Sunday, June 19, 2011

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  • smuggymba
    04-29 09:39 PM
    Perhaps, USA can levy another "fee" on H1-B folks to cover up the fighter jet deal loss just like they levy the mexico border protection fees on H1-B's.

    Obama and USA should know that they can not cover every expense in USA by levying fees on H1-B folks. It's disgusting.

    Which country in this world charges high skilled ppl to pay for their border protection?

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  • ss1026
    08-20 06:18 PM
    I would like to know How to file a complaint about labor fraud? I just found out that my employer didn't file 485 for me and instead he used the labor for someone else. Is there anyway I can file a complaint? I have no other option except to wait until the dates are current again. I paid all the expenses for labor, 140 and 485.

    I don't think I can truly understand how frustrated and angry you must be and I really hope there is a legal avenue by which you could atleast get some kind of monetary reward. I hope you could take this employer through the DOL fraud dept and cause him to really pay for this.

    One of the side benefits of the end of labor substitutions is that unscrupulous employers like your desi employer will not be able to sell a labor to the highest bidder or give it away to a new hire as a 'sign on' bonus. Either the original candidate gets it or goes to waste. Though it seems a little tough, it more than makes up by preventing such stories as yours in the future. Good luck

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  • sandiboy
    07-26 04:54 PM
    it will be released tomorrow

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  • IneedAllGreen
    06-27 02:33 PM
    I second your opinion. I went to Kinkos for quality of photos. I dont have maline thought for other places wherever people had visited or thought to visiting in future. I had taken photos in 2002 from Kinkos and they were using Polaroid camera those days. I sent those photos for H1B Visa stamping at State Department in DC. It worked that time and I liked Sears as well for their quality work. By the way I took lots of photos in 2004 from Sears for Marriage proposals. Yeah I got marry last year because I sent Good quality photo to my in-law family. You see you get what you pay for..Guys as "LogicLife" says you get priceless GC while you dont want to pay couple of extra bucks....Poor you...


    We got our photos from SEARS . It is expensive(36$ for 8 photos ,(no option of ordering just 6 photos) )but quality is great !!!!

    tell them you need photo for immigration documentation purpose , they are aware of USCIS requirement.

    so if u care about quality go to SEARS ,if u don't care about quality go to CVS


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  • somegchuh
    12-05 05:25 PM
    Would you mind sharing the process of getting the PPF from your old employer in India? i.e. what kind of forms do I need to request? What kind of documentation is needed etc?

    I closed my PPF account twice and never paid a single paisa. The second one I closed when I was in US and got the forms here through my old employer and Signed and send those form back to that employer , they filed it, Don'y know if they attached "NOC" but I got all of my money (close to INR80K) in 2 or 3 weeks at my home address in India.

    I guess no one needs to pay money for to PPF in any state all you need tyo do is follow the proper instructions, It's as good as in any bank.

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  • mhtanim
    11-19 01:51 PM
    I never received a transfer notice from NSC, however my wife received a transfer notice long back (some time in Sep')

    Sorry for asking you so many questions. I am just trying to figure out if there is any pattern on NSC-CSC-NSC FP appointments.

    Did you get a notice from CSC saying they are transferring your I-485 to NSC? If so, when was it?


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  • immigrant-in-law
    01-28 12:30 PM
    seriously? you working in some gas station too? what other advantages have you taken of the system?

    Sad to see students being punished like this. They are just taking advantage of the system and make some money, but not doing anything illegal. That's what we are all here for right? Make some money. If enrolling for F1 and working somewhere else is against rules, then why did USCIS issue F1 and CPT to the students.

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  • vamsi_poondla
    10-10 09:30 PM


    IS that what this means? Yes Chandu. I think analysts and investors coined this word :-) If there is going to be price pressure, further rupee strengthening and visa restrictions, these are most probably the ones that will remain in the market. Indian IT service industry is in the verge of major consolidation. Weak players will be gone and only companies which offer wide range of services and maturity will sustain. (per some analysts)


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  • lazycis
    12-19 03:47 PM
    Moreover, the decision totally ignores the fact that "The basis for adjustment is not actual (current) employment but prospective employment" and the entire answer to Q10 in Part I of the Aytes Memo od 12/25/05

    The court decision is correct. The I-140 has been withdrawn before 180 days and that was fatal for I-485.

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  • sasidhar79
    11-03 01:05 PM
    President Obama is not just far left.

    He is far too liberal(left) fiscally and far too conservative(right) socially.

    What does that say ? No relief for us from him, we should look forward for someone else to help us.


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  • royus77
    06-19 02:57 PM
    I guess most of the folks here are busy preparing to apply for 485. I have different problem here.

    My employer's attorney is charging me outrageous fees of around $5000 to
    apply for 485, AP and EAD for me and my spouse. This excludes USCIS fees. I work on hourly basis, so I should be taking care of immigration fees. My employer is not allowing me to file through another law firm.

    Do I have any other options. How much do they charge usually.

    Same with me My current attorney increased the fee overnight and luckily my employer is ready to work with others. find another one today and sent all the documents ( my 140 was already approved and available with me ) ..Dont want to take any risk with the 485 filing hired another attorney

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  • mallu
    11-29 11:38 PM
    If this turns out true, that will be great !!!
    One minor side effect is that India EB dates might further retrogress because still there a lot of folks with PD 2001,2002 etc pending namecheck clearance.


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  • walking_dude
    01-14 11:36 AM
    This is the simplest Action Item ever, no travel, no holding placards, no visits to lawmakers, no real world activity. All that's needed is pen, paper, envelope and a stamp.I can't imagine anyone here who cannot afford any of these items.

    Most members here will benefit here by 3 year EAD/APs, job flexibility and promotions. Members who missed the July VB boat, and new applicants, will get to apply 485 and get into the line. There was a hue and cry sometime back about restarting I-40 PP. Even that group stands to benefit as their demands are included too.

    Hence the current low-level of participation is surprising. If we cannot collectively write even a letter for our cause, we might as well pack up or stop waiting/discussing VBs. They will be bleak for at least 4-5 years more. Come on folks, we can do better than this. We will write those letters and we'll succeed.

    Write those letters and update the tracker. Your kids will thank you for it when they growup (all the money saved from 10 years EAD/AP can be turned into savings for them)

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  • JazzByTheBay
    02-10 11:54 PM
    Not into LUD-watching per se, but I got an email update for my spouse's case - same message. June 30/July 2 filer, TSC -> CSC -> NSC route, RFE responded to recently (1/28) for my own I-485.

    Glad to know I wasn't the only one... and it probably doesn't mean a whole lot at this point given the priority dates.



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  • n_2006
    05-22 03:49 PM
    I think many of consultants those came here with small companies might not got payment initially until you the project ataleast for few weeks. That period of time is the eligibility for illegal status.

    Well they will easily find out from your SSN number if one is on payroll or not. I am seriously looking into this matter of getting illegal and many of my friends agree. Once the bill passes in its current form we should get advise from a good lawyer to convert status from legal to illegal. It sounds so insane when I say changing for legal to illegal..but that is the hit thing these days.

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  • desi_voice
    04-16 03:56 PM
    Ummm.. I did not know that one can do a diploma after 10th grade in India and after that, a year to get bachelors? You are right... its not very clear from the original post.. and can easily be misinterpreted as (10+2+3+1) which is 16 years of education.

    OP, could you please confirm if this is the case with your background.

    Hi Gapala,

    After finishing 10th standard/grade/SSLC(10th), students join Polytechnics education which awards Diploma, which is 3 yrs course.


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  • sujan_vatrapu
    10-28 04:03 PM
    Sujan vatarapu you are a baby here. you just believe what ever supereme court says! it is influenced by politicians, and the so called minority community in India. So if you dont know dont argue. I never said anything -ve about athiest, I said they are denying themselves by claiming as an atheist. that is about it. When you point a finger three of your own fingers are pointing towards you Please understand that.

    exactly and it applies more to you because if someone does not agree with your opinion thats what you do, wherz the proof that supreme court is influenced by minorities? you are totally out of touch with reality and u probably are struck with 70s/80s mentality, no point in arguing with you,

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  • losthope
    06-11 12:46 AM
    # of votes are less. many people don't know about this?

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  • dish
    01-10 04:37 PM
    Hi all,

    Now H1 period no longer counts against H4 period. As H4 is allowed to do volunteer I work, I had taken up few Volunteer Projects and done some Open Source Projects for keeping my Skills updated.

    Is it advisable to put all these expeience in resume, while applying for a new H1B or only professional experience should be shown on the resume.

    Advice please.

    03-11 04:48 PM
    No sir, I remember they provided them with lot of information, it's just that these 2 Senators want to kill H1B program, they had replied to him or not is immaterial..

    yeah; sure.

    09-05 04:11 PM
    - best place to stay, hopefully in proximity to the rally start point
    - best return flight time to get back
    - do I need to rent a car?

    Which Airport are you planning to fly from?

    Anyone from San Jose?

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