Thursday, September 1, 2011

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  • pappu
    05-15 08:12 AM
    How come such legislative efforts are not even in IV's radar now....

    Always check with your state chapters.
    State chapter leaders are more aware of our work than what we post on the forum for public.
    There is lot of activity going on at this time. Everyone must join their state chapters to actively participate in IV effort.

    There maybe some more news today. Hopefully... Stay tuned.

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  • ragz4u
    03-16 10:38 AM
    We just received news that the Judiciary Committee hearings which were supposed to run until 1.00 pm today and also tomorrow have been postponed to March 27th. Apparently the deal is that the Judiciary Committee wants to put pressure on Senator Frist so that he does not introduce his version of the bill bypassing the committee...

    Will update as soon as we hear more...

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  • prioritydate
    08-07 05:45 PM
    Here we go again. They are approving this on purpose, I guess.

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  • bkarnik
    04-01 08:05 PM
    Fax 11 sent


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  • immilaw
    09-14 03:30 PM
    I have several friends who were waiting for GC desparately and they thought it was the final destination. They had many reasons why to get GC and once they get, they will be free and can do / will do everything possible. But, once they got it, they settled in a permanent job. Without GC, they were working for the same client with even more pay and life was good if not better.

    I was thinking the same way; because I am no different.

    Oflate, I realised, I am un-necessarily worried about something which is not in my control. I realised that I am well paid, with this pay even the benefits I am not getting are compensated. Why am I worried? Should I be after GC in order to get peace of mind? I started looking it little differently. I am in this country to earn more money and live comfortably. I am already enjoying what I wanted. Then, why am I worried still? May be it is in human nature to always look for something which is not in the hands.

    I still need GC for other things like Children education and get some other benefits (our education / starting business etc). I agree, but there is lot of time for that in my case. There are several people who are in the same state as me if not all. Everyone's needs are different.

    I thought I will just share my ideas so that atleast some of the people will be happier.

    Well said.

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  • chanduv23
    03-21 08:10 PM
    All NY members - New York City, upstate ... please join this mailing list

    IV-NY (

    As the first step, please update your contact information.


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  • raydon
    10-12 03:03 AM
    Looking at the movement of dates for EB3, esp India and China, it's hard to be optimistic of any changes. It's a very wretched position to be in for Indian and Chinese nationality, if they're in EB3. All those who are eligible to port will definitely try to port to EB2 as long as it's available and cut their waiting time. It might be risky and unpredictable, but it's a risk worth taking considering the endless torture in the form of a long wait and zero or little forward movement of dates.

    There've been times when I've felt like attempting porting, but am not sure of the reaction of my employer - a big "reputed" company. If they revoke the I-140 in retaliation for using AC-21, then no chance of porting and back to square one. So it's the seemingly endless wait for me just like all others suffering from 2001 onwards. If only I'd not hesitated to take a bold step back in 2003. Too late to lament about that though.

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  • smuggymba
    05-12 11:35 AM
    Hispanic community has unity. EB Community has factured groups, each intenet on their narrow goals and aspirations. There is no use commenting on and comparing Hispanic comunity with legal community. Every illegal fights for all the illegals where as every EB immigrant fights for himself and by extension his/her group be it preference category or country category

    .................and EB community doesn't even donate 50 dollars for the advocacy event. Did you contribute now that you're giving a lecture.


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  • RDB
    01-06 03:08 AM
    Yes, completely agree....PMP is akin to CCNA type of certifications and MBA is akin to a MS in Computer Networking. I will not go into details explaining the difference but just getting CCNA only helps you get a job, not advance in your career - where as a MS degree will always help in advancement. Ofcourse, there are exceptions and nothing is set in stone but that's the general rule of thumb.

    I am not sure why the 2 are being compared. One is a professional degree while the other is a certification. MBA prepares you (in theory) for several different jobs (marketing, finance, ops, general mgmt etc.) while PMP is primarily to "check the box" on program management. With all due respect to the PMPs (and other PM credentials) I havent seen any additional skills that PMP provides.

    Yes- I have an MBA and a PM certification and work with several IT PMs/techies but an not in IT myself.


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  • insbaby
    10-21 09:43 PM
    Hi All,

    Looks like there are interpretation issues for few IV members (I'm not against to any member or isolating any one).

    However, I have noticed interpretation issues in understanding a thread / posting for few members (based on their reaction).

    The way RED dots are given really pinches to the posting owner.

    My GC has been approved and I have not married yet. So I have posted my issue on thread and seeking helping from fellow IV members. I have received nice responses. I also have noticed the following comments on my control panel.

    Looks like, some members have serious interpretation issues. They all gave me RED DOTS.

    I really don't understand, why some one behaves like this when some one else has a real problem

    1. Not married yet. GC... 08-07-2008 07:05 PM GC and still complaining! great!
    2. Not married yet. GC... 09-24-2008 11:13 AM parying god won't help
    3. Not married yet. GC... 09-27-2008 09:43 PM backdating ur marriage date is illegal.

    Not only to this thread, I have been noticing since a year, few members comments are terrible. Those kinds of comments would not help and Demoralize fellow IV members.

    Some of them reacts and attacks the original thread poster. The answer posted would not even related to what original poster has asked for?. Don't know what people understand and what they post.

    May be, we have to do some thing in this cases.

    Ps: This is con traversal topic, See how others react based on their interpretation .

    You can't fix everything. Be ready for both.

    Here are some ways to handle this:

    1. Take it easy (Long term solution)
    2. Don't click on the "UserCP" link (Short term)
    3. Take a break from IV for few weeks (Short term)
    4. Open few threads and give reds left and right for 5 people (Immediate relief)


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  • yabadaba
    06-26 08:58 PM
    man.. u sure are an idealist...people dont even donate 25$ on this forum.. u think they will unite and not file???

    This is a free for all....any person on this forum will gladly sell the other person if he can to get 1 day advance on the 485 filing

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  • leo2606
    09-19 08:02 PM

    You think right after the rally USCIS will distribute Green Cards at the union station ticket counter? How stupid you are talking, look at you.Ask yourself the following question.

    1) How did I ask these stupid questions?
    2) Am I contributing/contributed a penny for IV's efforts.

    Ok, I've seen a lot of threads about go to the rally, actions items, I've reading a lot of guys saying dont ask for your receipt status, dont waste your time etc, etc.

    Yes we did the rally we were great with all those signs, and appearing in the Indy TV but...

    Question remains open:

    1. When are they going to increase the GC quota?
    2. When congress id going to do something?

    I've the feeling that that's it we made our point but we are still with no GC, waiting receipts..............


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  • prince40
    04-14 06:15 PM
    i hope these desi consultants r all banned and deported

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  • immi2006
    08-17 11:13 AM

    Let us focus on the rally and recapture of visa numbers. This more important to all than fighting out the LS issues and finding fault it is not our issue. If the LS guys gets rejects, they deserve it for not using their own Labor, and they a price for the same. Let us not beat them with a stick and focus on what can be done now.

    Let us not build hatred against anyone, this can only undermine our efforts. You never know, heard FBI Checks are strict on LS folks, hope that is true, atleast genuine filers get it based on their PD, so be 2001 or 2002 as long as they are the original beneficiary.

    Where is it mentioned that LC sub has been rejected ? I looked at the link and
    I couldnt find any thing.



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  • GCInThisLife
    07-19 12:11 PM
    I have a similar question that has been bugging me for some time and hasn't gotten a clear answer. Here is the details and not sure if there would be any problem to I-485.
    1. My wife came to US on H4 in Dec '03 which is valid up to sept' 06. Given I-94 reflecting same.
    2. Traveled outside US on H4 twice and each time got new I-94 till Set' 06.
    3. Applied for H1B and got approved for adjustment for status from Oct' 2005 with I-94 at the bottom of approval notice. H1B approval notice and I94 is valid till sept' 2008.
    4. Employer (consulting firm) insisted on getting SS number before searching for projects so applied for SS# and waited.
    5. After delays received SS card in March' 06.
    6. Found a project soon, but the start date was from June ' 06 and 'officially' joined the company from June' 06.
    7. Employer asked for a signed letter from my wife that due to health reasons, she is joining two months late - not sure if it is purely for their safety or ours?.
    8. Continuous paychecks since jun '06
    9. Haven't traveled abroad after getting H1B approved.
    9. Applied for I485 together in June' 07 with me being direct beneficiary and wife being derivative. Submitted all documents i., passports, I-94, approval notices, w-2, tax returns, employment letter etc for both.

    So the question is not getting paychecks or not joining the company immediately can cause any problem to her I485? I read some where that It is not a problem for H1B AOS as person is not required to join the employer immediately after getting approved for H4 to H1B AOS and it is a problem only if entered the country on H1B and not receiving paychecks in between.. Is this true??

    Also, it says on USCIS website that employee-employer relation is critical for H1B and employee can be on vacation, sick, out of pay etc. Not exactly sure what it means by relation.

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  • navyug
    02-12 05:31 PM

    I left my previous employer more than 6 months back , he didnt paid me my final paycheck and i complained to DOL since 3 wehn i asked for my W2 he said me to do whatever i feel and he is adamant at not giving it....moreover he said that his company has suffered losses worth 25K and his lawyer has sent a legal notice in this regard....and when i said how will we file taxes he says he wished for me to be out of status and go back.....

    Since i have complained to DOL and also it is more than 6 moths since i left his organisation giving proper notice and have email confirmations, can he issue me legeal notice.....?please advice...

    He is also saying that he has written to USCIS that I am fraud,....though I have been working in fortune 100 companies and now also working in reputed company and never lied for anything and was on project from day 1 since I came to States....? can USCIS cause problems for me in future...

    Also, he seems to have closed his company..

    Folks please advice....

    Keep all email correspondences....You can infact make him pay dearly for harasement...


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  • Humhongekamyab
    02-21 12:55 PM
    Thanks for the reply...
    Initially I too got the same doubt that it could be a prank from my friend. But the name of the person who called me matches with the name of the person who visited my employer's office around 2 months back. After I got a call from ICE officer, I notified the same to my employer and explained about the call.
    Really donno what to do.... Even though the ICE officer took prior appointment for visiting me, should I still contact attorney?

    Don't let him come to your house w/o your attorney being present.

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  • EB3IFiasco
    02-17 06:56 PM
    Same story here.Hard LUD couple days ago. Email said "transfered to.." something something.

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  • bvibhu
    08-16 03:04 PM
    I think it does not make sense even if you re-file it. Your second application may also take ages to get a receipt. In that case, should we keep re-filing endlessly??? :)

    05-06 12:05 AM
    ... it is too late to link immigration with housing did pick up some steam as shiller and others discussed it ,...

    Shiller is smart but I think he is confusing the word 'Immigrant' with the word 'stupid'.

    I am an immigrant and why should I buy an unaffordable over priced house which no American is willing to buy?

    05-19 08:56 PM
    I agree ..provided they have done thier BS in US university ..i know 80 % of the indian students ( leave IITs/IIMs) will do MS because they either didn't get any job in india or admission to higher degree program

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