Thursday, September 1, 2011

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  • andrei
    07-10 08:35 AM
    "CNN will definitely change its course and path it is taking if we start exposing Loo Dog. Once truth comes out, CNN may be worried about hurting its image and will definitely change courses."

    Lou Dobbs is being attacked all the time by all kinds of people, including big organizations (La Raza, etc.). He brings in ratings, so I'm sure they have a thick skin about him over at CNN. If you're seriously considering a campaign, I would try talking to a reporter friend about 1. whether you should do it (I think it would be counterproductive); and 2. if you decide to do it anyway, how to go about it.

    Having signs at the San Jose rally about Dobbs will hurt, not help. Keeping clear the distinction between legal and illegal immigration is key to any political effort, imho. Almost everyone is for legal immigration, but a majority of Americans are very concerned about illegal immigration. You start making this about illegal immigration, even implicitly, and sympathy will dry up quickly. And when you mention the word "Dobbs," the first thing that comes into the mind of the average American is "illegal immigration."

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  • EndlessWait
    10-02 12:49 PM
    I am not sure what a_to_z_Gc is looking for more details, but I would like to now if your case was transferred from NSC to CSC and back.
    Those whose cases have transferred back to NSC have not received the FP notices. I would like to know if your case was transferred back to NSC.

    when did u get ur reciept?

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  • aj_jadeja
    04-01 07:20 PM
    done . Sent 2 faxes.


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  • abracadabra102
    12-05 06:06 PM
    Does any body think of people who did not get a chance to file I-485 who had earlier priority date(2002-mar 2005) ?

    Nag, you mentioned in one of the posts that your wife has a PhD in CSE. Why can't she join a university as a Post doctoral fellow (PDF)? I do not know what type of work authorization is required for that, but my guess is she can easily get it. She gets paid and will have a chance to apply under EB1 category which is almost always current. You can file as dependent. No point whining about folks discussing their EAD/AP issues. Everyone knows BEC guys got a short shrift in this.


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  • admin
    03-16 11:41 AM
    Anything delay is the bad news !!! We do not have patience. Even single day delay is like dying for us.


    Do not despair yet. We were repeatedly told that bills take a lot of time to pass. Never the less we'll keep working on this bill and this also precisely why we're not pinning all of our hopes on only the Comprehensive Immigration Bill. We also have the PACE bill and the TALENT bill, which can bring a lot of relief to us.

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  • gc_perm2k6
    09-26 09:06 PM
    Thanks for the reply tabletpc, but my GC was approved when the PD was current. i was wondering about the options i've to get my future wife to USA.

    Thanks again

    Get your Fiance a F1 Visa before marriage. So, she is not married at that time and to US Immigration, she has no plans to immigrate. After she gets the Visa, marry her and bring her here. Technically I think you are OK, only you have to Spend bucks for here education :), which might be fruitful in long run!

    Please take lawyer's advice anyways.


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  • GCard_Dream
    04-13 12:28 PM
    .. and how exactly do you know that I didn't participate? did you just look in to your crystal ball and it magically gave you a list of people who didn't call their lawmaker? I may not have posted any update in that thread but I did call my 2 senators.

    If you think that I have to give you a daily update in writing on what I am doing everyday to support IV, you are up for a surprise because that isn't happening. Before you criticize others, at least think.

    By the way, you don't own IV or this forum so please don't act like everyone needs your permission before posting anything on this forum.

    All I am saying is that if there is a good reason to close a thread, just say so. Just give a one liner explanation and everyone is happy but I am not sure if that's too difficult for you understand.

    You did not even take part in the call the lawmakers drive. Likewise others complaining on this thread also do not have a single post in calling the lawmakers thread. You can happily do your predctions on your own websites, but on this websites you should allow people to seriously do focussed IV work.

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  • conundrum
    08-22 02:16 PM
    Are you referring to an 'Online' degree by any chance?! Please tell me the name of this University where you get a M.S. in 3 semesters...
    Thats about 27 credits to get a Masters degree.. insteresting. No wonder they will never pass this bill into law.

    The assupmtion of 27 credits is wrong. You could take 4 - 5 courses a sem (about 12 -15hrs, the way undergrads do) and finish the MS from any good school that way in 3 sems if you are really into it.


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  • anilsal
    10-12 12:56 AM
    My labor was filed on July 2004 and I have not received an approval yet.
    I got an RFE last week stating that Employeer has to again prove the RIR status of the application.
    So Lawyer has started the advertisement process again.

    Every step in the GC process is traumatic. One step gives less trauma than the other. But there is no way anyone has got a GC without agony (unless you had an easy way out).

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  • roseball
    11-06 12:47 PM
    EAD, AP & FP notice are sent directly to the applicant. If you see the status of AP as document mailed then you should get within 2/3 days as they send by DHL. I got mine in 2 days, my wife also got in 2 days

    If your attorney filed your case, then:

    EAD is sent directly you
    FP is sent to you and your attorney
    AP is sent to your attorney.....

    All these are sent by USCIS via regular mail.....

    Your attorney might have sent the AP documents to you via DHL...


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  • neoklaus
    10-27 10:21 AM

    BTW,which service centre?


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  • jungalee43
    03-18 04:02 PM
    As already reported if SJC can send their bill on March 27, their bill would replace the bill braught by Sen. Frist. We all know that Frist bill is more positive than Specter mark? Should we start sending faxes to SJC to include identical EB provisions as Frist bill in SJC bill also?


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  • vhd999
    12-20 04:43 PM
    I think we need an IV movement to fix the Indian Consulates - They are absolutely pathetic - Lets get our house in order before we try to fix the USCIS !!! Does anybody know what is the email address for Meera Shankar - Indian Ambassador to US. We need to bombard her with emails about how badly the Indian consulates in the US are run.

    For a second, I thought you were joking. When will we start owning our problems.

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  • Lisap
    08-22 12:45 PM
    I will certainly keep my fingers crossed for you. Please keep me posted on the outcome. Best of luck to you.


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  • gc_check
    04-29 02:47 PM
    Quick Chain of events .

    India rejected both Boeing and Lockheed Martin's proposal of fighters . I am not debating the reasons or the merits of this decision if this was right or wrong . I am just discussing the potential repercussions this has had so far and might have .

    'Exclusion of US firms from IAF jet deal a setback for ties' (

    1) The issue is so serious that Tim Roemer , US Ambassador to India submitted his resignation immediately since he was on the hook for making this deal work .This shows the measure of disappointment they had.

    2) India was seeking US assurances in security a Permanent Security council seat , which looks far fetched now .

    4) Pentagon , Whitehouse and the DoD very upset that deal fell through . This sentiment will certainly percolate to the USCIS and the State department and might embolden Anti Immigration senators whose measures will get more support in the house and senate.

    5) Prosecution of companies entangled in cases like Infosys might find more support and favor with the Govt.

    Question is how/if there will be a backlash against India / Indian's get back at us at least in the short term .Increased scrutiny and visa denials , PoE Harassment , GC audits etc.

    Will the US take a Tit-for-Tat reaction on this issue is what remains to be seen.

    All it suggests is - "Well, There are many other players too in every other area - Defense, Science, Space, Medicine, etc... and may be US 'is and in some cases was' the leader, but definitely the Influence, Power, Respect, Trust etc...US used to have in the past is for sure diminished now and it isn't going to turn for good unless this country change for better !!!" Definitely at least I think not the change Obama envisioned !!! US is not the nation of immigrant's it used to be any more at the World's eyes. Well, the hard working people are are good, but The leaders in the center work for and lobbyist and the corporate greed was the basis for recent policies and now it is paying its price. In past it was like for the people, now it by for the lobbyist who can influence the 60 people in Senate and few hundred people in the house and for the companies who can hire these lobbyist decide the policy :o .
    Bad policy that is not well made for the changing globalization is hurting here, while it is helping the people in other geography.

    Having said that, I do not see any connection with immigration reform or what so ever...

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  • greencard_fever
    08-05 10:01 PM
    see my signiture...


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  • diptam
    08-10 10:34 AM
    You dont need to knock anyones door - I'll proactively go to anyone who used a "Labor Subs" and call them a Cheat because they have cheated someone else's Property and Dream.

    Its gone but i'm personally a victim of that - My 1st Labor was traded in the Market for certain US dollars... The legislation was not there - otherwise i did have sufficient Proof and resources to take care of that cheat company.

    How could you talk in support of a evil legacy system ? :mad:

    No one knocked your door and and asked your personal opinion ....and no one cares for what you care ...

    Its all these desi companies who misused LC ...... Thereare otherbig companie who just follow rules and do according to it. Being a senior member here, this is not expected of you .....

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  • tanu_75
    07-29 03:04 PM
    Probably you are right. But the issue is not the country limit!!!!!!!!

    Take example EB3, how you think will look like EB3 on the next visa bulletin without country limits. EB-3 probably will be June 2002.:eek:

    Guys we see a very unhealthy trend here where any disagreement is not tolerated. This forum is for legal skilled immigrants and we sometimes show how unskilled we are when it comes to tolerance of opinion here.

    isantem, while I understand the diversity argument, when it comes to skilled immigration it doesn't really help. The data itself shows that the overwhelming number of skilled immigrants come from India/China. If the objective is to let the most skilled immigrants in, then the US should forget about diversity. Unfortunately in terms of volume and talent combined, India and China handily beat the rest of the world. Even if EB3 goes to 2002 so be it, but at least you are treating all skilled immigrants on a level playing field rather than discriminating them based on where they were born. If the US continues to do this, there is a serious danger (and this has been documented) that skilled folks in India/China will no longer find the US attractive. Its already happening with the economy booming in India. In fact, we'll probably see you or your kids standing in line for an Indian or Chinese green card in a few years (and I doubt India or China will focus on diversity when it comes to attracting the most skilled talent).

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  • sweet23guyin
    12-22 02:12 PM
    I spent 3+ months after application with out a passport, because my earlier Indian passport was issued in Sweden and SF guys want clearance from Sweden.
    The ugly part is SF guys don't know how to communicate to their brothers/sisters in Sweden! Every time I en-quire they show fingers at Sweden embassy.
    I use to wake up 3 in the morning to find out what the issue is with Sweden folks; almost all the time the ans is 'they did not receive any such clearance request from SF and don't have any procedure for the so called Clearance...'
    With two different time zones and no direct phone support for SF consulate, it was hell to deal with out talking to any one in SF. Their phone line is a joke.
    After 100's of emails(count less phone calls middle of night) with both consulates with some ugly and strong wordings(some times literally begging!), finally they issued my passport. I felt so happy seeing that than when I got my GC....and I lost valuable time window to travel.

    God bless all those who wants Indian passport renewal at SF

    01-05 11:36 PM
    In several responses people have compared MBA and PMP, I don't these two are comparable. Any thoughts?

    I am not sure why the 2 are being compared. One is a professional degree while the other is a certification. MBA prepares you (in theory) for several different jobs (marketing, finance, ops, general mgmt etc.) while PMP is primarily to "check the box" on program management. With all due respect to the PMPs (and other PM credentials) I havent seen any additional skills that PMP provides.

    Yes- I have an MBA and a PM certification and work with several IT PMs/techies but an not in IT myself.


    02-25 09:28 PM
    I changed it to clarify. The answer is YES, we have had 100% approvals for CA=MA, but we have done relatively few. This is based on Indian documentation that CA=PGD. However the stronger evidence points to CA=BA. As you can see someone on this board got an approval for our evaluation for a CA=MA with a professor's expert letter. The professor's letters are not cheap but effective.

    In India, only UGC (University Grant Commission) is qualified to issue equivalency letters. Professor letter can be supplemental, but it can not be authentic certification, as UGC is only one to issue that.

    >> The professor's letters are not cheap but effective.
    Care to explain what do you mean by "not cheap"?

    Is there any university that have taken CA qualified for PhD programme?

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