Sunday, June 19, 2011

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  • sanju
    11-15 11:23 AM
    Thats what my Question i am gonna prove it i paid 3k for my H1. They are deducting 500 (for my H1) everymonth from my paycheck in the name of CASH ADVANCE DEDUCTION.
    I really want to teach them a that they stop messing many vulenerable people like me who go to them every year. Could somebody tell me how i am gonna complain DOL in new jersey about this company and does DOL really takes any action.
    Greencard is not i am much looking for......i am planning to go back to india after 2-3 years.

    Well, in your case you don't have to prove anything, your employer has the burden to prove that he gave you "Cash Advance", which he didn't. He is the one deducting from your pay check. Deducting any amount from any pay check is a big deal and employers have the burden of proof. But that's the least of your worries. You are taking about "how will you prove". I am sure you can report this to US DOL and/or NJ dept of Labor. Given a choice, it would be better to report this to US DOL as foreign labor is in the jurisdiction of US DOL. If are willing to report your employer (whom I have many adjectives to describe), I will post the link to DOL website. In the past there were some post on this forum that said that the admin of this site could also help if you want to do something like this. Be ready to change your employer after you report to US DOL. You employer will be toast and will be debarred from filing H1s for few years (practically forever).

    All the Best.

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  • punjabi
    12-17 02:14 PM
    It's just a dinner price! If you ever go out on a good dinner with a family, it usually costs about $50. I am barely meeting my daily bills as of now, but I don't hesitate donating in the amount of $100 and I have done it 4 times so far in the recent past.

    It still holds: "You get more than what you give to others for the good cause."

    Happy Donations!!

    Hello there,

    I have been wanting to make an IV contribution for a long time and here is my problem..I probably can be labeled a miseror a magpie! ..Whenever I go to the IV link to contribute and see the $50 or $100 option I panic and get out..yes I do!
    I have some desi colleagues and was discussing this issue with them at work..and they had the exact same am not the only magpie..

    But hey is'nt IV the one which is at the receiving end not getting our contributions..

    I speak from my own experience and call me a mapie or a miser..or whatever..I cant make myself make a $50 or more contribution .. thats the way I am..But I can sure make a smaller contribution (like a monthly recurring $10 contribution which really is easier to make) and I am quite sure IV will benefit from my small contributions as well as i think a lot more people will not hesitate making contributions in smaller denominations than a whopper $50+

    And really this is not related to IV effort but more to do with my own way of thinking about parting with my money..I love my money..:)...

    My history - Made $0 contributions so far..and have been wanting to contribute for a long time now..but keep backing away..

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  • andymajumder
    06-28 12:49 PM
    dotn worry...this stuff normally is for any new applications only!!!

    Does it mean they would stop processing I140 premium applications which have already been sent. My I140 was pending for 6 months and I changed it for premium after the dates became current, it was sent by my lawyer this Monday (25th) and received by USCIS on 26th. Does this mean it will not be processed or does this mean they will not accept any premium processing applications from July 2nd.

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  • docwa
    08-04 05:40 PM
    If the suspense is killing anyone, like it was to me; its easy to call the USCIS #, and ask the cust service person if the application has been pre-adjudicated. He/She will ask for SRC/LIN # again, and tell you yes/No and date of pre-adjudication.
    If the first officer does not help, call another, and the next one will.


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  • irrational
    07-03 02:23 PM
    I put them in a thin plastic bag my photographer gave me and used a clip to put all documents together

    You can also take a screenshot and email it to yourself.

    You can do it, you have the option to save the documents as pdf. From what I read from other users, sometimes USCIS website hangs and then you can request (by sending an e-mail) for the pdfs to be e-mailed to you. In either case I would recommend to use a PC with printer, it's more convenient.

    You can also take a screenshot and email it to yourself.

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  • desi3933
    06-24 09:37 PM
    desi3933 is right.

    - While on a H1 or a L1 visa, one is expected to maintain a continous period of employment. If one is on a H1 visa and does not get paid, that individual automatically falls "out of status".
    - It does not matter if the person has other seemingly valid visa stamps on his/her passport.
    - The only highly-skilled dual intent visas that allow one to work, are the H1 and the L1, as far as I am aware of. Dependent visas do not allow one to work, such as H4 or L2. The only way one can work while being a dependent is if one has an EAD based on a pending AOS(I-485).
    - If one is on a H1/L1 and wants to switch to say a dependent visa (H4 or L2), one has to submit a change of status form (I-539?). The person is assumed to be in "authorized status" until the change of status (or even an extension) occurs. If the COS or extension gets denied, the person is retroactively "out of status" from the original date of expiration on the previous visa.
    This is correct ONLY if person is maintaining status at the time of application. If the person is out of status then filing change of status petition does not put him/her in status.

    - Accruing over 180 days will entail a bar of 3 years for re-entry after the person leaves the US.
    - Accruing over 365 days will entail a bar of 10 years for re-entry after the person leaves the US.
    3/10 year ban applies to unlawful presence only and NOT for out of status. If I-94 date is passed, only then person starts accumulating unlawful presence. There is a BIG distinction between unlawful presence and out of status.

    Also see the last paragraph on Rajiv's website here:

    Under the current system, unfortunately, there is limited employee protection or even whistle-blowing, so seek a competent attorney's advice right away.

    - Remember, the affected individual(in this case your wife) has a lot to lose if she leaves the US(ie cross the official border), even to visit Canada. Competent attorneys can help arrange for waivers from typically the home consulate(ie consulate in home country). Consulates in third countries do not entertain applicants for visa stamping or visa renewals if they have not maintained status

    This is an issue ONLY if I-94 date is passed. Out of Status is not an issue for visa stamping (The key thing here is I-94 date).

    - If the home consulate approves the said individual's visa renewal or new visa stamping, that individual can enter the US, however, there is lack of clarity on whether such a person will be finally able to "adjust status" to become a lawful permanent resident.

    This is a SERIOUS matter requiring legal competent advice.
    email me at "sertasheep at immigrationvoice dot org" if you have any followup questions.

    NOTE: Immigration Voice does not purport this to be legal advice, and you are strongly advised to seek legal opinion. Employers, as a rule, must not ask for payment in any shape or form to produce paystubs. Immigration Voice always advocates abiding by the law, no matter how archaic they may be. As the applicant, the burden is on the individual to maintain status. Please do your research

    SertaSheep -

    See my comments in Blue above. There is a BIG distinction between unlawful presence and out of status.

    The best way to get back into status is to re-enter in USA with the proper visa (h4/l2) visa stamp.

    The I-485 can be denied if the person is out of status > 180 days (since last entry in USA) at the time of filing.

    Paying employer for generating "pay stubs" can land one in deep trouble. PLEASE consult a good attorney before paying for pay stubs.

    There are actions "missed" by Employers. But, that is beyond the scope of current discussion.

    I will be writing a detailed note on how to handle out of status issues.

    desi3933 at

    Not a legal advice.
    Green Card holder since May 2002


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  • for_gc
    06-23 04:10 PM
    And always send via USPS express mail. (1 day costed me $18) but I came to know instantly the next day that they received it.
    You could also use some cheaper USPS option. as long as it has some delivery confirmation.
    The reason I like express mail one day, is because u can request a copy of the receiver's signature via email (comes in a PDF). This is proof that USCIS really got it and u can then sleep nicely for the next 3 months.
    Ha Ha.

    Hi dilip,

    Where do we get the A# from ?

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  • WaldenPond
    02-24 11:58 AM
    The main goal of IV is to bring an end to labor processing delay in the backlog center and I-485 retrogression. We have consistently mentioned this in all possible forums. This has been clearly mentioned on home page. And if there is anybody who has any doubt, we would request you to please call us at (281) 576-7185.

    I am beginning to realize that for some people who do not want to contribute, there will always be plenty of reasons and plenty of excuses not to participate & contribute. I think these people are the ones who are actually responsible for the problems of all of us. Our problems do not originate in the slow GC process or the existing bad legislation. Our problems originate due to the people who are always looking for reasons to not participate or do anything or these people who are always looking for reasons to feel offended. And these people are sure doing a wonderful job because there will always be plenty of reasons to feel offended or not feel part of the group or not find enough motivation to feel part of the bigger community.

    Asking questions or requesting a specific item in the goals is one thing. People beating the drum of transparency …. That is no big deal either. Everybody is entitled for their opinion. But people watching from the sidelines or for the people who want to include agenda as Goals of the IV or for the people putting conditions to their contributions, here is what I have to say to you. I would sincerely request you to never visit Immigration Voice or any other immigration related forum or website. You guys are the real problem because you are the once helping to foster the current system by not participating in brining the change. At the end of the day, know that you are the real culprits not the system which will be shaped by the contribution of each of us.

    In last 2 weeks the contributions has really come down drastically. Everybody please note that we are running very low on the funds collection. All of us have two choices. One, contribute for this cause generously and lead the friends and acquaintances by example and tell them to do the same. Secondly, find reasons to not participate or not to contribute due to this, that or whatever …. The choice is entirely yours. But with your choice also understand whether you are being part of the solution or part of the problem. And whatever you do (including posting negative messages), I would sincerely request everybody to ask yourself one question, whether you (or your post) are strengthening or weakening this effort.

    I would like to request all the members who have not yet contributed to please contribute generously. Please put your money where your mouth is. This effort or any similar effort for that matter cannot do much without the necessary funds that only come in the form of contributions from its members. And for those of us who have already contributed in the past, its time to please contribute more and help to fuel this effort.

    This is not just about the life of the people who started this effort or the core/active members who have taken the initiative and responsibility. This is about all of us whether or not you feel part of it or not. It doesn’t make any difference how you feel about the situation or state of affairs. Why? Because this will be over very soon. And for the people who want to continue to ponder over this idea of whether or not they have a sense of belonging to IV, I would sincerely request you to please understand and know that by any contribution to this effort, you are strengthening your own voices. Know that this is not about anybody else but you.


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  • garybanz
    12-07 08:09 AM
    I have already waited 90 days, my RD is July 02, ND is July 27.

    Then IMHO you should give USCIS a visit.

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  • singhsa3
    08-13 09:27 PM
    Please contribute


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  • gcisadawg
    01-22 01:21 PM
    Thanks for the reply. I am not sure how that will divide the community. As per USCIS laws currently, the spillover is horizontal. Based on this assumption, will EB3-I get any visas if the recapture is successful?

    When USCIS changed the laws, there was a bloodbath here between Eb3 and EB2 folks...
    Looks like you were not aware of it!

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  • bkarnik
    05-11 02:44 PM
    I am not so sure if the CIR bill will help us. Allowing 12+ million illegals into the same system that we are in will totally screw up our chances of getting green cards. Does the bill mention anything about increasing budget and manpower for the USCIS department to handle 12+ million potential applications? Considering that large numbers of the illegals are from a country which also has a specific country quota in the GC lines, will the bill increase drastically the number of Visa Numbers available??
    This bill favors the illegals so much that even reading it makes me wonder how fair the system is to those of us who follow laws and file documents on time. What's the point? All of us should just forget about the rules and go do whatever job we want to do.

    Friends...please...the CIR is still better than the present situation we are in. It increases the H1B numbers, it increases the amount of GCs availbale per year, it excludes dependents from the quota, it excludes STEM advanced degrees (currently employed as well as future students) from the quota, it does require the illegals to wait at least 6 years before they can file papers for their GCs and then thay get to be at the back of the line, additionally, if the SKIL bill provisions are also included as amendments, it will also provide a premium processing facility for I485. The SKIL bill also mandates the DOL to clear all backlog within 6 months. The thinking is that by the time the undocumented aliens (somehow, I do not like the word illegal) enter the pipeline, the current backlog will be cleared and all dates will be current.

    Given, the uncertainity in the process right now, I still feel that CIR is the way to go. Also, if it were not for the issue of the undocumented aliens, there would have been no incentive or push to do anything about the system and we would be stuck with this system. As far as the USCIS efficiency is concerned, I would not underestimate them either, the USCIS is known to be very efficient when it needs to (prime example the spectacularly efficient and successful H1 B premium processing system) so keep the faith and help yourselves achieve your dreams :)


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  • chanduv23
    07-31 01:27 PM
    The document was published on April 30th 2008 , its a year old document means nothing at this moment of time.

    I agree that "something to do with economy" is a rumor.

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  • sanjeev_2004
    08-22 10:42 PM
    Not quite, as I understand it, if your PD is not current, your AOS will continue processing and will eventually get to a "approved, pending visa number" state. You can pretty much be in this state for some time, and then when PD does become current (as happened from May through July this year with the significant shift in PDs in the bulletins) there will be a massive approval rate of all those pending applications.

    USCIS doesn't stop the application process just because your PD is no longer current

    This is how USCIS got through 60k unused visas in a staggeringly short time. There were a LOT of applications that were ready to go, they were just waiting for those numbers. USCIS didn't all of a suddenly quadruple their efficiency in processing :)

    "pending visa number" situation never possible now becuase there are sufficient I485 with old pds. PD is base after that every thing is luck.


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  • thomachan72
    05-24 12:02 PM
    in the long run, it is going to be extremely BAD/HARD for skilled immigrants..
    I couldn't confirm it but from what I understand, the dual intent will no longer be valid on H1 ie A H1-B holder cannot have an immigrant intent. Does that mean, they cannot file for a GC, while on H1? Also, as consulting would be severely restricted, how many of the H1s will be able to find Full-Time Jobs?

    As we read more into the Bill, the 'hidden' intent is becoming clear..
    Restrictions & more Restrictions..

    My dear friend this statement that you made is BS. Pls read the bill draft carefully, actually they have added dual intent to even F1 in some catagories. They have not taken dual intent off H1b visas. Our major killer is however the restrictions imposed for extension beyond 6 years. We need the employer's recomendation + >365 days pending 140. I dont know whether one of these would suffice or whether both would be needed??? Otherwise it looks not VERY bad, but bad.

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  • mpadapa
    10-02 01:21 PM
    Looks like this meeting is going to be fun..
    I'll try my best to make it..


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  • badluck
    05-29 07:46 AM
    Each application could generate fines and fees of $1,000 to $5,000, a windfall of $10 billion to $15 billion over eight years, Homeland Security officials said. The money would dwarf revenue from a previously announced agency plan to increase fees on immigration and employment applications by 50 percent as early as next week, to raise $1 billion a year.
    What are you saying it is a SCAM.....

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  • neamoni
    05-21 12:58 PM
    Thank you gc_kaavaali and lskreddy for "lending your eyes"!

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  • wahwah
    11-14 10:31 PM
    you argued with me prediction of severe retrogression in 2 months was not incorrect.


    1st C C C C C
    2nd C 01JAN03 01JAN02 C C
    3rd 01SEP02 15OCT01 01MAY01 22APR01 01SEP02
    Workers 01OCT01 01OCT01 01OCT01 01OCT01 01OCT01
    4th C C C C C
    Certain Religious Workers C C C C C
    5th C C C C C
    Targeted Employ-ment Areas/
    Regional Centers C C C C C

    You are just repeating yourself. Show me the logic why entering all apps will retrogress the PD?

    Let me give a concrete example. For India EB2, why would the PD not move from, say, April 2004 to January 2005, even if, say, 20 million people with priority date at 2006 apply for I485?

    Understand the procedure first. With a better idea of applications in pipeline, you will see the PD movement to be better predicted, not retrogression.

    Why is it obvious? Show me the logic man!! Instead of just stating it. If ROW was current till now on some category, everybody who were supposed to file would have filed. Why would it get retrogressed. You understand that only the unused ROW numbers trickle over ot India/China etc.

    So, you are saying you don't have a logic. You are speculating and saying only time will prove you right? Eh?

    05-21 01:02 PM
    Thanks, sunny1000!

    Like I said, I did all that, including deleting cookies, and still nothing.

    I used IE and it worked. Mozilla browser still shows Apr 2007.

    BTW, I corrected my post to show the NSC dates as I posted the TSC dates earlier. My mistake.

    09-08 02:07 AM
    Delivered on July 2 thru Fedex.

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