Sunday, June 19, 2011

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  • sdrblr
    08-06 09:57 PM
    I may have to respectfully disagree with this.. Mine was approved on June 13th 2006 and my PD is current.. I have seen many EB2 with a later PD and 140 approval being approved.

    There is only ONE trend... that is NO TREND :p

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  • boreal
    08-11 10:18 PM
    Does anyone know if its possible to just renew the green-card or one has to apply for naturalization after 5 years?

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  • IndianIII
    09-27 10:35 PM
    Your university looks like a wierd one. How can one get a course completion certificate when there were 2 papers pending.

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  • texanmom
    08-28 05:40 PM
    I know this is not the right place..but I didn't know where else to post this. Sorry about that.

    Has the congresswoman been contacted for this rally? She would be a powerful voice to have on our side.

    I am sure the IV core team has thought about this...but I didnt read about it anywhere on the forums. If there is something, please point me to it.


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  • aquarianf
    07-19 01:20 PM
    No she cant becuase her visa appointment is on Aug 13.

    I think you should be able to manage it. I am not sure if USCIS will accept report from Doctor's in Mumabi. it has to be one the cerified civil surgeon.
    You can ask your wife to have all immunization record ready. Talk to some civil surgeons in advance and explain your situation and ask if they can provide blood report in one day. Mostly they send blood work to another blood lab so you may have to contact lab if they can give the test result in same day. Although ppd test is required but you can try to convince civil surgeon to skip it and go with just x-ray and later deal with rfe. Or you can ask civil surgeon if he accept PPD report from some other doctor's in India. Another option could be that she can take PPD injection in india and show it to the civil surgeon here. Explore all your posibilities here. You have enough time to explore your options.

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  • ragz4u
    02-21 08:34 AM
    From what I gathered, you were just being a messenger and if you look at my post, I have never referred to you in anything. All my answers were directed to hadron. At the same time its a little frustrating to us when people repeatedly keep on questioning our goals/legitimacy. Being a messenger, you bore the brunt from some of us :(

    Hopefully you realize our situation and will keep on volunteering/contributing....


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  • jkays94
    04-01 09:24 PM
    Sent 10 and 11.

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    02-13 07:54 AM
    thanks mhtanim....

    It seems that i can file tax using form 4852....but to do if he send legal notice claiming that i have made losses to him worth 25 K....i had good relation with client , gave app notice and also have refe letter from client (received award form client) there shud be no point for liquidation thing and also i have all previous employers emails acepting my receignation and notice period...

    Another thing which you may want to keep a watch is on the dollar amount that your employer reported on W2 for FED & State... in my case my old employer filed & reported wrong dollar amount to IRS and paid less taxes then what normally supposed to be paid which was of course he did that on purpose anyway and I didn't realize until I went to H&R block to file my 2006 taxes...and happen to notice I was ending up to pay way too huge $$ amount in return to IRS

    Thanks to H&R they made my options pretty simple (a) check with my previous employer to see if he can do adjustment e-filing to IRS and provide me with corrected W2 that shows correct $$ amount or we can proceed further with filing with what ever they have reported $$ to FED & State and in the H& R system they do have an option for a separate forms that can be filed along with your taxes which reports directly to IRS on the issue and IRS will take it from there becasuse for sure during adjudication of your filed taxes in IRS system there will be flag for someone to manually look into your filed case.

    My useless desi employer not sure what was he thinking at that time of such plans & didn't expect me to go that far with new approach to IRS, had given him options as described above and guess what he did over night e-filing on adjustment & did over night courier to my home mailing address...


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  • abhidos37
    08-22 11:32 AM
    My PD is Aug 2005. My employer by mistake sent the 485 application on June 27 and USCIS received on June 28. Today Aug 21, I received the rejected 485 full package back. Employer is following up whether it can sent back. Anybody has any idea of any luck in this case, or has to wait till dates are current again?:mad:

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  • nogreen4decade
    07-16 07:28 PM
    i am starting to wonder, if you are for real. your profile is empty. All your previous posts are derogatory and you accused the american president in your previous posts. I am wondering whats the basis you are here in IV and if you a green card case that you have applied and waiting..
    I believe he is some crazy Republican from Arizona. BE CAREFUL on what you say to him. I live in Arizona. I know these idiots.


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  • edaltsis
    08-08 10:03 AM
    Same thing happened with one of my friends. He went to India immediately got married and brought his wife to US, the GC status would not update at the port of entry system that quick so he took a chance. You can give a try to schedule an appointment at the Chennai embassy for dependent visa (through your H1B). My friend spoke with a reputed law firm (I dont want to mention the name here but you all know 'her') who advised this and he got lucky.

    As the priority dates are current you can apply for 485 for your spouse. Good Luck!

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  • dummgelauft
    11-11 05:29 PM
    Agree with you Tony - there are so many members of this forum - I find it hard to believe that everyone's budget is so tight, that they cannot afford to divert $25 per-month to a cause that is going to help them directly.

    I am not underestimating the value of $300 per-year, but compared to the value that this is likely to drive, it is certainly an investment that can provide handsome returns.

    I would rather NOT believe that most people here are with a free-loader mentality - waiting for others to fund and drive the momentum, while they just keep yapping about their problems and concerns about the situation, laws, regulations, illegals, employers etc. etc.

    In my opinion people are missing the big picture of that if everyone contributed, there could be significant momentum that could be created - a $25 per-month contribution could lead to a $500K monthly lobbying fund - which is a non-trivial amount to drive our agenda.

    Thank YOU!!

    Dude, I have been sparring with Pappu and Starsun for quite some time now. IV needs to be a "Paying Members Only" organisation.
    Per some statistics regularly floating around here, IV has 40,000 odd members. A membership fee as small as $1/month!! ($12/year), will INSURE a steady flow of funds, that will make a HUGE difference.
    Even if 20,000 of that 40,000 run away due to the $12.00/yr subscription requirement, that still leaves IV with almost a QUARTER million dollars worth of cash at hand, . True, it wil lbe hard work to keep the membership numbers up, but think about it, a smaller, more focused organisation, with enough liquid cash, to be able to hold events, rallys, make campaign contributions etc......


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  • rayoflight
    04-13 05:51 PM
    Great Job guys. I am proud to be part of IV.

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  • m306m
    06-02 10:45 AM


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  • amitga
    06-24 02:30 PM
    Schumer Says Immigration Reform Will Happen - Roll Call (

    Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) maintained Wednesday that Congress will tackle comprehensive immigration reform this Congress, and perhaps even this year.

    �All of the fundamental building blocks are in place to pass comprehensive immigration reform this session and, even possibly, later this year,� Schumer, the No. 3 Democratic leader, said during a speech before the Migration Policy Institute.

    Schumer, chairman of the Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration, Refugees and Border Security, outlined key principles that must be part a reform bill, including strong enforcement of illegal immigration, an employer-based verification system and a direct path to citizenship.

    The Democratic Conference vice chairman, who will join a group of lawmakers at the White House on Thursday for a summit on immigration, underscored �the intensity for solving this problem once and for all� this year. Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) has similarly suggested that immigration must be tackled sooner rather than later.

    �I have no doubt that President Obama has an unyielding commitment to achieving comprehensive immigration reform,� Schumer said. �And I truly believe that his leadership will be the critical difference in getting us over the hump this time around.�

    Schumer said the last legislative attempt in the 110th Congress failed because it wasn�t strong enough in clamping down on illegal immigration. This year, he said, that issue must be a top priority.

    �I think on the part of the left, there�s an understanding that unless we convince American we�re going to be really tough ... it�s the only way to do it,� Schumer said.

    With Republican losses among immigrant voters in the last election, Schumer said the GOP has an interest in moving on a reform bill as well.

    Reid said Tuesday that immigration remains a top priority this year � just behind health care reform and climate change legislation. He said he has spoken with White House officials on the matter, and despite a packed schedule that includes appropriations bills and a Supreme Court confirmation, the Majority Leader said he has the votes and the support to take on another complex issue this year. Obama, for his part, has said he wants to get negotiations rolling on immigration but hasn�t laid out a timetable for passing a reform package.

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  • gcdreamer05
    07-31 11:12 AM
    Hi sanbaj should the 485 RD become current or the PD should be current is enough to open the case ?


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  • venkygct
    08-31 02:06 AM

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  • mhb
    07-06 03:20 PM
    Are you saying it will now be mentioned in tomorrow's (7/7/07) news telecast? That might be lucky for us then...
    Yup thats what he told me

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  • mallu
    02-20 04:46 PM
    Can anybody estimate out of the 47000 identified cases that is affected by Name Check...

    How many are real old PD's like

    Prior to 2003

    Between 2003 and 2005

    Between 2005 and 2007

    India / China / Mexico / ROW


    09-10 11:32 AM
    There's 1 million of us. We can take easily tens of thousands to the rally!!!!

    01-02 11:34 AM
    Happy New Year Guys

    I have quick question. Please comment on this �

    Can anyone accept payments for expenses (reimbursement) from other than your employer (payroll & H-1b holding company). This could be accept such payments for expenses (reimbursement) directly from middle man company or client ?

    Please respond

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