Saturday, June 25, 2011

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  • shvinod
    06-29 01:19 PM
    I had applied for my daughter in April. The receipt date is 04/22. Still no luck. I am hoping that we will get the GC as my dates will be current from Ist July.

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  • neel_gump
    05-11 10:46 AM

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  • diptam
    05-31 11:11 AM
    Guys -
    Dont lose "Hope". Its the most audacious word. I left the country in May 2009 with frustration , anger and the fact that whenever I was finding a contract in that tough times peoples were even NOT interviewing me the moment they heard that I'm a "H". They dont want to hear if I have EAD or my GC is going on - PERIOD. The vendors and contacts who loved me ( because they ripped high billing from me in 2000-2009) even started ignoring me.

    I felt harassed that i'm fighting on a "non-level" playing field. Eventually I got something at CA (I live at MA) for 55/hour and on the other hand I got a top notch salary offer from a US born Hardware company's Offshore office at Bangalore, India. They SHIPPED all jobs from US to India. I took that offer because I have my Old parents there at India and missed their company for 9+ yrs ( apart from regular vacations).

    However I could not adjust with several things there and ran back here after 10 months and found a truly EB2 job and ported my EB3 Mar 2005 Priority Date to EB2 in less than 1 year - I'm CURRENT ( YAAAYY !!) and Waiting for GC to come any day....

    By the way - I'm not M.S from US or any kind of masters degree holder from anywhere. I have a strong B.E degree from one of the Top 10 engineering colleges of India (not I.I.T though) and 11+ yrs US experience and 12+ yrs total IT experience in my kitty.

    Nothing is impossible - Wish Best of Luck to all EB3 India guys , you have the ability to turn the game , just play it truthfully and play it smart.

    Let me know if anyone needs any help - Email me or PM me.


    EB3 is not working, because we have no hope, not because we all went back or have ported.

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  • lahiribaba
    07-02 02:48 AM
    last time i posted this idea everyone ridiculed.

    Well we desis can only follow the lead of firingis.. so firingis say that who the f*** asked you to come here in the first place and we understand their logic and tell ourselves who the f*** asked us to be here in the first place .. so we are to blame ourselves for everything and take the crap anyway..

    But that is not the point.

    The point is that me and my company and you and your organisation have paid a service fee with a reasonable expectation of service. reasonable expectation of service is subject to interpretetion based on common sense and no f**king common sense says that waiting 10 years for GC is reasonable .. unless your common sense has been replaced by self disrepecting logic ....


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  • factoryman
    07-02 01:33 AM
    Listen buddy, I can google for each and everything. Then there is no point being here at IV. This is a focussed effort.

    I see that you have just started to post., but see that you are smart.

    Now move your ass, and provide a link.

    You can find the link on the US Consulate website for Mumbai, under visa appointments.

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  • bigboy007
    05-28 02:48 PM
    CAdude , Your efforts greatly appreciated. But how come 100,000 Applicants are being applied again for New merit system ? Is it becoz they are looking for all current Labor petetions being not approved ? as current legislation says I140's pending or approved as of May 21 2007 continue in current system . Please advice.


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  • kuppas
    02-20 03:25 PM
    I have been doing the same research for the past one month, here is my experience.

    1. Termlife Vs Wholelife.
    Term is better than whole life. Instead of going with whole life, you can have Term + Saving account. For example, if you need $500/year for term and $2500/year for whole life. Take the Term insurnace and pay $500/year, open a saving account and deposit $2000/year ($2500 - $500).

    2. You can compare the different life insurance with ratings.

    3. No life insurance for H1 (non-immigrant)
    I have talked to WesternSouthern and Metlife agents. WS does not offer Life insurance for H1 but Metlife offer life insurance provided that insured person must be working in the same company for last five years.

    4. Insurance here (US) vs India
    Term insurance in India is much higher than insurance here. I got the quote here for $500/year but for the same insurance amount, the LIC cost me Rs.80,000.00

    5. Hidden items
    Make sure, you understand all the hidden item when you take insurance from here(US) or India. If you (owner+beneficiary) take life insurance here, the insured person stays outside the country for long time (more than six weeks) and if the insured person dies then you can't claim.


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  • jthomas
    09-22 05:45 PM
    I called some and it feels like not many had started calling yet.
    Please Call.
    Please Call.
    Please Call.
    Please Call.


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  • add78
    07-08 02:42 PM
    I am in same situation. As of yesterday, my previous employer would have revoked my 140.

    I already sent the AC21 letter, there are no LUDs. My attorney says, chances that the letter may not go into the file are high and the reason we send AC21 paperwork is to keep a record that we sent. I took a screen shot of the DHL tracking info too.

    Any ideas how to ensure that AC21 paperwork is getting into your file.

    The answers I see on this forum is
    (1) USCIS is overwhelmed with documents so mail can be trashed
    (2) USCIS clerk does not know how to handle the paperwork
    (3) USCIS certifying officer is not well educated about AC21

    Any idea on how to ensure AC21 paperwork really goes into your file.

    Relax buddy.
    As long as you sent it by certified mail and have the return receipt, if it does not make into your file and if later they issue an RFE, you have covered your base. As long as your new job satisfied the AC21 parameters and you have the certified mail receipt, you are fine. Relax and enjoy new job.

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  • bheemi
    03-03 09:45 AM
    I foudn following latest posts on only members can access this postings..
    if anybody is member of AILA..can you pls update these postings here..there is some update from senate commitee to AILA...

    Talking Points on Comprehensive Immigration Reform from the Center for American Progress

    Memo from the Center for American Progress on Comprehensive Immigration Reform


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  • a.j.2048
    10-02 05:31 PM
    Did you try the same.

    No. This was the recommended workaround by a parents group that intended to file a PIL at one point. I will be able to try this next year though. I will send out the letter above too.

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  • rayoflight
    08-16 06:33 PM
    Emailed 2 Senators: Barbara Mikulski and Benjamin Cardin
    My Congressman: Chris Van Hollen

    I am from Maryland

    Link to contact the Congress:



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  • svn
    04-06 01:30 PM
    All those who have voted - thanks for your response so far and agree with the sentiments expressed. For those who have not voted yet, please take the time to log in and vote - YOUR OPINION COUNTS!

    Cant help but chuckle on your choice of words - DONORS = CONTRIBUTING MEMBERS.

    So, others who volunteer their time, ideas ... are not CONTRIBUTING MEMBERS if they haven't paid 25 dollars in March ( since DONOR status started from March and 25 dollars is what is required to be a DONOR )

    I am afraid, you are missing the point here - I did not intend to start a discussion on who counts as a "Donor". There have been several discussions on that topic and IV Core has laid out guidelines (if I am not mistaken, they have made attempts to go back and include folks who have contributed money in the past as well). Instead my focus is on how to increase "dollar contributions" towards our cause since as IV Core has clearly identified, nothing moves in Washington unless you have a strong lobby working for you, and as we all know, lobbying takes a significant amount of money. What I am interested in is simply - will you contribute dollars if, in exchange, you receive regular updates?

    From a person who is in senior management position I'd expected better choices of words. Now on to your point of more regular updates -- let me ask you this - do you give weekly updates to your subordinates every week ? Do you share your strategy plans every week ? I believe whenever their is a material update to be shared, IV core will share it - predicting the frequency of it OR assuming that you will get an update every X days and see a progress is not a good practical idea.

    Since you ask - the answer is YES. Not sure if you have heard of the "Servant Leadeship" but that is a management philosophy that believes an organization makes the most progress when the "leaders" at the top take the attitude of being "Servants" to those below them. The idea is based on the simple premise that people are more engaged and motivated to work when their boss listens to them and takes the trouble to keep them updated on what is going on. Instead, "Leaders" can always take the "high and mighty" road where they look down upon those below them (for various reasons - lack of trust being just one of them) but that is never going to be as effective or efficient as the former model I just mentioned. Don't take it from me though - feel free to do your own research on this topic and you will find that an increasing number of companies are starting to adopt this philosophy in order to achieve superior results and you don't have to look far to see how this is being practised in the world of politics today (President Obama).

    Finally, IV has clearly positioned itself as a grassroots organization, but by articulating a philosophy of "we will share updates when we feel like it and think its appropriate for you to know about it", it is essentially operating in a somewhat "elitist" manner (though I believe, this is a purely a side-effect of it's loose structure, rather than intentional in any way). This also explains some of the questions coming up on the poll on "who constitutes the Core?" - while the website has a listing of the "Core" members, I believe some of that has morphed over time leading to the loose structure of today.

    All I am really advocating is more transparency ...which should lead to more involvement as well. Thanks for your time.

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  • optimist
    02-08 02:47 PM
    I have 3 yrs degree + 1 yr PG diploma.
    But they won't file my GC in EB2 category, as I don't meet the 4 yr BS requirement.

    Here is a list of accredited institutions that offer online MS degrees at reasonable tuition:
    Best Buy Masters Computer Science & Information Technology | Ratings & Rankings | (

    You can also consider getting a US bachelor's degree through online courses and credits-by-testing from one of these:
    Thomas Edison State College/ Academic Programs (
    List of Programs Available at Charter Oak State College (

    If you do an official evaluation of the 3-yrs degree that you already have, it can be equivalent to up to 90 credits from a US School (which is equal to 3 years of undergrad education here). All these credits may or may not be transferable to the school/degree that you choose to enrol in. But you would have to research and find a school that would let you use most of them. That way you can complete your degree much faster than the standard process.

    Whatever you choose, make sure that the school is regionally-accredited by one of these organizations:
    CHEA: Directory of Regional Accrediting Organizations (2009-2010) (

    Remember every long journey begins with just one baby step... Good Luck!


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  • gc_eb2_waiter
    07-09 01:57 PM
    Will reach Emilo's office by tomorrow(Jul 10th).

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  • ragz4u
    01-23 01:58 PM
    Hi guys, I just contributed $50. Will be contributing more in the next few weeks. I also want to volunteer in other group efforts. Let me know how I can help. I live in IL.

    In addition to that we are currently in the process of creating local teams for every state. You can volunteer to create a team for the state of Illinois. Are you willing to do so?


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  • trueguy
    08-19 07:24 PM
    Who is your local Senator?

    I am from Minnesota and senators are Norm Coleman and Amy Klobuchar. The reply I got was from Amy Klobuchar.

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  • 485Mbe4001
    04-09 05:15 PM
    i tend agree with you, most of our forum topics start sensibly and then meander on...

    The very reason why we join this forum so that we can, as whole, say something that may influence the law makers of this country to change the existing laws so that our problem with GC will be resolve.

    Alot of times the comments in this forum are completely irrelevant and very insulting to the Americans. And here, we are asking them to please change your laws so we could live happily in their county. And if they say no, that's their right.

    I am as frustrated as anyone here and I know people from other countries including Australia, Philippines, UK and China who have been waiting for years as well.

    If we could please make our comments "not country-centric", I am sure more people will join this forum.

    I know several people are not participating in this forum anymore because they are turned off by these country-centric comments.

    It hurts, but that's the truth.

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  • pappu
    08-22 02:16 PM
    Hi Diptam,

    You spoiled Aadimanav's day already :D:D

    No Diptam spoiled several years of his .... :D:D:D

    03-17 08:18 PM
    For all who replied well to my thread.. Thanks a million. to whom, trying to blame me etc.. If you want to reply with good answer you are welcome to do so...else DON'T EVEN REPLY.
    Now another question to you guys who are blaming me......
    Did not you guys ever used office stuff/taking printouts of ur personal use/ using ofice phone for personal use etc in your life? If you have done so.. YOU ARE ALSO THIEVES. YOU did not get caught, thats the basic difference...
    Thanks guys

    Have fun!!!

    Is it state or federal law...Yes, you are caught and pay the price. Why you whine here.
    It seems like you are a shameless idiot.

    05-21 03:29 PM
    Interesting ritual one has to follow :)

    1. Copy the link on your clip-board (highlight and Ctrl+C). E.g., the following is the link for TSC

    2. Close *all* your browser windows. Perhaps you might want to open the task manager and kill the "process tree". But simply closing *all* the browser windows was sufficient in my system.

    3. Open your browser. Paste the link (Ctrl+v) on the browser and voila!

    They could be using some distributed web caching like akamai.


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