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  • chanduv23
    10-02 02:42 PM

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  • gc28262
    02-22 08:12 PM
    Hi All,

    I filed my I485 in 08/05 and my labor date is 07/05 in perm. My I140 got approved in 2007.
    I was in bench for around 6 months in 2008 starting from Jan 1st to 06/20th. I took full time position in last week of 06/08 and continuing in the same job. I got RFE on my I485 and asked for employment verification in 12/09. My attorney replied with presnt employment letter and applied for AC21 also at the same time. Now i got another RFE asking for last 5 years employment letter, w-2 forms and tax returns.

    Can some one please let me know how i can handle the period that i was in bench in 2008.


    If you entered US on a valid Visa through a POE after June 2008, you are covered. You need to prove your legal status only since your last entry to US (Entering using AP does not count). If your employer didn't pay on bench, that is your employer's problem.

    Some links:

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  • nixstor
    10-12 08:33 PM
    My last post in the matter. By our perspective, what I meant was, if you see an article talking about common topics such American Compititiveness or Illegal immigration you can always send an e-mail to the reporter and talk about plight legal immigrants. In most cases you will see a response from the reporter, whether they publish it or not is generally a matter of who you represent and audicences to the cause and other issues . That's why I said if IV as an organisation sends an e-mail (it could be me or you but representing IV itself) there is a possiblity that you will be taken seriously. But repeating the same issue to the same reporter 100 times will not make it any important it might even have a deleterious effect. I have seen this method working in the past. If you disagree with my approach, let's agree to dissagree on our approaches.

    --> Hear you totally sending one single message but what will you release for press and how often will you do it. If I am not mistaken, You are suggesting that we come up with a list of issues and do a press release and that should be fine. Well, Its a good idea and I am sure we had PR releases when there were events.

    If you are saying that we should do a press release now instead of sending personalised emails, I guess its gotta be more with the $$ than being able to do it. Not all reporters, do leave an email and google might do the job. I have tried sending emails to such reporters and the response has been lukewarm over the past 2 months. Here is what one reporter has to say.

    Well, you�ve got a hard sell now because everything is so centered on the elections, and the larger immigration story centers on the undocumented (who are far greater in number than high skilled immigrants, at least those seeking green cards.) A lot of media outlets also don�t have immigration reporters per se. If I were you I�d target business reporters. But make sure they haven�t already done something on this in the past year, because even though not everyone listens to or reads everything we do, we do tend to wait a while before repeating the same topic.

    Mostly the problem is we all have tons and tons of possible stories and not enough time to do them all, so I can understand your frustation

    Do you think that if 3 or 4 more of us has written to her, will she re consider it? may be or may not be. I dont think they have so much time to cause a detrimental effect. They dont want to write on it, it goes to /dev/null :)


    If this is the case no matter how many e-mail we send it will not have any impact on him/her. That debate is almost like Conservative vs. Liberal debate and no amount of convincing can convince the other side.

    I thought that was what we are doing. 25, 10, 1000 are all numbers, if 1000 is a spam why 25 isn't a spam. I think it is subjective.

    --> Well, There is too much prediction on this forum than sending emails to people. Forget about email, I doubt if every member has sent the webfax. When you call it SPAM, Is it 100% unsolicited, undesired and one of those email that should have gone to the bulk folder but came to Inbox? I dont think so. But by doing copy/paste, we might be just telling that we are seeking attention. By writing in our words, may be we are expressing a concern. Public can always write to media and lawmakers. Circling back with the number 25, I dont consider it a spam if 25 people express a genuine problem in their own words


    Anyway, I will contact a local reporter and see how it goes, but I will not send e-mail to this editor becasue there are already e-mails sent by others conveying the same thing.

    -->I will be very happy if you can elicit a response easil y and will learn the tricks from you ;) Sure, You can refrain from sending an email to this editor as I clearly see that there have been ~ 10 or more emails.


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  • DareYouFireMe
    04-17 12:14 AM
    If USD falls further-then other alternatives like migrating to Canada and Australia are more attractive.
    Australia rewards you in terms of more points for having
    -Better English
    -Possessing high tech skills in demand
    -Being less than 35 years old.
    Australia has business ties to both Europe and far east Asia.
    Compare this to US high skilled immigration system!. Ah!.

    Canada is already worse than India (atleast for IT sector). Hard to find jobs. Salaries are 75-80% of corresponding US jobs. And Candian $ is also cheaper (though catching up with USD).


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  • gc_bulgaria
    10-04 08:12 PM
    Yes, things have improved now in the chapter - we have extremely dedicated members - and we are all buddies - there is a new energy in this chapter.

    The Tri State area has a huge potential and we must tap it.

    Thanks for your support. Please help me bump this thread :)

    If 50+ people make it to Maya - we will ask the manager to give 3 for 1 happy hour :)

    Now I am definitely in! :D Haven't still heard back from the travel coordinator but requested the flight to be moved to Saturday. So you will have representation from Louisiana!

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  • karthkc
    03-18 05:03 PM

    As long as you dont use your EAD, you can continue working on H1B.

    In fact, if it is the same employer as your GC sponsor, you dont have to do anything.

    The thing to remember is to extend your H1B if you do a H1B transfer so you dont have any issues at the time of transfer.

    All this is assuming that your company policy can handle exceptions to the policy :)



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  • srinivas_o
    07-08 12:27 PM
    Hello Gurus,

    I too have changed employer (B) from july 1st and have not yet filed AC21.
    I have contacted attorney (who filed my GC and I-485) and he said he needs an authorization email from my old employer (A) to proceed further. I have asked my "A" for the authorization email and he is acting like he is not getting my emails. He is not answering my phone calls, even by mistake if he answers my call he is saying he will call me back, but never called me. i dont know whether he will revoke the I-140 which was approved in around April 2007.

    I don't know what exactly I need to do in this situation like to wait for old employers' call. He was very nice when I was his employee, but from the moment I left the company, he is a changed man.

    What are my best choices in this situation?

    BTW, I have paid all the legal expenses for H1s and GC processing.

    Looking forward to Guru's replies....

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  • aadimanav
    05-21 12:33 PM

    My Firefox shows the APril but IE shows the May. Try deleting the cookies, temp files, cache, etc.


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    05-28 09:03 AM

    Quite the same text in WP ...MSNBC has used WP text.

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  • gc_eb2_waiter
    07-09 01:57 PM
    Will reach Emilo's office by tomorrow(Jul 10th).


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  • canadaPR
    07-21 09:18 PM
    I am from India and I have worked in the USA for the last 6 years. I have immigrated to Canada with a Job 6 months back to avoid overystaying. My experience in Canada is very bad. I am a MCAD and Sun Certifitied Developer having more than 8 years experience. I am looking for a job for more than 3 months in Canada and still not able to get a job. There is lots of racism here and people are not polite. I have been regularly applying for .NET jobs and the response is very bad. Maybe because I am from India. Try avoiding Canada as much as you can.

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  • yebo123
    05-11 11:07 AM
    What are the odds that this deal will carry more weight than the one announced with great fanfare just over a month ago when CIR was on the senate floor? :(

    Nah, of course they would never pull a stunt like that again. I am sure W told them he was rather disappointed. So everythings gonna be OK. Lets go party. Just leave money for the plane tickets. :rolleyes: :D :eek:


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  • meridiani.planum
    08-24 02:12 AM

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  • kumar_77
    07-19 01:47 PM
    Reached NSC july 2 @ 7.55 per fed ex


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  • gc_on_demand
    04-27 12:49 PM
    Hello Folks

    I just donated 25 USD and didnot become DONOR. Is this system take care automatecilly or Admin has to assign donor status. ?

    Subscription Number: S-39675586V4235911J

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  • ronhira
    05-29 02:05 PM
    First of all, you dont have a binary choice in the matter such as either you learn 50,000 words and their spellings or go smoke dope. There is a middle ground here.

    Secondly, why do I see in company after company, especially in the knowledge industry that a straight A student, like your Kavya here, working for a manager who had been a B- student who in turn works for an executive who was a C- student ?

    Get educated ... that's fine. But dont get over-educated such that you are a cripple who cannot think outside the box. Too much education, too many straight As, too many spellings will make you incapable of thinking outside the box, taking risks. Anyways, that's my belief and my opinion and everyone is free to raise their kids in whatever way they deem fit. I for one, would never ask my 2 children to participate in any spelling bee contest.

    As far as your desi company thoughts go, it has nothing to do with spelling bee topic. However, let me tell you this. By being holier than thou and telling other people "I got a degree from here and you dumb asses have never been to an American college, so get lost you idiot, this job here is mine..." does not help anyone. Also, no desi companies put a gun to the head of anyone - Indian educated or US educated - to work for them. And let me remind you, there is AN ENTIRE GENERATION of US educated US masters degree holders who had no job after graduating and have been to a desi company to get trained on the real-world software applications. I am sure you know some people yourself, just as I know some people in that situation. If the US masters degree made them super-duper smart, then they would not be knocking doors of desi companies for education after graduating.

    I am no fan of desi companies, everyone here knows that. But don't preach a holier than thou sermon to everyone who doesn't have a US degree. Because your US degree isn't worth a bucket of warm spit when it comes to getting a job.

    I guess you are speaking like Tom Peters. But in the end, it all depends on where one wants to be and what is the world view of someone. If one thinks that just because someone is a manager over others, that makes that someone better and more successful than others, and if most B- students manage A+ students (which is fuzzy maths), yes, in that case it maybe that its better to get a B- grade than A+, and there is no need to go to business school either. If the world view and the objective is not just to become a manager or make 100K instead of 120K, but actually do something worthwhile in every stage of your life, rather than just having an objective of becoming a manager, maybe its about learning a language and words, then why not. Strong vocabulary is the first stage to clear expression and clear expression is the corner stone of a successful and satisfying career, including bring a manager. I don't see anything wrong with learning more words, or loving parents or obedient children. Everyone has a different age in their life when we revolt against the environment, just to break free. Its not necessary that one must continue to revolt an entire lifetime to be creative or be better than others. Bill Gates or Steve jobs never wanted to become just managers, they wanted to re-invent the future. College dropouts, but successful. But how many Gates and Jobs do we have? I guess there is no clear definition of success and different people gauge success differently, but most people, more so in this crowd on this forum, relate success to level of education/university (US masters or Bachelors from India), and title at work place. But maybe the key is not how others gauge your success, but how you gauge yourself. Maybe you have set your eyes on squeezing most number of lemons or maybe being fastest eater of a water melon, or climbing on top of rhinoceros back, whatever it is, if you have done it and you feel satisfied, you will see yourself as successful. So whatever is the definition of success, whatever is anybody's opinion or world-view, the fact is, these kids did well with the goal they had set for themselves. And if that is how they feel satisfied with their hard work, they are successful. The fact that there were so many other contestants wanting to prove that they were better than others, and they weren't, makes it a recognizable achievement. Its that simple.


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  • yabadaba
    10-10 03:44 PM
    India EB-2 moved by approx 6 months. China EB-2 did not move. Actually, EB-2 India has gone back to where it was before it became unavailable last year. Unfortunately, we may not see a lot of further movt in EB-2 India if all those labor numbers (cleared) are correct. But this is good news for those who applied for labor in late 2002, but their application was pending for a horrendous amount of time and just got cleared. They can get EADs.

    china moved by 15 days

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  • immi2006
    10-23 09:13 PM
    What is ur PD ? and ur 140 dates ?

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  • kavita
    07-17 09:20 AM
    I just sent the petitions to Illinois setators Richard Durbin and Barack Obama and my local representative Timothy Johnson.

    For those like me, who have no idea who the senators are and who is your local representatives, use the following link:

    08-16 01:36 PM
    I personally think that 6 month rule-of-thumb is nonsense.

    AC21 clearly states you can switch employers 6 months after your green card application has been pending. On what legal basis could USCIS then come back and deny citizenship to anyone for switching employers too soon after getting their green card?

    I'd really be interested to hear if someone has specific knowledge of a case where someone had their citizenship denied due to switching companies too soon after getting their green card.

    I'm just curious as to how many postings you see on these boards where a persons case has been denied; DOL/USCIS has visited their home; their visa got cancelled by consultate when h-4 went for stamping; got caught in interview lying; DOL investigating companies, etc...

    People do not post these types of issues on immigration forums.

    03-01 11:17 AM
    Hi Folks,
    I just learnt about this great effort. Thank you very much for all the effort you are all putting in. The least that i can (every one can) do is to contribute to support this great effort. I just now joined the group and contributed.

    Thank you all,
    Another GC Optimist.

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