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rod blagojevich trial

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  • NKR
    02-16 02:26 PM
    I beleive Kuhelica and bfadlia have been planted by anti-immigrants to spread poison and hate in people's mind. looking at the number of posts they have posted, it seems like they are new members who are out there to sabotage the reforms that we have been talking about.

    We do not have to spend our energy and time answering each and every post of theirs. they do not deserve our time nor they are intelligent enough to rationalise.

    I and a couple of us have been repeatedly telling that we do not want ROW people to be affected nor we want country quota to be removed, but they have been targetting our race, our country, it has jealously writ all over... Just ignore them and move on. the more forward we move the more backward they stay..

    wallpaper pictures Rod Blagojevich rod blagojevich trial. Rod Blagojevich turned out?
  • Rod Blagojevich turned out?

  • GCOP
    07-24 11:33 AM
    We appreciate your nice prediction and Good Wishes. I hope your words will turn into truth. Thanks
    Trust me. I was under the impression that it will be 3-4 years before I see green, but the reality is almost true for me now. Similarly, EB3 folks would get some news by next year. Who knows, the government will change and we have seen how keenly Obama wants a change ;). May be recapturing visas provision will be considered next year and everyone until 2006(EB3) may see some green. We never know. It's all magic and lets hope for the best. :D

    rod blagojevich trial. Rod Blagojevich#39;s corruption
  • Rod Blagojevich#39;s corruption

  • HumJumboHathuJumbo
    09-23 03:51 PM
    why not ask for citizenship if we buy 2 houses?. I will even buy that toxic debt from banks, if i get citizenship and a gori.

    huh! cant you take a joke, man?. you said "suggest better if you can". whats your suggestion. Atleast, i made an effort to amuse people here.

    you take that red dot back, if you are a man!

    2011 Rod Blagojevich turned out? rod blagojevich trial. Rod Blagojevich was convicted
  • Rod Blagojevich was convicted

  • gdilla
    07-26 02:25 PM
    I suspect being unemployed in any country is a crappy experience. Get a job first. There's lots of job sites online, check it out for yourself. Tap your network, etc. You can even setup your own company/consultancy and serve your US clients if you so desire.

    But what about the jobs in Canada? How bad is it? Without a job, what is the point of quality of life etc.?


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  • Rod Blagojevich Re-Trial

  • unitednations
    02-13 05:41 PM
    In the first three quarter the 'heavy' countries(India/China) would get numbers until the 7% caps hits and in the fourth quarter they would get the big chunck...

    If the law contains a 'continous recapture' provision( anything not used this year get recaptured again immediately for next year...) then it would not be long befor e all categories become current....By the way 'continous recapture' is one of the IV goals...

    Pl. Correct me if I am wrong....

    Now I have really started to appreciate the IV goals listed on the front page.....
    IV core team have gone through all this junk long before we got started and the goals take care of every point raised until now....

    As a business person; I don't agree with country limits. I understand why they are there but I don't think they should be.

    Continuous recapture of unused visas is a good goal. It makes sense and isn't a controversial topic.

    Regarding: Goals - very few people look out for the greater good of everyone. I myself think if I was looking out for the greater good of everyone; I wouldn't focus on EB relief but rather other areas of immigration (greencard holder spouse issue; dream act, undocumented, etc.). Don't jump on me for saying this but I had written in another posting that of all the people who are disadvantaged with immigration; it would appear that eb candidates are the least disadvantaged of all.

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  • tdasara
    01-28 12:24 AM


    rod blagojevich trial. Rod Blagojevich
  • Rod Blagojevich

  • illinois_alum
    09-25 02:04 PM
    You also know what I am stating. You already have heard the word"Pre-adjudication" which means "To assign number" based on monthly bulletin based EB table dates and then put a file on shelf to eat dust till USCIS can "approve 485" /"Send Physical greencard" based on Prority date becomes active based on "country specific limit"

    If assigning number is almost equivalent to granting visa in a few days then there should not be hundreds of applicants waiting in "pre-adjudication" queue. We all know that many people have been pre-adjudicated and now they are just waiting for their physical GCs.

    Pre-adjudication means that this particular case can be approved because everything else (Biometrics, Name-checks and all other checks/documentation) is in place - but a Visa Number is not available to approve case and issue GC

    Earlier, USCIS wouldnt even touch a file and complete checks if the PD wasnt current. Now they pre-adjudicate - meaning they look at the case and determine if the case can be approved if the PD were current.....

    Assigning a Visa Number is basically same as giving GC...once a visa number is assigned, all they have to do is order the production of the physical card...which happens in a few days and in another couple of weeks you actually get the card

    2010 Rod Blagojevich#39;s corruption rod blagojevich trial. Rod Blagojevich arrives at
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  • rahulpaper
    06-27 01:23 PM
    I am in same boat of HR and company Lawyer (with no control over submission date).
    God willing� soon we will all receive a receipt number for I485. There are some calculated risks which are unavoidable.

    BTW thanks to you and core team for persistently working for EB community.


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  • Blagojevich Trial Backgrounder

  • Marphad
    03-27 02:17 PM
    I cannot think of any one good leader left in india. not one who can rise above self-interest and narrow mentality. Can you imagine any one of the so called leaders that was mentioned in this list leading the nation, and not be a laughing stock? remember deva gowda at davos...made a mockery of India there. Mayawati/modi, etc. what kind of leadership qualities (international affairs/finance/etc) do they have? the only kind of experience they have is gundaism, and creating conflicts with caste, culture and religion.
    I wish most of the current class of leaders were erased, and a new class of leaders were brought in. Sadly that'll never happen with the kind of democratic setup we have. in the name of representation, we are debarring intellects, and people with broad vision from joining politics.

    Why do you forget Mulayam Singh? He has a great quality of pampering muslims and giving tickets to Gundas. He scored #1 in that.

    hair Rod Blagojevich was convicted rod blagojevich trial. Then Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich waves to the media after he addressed
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  • Amma
    08-15 01:31 PM
    Why so much ruckus for SRK ?. After all he is a actor in India. So many actors are having connections with Dawood Ibrahim. So , nothing wrong for extra questioning.

    But Indian immigration will not do such things to foreign delegates. They treat them like gods.Everything will be bypassed.

    This is the difference between us and US


    rod blagojevich trial. In This Photo: Rod Blagojevich
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  • mxh72c
    07-16 09:58 PM
    Does anybody know how many EB2-I and EB2-ROW PERMs were processed for 2006, 2007 and 2008? Once we know these numbers it will be easy to predict EB2-I movement as all of the spillover numbers will be used primarily by EB2 India.

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  • eastindia
    01-25 02:45 PM
    Making Sure H-1Bs Actually Work for Their "Employers" | Center for Immigration Studies (

    Making Sure H-1Bs Actually Work for Their "Employers"
    By John Miano, January 21, 2010


    house Rod Blagojevich will hear the rod blagojevich trial. Rod Blagojevich, Darrell
  • Rod Blagojevich, Darrell

  • BharatPremi
    12-13 04:27 PM
    we, as non citizens, obviously do not have all the rights that the citizens possess. We don't know whether this rule is or is not constitutional (And as someone rightly pointed out that the expertise of a constitutional attorney is required).

    However if it can be shown that certain citizens/corporations ( for example microsoft, google etc who also make efforts and lobby congress to change the law ) are unduly disadvantaged by this per country cap, then they can be plaintiff. So in a sense, we have allies in the corporate sector with tons of money (and who want to make more!) So they might be willing to support us,
    if it is indeed found that the rule can be challenged.

    Let's assume that it can not be fought within US Constitutional framework then do we have a choice to bring this to international court level? Can US prove that keeping per country immigration quota for EB categories is not a discrimination but a policy to protect its citizens or per say to protect its industry/economy?

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  • vimalm
    08-22 11:43 AM
    Dear Samay

    My wife's H1 COS is approved with a start date of Oct 1, 08. Due to a family emergency she needs to travel to India and stay there for extended period of time (well past Oct 1. Expecting to return back End of Nov). Currently she is on H4 with her H4 Visa stamp expired.

    My question is can she come back on H1-B status at end of Nov? I understand that she will have to apply for H1-B visa stamping without paystubss in India and that can be very risky.

    She needs to leave ASAP (once we receive the approval in hand). Can she leave prior to Oct 1 or does she have to wait till Oct 1 and then go in order for COS to take effect?

    Your response is really appreciated.


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  • panini
    05-11 04:49 PM
    Mind you the civil war in SL is against the LTTE, not the Tamils.

    Correct! And it is not even a "Civil War". It is really a war ti erradicate terrorism from Sri Lankan soil. The term Civil War refers to a war between people in a country. The SL government is not waging a war against it's Tamil citizens but against a terrorist group.

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  • sri1309
    09-23 05:53 PM
    I am titled towards this idea. We can say its hard to get a mortgage with the status pending..

    But nobody likes my idea ? Premium processing @$10K. I am sure there will many who would like to do it, but based on response I got, I am doubting now.. Anyone who thinks this can be proposed too?

    But pls keep calling on 5882.. I still feel there is a chance..


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  • newtogc
    10-02 11:39 PM
    Hi All,

    One company offered me pre-approved labour, with PD as Dec-2004. They are mentioning that I can file i140 immediately as soon as my H1-B transffered to new company.
    I have been hearing the news about LC substitution elimination. Any authentic news regarding this? Even if the USCIS publish the news regarding the elimination of LC substitution, Will it undergo the hearing / comment process. During this time can I apply for i140?

    Is it better to take this LC( all the criteria required for sub is matched) or apply a new labour under PERM process.
    Currently I am in my first H1-B and valid till Oct 2007.

    In similar line, what are 45 day letters? Does it apply to my case.

    Please need experts advice in this regard.


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  • thepaew
    12-13 04:04 PM
    I dont think that the per-country cap on immigration is "Unconstitutional." It may not seem fair to those affected but it does not violate any article of the US consititution. The country has a right to regulate its borders; that is its right. We should try to argue that the policy is counter-productive and harmful - not that it is illegal.

    hairstyles In This Photo: Rod Blagojevich rod blagojevich trial. Rod Blagojevich#39;s federal
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  • whitecollarslave
    02-12 01:11 PM

    Good strategy. Need to make sure all EB provisions are still intact in these reforms targetted for spring & Summer of this year.

    How can we find out if EB provisions are there?

    02-13 03:05 PM
    Are you suggesting that IV's efforts would increase the wait times for ROW?
    What incentive does ROW have to work with IV then?

    Generally speakin' we are all "Rest of the World".

    Let's not just be theoretic. Our positive thinking and movement together will help resolve the issues.

    Even that I'm here since 2000 & my husband 1999(H1B-ROW) we will wait and fight together with India, China...

    Go, India! Go, China!

    07-21 01:49 PM
    This discussion is a lot fun guys.

    I hate these Amway and Quickstar guys with a passion. They are total losers. Though I dont have much to add to what others said before on this thread, I just want some Amway/Quickstar person to see this thread and realize what people of think of them. Doesnt matter I guess. Those guys are shameless and thickskinned.

    Chanduv23, couldn't have said it better. These days, like you said, I too feel very conscious of talking to Desi people who I meet at the public places.

    Some tips I collected after meeting at least 10 Quickstar jokers in the last few years. At some point I was suspecting if I was a Qucikstar magnet. :)

    Common pick up lines for them are:
    1) I have seen you some where
    2) I'm new to the area and I'm looking for a new roommate/place to live.
    3) Nice car/phone. How do you like it? I'm/my-wife-is thinking of buying exact same thing.
    4) If seen at a Desi store, what movie do you suggest?

    After some converstaion like what do you do etc, bang comes the question "How do you like to make some extra money after work?". Thats when you have to pick up your cell phone and answer some imaginary call and ignore the person.

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