Sunday, June 26, 2011

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  • katrina
    03-28 03:51 PM
    First of all, please be decent to each other. Now, to the PBEC issue - this is a major problem, and a huge issue for all of us. Currently, the debate in Senate/Congress is centered around Immigration reform and this is a definitely a good time to raise these issues.

    There are a few things we should strive for:
    1. Keep all provisions of Specter's bill related to EB.
    2. Re-instate per country soft limit.

    If both of these provisions are passed, Priority dates for all countries will be current in EB2 and will rapidly move in EB3. A lot of folks in PBEC might be able to use PERM to apply another labor and priority dates will loose their importance, so it is important that these provisions pass.

    Its easy to say than to do it. Not everybody that have been wait in PBEC have a chance to do Perm. Not every company willing to redo the case.

    Senate should address legal immigration first before do the reform for Illegal immigration. They can keep give amnesty to million of illegal immigration, and million will come why ? one quick answer crapy system.

    If only they can create a better system (not like PBEC and DBEC) I believe US will have less ilegall immigrant.

    you guys who tough only retrogression issued is really narrow minded ( sorry for my frustration). This retrogression is only temporary relief for couple hundred thousand people. Still if they allow people to submit their i485. With DOL not doing their job right do you think you can get your greencard fast ?
    it's all depends on your luck.

    if they can't clear 35000 thousand case at PBEC now. Do you think they can process million greedcard application in a year ?

    Perm may process fast but it also create more greencard application per year + other family based greencard, L greencard and illegal immigration greencard (if the bill passed). There will be another retrogression and another backlog in the near future.

    Therefore the one that they should look into is to create a bill that build a better DOL administration :)

    What better way to open senate eyes about DOL Mess, PBEC case :)
    then Retrogression issue.

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  • webm
    08-18 02:42 PM

    My EAD renewal was filed in TSC in the middle of June. Now it is more than 2 months I haven't heard anything from them. I wonder do they request for FP during EAD renewal ? When I applied for EAD first time in 2007 there was no request for FP and the EAD was approved without FP. But I have seen several posts where folks mentioned that they have got FP notification after they filed their EAD renewal. I have done one FP beginning of 2008 as part of my AOS filed on July 2, 2007. So, I wonder do I receive another FP notification as part of my EAD renewal or USCIS can use my existing FP (they may have in their system) ?


    If you E-Filed EAD then you expect to receive FP notice..Else if paper filed then no FP..thats the logic..

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  • lacrossegc
    07-20 06:03 PM
    Whenever an attempt to increase visa numbers is made a budget point of order can usually be made. So, you will need 60 votes to amend the law.

    "Before every one starts to bash Hillary : this is what someone on IV posted regarding Senate floor Amendment 2339... and now it sort of makes sense:"

    Not really. Senators voted against this because they opposed the underlying amendment. The Democratic opposition stems from the facts that the amendment proposed to re-capture from all categories and then re-distribute accordingly to a Republican preference. For instance EB-3, numbers re-captured didn't all go to EB-3. The amendment gave 61,000 to Schedule A and then re-distributed the rest equally.

    A much fairer, simpler and permanent solution is to simply rollover the unused numbers to next years numbers.

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  • sands
    08-13 08:56 PM
    I appllied on May 12 and did FP on May 31, besides one LUD on July 1st, nothing has happened as of yet. I opened a service request but I ma not expecting anything to happen. Mine expires in Oct., so I still have some more time.

    What's the way to contact the senator? I am from MA.


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  • sujith1
    06-12 08:45 PM
    absolutely something fishy- Even though his english is broken there is not even a single spelling mistake in any of the words he is using. Which means he knows his words and is double checking the posts to make sure his english sounds broken.

    IF whatever he is saying is true I wish him luck - else - its his time and his problem

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  • cendra
    10-11 08:29 AM

    I am new to this site and had a question about the Nov. bulletin that maybe someone might be able to answer. I am EB3 ROW and I am still not able to submit my I-140 + I-485 concurrently by 5 days (my PD is July 5, 2002).

    Do you expect the EB3 ROW dates to move forward at all in the Dec. bulletin?

    I just need to know because my lawyer is pressuring me to submit my I-140 not concurrently, but I wondered if I just should wait for a month.

    Thanks in advance for your help!


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  • praveenat11
    10-25 03:56 PM
    Sure, the next step is
    " All lines in this route are busy , please dial after sometime"

    Can u say clearly what is ur opinion...?

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  • ags123
    04-07 08:23 PM
    Till 2007 that was how it was being interpretted and then suddenly DOS realised it should be by category and not by country of chargebility.
    The earlier Eb1 ROW>Eb2 ROW>Eb3 ROW spillover is called vertical spillover
    The current since 2008 spillover Eb1>Eb2>Eb3 regardless of country is called horizontal spillover.

    However see in Horizontal spill over Eb2 India backlog takes of the numbers (14k in 2008)
    In vertical spill over Eb3 India backlog takes the numbers(17k in 2007)
    This is because Eb2 India or Eb3 India have older cases and spillover is given seemingly according to PD order.
    So either method wont help Eb3 ROW. Its a double whammy.


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  • snhn
    05-21 12:53 PM
    so TSC processing time actually retrogressed this month by 8 days if it is at June 21. For times of April, it shows that they are processing June 29, 2008.

    what is going on man. when will they get to Aug 7. but then again, if EB3 is not avaialable then what si the point.

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  • gunsnkars
    07-19 02:56 PM
    What Raj is saying is get your GC first and process your wife's through family based which would take a very loong time...10 years!!!

    Now to my views..Your wife will be able to piggyback on your 485 application irrespective of her status H1-B or H-4 or F-1..She's your wife problems there!!what i don't understand is this bangwagon "lets apply ours first and include our wife's petition later when PD becomes current"...Instead y not apply both petitions together when PD becomes current again!!Atleast you wouldn't have to worry what if my petition gets approved b4 my PD becomes current!!!And god knows how many years of H1-B extensions they would give you once you have your applied 485 receipt!!!At the end of the day it is your choice!!!


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  • NKR
    07-04 12:21 PM
    I agree, if you are past 180 days since you applied for 485 and if your 140 is approved, it shouldn't matter if your ex employer withdraws 140 now, though I doubt he would.

    This is another example of a bad desi employer trying to screw an employee. these stories make me puke. the employer did not have a problem when you found a project, when you negotiated rates and when you worked with the same client for 3 years and now all of a sudden he is holding you accountable. totally unprofessional . sic.

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  • grupak
    09-23 10:39 AM
    Call! Lets do what we can.


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  • BECsufferer
    09-29 12:54 PM
    Guys ... first of all thanks for starting this thread. Worth every bit of space on server.

    I am based in Michigan and would like to get in touch with someone locally to guide me in setting up a LLC. Well saying that, I don't mind venturing with like minded people outside MI too. I have few ideas and would like to work on those, these are in products and industry I am working with (Mechanical/ Industrial). However, I think same approach can be used to generate IP in other fields too. So i am open to collaborate with like minded people to benefit from each other. i emphasize on like minded people, because their would be failures too and so need equal buy in.

    Neverhteless, what I am saying is if their is an opportunity to collaborate to succeed collectively? Write me back what you think and good Luck.

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  • jonty_11
    07-10 11:47 AM
    Not sure if this has hapened b4..but Oh acknowledging our IV ----

    07/10/2007: Response of USCIS Director to Visa Bulletin Fiasco Related Flower Campaign

    * We reported yesterday that foreign professionals have been sending flowers to the heads of involved agencies with a message of protest for the ongoing visa bulletin fiasco. Dr. Emilio Gonzalez responded to such flower campaign in the USCIS site. The flower campaign appears to be a gesture from the community of foreign professionals to thaw out the tension created by the fiasco and at the same time calling the agency leaders' swift attention to the problem and sufferings of the foreign professionals and their family members. This camapaign has been initiated and pushed ahead by the group. Salute to the members of this group for the job well done.


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  • dilipb
    06-24 11:29 AM
    My views:

    I have not heard of any case, where they rejected an application because the "payable to" name was an issue.

    We need an expert who knows how check processing works between 2 physical people, in our case, we people and USCIS and then later between the 2 banks, in our case, our banks and USCIS's bank.

    Another example: My company accepts checks under a full name and also if paid using an abbreviated name. But thats because we have told our bank to accept such checks.

    USCIS must have also done the same thing, they must have informed their banks too. All they are trying to do is TRAIN all people in the US, to write checks to only 1 name which is "US department of homeland security", because thats their umbrella organisation. It will take people some time to learn about the new change. But they wont reject applications because of that, unless there is a big difference. I am sure they will accept checks if you say "USCIS" or its full form. Money is going, finally, to the same place.

    Most important bottom line : If they plan to reject applications if check names were not accurate, they are legally supposed to write that in the instructions that they will do so. If they themselves are confused they will issue an RFE or something and request you to send a proper check.


    So people stop panicking. Dont worry.
    Give your self 1-2 weeks and keep checking bank and call USCIS.

    Bottom line for people who are yet to file : DO EXACTLY AS WRITTEN in the INSTRUCTIONS. IF you lose concentration and dont do things correctly, these tensions arise. FIND TIME AND READ READ READ.

    Sorry if I sound rude.

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  • desi3933
    02-11 03:00 PM
    You are applying on the basis of an immigrant petition for alien worker, for I140 filed on your behalf. However the same petition has been revoked.

    Since the approval of the visa petition files on your behalf is no longer considered valued, your application is here by denied.

    Please note that the Form I140 is no longer valid for porting purpose under section 106� of AC21 if the I140 was revoked due to the fact that you did not meet the minimum requirements for the labor certificate at the time of filing. Due to the fact that beneficiary of the For I140 was found to be “unqualified” at the time of filing you are not eligible for relied under section 106� of AC21.

    The regulation do not provide for an appeal from this decision.


    Who has revoked your I-140?

    Is it beacuse of revocation request by Employer
    USCIS revoked it as it was approved in error.

    There is a big difference between the two?


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  • chanduv23
    10-03 11:50 AM
    I will be in NY that Friday for a meeting. I am not sure if my flights are booked for Friday evening or Saturday. If I can I will definitely make it!:)

    Wonderful - if you can make it - we will see u here :)

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  • kaella
    11-04 11:20 AM
    I know this is not releated with Immigration. If you dont want to answer, that is fine. Just ignore this.

    I have money crunch in US. I have accumulated huge debt in my CC. In past I have sent some money to India, but now when I ask my parents to send it here, they tell it is not possible without losing 30%. This is what they heard from my bank. Any Idea on how to get money from India from my own account to which I have sent from here.

    I am in the other way round,Last year i bought a house in india and i keep sending money to india as soon as i get my salary deposited everymonth. Lot of my friends are in the same boat,we send all our savings to india. I send not less than $3 k /month to india and can try to help you.
    Let me know how much you are planning to get here ,so that i can think of it. We can work on a mutual benefit way, if you are interested.

    I live in Louisville,KY.

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  • rockstart
    03-18 10:15 AM
    I think what ever step we take has to be organized and inclusive of all groups. It is not like last year EB2 pulled out a smart trick to receive the spill over. I mean they were all suprised & shocked to see dates go forward as were other folks on this forum. So trying to unite Eb3 by kind of blaming Eb2 or Chinese or ROW or for that matter anybody will not be very productive. Remember we are facing immigration opponents who are well organized, united and well funded. They have years of experience in lobbying and using media to their advantage. We are a tiny minority and if we further fracture it besed on nationality or category of filing all we will do is weaken our case further. We should focus our efforts for EB reforms across all categories and I think the best way is to follow the direction of the IV leadership on this isssue.

    08-16 12:04 AM
    Thank you for all your input. Again, I got my GC on the first week of July and my wife was applied for 485 last July 30. Whether to leave my present employer or not has become a big question as my employer has decided to transfer me to another location in less than a month's notice which showed lack of consideration to the welfare of their employees as they're not only doing this to one person but a lot others too.

    My greatest concern now is if leaving my employer would have an implication on my wife's pending AOS.

    Thank you for all the pieces of advice you're giving.

    I do know recently where a person who got married before his greencard approval and filed his wife's case. He got approved but then three months after his approval; his wife has been sent to local office interview. I'll let you know what the outcome of that will be.

    Another person was on F-1 and went straight to greencard through Schedule A. he got married after he filed for 485. Since he didn't have any non immigrant status; he could not bring his wife here. She had to do follow to join and chennai consulate asked all sorts of questions. Tax returns, w2's, letter from employer; when he joined and when he left.

    Think of it this way; were you travelling before greencard with same employer? If you were then what would have changed that all of a sudden you don't like it. It would be a more plausible excuse if you didn't travel at all before and they started to make you do it after greencard approval.

    03-17 02:58 PM
    I have listened to a couple of speaches by Bernake in NPR. Basically that guy is completely in the blank on how to handle the economy. He simply says, we are in this mess, because the lenders were very lenient.

    Had you left your first paragraph off, may be people would have paid more attention. To say that the fed boss is clueless shows that you have simplified the problem way too much.

    Have you seen the BearStearns tumble and do you understand the cause and effect it may have had if Fed/JPMC had not come to its rescue? There is a very valid speculation that it may still have a ripple effect on all mortgage brokerage firms. For now, the Fed with its tourniquet with help from JPMC seem to have tried to stop the bleeding.

    And regarding your solution, the market is in a deep trouble with the 30 year loan rates around 7%. There is a very high chance that it may go up because of the risks involved in buying mortgage bonds. This is amidst news that the housing market is yet to bottom out and it may continue to fall at least for another year.

    Good try, even if I had a GC, I would be a little careful to jump into this market. Ofcourse, if I had a 30% down for a 250K home, may be I might get a good deal, but not many can afford a 30% down...

    All the best for all who can and thanks for trying to take the reigns from the fed chief....

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