Saturday, June 25, 2011

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  • ashkam
    06-30 11:00 PM
    Thank you guys,

    Even if it's EB3? Eb3 requires only Bachelor, without any experinece, am I wrong?

    Only Eb2+ 5 years of progressive work experience requires all the employment letters throughtout the 5 years. Am I accurate?

    Thank you again for your help.

    Depends on what your company gave as the qualifications for the position. In my case it was EB3 bachelors + 2 years work experience so I had to give experience letters.

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  • NolaIndian32
    11-18 01:36 PM
    Maybe I am wrong, but isn't the regulation specific to state that required filing fees must be paid by the employer? There may still be attorney fees which may be borne by the employer or the employee.

    As regards the 12 month contract, if the contract is written appropriately, it will probably be binding in a court of law. It all depends on how the document is drafted. My employer hires Indians and Americans with 1 to 3 year contracts. The employees who chose to leave before their contract expired did pay back a set fee to my employer. There is nothing illegal about that. But again, it all depends on how the document is drafted.

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  • smmakani
    06-28 10:50 PM
    Is there anyone who got an appointment letter recently from Amercan Embassy, MUMBAI?

    My interview is scheduled on 22nd Aug but not received letter yet.

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  • GC08
    09-12 08:54 PM
    How the hell can all the catagories after EB3 be current yet EB3 be back logged???? By rights they should be unavilable until we are current.

    This is just so unfair.

    i can not put in to words just how anoyed i am right now.

    Because they are a bunch of idiots... just count how many stupid and possible unethical things they have done. They were lucky that nobody in those agencies was fired after the July fiasco.


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  • gc_check
    02-24 12:23 PM

    Need ur participation... I'm not an active member, but have done my part.

    As you all know the famous saying, "Make hay when the sun shines", we have to act on right time to succeeed in our efforts. I see 800+ registered members.. Counting atleast $100 each, we should atleast be close to 50% of the target.. but it not the case here, Most of us have been in this country for years and also are planning to make this our home... Contributing $100, should not be a big deal.. Folks please join hands together... and help the folks who are actively working on this... .

    Also each of us, already members in the group, atleast should try to get minimum one new member to this groups within next week time, we should be able to increase the membership rate dramatically and the contributions too....

    "United We Stand"

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  • snathan
    06-03 01:22 PM

    I certainly respect your view on this post that this information is irrelevant to this forum. At the same time I disagree your view. Different view points from other members absolutely help us to know how others perceive things.

    But your "offensive language and replies" to other members views are uncalled-for.

    Now in recent posts, you are using "we" and trying to gain support for what you have been writing.

    I request other members (whoever expressed their views that this post is irrelevant in this forum ) to express their concerns about Thankgod's language in his posts.

    May I add, these posts are very much relevant here as these kids are immigrants and their kids. They might become an entrepreneur or scientist in the future and it shows the value of the skilled immigrants.

    We need to come out of our EB2/EB3 narrow mind and how it's going to help me today.


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  • willgetgc2005
    05-11 01:08 PM
    Exactly yebo123.

    That is what employers want. To hold you till you have no more juice left.
    When in your prime you have given all you got for 5-8 years who cares about you after that, not the employers not the system.

    It is all part of the plan. When u are on H1, you have to be 200% productive. That benefits the economy. All and sundry here know the game. So they like you to be the way you are for a long long time.
    Contribute to Social security with no benefits, pay taxes, buy cars
    etc and boost the economy.

    After 5-8 years if you still have the energy left to wait, then sure, you stand a chance after perhaps everyone else gets a GC.

    "Good morning, Rhodene & Stockton. How may i help you?"
    "Yes sir, we do trade in the futures market"
    "Certainly sir, what would you like to put up?"
    "So you would like to bet your family's future? No problem"
    "Non-resident alien, 5yrs H1B... ok"
    "EB-3? Oh, well, yeah ummm. That complicates things a little. Let me check with my supervisor"
    "Hello sir? You see, the problem is your official odds are sitting at 1:12000. We are not authorized to trade at those levels. However, if you will include your pets' future in the deal we can offer you 1:3 odds."
    "Don't get upset it is a very reasonable offer. How about if I include a jam donut?"
    "Great. I will have the paperwork out for your signature in the morning. Have a nice day"

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  • terriblething
    06-12 12:28 PM
    Should be unanimous for guilty found??? Not by majority?
    Then that's good news for us.

    You knew my attorney tried me with DA question mode. I can only say it is very challenge. He will only ask Yes/No question, and interrupt you immediately if you try to explain something. I believe any man would be emotional in that scenario especially you really feel innocent.

    Just an example, I have not said "push my wife to chair ", but in my statement, DA might ask "Does Police lie for his statement" I'd like to say "it is language misunderstanding". But DA would insist on Yes/No question and interrupt while you just open the mouth.

    We will rehearsal more before go jury.


    I am sure the jury will say that you are not guilty if your wife supports your side of the story. Remember, the verdict should be unanimous. So go for jury trial and request a court interpreter to make sure there is no language barrier.


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  • amitjoey
    05-22 05:04 PM
    Now or Never... those not contributing would regret later and feel guilty. Ask yourself: When and Why (not contribute)?

    /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\\\\\////// /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\\/\/\/

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  • lacrossegc
    07-20 05:39 PM
    Dude .... before you start bashing Dems ... they did NOT vote against the amendment.... they voted against the Budget Act waiver, Thanks best_mode for your clarification ... it makes sense ..

    Just wait.

    Once I become the citizen I will work on defeating these Senators that voted against SKIL.

    If you met any of these senators and at that time they showed hollow symapthy to you, it is time to go and meet them and hold their feet to the fire. Tell them how they lied to you and how you are disappointed.


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  • whattodo21
    05-11 12:02 PM

    Please let me know your thoughts..
    I-140 is approved. I-485 was filed in July 2007. I have an opportunity to move to another company for a similar job profile. But the new company wants me to work as a contractor (hourly) on W2.

    Is that a problem when filing AC-21?

    Please advise.

    You may be able to find answers in the IV wikki - have you tried it?
    AC21 FAQ - Immigration Wiki (

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  • HawaldarNaik
    02-25 01:06 PM
    I think its high time now that we do something more concrete rather than send flowers/Pijjjaaa/ Vada Pau/ Pau Bhajeee/Medhu vada etc etc....

    Form small teams who will start interacting with men who matter...make a roadmap among themselves and start discussions or convince the men who matter that its high time we get things moving

    I am willing to be part of a team/core group that will escalate it to the concerned people rather than taking of flowers/bhelpooreee etc etc....


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  • WithoutGCAmigo
    06-18 12:11 PM
    So looks like only the renewal will have a delay. First-timers won't face much difficulties.

    my point is if dates retrogress and if processing EAD's and AP's takes a long time getting a EAD might be easy in the first 60-90 days but renewals will become more difficult.

    its ok for folks that are within their 6 yrs of H1b but for others it will be a big head ache. As someone already mentioned earlier, you might have to apply for your renewal EAD the day after you get your 1st EAD and so on.

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  • ItIsNotFunny
    12-30 03:55 PM
    Maybe we are not looking at this article in the right context.

    This artilce was written for the purpose of Russian version of 'The Daily Show with Jon Stewart'. So it was written in the context of commedy. Lets read it and laugh about it as was intended by its author.

    ha ha ha ha ha ha, it means I just finished reading the article.




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  • reddog
    01-14 02:49 PM
    This bill if and when passed would let anyone in the US apply for an AOS.
    Ahead of us(i doubt it).
    This is just a rebranded version of something the dems were interested last time round.

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  • delta3110
    05-29 10:26 AM
    This is the third time an Indian American has won the competition in a row.

    BTW, the huge number of Indian American partcipants is not due to the fact that " Indian Americans" are brilliant... These children (at least most) are partcipating not becasue they have talent but they are being forced to by the aspirations of their parents.

    All the Indian American children are crying, sitting on the lap of their parents etc... See any other kid who lost, they were cool.


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  • GCHope2011
    08-11 05:56 AM
    ... disappointed...

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  • TheOmbudsman
    07-21 01:04 PM
    Well,that's fine then. Let's see how posts you will get saying how to find good jobs in Canada. Bye.

    All I can say is that everyone has their personal reasons for the decisions they make. This thread is information exchange thread for those who are looking to move to Canada. This isn't about why one should go one place vs another.

    I welcome you to start another thread where ppl can debate whether they should move to India or consider moving elsewhere. In fact, I will be happy to discuss the options there. But I request ppl to not divert the focus of this thread.

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  • superdoc
    09-23 08:32 PM
    Hi Gurus,
    I am in a unique situation and your valuable advice is highly appreciated. I worked for company A for 3 years and filed my 140 and 485(july 2007). I quit the company in may this year and joined another company. My 140 was approved on 06/16/2006. recently my previous employer revoked my I-140. I got a notice from USCIS that my I-140 and I-485 has been withdrawn. As per my new attorney since i meet all the conditions for job porting (180 days, 140 approved, and same job profile), no one else other than me can withdraw my I-485 application. my attorney filed an MTR today. Can i work while my MTR is pending. Is Withdrawal acknowledgement notice is same as denial notice ? please help
    sorry to hear that..i think u should be fine are u on h1 or ead..if on h1 then there should be no problem...

    FYI-- is it this desi employer?

    09-15 12:11 PM
    Like the other guy you said, I have an equity of 200,000 in one house and 50,000 in other house. I still don't have green card. I have around 300,000 in
    401k and 150,000 in brokerage accounts. My net worth is around 800k, most of my money is in this country. If I want to continue my lifestyle, I need my GC, that will secure my right to live in this country. AFter 9 years of tax paying and law abiding life, I think i have a right to live in this country, but with this stupid laws don't know when i will get my GC.

    That is exactly the reason why I purchased my 3rd house (additional $125000 in equity) overseas in my home country. So that I don't have to live with the feeling of having all my eggs in this country.

    For now, it servers the purpose of giving me that secure feeling of not having all eggs here. Later on, it can become a retirement house.

    Again, its all about planning...

    09-22 12:07 AM
    Sorry, but I don't agree. This can get annoying. Sending flowers was a different thing a super brilliant idea...but bath-stoppers...where will the USCIS Director forward those?

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