make of it ,

    I believe in VLD Rao. He gives me hope. :-)


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  • GCBy3000
    05-22 04:45 PM
    Grow tomatoes in your lawn and sell it to neighbours. Even if you do this for one day, as per law you made some money other than your H1b intended for. You are AN ILLEGALLLL....

    If you dont have a lawn / garden, then go to walmart buy something and sell it for a dollar more to your fellow H1b. Let him do the same for you and you both declare that you did some side business and made a dollar. YOU BOTH ARE ILLEGAL. HEyyyyyy you qualify for Z

    :) We should find out a way to convince them we worked illegally for cash before Jan 1, 2007. Some one suggested before if we can find another H1B provide an affidavit that he/she did some lawn work at the house both of them will become eligible for the mighty 'Z' visa :D

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  • GoneSouth
    05-30 10:32 AM

    I cannot seem to find the section of the bill re: invalidation of pending applications, that is causing everyone so much heartburn. Someone referenced section 502(d)(2), however if I look on, that section of the bill is about per country limits. Can someone supply either a) latest version of bill text or b) correct section reference regarding current and pending applications?


    - GS


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  • suresh.emails
    08-07 05:53 PM
    Now the actual tension started to me.

    Is my H-1b still valid. I have scheduled travel on August 15'th 2008 via London (LHR). I believe, London airport does not allow any one with out proper visa's and documentation.

    Does GC approval triggers automatic canellation of H1-B visa ( which is valid until Dec 2010)

    How can I start another GC process , when they just approved a GC ( on August 06, 2008)

    I heard some thing called Transfer of Residency. What is that?.

    - Suresh

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  • nikamd
    05-11 06:03 PM

    Totally agree with you. We always think and hope grass is greener on the other side and in this case we may not realize now difficult it might be for these kids to have a normal life.

    In our case by which I mean the EB community we have our own issues which for us would see the most important and of the highest priority. I am also in the same boat and think about it day in and day out. I just think about it and my actions to improve the situation have been insignificant. Hats off to you all for trying to improve the situation and contribute in changing the system.


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  • go_guy123
    08-03 10:12 AM
    per country limits or not, there will always be a hihgher number of Indians and Chinese just due to the massive backlogs. BTW, there are about 12 million Hispanic people, so called un documented people, just wait til they get legalised. you arguement will holdcabiut as much water as tea strainer.

    The hispanic lobby is very very aware of the per country quota and they they know amnesty is useless unless an exception is made on teh per county quota. That is why in every CIR bill (I think even in the 1986 amnesty) there is(was) a exception on the per-country quota.

    H1B/EB-I/C people are are so less in number that the political system doesnt care
    and industry doesnt care either (why fix it when H1Bs are always willing to put
    up with it).

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  • Gravitation
    07-06 04:39 PM



    SHORTCUTS ...huh ...??

    :D Thanks for the laughter. :D I almost fell out of chair imagining the depths of your imbecility! :D


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  • Ram_C
    11-10 12:24 PM
    where is USCIS announcing FP dates?
    I filed in July and yet to get FP notice.

    as far as I know USCIS haven't published any FP related time lines.

    hope everyone will receive FP notice soon

    good luck :)

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  • pitha
    12-29 11:37 PM
    Can you or somebody tell me the nature of RFE that was issued after invoking AC21. Was it related to semilar/same job category or ability to pay or educational qualification etc etc.

    I have seen many people in the forums getting RFE after invoking AC21. You know how USCIS works, right?? If they ever keep track of what they are doing and if they have a definite process in place, neither there will be any retrogression nor any of these forums. Be prepared for RFE if you are invoking AC21. Though you can survive that, imagine the period between receiving the RFE and responding to it. What if that happens in your 5th or 6th year of wait?? I pray that your wait is not that long.


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  • Sakthisagar
    10-28 08:38 AM
    "This time you have a great opportunity to consolidate and by working in India, by becoming a good quality professional you will sustain the advantage we have created and will make growth in India a permanent rather than a temporary feature."

    Guys, wakeup! He isn't telling anything wrong - just a different opinion, very valid for a great percentage of Indians - not everyone can/is going to land in US and wait eternally for GC? and nothing wrong in what he is saying - to go for a better long term India than a spurt of growth. Why ridicule the other guy for giving a genuine advice to youngsters - how many of us haven't almost given up on our careers just for the same of EB GC? Are we just afraid of losing out to our brothers in India in future, rather than them joining our batch in the eternal wait? If we want to make US our home, at least we should start respecting another person's right to his opinion, even if we disagree. Why would it be called a gimmick?! There is no other way - if its not India, it will be China, Philippines etc. Look at the way the general product industry went? The same will happen unless there are restrictive trade policy - which, not only would be against the "US" principals of free trade, but would also automatically be harmful for the US economy.

    I personally don't see anything wrong in the article. He puts forth the right things that can be done to improve the life of Indian generations - now and for future. And if that happens, there would be a benefit for us in particular, and US economy and US jobs in general.

    hahahaha.. good one.. what a support to Infy... height of slavery. I accept your veiw point as INFY's and YOURS view point. good keep it up.

    04-04 01:24 PM
    I have sent the fax to the senators in CA

    10-12 10:32 AM
    My Priority Date Sep 2002 EB3
    According to LC, my labor got approved on Aug 9th, but we received actual paper on Sep 9th .. So lost the chance to FILE 485

    DOL took more than a month TO send papers ..

    There is no point in blaming IV . They are the BEST ..

    It is US Govt agencies who are lazy and ineptitude.

    US did not get Civil Rights in one year .. it took decades of fight ...

    IV is fighting for every one ..

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