Thursday, September 1, 2011

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  • satyasaich
    06-28 09:36 AM
    Unless the first company cancels their H1B

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  • forever
    08-13 09:51 AM
    Who is Becca Fischer ???:confused:

    I had never expected of this variable i.e., application received by , as a factor of influence in the GC approval process discussion. People have gone completely insane. :(

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  • sudhakar_p_v
    06-12 11:05 AM
    Hi 485_spouse,
    I just e filed my wifes application , can we fedex the documents or does this have to be first class mail. I tried looking for this info but couldnt find any concrete answers.

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  • akizdetz
    08-10 07:30 PM
    Looks like it is mistake. Is it your second FP appt? It is possible that they already have FP with them and I 140 and I 485 both approved on the same date - within an hour difference.

    No, it's the first one. I really hope I-140 is approved :-)


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  • baburob2
    02-27 01:24 PM
    i think even an economic analyst can predict the stock market patterns but wouldn't be able to answer your question :)

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  • panky72
    06-18 04:56 PM

    I have valid AP until Oct 16, 2008. I am going out of country between 1st Aug - 31 Aug.

    I read that upon return, I will be paroled for validity with 1 year from that date.. i.e 31 Aug, 2009.

    Does that mean I will not need AP renewal until 31 Aug, 2009 and I can re-enter US until that date without having to renew AP.?

    Thanks in advance

    Although you receive 1 yr parole but you still need AP renewal before the current one expires (Oct 16th in your case). I think that the parole stamp on I-94 does not allow reentry into US.


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  • inderman
    10-10 10:50 AM
    Here is some genuine feedback about USCIS customer service:

    1. NCSC is unable to provide any inputs on the actual problem... this becomes a bottleneck.

    2. Once an SR is created, no further SR can be created for 30 or 45 days...If you really got to know of an issue with your case from an SR that was first created, how and why is their this expectation that you need to wait for 30 days before which you can get back to USCIS for resolving that problem.

    3. NO consistency in the answers provided by USCIS... I had an Infopass, call to NCSC and call to NSC within the span of one hour on the same day... The answers i got to the same question was completely different and completely off in some cases... How can candidates continue to wait and work patiently with USCIS if this continues?

    4. Infopass appointment does not seem to help... I go and tell the officer about a problem and the officer says not a problem and just wait... the next time i talk to NSC, they tell me to follow up with an infopass.

    Please highlight these points in the session in a constructive manner as a means to improve cusotmer service.


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  • devd
    09-11 03:37 PM
    On August 5th, My Online status got updated: Approval Notice sent

    On August 19th, My employer got the notice stating that my petition is denied. He scanned it and forwarded it to me.

    On September 10th, My Online status got updated: the post office returned the notice we last sent you on this case I129 PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER as undeliverable. This may have serious effects on processing this case. Please call xxx to update your mailing address for this notice to be re-sent.

    All this is leading to big confusion in my mind. I am not worried about denial. I am worried about what is happening here? Why Online status is deviant from what my employer says?


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  • mbartosik
    04-01 11:30 PM
    This is from USCIS point of view. So they include all categories of I485 -- most will probably be family based. The I140 is exclusive to EB class. Of course USCIS does not publish stats that we would find really useful, even their process dates are works of fiction (or at least not totally accurate).

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  • saps
    11-21 01:27 PM
    She will get her EAD even if your priority date retrogresses in the next visa bulletin.
    As far as I know, you don't neccessarily need to file EAD with your I-485. Once your I-485 is pending, you can file EAD anytime after that(irrespective of PD movement) but its always better to file them together.

    Someone please correct me if I am wrong.


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  • grimdeath
    04-17 09:35 AM
    Means you two have and 86% chance of makin' bacon.

    In his dreams :lol:

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  • zCool
    12-18 04:41 PM
    You can't.. It's very risky and not worth the trouble.. I tried and got denied.


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  • rajuseattle
    03-02 12:55 PM

    U said it right, I dont know why IV admin/moderators keep allowing such abusive language in the IV forum.

    IV forum is suppose to help legal immigrants dealing with different immigration related situations, instead now its turning into the forum where people started hatred.

    IV admin please intervene and stop these kind of posting, which hurts IV's cause.

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  • eb3_nepa
    02-06 12:03 PM
    Excellent words Ragz,

    However i have found that motivating Desis is like milking a male buffalo (no offence to our fellow desis helping out on Immigration Voice.

    There is just too much inertia, plain negativity, fear of being prosecuted etc. Besides WAYYY too many ppl like to sit on the fence and wait it out, see which way things swing and then take action at the last minute.

    Also this might be a good time to mention community support. The Illegals, to the best of my knowledge get a good amt of community support. To the extent that even amnesty bills are introduced. Try getting the Local Indian communities to help. Most will give u long talks and suggestions, but Few will open their wallets.


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  • malepati
    09-14 05:50 AM
    My OPT started on July 12th, 2006 and I did not apply for my H1-B last year because the advanced degree cap quota was reached even before I got my job. Now, my OPT expired on July11th, 2007. My attorney suggested me to use the 60 days grace period to stay in U.S and get my H1-B Visa stamped in Chennai, India (Because, the 60 days grace period will get over by September 11th, 2007 and there is 19 days gap before my H1-B starts). In the H1-B approval notice it is clearly mentioned that I would attend the Chennai consulate for my stamping. The problem is that, I am not able to find available dates in Chennai consulate for H1-B stamping. Can I attend Delhi or Mumbai consulates? Please suggest me a way to come out of this situation.

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  • tradahoo
    09-04 08:10 PM

    Anyone knows about filing for PERM on the 6th year of H1B? Will it still eligible for H1B extension?


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  • dan19
    09-07 07:56 PM
    My attorney send me an email stating that my sister's H1 transfer was filed to WILLISTON, VT. Do they normally send to that address or is it somewhere else?

    I thought it was Saint Albans,VT

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  • Vturlapati
    08-30 12:12 PM
    On a separate note, If we have valid AP now and already applied for extension, if we get GC approval while in India , can we wait till we get new AP and reenter using new AP if somebody brings that or mail it?

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  • sunny1000
    11-26 07:14 PM
    Yes, the number will be the same.
    Just want to confirm if both needs to be surrendered

    I have always surrendered both (done it 3 times so far) as it says on the I-797 that it will delay the re-entry if I did not surrender the one printed on it.

    10-22 08:18 AM
    Moon mission is quite a technological jump! As per APJ, it all starts from looking into the sky and dreams....imagination, creativity.....

    American dream is also lots of ups and downs....

    Indians in IT and NASA are products of those dreams....

    Nuclear cooperation between India and the US would change energy, infrastructure and development equations fundamentally...

    All of the above impact us fundamentally as well.

    Why STOP this thread as long as the context is technology, our future and life in 21st century?

    08-16 02:31 PM

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