Sunday, June 19, 2011

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  • va_12_2004
    06-29 07:14 AM
    Lot of people get stuck in the name check in AOS, and many of them wait for at least 6 months. I am wondering if someone may get stuck in namcecheck and may have to wait for months in home country while doing cp?

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  • bugsbunny
    04-21 01:35 PM
    Thanks ! Thats what I thought , but wanted to confirm with senior members.

    i am not senior...but we do have free attorney conference calls on thurdays
    We might miss a thursday or so ...we are in the process of making it more regular
    But you can certainly ask this question over there and confirm it with the immigration attorney.

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  • ars01
    07-09 01:32 PM

    You have a little tricky situation at hand, but you'll be okay if what you wrote is true - Your employer will not revoke your pending I-140. Not only that, they have to be nice enough to respond to any RFEs that come for your case. they can state that the imimgration application they filed for you is for a future position.

    Also, USCIS has a guideline about these cases. They are supposed to see if your I-140 was 'approvable' if it had been adjudicated within 180 days or before you leave the company, which I think it should be.

    I understand there are some anxious days ahead for you, but If I had to bet, I would bet on successful result of your case in the end :).

    Just make sure that your old employer doesn't revoke your I-140

    BTW, when was your I-140 filed?

    The following is copied directly from a USCIS memorandum:
    "If the Form I-140 (�immigrant petition�) has been approved and the Form I-485
    (�adjustment application�) has been filed and remained unadjudicated for 180 days or more (as measured from the Form I-485 receipt date), the approved Form I-140 will remain valid even if the alien changes jobs or employers as long as the new offer of employment is in the same or similar occupation.1 If the Form I-485 has been pending for less than 180 days, then the approved Form I-140 shall not remain valid with respect to a new offer of employment."

    Looks like I-140 must be approved to use AC-21.

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  • eb3retro
    01-12 03:49 PM
    Wanted to donate some money for this excellent cause of getting out of this retrogression. Paypal link in your website is not working. Please let me know the email id. Thanks.


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  • sheela
    09-12 09:14 PM
    and why was it so early. those arseholes carnt even watch a calander right.

    suppose to be on or around the 15th??? which would be friday???

    your language stinks

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  • Project_A
    02-10 03:26 PM
    This is an amazing forum, and I would like to thank you all for the useful information.

    I know, it's going to be a long journey, but a start would definitely help.

    Thanks, :)

    I did online MS degree and it took 3 years, although I could have completed it in 2.5 years. First year I completed only 1 course per sem, then I started doing 2 per sem. I took non-thesis option and the total cost was aprx 15K from ISU. Thye charge flat rate fee per subject ( aprx 3 credits) irrespective of residency requirements (you can actually do this course from anywhere in the world and it would cost the same) . This degree requires 30 total credits (one of them must be a project, so technically only 9 subjects/courses to take).


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  • eb3_nepa
    05-12 01:10 PM
    Common guys we can survive one month if worse comes to worst. The ONLY point is will it affect our status if the employer lays us off.

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  • wikipedia_fan
    07-04 11:17 PM

    I have my I-140 (approved in May 07) approved from my previous employer. I am not sure whether he has revoked it or not. I am now working as full time employee with another company. How can i find out if my I-140 was revoked or not? I am yet to file a New PERM, i already got a PERM denial after joining this new employer :( looks like i have to file one more... This looks like a infinte loop :(

    Thank you,

    You can subscribe to CRIS email for status updates. But sometimes you may not get the email. The letter may directly go to your ex employer's Attorney.

    Even if you get a NOID, it may go to your ex employer's Attorney. We all know this employer attorney nexus - they are ready to screw you.


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  • aj_jadeja
    10-12 04:40 PM
    used AILA link,

    sent to 5 tv statiosn and 5 major news papers of CO. will send to more .



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  • chnaveen
    06-20 04:44 PM
    I am writing this on behalf of a friend whom I helped him in e-filing his EAD& AP Renewal.

    I too had the same situation. Before it gave this message, it gave a warning, Middle Name is not entered. Since it was a warning, I ignored it and went to the next screen, but there it gave the same message as you got "are still suggested fields not completed on the following forms".
    I veryfied each and every field and tried 3/4 times, but every time the same message, out of frustration, I just some middle initial and submitted, then it worked.
    But actually there is no middle name in my name. But the form got submitted with the confirmation.
    I called the USCIS and told them about the same problem, they asked to submit a letter asking for correction of the name along with supporting documents. SO I have submitted the same.
    Actually I have applied both EAD and AP e-file simultaneously. Both are Renewals.
    I have received the receipt for EAD, but not for AP. Also recieved the FP notice for EAD.
    I called USCIS again, said about not received the AP receipt notice. They said, they have mailed it. but I said about the middle name problem and said not received yet. They said since I submitted a letter for correcting Name, that will take care of it. For not receving the Receipt notice for AP, they said, they will mail a new one.
    Exactly after one month(Whichi is yesterday), I have received the replacement Receipt Notice of AP, but suprisingly the receipt number on this is mentioned the actual Receipt number of the EAD, but clearlt mentioned this application is of Case Type I-131. So I called USCIS again and said about the wrong receipt number, they gave me a confirmation number on the case and said, wait for 45 days and call then if I don;t receive any update on this.

    I am trying to efile an AP application right now. It always says following lines at the end of 131 form step.
    Note:There are still suggested fields not completed on the following forms:
    I really do not know as to why its doing so. I have checked several times that I have not left any field blank that is required. Did somebosy also see the same issue ?


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  • akv123
    07-15 12:29 AM
    It is discouraging to see this thread - it is surprising to see the understanding of 'g(G)andhigiri' we have - no tolerance, no forgiveness for the mistake! Shame on us.

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  • indyanguy
    10-02 08:25 PM
    i am in the 3.a. situation. what does part time mean? can you really be working part time when you are a CEO, CFO, COO, CMO of a company? not that i am raising this questions... I want to continue to be in the 3.a. situation, but can the IO ask these questions? if i make revenue of $20000 (twenty thou) and profit of $2000 a year will that be considered enough for IO to think that my intention is to switch to my company after green card and hence no intention of continuing permanent employment? or is that number higher (or lower)...

    I want to become a believer in your 3.a. statement... please let me know what you think.

    If you are on 3a, you have neither used AC21 nor have you left your full time job (FT job that aligns with your LC). On EAD, you can do any number of jobs (ex: you can even work 2 part time jobs totally unrelated to your LC requirements ofcourse as long as you continue to be with your GC employer). Using this rationale, you should be fine starting a business and making profit in the part time.

    In fact even those who were in 3 b were able to get their GC after an interview (Search for posts by the user "unitednations"). But, it's risky and best avoided.

    Personally, I want to get into 3 a, but my 140 is still pending. I plan to approach my company to switch me to EAD as soon as my 140 gets approved.

    PS: This is not legal advice. Please contact your attorney and do more research before taking any steps further.


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  • pappu
    01-14 02:58 PM
    Here are a **few equations that make it easier to understand. :) :)

    VB = W + A + H + O <--- 2008 Dem vote bank.
    (W: Whites, A: African American, H: Hispanics, O: Others. )

    VB1 = (W - ΔW1) + (A) + (H + ΔH1) + (O) <-- pro-illegal policies
    So Δ(vb1-vb) = ΔH1 - ΔW1 (it may give them some additional votes.)

    VB2 = (W - ΔW2) + (A) + (H - ΔH2) + (O) <-- pro-legal policies
    and Δ(vb2-vb) = - ΔH2 - ΔW2 (significant loss of white and Hispanic votes )

    Based on this - Dems can't afford to be seen as Pro-legal.

    ** These equations are described as "Great breakthrough in computational politics" - by rb_248. :) :)

    I ran these through my program but it is returning NULL.
    I guess each object needs to have a voting property or Lobby class attached to it. Without that you will only get Null values in return.

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  • ssdtm
    09-08 05:55 PM
    Most of the time, consultant works at a lower rate because he doesn’t know what is being paid to the vendor. If you know what is being paid to the primary/preferred vendor, and the difference is high, you just pick the phone and have a straight talk. Preferred vendors negotiate. You can squeeze them pretty hard. I had done to $5 margin in the past.
    No vendor wants someone to leave a job, tell the client that he is not being paid well because the vendors are keeping a lot of money.

    Preferred vendors are now occasionally working on small margins (believe me $10 is VERY good for them, if another middle layer is finding the candidate for them). They take high margin when they when you go by salary and if they think they can find cheaper guys easily.

    On the other hand, there are middle layers, who are suckers and will try to keep the high margin. But you can deal very assertively with these middle layers because these are small cos. Never sign non compete with them. You can even chnage them and in fact your final preferred vendors can sometimes do that with you.

    with vednros, go hourly instead of salary. I don’t think there is risk, because if you do not have the job at client, you will be fired any way.

    With Desi cos holding your H1, I think margin is not the issue. Just have a hourly rate negotiation (no salary negotiation) because in future you can command more rate. If you have EAD, desi co will be willing to work on very small margin because they know you are an unchained tiger now and can run anywhere.

    There is a cut for managers, but is not that cut and dry....generally in kind than in cash. Managers favor their favored vendors, but if you are a useful person in team, he will not come in a way. In fact, you can try to use his relationship with the vendor to your advantage. Relationship mgmt is the name of the game (not just plain performance).

    If you are billed $180 and paid $85k, here is the strategy:
    If I was you, I will set up a conference call with my manager and vendor rep, and tell both that I might leave because vendor is keeping a lions share. Believe me, no vendor and manager would like to have this dialogue in open and your vendor will increase your rate by calling you in advance.


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  • malibuguy007
    04-02 02:58 PM
    Let us just focus on our contribution drive.

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  • gcseeker2002
    12-17 05:40 PM
    Hey Guys,

    This EAD thing is really annoying, my wife got her AP and EAD last 11/21, with immediate update in I'm still waiting for mine, and I'm the principal. Anyway. I'll have an infopass appointment on 12/18. My H1-B permit expires on 02/07/08.

    We applied to NSC, all documents received on August 02/2007.
    My RD at NSC was 07/02/07 and my EAD status changed to "production ordered" just 5 days back(still dont know when I will get it). I think NSC is taking upto 5 months from RD to process the EADs.


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  • aadimanav
    08-21 10:11 AM

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  • When485
    09-13 03:30 PM
    When my 140 approved, I bought my home thinking I will build Equity and own a home instead of paying rent. Now I am doubting if I did the right thing considering the slow down in Realty and uncertainty on GC. My spirits got dampened with the October visa bulletin. EB3 is once again back to world famous 2001 . Are there any 80000+ EB3-I petitions with a priority dates around 2001? Otherwise no logical reason in why this always go back to 2001? My friend and I went over the archives to find that over a period of 57 months, EB3 India crossed 2003 only twice - June and July 2007. So frustrating?

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  • WithoutGCAmigo
    06-18 12:11 PM
    So looks like only the renewal will have a delay. First-timers won't face much difficulties.

    my point is if dates retrogress and if processing EAD's and AP's takes a long time getting a EAD might be easy in the first 60-90 days but renewals will become more difficult.

    its ok for folks that are within their 6 yrs of H1b but for others it will be a big head ache. As someone already mentioned earlier, you might have to apply for your renewal EAD the day after you get your 1st EAD and so on.

    04-26 08:38 AM
    thanks for the wonderful job in getting our plight in the WP.

    04-02 01:04 PM
    Your motivation is very simple, lets say there are 10 people in line with one service counter, the service counter processes only 10 apps at a time, but if you are an Indian in line your time taken to process is longer. Now what are the solutions? We can speed the Indians in line by opening up new counters to service them, for that we need more money (aka contributions). Now 2 people are processed in parallel . So new people can enter the line (in the past they could not until the dates got current). I hope you get the message very akin to what you would do in the semi conductor industry. I am guessing your dates are not current and hence you are unable to apply, now more people in line getting processed means dates move and you will be current, then apply get an EAD now your wife can work. Then the US starts to become like heaven.

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