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  • sumanitha
    01-12 03:07 PM
    Donot take Maternity Card..

    It will not be helpful at all..

    Instead you can have your negotiations with your Doctor and Hospital.

    In Dallas (Las Collinas), if you dont have medical insurance, you can have an arrangement with the Doctor and Hospital.

    Like one of my friend paid 3K for everything for Delivery + 5K I think for the hospitals. Ofcourse this is based on the delivery is not complicated / C-section couple of years ago.

    Hope this helps.

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  • add78
    05-15 01:23 PM

    This is a very good news that I have heard since last July. I am not sure if MBA's will also be condidered as part of this bill. I have paid around $90 K from my pocket, to get my MBA from Duke.

    If that is the case then I would recommend that anyone who has any kind of support from their employer (or even without it) should get a masters degree as soon as possible. This will not only increase our value but will also shorten the queue.... just my 2 cents.
    Unfortunately MBA does not fall under STEM degree list.
    Per the recent OPT extension rule announcement by USCIS, you can write to them as they are taking suggestions with the reasons why MBA should be included. It will be hard to pursue because it is difficult to show shortage of skilled workers with MBA skills needed in US, but you are welcome to send USCIS letters.

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  • realizeit
    11-21 11:08 AM
    Dear Friends,

    As per yesterday�s floor summary (access link below), the House of Congress has been adjourned and this marks the end of the business activity in the house of the110th Congress. House will re-convene at 11:00 a.m. on January 3, 2009 and that will be the first session of the 111th Congress.

    Floor Summary:

    3:02 P.M. -
    The House adjourned pursuant to H. Con. Res. 440. The next meeting is scheduled for 11:00 a.m. on January 3, 2009.

    HR 5882 introduced in the 110th Congress will no longer valid for consideration in the 111th Congress and a new RECAPTURE bill has to be introduced in 111th Congress with the same contents of HR 5882 in order for us to obtain some relief.

    I think we should start our campaign now itself, targeting Rep Lofgren, Zoe [CA-16] and Rep Sensenbrenner, F. James, Jr. [WI-5], for the RE-INTRODUCTION of the RECAPTURE bill during the first week of the 111th Congress.

    Also, it is very important NOT to campaign for the expansion of the scope of this bill at this point of time as that will make this bill to get ignored and become a reason to add the whole relief measures to a Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill which may take 1-2 years to get passed depending on the political landscape.

    We should ask Hon. Zoe and Hon. Sensenbrenner to introduce this as an emergency relief measure and try to get this passed during the first quarter itself.

    Once this bill gets introduced, we could request all previous Co-Sponsors of HR 5882 to become Co-Sponsors of the new bill.

    So at this point, we should send mails to Rep Lofgren, Zoe and Rep Sensenbrenner, F. James, Jr. encouraging them to re-introduce the RECAPTURE bill.

    Let�s keep HOPE alive!

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  • pd_recapturing
    08-12 06:40 AM


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  • Tito_ortiz
    11-17 10:58 AM
    Great. I wish I had an employer like that !

    I was denied life insurance by Erie based on my non-immigrant status. However, my employer found an alternative insurance company that did not mind my non-immigrant status - but of course charged a premium for the "added risk caused by foreign citizenship and increased possibility of foreign travel".

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  • sundarpn
    04-20 10:12 AM
    Hello Neelu,

    Can you share the draft of your modified letter?



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  • morpheus
    04-10 04:11 PM
    The majority of the USCIS system is based on regulation, not law. The same goes for DOL. Many lawyers have argued that the entire LC/PERM system was created by administrative fiat i.e. it goes way beyond what is laid out in the law.

    Having said that, it doesn't appear the the DoJ or DHS will make any changes in their byzantine regulations unless forced by Congress. Consider AC21 which is a law that was made effective >5 years ago but has still not been codified into USCIS regulations!

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  • pooja_34
    12-22 06:30 AM
    Nodoby answers the phone or checks emails on those email ids. What we need is Meera Shankars email address.

    Embassy of India - Washington DC (official website) United States of America Passport Services FAQ (

    Passport Services - Assistance/Complaints
    Assistant Consular Officer
    Phone: (202) 939-9861

    Attach� (Consular)
    Phone: (202) 939-9832

    Consulate General, NY

    Consulate General of India, New York, U.S.A. - - (

    Any unresolved problems with the Consulate? Please click HERE

    For unresolved matters relating to Passports, Attestations, Renunciation/Surrender Certificate, PIO, Visa etc. please send email at: giving details of applicant�s full name(including middle name), passport number, date of application, application ref. number, brief background of the case, etc.

    For unresolved matters relating to OCI, please send an email at: giving details of applicant�s full name(including middle name), passport number, date of application, application ref. number, brief background of the case, etc.


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  • gsc999
    09-19 08:05 PM
    The question, what has the rally achieved? has already been answered but only for people who actually took part in it. No one who was actually there will have this rhetorical question.

    If you still have this question than don't be disingenuous and update your anonymous profile so that we we can contact you and answer your question.

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  • 485_se_dukhi
    09-19 08:32 PM
    I followed up on your GC status from Mr. Gonzales. He assured me that your GC has been sent via Speed Post: it should arrive within the next 4-6 business days. If it doesn't, please don't hesitate to call the toll free #: 1-800-NO-GC-4-ANA

    Ok, I've seen a lot of threads about go to the rally, actions items, I've reading a lot of guys saying dont ask for your receipt status, dont waste your time etc, etc.

    Yes we did the rally we were great with all those signs, and appearing in the Indy TV but...

    Question remains open:

    1. When are they going to increase the GC quota?
    2. When congress id going to do something?

    I've the feeling that that's it we made our point but we are still with no GC, waiting receipts..............


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  • easygoer
    12-03 11:52 AM
    I'm certain you cannot do that. While applying for H1B Visa, you can use experience in lieu of education, but while Perm/I140, they consider only 1 degree. Either its Masters or its Bachelors...even both of them are not considered as aggregates.

    If your attorney is planning that way, he may not have handled such cases before... :eek:

    You cannot substitute degree with experience while applying for Perm/I140.
    WhiteStallion is right. I received ref on my EB2 due to combination of degrees. However, once filed with single degree as Master's it was approved

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  • arc
    09-09 02:40 PM
    I can help in carrying stuff!


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  • hiralal
    05-05 10:16 PM
    Welcome. I urge you to browse this wonderful site and try to gather more information as to what IV has to offer and its history.

    BTW: "sub prime" has nothing to do with the real estate market or the location of the house. It is a financial term to describe a "risk" category invented for the layman. People who got loans even though they do not have the 'prime' credit rating and paid zero down payment are the ones who are walking away from their houses. These foreclosed houses can be anywhere and probably in better locations than not, as their prices would not have precipitously climbed during 2003-2006 crazy years.
    I agree with the above...subprime is not an area ..btw it is too late to link immigration with housing did pick up some steam as shiller and others discussed it ,...THE Problem ..shiller and others wanted to give GC's to those who come to US on the first day ..he probably does not know that there are a million immigrant with good bank balances and GC (a small plastic card) is preventing them from buying a house.
    as for the post above ..even 1 extra home sold helps ..and 100K homes sold definitely helps ...we just need to sell the idea and get the GC ..but maybe it is too late now

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  • days_go_by
    01-31 12:59 PM
    Guys - why is the Hike in immigration fees conciding with strong opposition to funding of the Iraq War.....These funds may well go to Bush is not able to garner support for additional funding from congress.
    No, most of those funds will go to sister agencies like ICE to catch illegal immigrants, they will not go towards expediting processing, improving efficiency of USCIS.

    01/31/2007 08:00 a.m: USCIS Proposed New Filing Fee Schedules to be Published Tomorrow

    * The controversial proposed new filing fee schedules will be published in the federal register tomorrow with 30-day comment period. It is anticipated that the agency may be flooded with the comments from the immigration stakeholders and public during the period. One of the issues that may be raised is the basis of calculation of fees, to wit, whether it is required to cover the increased cost for the processing of the immigration benefits applications as caused by the inflation or, as reported in the CRS, most of the fee funds will be generated to fund the other divisions of the DHS such as ICE and CBP. For the CRS report, readers may want to reread our posting on December 22, 2006 in our Archive XIV. If it is the latter, there is a room for substantial dabate in the Congress, the DHS oversight authority, and potential lawsuits. Please stay tuned.


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  • Sheila Danzig
    02-03 02:01 PM
    This particular case refers to a 3 year degree + a 1 year education degree where the first degree was required for admission into the education degree program. It is not the same as a 3+2, which, however, there is an unpublished AAO case to support its equivalency to a Masters degree.

    Here is the link:

    Why the heck is USCIS bothered about your bachelors when your Labor clearly says Masters required? I think you have a strong case since the RFE did not mention anything about your bachelors. What is your attorney saying? why didnt your ed evaluator mention anything about your bachelors? Will it help if you could evalute your qualifications from another agency, wherein they could prove that you had enough credits and class hours in your bachelors to be equal to US 4 yr courses?

    I am sure there are many helpful folks on this forum who could also guide you on your case. They may have had first hand experience in such situations. Do keep us posted.

    Good luck!

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  • hpandey
    11-20 10:18 AM
    I am waiting for GC for buying a house myself. I am sure there are many more people who think this way esp in this market.

    I am also waiting for a GC to buy a house ... can't buy on a H1 visa with a project that keeps on getting extended every 3-6 months. You need stability for at least a few years to put in a committment for a mortgage that you are going to pay for 30 years.


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  • gk_2000
    05-12 07:15 PM
    I sincere hope Dream act pass. Illegal kids suffer more. Our suffer less. Parents made mistake. Why they pay?

    Why dont you start a campaign? What use posting on forum?

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  • gc_buddy
    07-24 02:38 PM
    EAD E-filed on June 19th
    FP Done on July 11th

    No approval as of now.

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  • EBX-Man
    05-11 03:57 PM
    Ahhh !!!! the junior members come out of the wood work with enthusiasm and fire. let us see how long this lasts !!!!, Only untIl the next VB I would assume

    06-26 05:19 PM
    Thank you very much !

    visit your senator's website. Look for links for "casework". Look for contact person for immigration. Call your senator's office at that number. Explain your problem. They will ask you to write a letter giving your case information and requesting them to find out the status. Some senator offices may require you to fill some form in a format pertinent to them with the intention of giving the senator's office permission to inquire on your behalf and to give access to your personal information.

    Once they have letter from you they will contact USCIS on your behalf. They will tell you by when they will hear back from USCIS. Make sure you do not call them repeatedly, call them when they ask you to call them or call them after a reasonable amount of time i.e. 2 weeks.

    04-09 01:44 PM
    One other solution is counting of Cap should be based on starting of employment. Then companies will not apply thousands at a time and they will apply only genuine cases when it is required. Implementation is difficult but there should be a way.

    Or instead of lottery some other criteria can be applied like qualification,salary and company

    Guys n Gals,
    I feel your pain with regards to consulting firms, but do not blame them for your issues. I know quite a few people from top tier universities in India/US who work for consulting firms and make at least 2-3X times money than minimum required for h1b. What is wrong with working for consulting firms? Such over generalizations only display ignorance and I would advise you to stay away from it.

    Best of luck with visa lottery. To alleviate your pain I think you should join hands with IV and try to make the GC process a lot faster that way you don't have to worry about H1 at all. If the provision of admin fixes where one gets to apply for 485 without visa numbers being available goes through, you can go directly from Student OPT to 485 EAD.

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