Friday, June 24, 2011

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  • styrum
    02-08 04:12 PM
    I filed an apeal for my first PERM too and preparing to file another one (through another company - you can't file another PERM via the same company while your first PERM is in appeal). Your's is there for longer than mine. I heard 4 to 6 months would be the time. Please let us know when and how yours is resolved.

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  • sanju
    01-15 11:36 AM
    I agree - these are things that have to be taken very seriously.

    I am also hearing that desi houses are being targeted in New Jersey as ZDesis have jewelery in houses.

    Akshay was one of us and I feel saddened to read this news.

    However, this violent act could possibly be a sign of tough economy. Although, the problem is, any attack on an "India" immigrant is covered by stupid of all NDTV and times of Iindia et al. How many people died in India because of violence yesterday in India? Anybody knows that number? Anybody? NDTV? TOI? None. Noe one cares. The United Stupid of the Media don't care and don't cover that news. NDTV is just trying to get more people to click on their webiste and read their news. And people people will fall in that trap if the headline reads like 'Indian Technie was killed in a violent attack'. People from the subcontinent will then click on the news.

    The reality is, if you do math, and find out the % of population of "Legal Immigrants" if that is your concern, the crime on "Legal Immigrants" is lesser as compared to the crime involving attacks on natives. If your concern is that crime on "Indian Techie", then you can do the math and find out the % of population of "Indian Technie" to the other demography of the population, the crime on "Indian Techie" is less as compared to the crime involving attacks on any other demography. So this "news" style is flawed and "educated" people could use caution when subscribing to the conclusion of the news artiles we read, just as we should use caution reading any religious book. This cautionary practice of not subscribing to a viewpoint, just because it showed up in the newspaper or because it is written in a "book" by someone in the past, in my opinion differentiates between "an educated who went to school" and "an uneducated who went to school".

    The reason for my writing this is, very soon you will see an article on NDTV with the deadlines something like - "200% increase in the crime against Indian techie" because last year 2 Indian techies died and this year that number jumped to 4. And everyone will read that news formulating an opinion that India techies are slaughtered on the streets of AR, and some will say AR and detriot is a very dangerous place to visit. And such opinion is as wrong as the opinion which suggests other for not going to Mumbai because there was a terrorist attack in Mumbai last November.

    We should use caution with falling in the trap of the reporter/news media and not perceive the news what the news media wants us to understand, and maybe treat the news just the way the news is. That's all.


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  • sledge_hammer
    02-23 11:00 AM
    I wouldn't call ourselves losers. But I do agree with your statement about Richard Attenborough and Danny Boyle, because I was thinking the same thing!

    It took a richard attenborough to show case Gandhi and it took Danny Boyle to show case Rahman's talent. as simple as that.. people who cant rejoice at this moment are sore frigging losers. end of story. :D

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  • pappu
    04-10 11:54 PM
    Folks, IV is a platform to come and work on the common goal. Come join us and help out. Be an active volunteer and work on daily basis with us to solve the problem and make IV better. We need more real workers on the ground than strategy advisers, critics and Management consultants.

    Enough said. Actions will speak louder than words and you need to get involved to tell us your ideas. If you are interested to actively participate send us an email (info at with your valid email address with your name, phone number and what you would like to do to help IV. We will welcome your active participation and assign you leadership roles if you want.

    The thread is closed.


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  • BharatPremi
    10-11 03:48 PM

    Looks like we are in minority :)

    "Oye, PavanV", Do not worry. I believe in "Sawa Lakh se Ek Ladaun Tab Gobind Singh Naam Kahaun". :)

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  • cygent
    07-17 08:12 PM
    Of course, My bad! They were the next 2 on my list, I have already printed out the letter and am filling it in right now! I have already sent letters to them in a previous campaign.

    Thanks again for your due diligence!!


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  • MDix
    01-23 01:00 PM
    Looking at your PD, you will be current this year, no DOUBT about it.

    I hope they make evrything current ,just hope.


    I hope they do that ..
    Can i apply for 485..with 140 pending? and then switch to EAD after 6 months?

    I will be completing my 9 yrs for H1 in Jan 2010...;)

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  • stuckinmuck
    05-28 02:56 PM
    I found this interesting comment from a blog. It has been posted by an H.R. representative who has access to H1B and GC users' records. The points raised are indeed valid and they seem to have a 'case' against us. I do not by any means want to undermine our efforts but it does provide a perspective from the 'citizens' perspective.

    The bill would also drastically increase the number of H-1B visas issued to foreign professional workers. As a Human Resources representative, I see first hand how the H-1B visa and employment based green card programs actually work together to drive U.S. white collar workers from their jobs and even from their careers. To begin with, there is virtually nothing in the law that prevents employers from hiring H-1Bers for open positions even if qualified Americans are available and willing to do the work. Americans are routinely laid off and replaced with lower paid H-1Bers also. In these cases, Americans have practically no legal recourse available under current law. H-1B is also a dual intent visa, so an employer may sponsor an H-1Ber for an EB green card for legal permanent resident status. When a company seeks to sponsor a foreign worker for an EB green card, they are required by law to demonstrate a good faith effort to recruit Americans first. This process is called labor certification. But employers routinely game the labor certification process for green card sponsorship to defraud even well qualified citizen job applicants in favor of low wage foreigners. They use fake job ads and/or bad faith interviews of American citizens to convince the federal government that they tried to find American workers first. These practices are common in high tech and even in some non-tech industries, but HR people are told to keep quiet about it or lose their jobs.

    I would be in favor of a program that issues a small number of self-sponsoring green cards for truly innovative foreign nationals on a competitive basis. But very few of the H-1Bers or green card applicants that I have seen in 10+ years even come close to being truly innovative. Most are just practitioners with skills that are actually quite common among the domestic workforce. The only thing special about these foreigners is that they will work for substantially less than Americans in order to have a chance to become legal permanent residents. Thus they are used by management to sweeten corporate balance sheets.

    The prevailing wage regulations are supposed to insure that foreign nationals are paid the same as their American counterparts in the same job functions, but these regulations are so riddled with loopholes that they are a bad joke.

    Since my work allows me to have access to salary records, I can tell you that the labor cost savings for H-1Bers and green card applicants is substantially greater than the costs of filing the applications with the government.

    Citizens should demand that both the H-1B and employment based green card programs be abolished in their current form.

    My point is if we check our credentials, how many of us are 'true' innovators? I know I am not, I am an expert in what I do and am an asset to my company but I haven't filed any patents or publications which would be the true requirement for this country. My skills are indeed readily available in domestic workers as well. Could that be the reason for the backlog in EB-3 and none in EB-1? So do we need to do a reality check here? Just wondering if this could be the reason why we're getting a raw deal. Could it be that 'highly skilled' is not enough but 'genius' and 'highly skilled' is what's required here? Just a thought.


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  • akhilmahajan
    08-15 10:55 AM
    Thanks for adding the poll.

    GO IV GO.

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  • sgorla
    04-17 02:08 PM
    Very well said, nozerd. Indians may keep dreaming about INR gaining value against USD. It might actually happen at some point of time, but without the proper infrastructure that it needs, its going nowhere in my opinion.
    What India needs is

    Transparent Government without any trace of corruption atleast in regular day-to-day life
    Clean drinking water, un-interrupted power supply
    Roads and neighborhoods without trash pile ups
    Change of people's attitude that Govt should do everything for them, but without having to have pay taxes, fee etc.

    Yes but in Canada you will breathe clean air and drink clean water. You will have electricity 24 hrs a day and water 24 hrs a day. You wont find trash on the street and you wont be considered second class citizen if you arent SC/ST/OBC due to reservations. You woint have to give "donations" to get your kid admitted to Class 1. You wont face a system where a simple court case drags to 50 yrs or a case where doctor will not treat if before police does a "Panchnama" if you had an accident. You wont have to bribe everyone from minucipality to police to start a business.


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  • kumar1
    09-25 09:17 PM
    "problems if generating paystubs" this a pure speculation or do you have to anything to back this statement....


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  • gc_mania_03
    08-28 02:23 PM
    1) 2-passport size photographs with your A#, name written on the back.
    2) Letter justifying the need for AP.
    3) Copy of I-485 receipt
    4) Copy of old AP.
    5) Copy of Passport information page (or) DL
    6) Copy of Confirmation notice of e-file.


    I need some advice on AP filing.

    I E-Filed my wife's AP last weekend and promptly sent the documents. But, just now I realized that I did not enclose the passport-photos with the packet.

    What do you think can be done now?

    I plan to send another packet, with a cover letter stating that I had forgot the photos and they are in the packet. I also plan to enclose the confirmation receipt with the packet.

    Should that be enough?


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  • Junky
    11-17 08:29 AM
    Parasite/Desi Employer: An organism that lives in or on and takes its nourishment from another organism. A parasite/Desi Employer cannot live independently.

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  • Maverick_2008
    05-02 09:03 PM
    Buddy, your tone sounds hostile and as I said we're staying here by choice - but let me tell you this, after getting an MBA (with financial aid) from a decent school here, staying here for a decade, getting into upper management of a large company and having US born kids, I'm relocating to India after the summer. I've just secured admission for my first born from here and it went without a single glitch.

    So, YES, I've tried it, I'm pretty darn willing to and I got a strong pair of balls!


    have you tried any of this? or are you willing to!?


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  • chanduv23
    11-08 10:58 AM
    I work for Fortune 100 company and we are celebrating Diwali on Friday. There are flyers on all the corners and are expecting more than 500 co-workers for pot-luck lunch. And the best part, organizer and main activists are non-Indian. So its just another festival in the mix that everybody is looking to enjoy. This is our first gathering followed by 4-5 more before end of the year.

    Yes, American society is a cosmopolitian society and every culture is respected. Thats why it is called a melting pot.

    The only way we can achieve unity is through social greets and making everyone get a feeling of togetherness.

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  • qualified_trash
    09-15 10:37 AM
    I am not sure any one one of the people who made the above posts have their GC......... I would actually agree with mihird.

    if you plan your life, you can overcome most obstacles, not having the GC included. it is folks who do not plan long term that are in trouble


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  • jayZinDC
    04-02 12:37 PM
    First of all learn to "conduct" yourself in public before working for the semi conductor industry. What is gulti mentality pls explain? Second of all you chose to come here with the constraints that were imposed on you, did you have the balls to question the immigration officer as to why your wife could not work? If you think this is hell my friend you are in for a rude surprise.
    When you want answers for your question there is a method for asking it, pls follow that method and you will get your answers, there are more people willing to help here than you will find anywhere. Ranting about communities will get you no where, now apologize and ask your question, someone will answer.

    Malibuguy007 , you seem to me a guy who could save 2-3000 dollars per month and think you are in heaven(Typical GULTI mentality) . These are the points on basis of which i called life of H1 hell

    1. Your spouse can't work . Think about their self esteem and self respect they are loosing.

    2. You don't know about your future if tomorrow you loose your job , you will be kicked from this country.

    Tell me what is hell then ? Don't think its just about counting dollars , think about your life stability and about your family members too. Try to come out of Sambhar-Rice world(thats the way you save money here and call US heaven). Live with pride ,ok . Fight for being treated like H1 ( HIGHLY SKILLED PROFESSIONAL) not slaves.
    I hope now you feel we are in hell.

    PS : I work with one of best semiconductor companies in world and earn decent salary .

    All GULTIs , start giving me red and i don't give a** for that.

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  • satishbsk
    11-01 07:13 PM
    Looks like there is no national policy in DMV license renewal.

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  • willgetgc2005
    02-24 05:48 PM
    I contributed just now.

    I hope after the concall this weekend, more people will contribute.
    Suggestion, can you guys highlight what our lobbying firm has done so far and what it will do fot he upcoming bills ? Seeing that progress will make a lot more come forward.

    06-03 09:12 AM
    For all those who commented in negative.
    1. Its posted in Interesting topics section. GC, E2/E3 predictions,H1B extension etc is not the only thing left in life.
    2. Spelling is a logical/creative thing. Its not cramming words from dictionary. Its an art too. Ever heard of phonetics.

    have a nice day.

    08-26 10:04 AM

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