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  • ashkam
    03-27 09:33 AM
    Drivers license is not meant to be used as an identity document. US has screwed that logic anyways. One of the security issues is this country uses drivers license as an identity document.

    Even if it has to be used for identity purpose, an identity document says this document represents the person holding it and his identity has been verified. Immigration status or job verification has nothing to do with identity.

    How does employment verification serve the security needs ? If so, are citizens guaranteed not to do anything against the security of the country ? I don't think so.

    Are employers the ones who vouch for security credentials of an individual ?

    All nonsense.

    This is what I don't understand. The original discussion was that getting an EVL is a bother. Now are you saying there should be another document people would need to apply for as proof of identity? Wouldn't that be an even greater bother?

    Now, since the drivers license is used as proof of identity, it is necessary to ensure that criminal elements do not get it. Which includes illegal / out of status immigrants who could also be a security risk. Employment verification ensures that the person holding the H1 or H4 visa is in valid immigrant status. Which is why they ask you for the EVL even while stamping the visa. That is the security angle. Seriously...this is all fairly obvious stuff. The govt just wants to make it difficult for illegal / out of status aliens to get a drivers license. What is wrong with that? The funniest comment on this forum from somebody who was ruing that he couldn't bribe someone here for a license like he could do in India. Really? Do you want people driving on US roads who bribed their way to a license?

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  • mmj
    04-20 02:50 PM
    Thanks! Now we need 49,995 more :)

    Just wrote to whitehouse and to my senator.

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  • conchshell
    07-25 01:15 PM
    It is not about you browsing on this forum is about you not paying attention to your wife continoulsy.:D:D

    Even if there would no IV..wife will tell you the same for some other stuff you are following vigourously.

    I know how you feel Chantu ... but what to do they all are from venus :D

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  • svam77
    08-10 12:47 PM
    I just pity you man .... cant u understand what i said about my reason to take an LC .......jsut not to wait to apply for i 485 for another x years ......

    Your discussion is going no where ........I wouldnt even have cared if it was a last month's labor .......

    And also USCIS would have initially implementecd this for a good reason and they would not have terminated it if they wouldnt have found that many companies were misusing it ......

    Anyways ....if u have time .....keep going on this discussion, on a topic which USCIS itself closed last month ...

    U told once , twice or n times on this forum that u dont like LS, and yes USCIS heard it and closed it .... so just forget it ....

    the guy who actually started this thread must be enjoying seeing all these posts hahahhahhah


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  • truthinspector
    07-08 04:37 PM
    Very poignant!
    Who is to blame? In my opinion, US. Not U.S but us (we the people). On one hand you observe legal hispanic immigrants and business fighting for the cause of their community and on the other we conveniently forget our community as soon as we adopt this alien land. I live in the Bay Area and boy have I seen the marathi mandals, kannada sanghas, TANA, AATA, BATA and God knows how may orgranizations that represent our fractured presence in this country. We have shamelessly displayed our differences based on cultural backgrounds/needs. Sardar Patel's dream of "Ek akhand bharat" (one united India) seems to reverberate only when India plays Pakistan in a game of cricket. I wonder if people such as Vinod Khosla, Vinod Dham, Arun Netravali, Indra Nooyi understand or are are atleast cognizant of the issues their community is facing. For a wild second, imagine the above four making a few phone calls. I bet the impact will be huge.

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  • suresh.emails
    10-21 02:50 PM
    Despite of my request on RED dots and interpretation issues,

    Some one gave me a RED dot for this posting. It is as follows

    1. Interpretation issues... 10-21-2008 03:40 PM What is "con traversal" dear ? ))

    Guys, we need keep away these kind of people from IV participation. There should be some restrictions (rules and regulation). These are the people who don't know what they are doing. GOD only can save them.

    We are here for to work and live and represent as a forum to fight against a broken system. Looks like we have issues among us.

    We either take away GREEN/RED dot concepts from bothering others or do some thing else (display who has given RED/GREEN dots).

    Core member do some thing.


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  • snathan
    03-26 10:42 AM
    Hi Guys,

    I am not sure if this is the trend everywhere only in TX. The DPS - Department of public Safety which is issuing Driving License started asking for the Employment Verification or latest Pay Slip. I asked the officer if its the new requirement and she replied Yes, its started recently. If you are in H1 or H4 visa, you need to prove that you are still in job and getting paid. One more nail in the coffin.


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  • Kitiara
    02-03 06:27 AM
    Pixel art is <i>hard</i>. :smirk:

    Eilsoe and Soul are neck and neck at the moment. Gripping! :beam:


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  • jgh_res
    06-27 04:47 PM
    Nice take on the situation.

    I am very surprised about the requests for cheap photos !!! What a pity.
    We were ready to spend thousands of dollars just a month ago just to have the ability to apply for I485, but when you get a chance , try to save a few dollars and risk an RFE , delay in processing or even denial.

    Walmart photos suck , so are CVS photos. I had them take my pictures in the past. Never used the walmart ones and CVS photos got rejected for visa revalidation. They used Polaroid camera at walmat and they were not good at all.

    I took them at Macy's studio , costed me about $30 for 6 copies but they are great. Please choose a professional studio, $20 extra dollars are worth every penny.

    Some one mentioned about saving $20 and have a dinner. I would rather have peace of mind knowing my pictures are good enough for USCIS than have a $20 dinner.

    Just my 2 cents though. May be I am extra cautious because I got burned once :)

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  • DoggyStyle
    07-22 02:20 AM
    Thank you!!
    Sometimes paranoia gets the better of us.

    I have access to a lot of "extra" stuff, as you can tell from the blog. It has been a long and tiring fight, but someone has to do it.

    Ur blog is full of childish gossips from message boards, like 'extra', which are not useful for IVians.:(


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  • shamu
    01-12 04:25 PM
    In Dallas (Las Collinas), if you dont have medical insurance, you can have an arrangement with the Doctor and Hospital.

    Like one of my friend paid 3K for everything for Delivery + 5K I think for the hospitals. Ofcourse this is based on the delivery is not complicated / C-section couple of years ago.

    Hope this helps.

    To every one, thanks to one and all.

    Here are my results, that I came out after one day research

    ************ Los Colinos Medical Center (Dallas Texas)
    ***********Regular*************C section
    Dr *********4000***************4500
    Anesthesio ***0000***************1000 (approx)
    Total Exp ****7850***************11300

    ************Richardson Medical Center (Dallas Texas - Richardson)
    ************ Regular***************C section
    Dr Fees ******2800***************3500
    Anesthesio****0000***************1000 (approx)
    Total ********7200***************10900

    Total expenses if you pay by cash and this has to be paid before hand.

    There was one more option i.e parkland systems in dallas area. But for that you to personally go to them and they asses your pay for the family and only then they will let you know the cost. I beleive it would be around the same or may be around 8000 dollars.

    Thanks to one and all.

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  • wellwishergc
    04-12 07:57 AM
    Thanks werc, for this posting.. It makes things very clear!!!

    The only leeway USCIS has w.r.t EADs are the duration of the EADs and not the timing of the issue of the EAD. The fact that the EAD can be given only after the I485 is filed is governed by the INA.

    Further the grant of EADs in all the eligible categories is more or less the same. Even if the timing of the grant of the EAD were in USCIS hands ,it is hard to request an alternative interpretation of the regulation in some cases (eg after I-140) while retaining the same interpretation for other categories (eg EAD after completion of Education). This just opens up a lot of loopholes.

    ON top of all this we have to take into consideration the huge inherent inertia of the USCIS to change. As already pointed out the only recourse available would be to change the law of the land, on which path we are already traversing.


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  • ricky
    05-22 02:51 PM
    Here is what you do if the bill passes without amendments:

    Get some sun-tan. Wear a baseball cap. Put in jeans with oil stains and bad quality collarless t-shirt. Grow an untrimmed mustache. Lose the dress shoes and wear cheap jogging shoes.

    Go to the nearest USCIS office (after this bill passes) and say that you have been working off-books illegally at a nearby restaurant since 5 years and now you would like to apply for Z visa.

    They will give you a probationary that will work like an EAD card (maybe better quality than EAD with it being tamper proof and wear proof). In the meantime, once the borders are closed and certain benchmarks are met, you will get Z visa with Advanced parole to replace your probationary card. With that advanced parole you can travel outside and come back in guaranteed (Guaranteed return due to AP). When outside you can file for GC, visit your parents and relatives, spend a few days in vacation and come back with full freedom to work anywhere without LCA restrictions and enjoy the Z visa that you can renew on your own (no need for employer sponsor).

    They will give GC to all Z visa applicants within 5 years thru supplemental increase in GC (based on survey done by DHS). The annual cap will be total Z visa holders divided by 20%. If there are 11 million illegals who end up getting Z visa, the annual cap will be 2.2 million.

    That 2.2 million beats the hell out of the 140,000 we have today for legal skilled immigrants or the 90,000 we will have with this new bill.


    1. No need to comply to speciality occupation. Work in any line of work.
    2. No need to get labor cert for GC.
    3. No need to depend on employer for temp visas like H1B and GC sponsorship.
    4. More travel flexibility due to advanced parole that comes with Z visa.


    My employer cancelled my H1 visa for the period of 7 months in the year 2005without my knowledge. At that period I was working in a Gas Station. After a hectic bargaining my employer once again renewed by H1 (till now I do not know how he did it) and right now I am legal doing my software job. My perm which was applied in Feb 2006 was approved and my I-140 is pending.

    My question is whether I am eligible to apply for 'Z' Visa??

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  • yabadaba
    12-13 03:31 PM
    once the comment period for the new rule eliminating labor substitution starts, I will start a new thread and start a letter writing campaign by like minded members urging DOL to quickly enforce this rule.


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  • skp71
    12-12 09:49 PM
    What's going on with EB3 ROW? No movement at all!! What's goin to happen in coming months???

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  • ramus
    06-27 08:39 AM
    If you really looking for long term solution then you should focus on action items that core members asking us to do...Have you done any of these?

    members will file 485 whenever they can and whenever they want to. I don't think even single person should buy this idea.

    Sorry not mean to hurt you but this is just bad idea.

    Most of us are concerned about short term goal of getting the application to uscis as quickly as possible , but think of the end result of whether your application be accepted if we rush, the uscis can come back and reject at any time from any date as it happened to Eb3-other workers. In any case there is a very good chance that your wife will kill u ;)


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  • aadimanav
    08-22 02:06 PM
    No surprises for me at least. There will be only 816 new EB3 visas available for any country in October. This will move the dates at the most by a month or two and this will continue for ever until a new legislation is passed, that is why DC rally is all the more important and everyone should focus on that to bring in a change.

    For folks wondering how I came to the 816 visa number

    Total GC available = 140000
    7% country limit = 9800
    split for EB3 = 3266
    spread for each qtr = 816

    Good Luck to all and don't have high expectations because you will be disappointed when the bulletin comes out.

    and 816 are not primary applicants.... there are spouse and kid(s)...

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  • singam
    08-31 09:19 PM
    According to my entrepreneur friend, people wait 12 times before trying a new product. So we have to keep calling and talking to our friends no less than 12 times .

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  • mhb
    07-06 03:24 PM
    Maybe the podcast is released the day after the news is telecast? Any idea?
    who knows how these guys function?!!! i just hope they show th enews cast if not tonight then tommorow night.

    05-25 09:15 PM
    I agree with Communique some parts.

    I had been lived in Toronto for last 4 years.
    Frankly speaking, Toronto is a very good city. I feel it probably can match up with Chicago, or 50% of NYC.
    Multi-culture is even more obvious than in NYC.
    But keep in mind that there are less high buildings than some super citys like NYC.

    When talking about job opportunity, it is better to compare city with city, not country with country because actually once you settled down in one place, you probably can not go hunting jobs in another side of country.
    So, the job opportunity # in GTA (Great Toronto Area) is about 75% of Chicago or 1/3 of NYC.

    Many people told stories about immigrants can not find job in Canada. That is not true. The truth is that most of immigrants go from USA get job within half year even in 2001. I admit that some immigrants go direct from their homeland do have hard time to get job in Canada because of lacking English communication ability and North America work experience. For people who have been worked in USA for some time, finding a job in Canada is almost guaranteed.

    The thing I don't like in Canada is that the workload is light and business is quite slow. So many lazy colleagues and from time to time union threaten to strike (for raise salary). Lots of our taxes are wasted for this huge government's unnecessary spending.

    As of discrimination, I don't think there is too much. I feel there is some, but not very obvious. Part of the reason I think is because lots of immigrants actually live better than average traditional Canadian. It is true that many local teenth only finish high school and enjoy work as labor. You could say that is jealous.

    Good Luck & enjoy life in Canada.

    05-22 03:00 PM
    I wonder what our children and grandchildren will learn from all these. When they grow up and know that their parents had to go through this mess while waiting to be accepted legally for xxxx number of years and some people got the "grand reward" of being illegal for many years!! These CIRcus operators will be responsible for the loss of "very little" moral left in this country. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

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