Thursday, September 1, 2011

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  • chanduv23
    03-09 08:10 AM

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  • suavesandeep
    01-05 11:53 AM
    Dear friends:

    As the Past President of a PMI Chapter (PMP for the past 10 years and working in the field of Project management for the past 15 years) let me shed some light to this query.

    Reasons why you should do PMP
    1) If you believe you need a promotion, new job or rise the corporate ladder within the field of IT or management, take PMP.....Billing rate of PM's is $90-150/hr for consulting, full time could be from $100K-$250K. The next generation CIO's will be highly qualified PM's.
    2) Job security for PMP's. The only job that will not be outsourced to India or China is that of a project manager.
    3) PMP will help you get the project manager job, if you do not have one. However, become a Project Manager only if you like working with people. Trust me, if you hate politics and hate managing people, it is better for you to stay a techie. Your life will be miserable if you do not like managing people. Do something that you enjoy, rather than what you may hate. It is all about people and people management, rather than project management in the world of PMP's
    4) PMP has become mandatory for all large gigs or projects. Small projects do not need PMP's and small projects do not pay well too.
    5) PMP does not make you a better project manager. But PMP is needed by the industry. It is the experience that one gets from being on the field from different industries that makes one a good project manager.

    I hope this should help some of you to make a decision to be a PMP or not.
    Could not agree with this post more..In my case i manage a small team but also intentionally contribute in the development too just to keep my technical skills and not to mention i still get a kick out of coding :).. I find the development part easier. People management and the politics you need to deal with your peers and higher up is the tougher part. It can get really frustrating/stressful some times because you got to deliver stuff and maximise your team output with not many things you can actually control. Me too debating to whether to give PMI certification or not. Found the discussion very useful. Made me think what is it that i really enjoy more :)

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  • rajuseattle
    08-22 11:48 AM

    OH Law firm did post the reliable and credible information from Chaerlie Openheim (VB in charge from state Dept) and his predictions for Oct 2007 VB are similar to the January 2007 VB.

    Nothing new about this, lot of websites already published this information.

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  • imm_pro
    06-13 01:12 PM
    Guys if you have already called..please ask ur spouse or request ur friends to make the call..every call counts..


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  • chanduv23
    03-11 04:34 PM
    "non answer" meant they didn't answer his questions but rather gave some vague reply of how h-1 was good for usa.

    If I was on the receivng end of that response; I would have thought that these guys are playing with me and by not answering the quesitons; then they are obviously trying to hide something. Therefore, I will attack them in another way to make them conform to the behaviour I want.

    MSFT do not abuse h1b visa - they maintain their pay scales and follow all rules. When they say they want h1b visa quota available it basically means - they do not want to turn away a talented candidate because of lack of visa. All these companies are genuine in their usage. So they can definitely give a proper response.

    Now for a company like INFY. WIPRO, etc.. - h1b, l1b etc.. is a part of their business modal. They need some visa to bring people in and out as it is a big part of their business. If they really were serious - they must have presented their case and also work with US govt for a different kind of visa that allows them to do their business by convincing the govts about trade etc...

    Now comes the consulting companies. There are companies that genuinely bring people and rotate them at various clients for projects and people stick to them till green card. But due to sheer greed - some of these have abused the system - they have absolutely no sympathy for their acts of greed. The max they can do is threaten, usse small time lawyers, cancel pay, write letters to USCIS to cancel 140 etc... do you expect them to give a proper response to the Senators?

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  • aspiration
    06-13 10:40 AM
    As of now there are more than 10000 views for this thread. If we just take that each of us might have visited this thread 20 times.because this thread is just a day old. .That would still take us to 500 odd unique visitors...

    and if you look the survey..JUST 150 Calls so far for all the campaigns.

    Why there is a disconnect here/??? because we postpone and don't do our part...We just love to come and see the update or what is going on with HOUSE OR SENATE....but don't like to contribute to the proces...PLEASE PLEASE>>> IT IS FOR U, ME AND HUM>>>> DO IT>

    If efforts fails, it is only ourselves to blame.. Platform is set and try to atleast help by sparing 10 mins of your day... Take this matter to your heart and

    JUST DO IT>>>>


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  • Naveen
    05-18 04:57 PM
    Look at it this way -- An additional quota means more regular EB visa's to go around which will help all. Asking to give 20k more GC's for US Graduates will sound more easy on the ears than asking for a general 20k increase.

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  • paskal
    08-24 01:16 PM
    I see everyone firing at each other (junior members, members, senior members, moderators and super administrators).
    Here are my two cents to keep yourself calm, composed and dignified
    1) Empathy will win friends and support
    2) Sympathy you will have only when someone is humble and meek
    3) If you lack both the society will ignore you

    PS: In a fight the weak always get support, the big and strong are on their own. if they lose no one to cheer them up nor comforts.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, you are the only one who can make your choice.

    personally i would close this thread if i did not feel it was unfair to the orginal poster.... there has been lack of civility from everyside. One rude poster, against whom there were several complaints. but even after he departed, iv bashing continued, and the pretexts are amazing. "it's an open forum" sure it is "no one should ask for contributions" really? what's an open forum? i believe the rudeness of the requests hurts our cause, but he is member like everyone else and can ask people to contribute if he wants- albeit without personal attacks which are against the forum guidelines.

    btw there is a difference too between just contributing money and contributing in general. but one takes money the other takes effort and no one can apparently spare either!

    there are 22,000 + members. everyone needs to understand that such a forum has all kinds of people and responses. grow up people, have a thicker skin and deal with it. no moderators or the forum has "abused" you. further it amazes me to hear that regulars who spend a ton of time on tracking threads claim to not know the organizations goals (on the front page!!) and want the core team to come explain. if the core team spent time trolling tracking threads to do that and police every piece of rude talk there would not be a forum. because...the forum only exists as part of a grassroots organization that is fighting retrogression. after the flower campaign and san jose rally, after july 17, if you are still "waiting" to be convinced, well congress is not waiting, the election cycle is not waiting and certainly retrogression is not. so maybe...if we fail...let's all wait...till 2013 as the democrat leader says...for any reform...will that be enough time to convince people living in NJ to ride up to DC and stand up for themseves?


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  • JunRN
    08-22 06:34 PM
    I am really surprised. Why would it EB3 go back to 2001.
    I have just applied for my labour. So I can apply for 485 only after 5/6 years?:mad:

    Make thing worse....your labor expires after six months, so you have to re-apply again..and again...and again...and again...and again....

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  • rb_248
    12-13 03:21 PM
    I have got a job offer & this employer has few pre-approved labors which he offered me if I join him.

    I am on H1B visa since 3.5+ years & I am looking for the company to get my GC as soon as possible. I have BS + 10 years of IT experience in India/ USA/ UK, as Software Engineer/ Solution Architect / Project Lead/ Project Manager / Sr. PM etc.

    I want to know :

    1. Is it possible to use this pre-approved labor for me... if I have all matching skills & experiences to show in my resume (experiences/skills gained before that approval date of that labor)...? This approved labor shows the name of their previous consultant.

    2. Is it necessary to file the labor substitution by the employer...if I want to use that approved labor...?

    3. Is it possible for this employer to directly file my I-140 against this approved labor...?

    4. What are the info/proofs to verify that this employer is really filling my I-140 against this labor... ? (This employer has their attorney & I could not have better communication with their attorney)

    5. This employer is a consulting company...(desi) & they asked me to sign a financial agreement to repay their expenses on labor substitution/I-140/I-485...if I will leave them early. ...Is it legal to ask for such kind of agreement...?

    Please let me know as much as info/ guidance you can provide to me.

    Great thanks in advance for all of your help.


    Congratulations on getting ahead. Make sure this is not a scam. Especially during such crisis times, we are very vulnerable.
    Employer asking for financial agreement - hmmmmm...... After making sure this is not a scam, confirm again.


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  • manand24
    07-31 12:09 PM
    Still waiting for my receipts numbers from USCIS. July 2nd filer.

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  • maddipati1
    01-04 05:27 PM
    Option 1: Convert to Mormon belief
    Option 2: One on H4 and the other via Mex
    Option 3: Move back

    im sorry for the women. in what situtation the women would accept this arrangement. damn trinagle marriage movie flicks.


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  • prabasiodia
    08-09 05:24 PM
    I think these memos might have been dissected a thousand times, but here they are:

    Continuing validity of I-140:
    AC21 guidelines:

    It's clear that the stress is on "intent". If at the filing of I-485, both the employer and the employee had the intent, it's fine. The only restriction is, one may not be looking for "same or similar" job at the time of I-485 adjudication. Why this restriction is even there is beyond me. It doesn't clearly state how much time after the adjudication, you should not be looking.

    Of course, the lawyers seem to be on the cautious side. Read the last sentence under intent in the following site (AC21: Changing employer while waiting for pending adjustment of status ( ). It says that ...theoretically, USCIS might be able to revisit the adjudication of I-485 and initiate revocation processing.
    This inference is without any attribution.

    Then again, I couldn't find a single case where the I-485 was revoked because of suspected fraud in "Intent". We do need clarification from USCIS on this.

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  • gc_kaavaali
    06-05 11:50 AM
    New memo is not helping us in terms of answering few questions. Can i comeback on H1B (without subject to cap limit) after changing job using EAD?


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  • pappu
    08-09 12:52 PM
    Hope this helps.

    Pappu, there is nothing wrong in seeking exact clarification though from USCIS because things are not really clear on this regard and its better to get clear cut answer to the immigrant community..

    Let's see examples of real cases. Not 'opinions'.

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  • msngroups
    05-17 01:24 AM
    Whoa, now be careful what you say there tiger. Outsourcing has nothing to do with the H-1B program, if everyone followed the law. Then people wouldn't be in America, underpaid or on the bench. American companies outsourcing to India etc. is happening. Everyoe is entitled to an opinion on whether that is right or not. But BREAKING THE LAW BY ENTERING THE COUNTRY ON AN H-1B ON FALSE PREMISES is simply illegal, and has nothing to do with the issue of outsourcing. Two different things.

    I am not saying all American companies are saints. The ones breaking the law should be punished accordingly. But facts are that Indian companies are among the biggest abusers of H-1Bs. Nothing wrong with Indian companies in general. But the ones breaking the law should be brought to justice, it's as simple as that.

    Only one question: Ultimately for which companies the h1b consultants work for? It is not for Indian companies. It is always for projects in US companies. Mind it. Let US companies decide whom they want? I do not understand Why some people here are talking that Indian companies are using h1b etc etc.

    Go and ask US Govt to provide free College education in computers to everyone in US. Then you will not have all these problems right. Instead of dealing the problem that way simply blaming trade laws?


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  • kart2007
    05-17 11:23 AM
    I stay in an apartment OK. One day my neighbour (living downstairs) was crying with his wife and a small kid. You want to know the reason--NO PAY FOR 2 MONTHS!!!!. All his hard earned money was finished paying rent, OK and his kid was sick. No money, nobody to ask. His contractor said WAIT, WAIT and nothing else.

    In that case its better to go to India and lead a much better life than staying in this pathetic state here.

    Obviously there's no meaning for an immigrant to stay here away from his home country to be trested almost like an uneducated person.

    Living like this is not only bad for one's self respect but is also certainly illegal for the employer.

    Its people like this guy why companies liek Infosys etc abuse the visa program and pay less to guys they bring from India to US.

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  • perm2gc
    12-20 12:11 PM
    If someoe is on H1B then he converted to H4. Then He converted to H1B.
    He didnot leave(USA) the country any time. How his time calculated.

    the time on H4 will not be counted.That is what the document is all about.

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  • speddi
    05-05 02:56 PM
    Here is my situation:

    Company A:
    EB2 PD Aug 2006
    140 Approved
    485 Applied July '07 (Got EAD and AP for myself and wife. I am still on H1B but wife used EAD)
    Still working with Company A and intend to work with them for another couple of years.

    Company B:
    EB2 PD Nov 2005 (Substitution labor)
    140 Approved.

    Can I interfile or do the PD porting so that I can get the older PD? If so, do I have to work for Company B?
    I dont have a copy of the LCA and I may not have the original of the approved 140. Can I use a copy of 140 approval notice to apply for the interfile?
    Do I need any kind of document from Company B like employment letter in future ?
    Does the PD need to be current to interfile?
    Do I need to work for Company B?
    Does this process in anyway create problems for my current 485 status? My wife used EAD but I have been on H1B with the company that filed for my 485.
    I already completed 180 days after filing 485. So, I can use AC21. Will this interfiling process have any impact on that?
    How would I know that interfiling process completed successfully?
    If USCIS denys the interfile I submitted, does that have any impact on my current 485 process?
    If I want to use AC21, does that new job need be similar to Company A or Company B job requirement?

    Thank you everyone..

    05-14 11:33 PM
    I have tried everything to come back together. but it has really reached a point of not return.

    my Pd Dec 03 EB3 India. Please I need advice

    Sorry to hear about your personal life. If you and your wife agree for filing a divorce petition together, you can file for divorce by mutual consent in India. Both of you have to be present in the court when you file. The judge will decide on the case after a wait time of six months and you may have go back again for the final judgement. There is an one-year separation time that is required before you can file for mutually consented divorce in India. If you are already separated for more than a year, this is the best route.

    If not, like some one else mentioned, you can file here but, some states like NY don't have provisions for divorce based on mutual consent or irreconcilable differences. So, it will take up to a year sometimes. It is perfectly legal and valid to get a divorce in the U.S if both of you have signed the petition and have been present at the court.

    Your PD is Dec 2003 and so, you have time especially with all the projections that the EB3 quota (India) may retrogress.

    Good luck with everything.

    01-03 06:58 PM
    A freind of mine came across a gentleman, who is here on work visa and he is facing a unique problem. He is married to two persons and wants to bring his whole family here in the USA. He was looking for answer if he can get both his spouses and kids here on H4 visas. Currently both of them and his kids are in India. Interesting hmmm :D

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