Friday, June 24, 2011

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  • thankgod
    06-03 10:39 AM
    just becoz u'r kid is not good in spellings.... it doesn't make it mandatory for some folks to be jealous in demeaning way...... maybe you feel bad that a 10 year old has better english vocabulary than you at 40..... whatever it is.... u'r not always in competition with u'r surroundings........ grow up and appreciate the effort & dedication that breaks human limits..... even if it is a 10 or 12 yr old.....

    software can write software too...... then y do we need programmers.... y do we need eb2 and eb3?

    y do we have 100m race if we have cars? y do we have swimming contest if we have boats & ships that can go lot faster....

    have an appreciation for things around u..... just becoz u'r not good at something..... or just becoz u don't think its important to u..... it doesn't mean that it doesn't have any meaning...... there is lot more to this competition that meets the eye..... u'll value it only if you open u'r eyes and make an effort to see.....

    Senseless post. You are exciting too much brother.

    I am the one who is opposing that this kind of matters should not post here and wining in this competetion is not so great.

    Regarding Jealousy, It is funny. I am in my late 20's and even I dont have kids. why should I jealous about her. I dont know about other members. But fact is no body jealous about her.

    And your comparision is so stupid. Its yucky. 100 m or 1000 m is a physical activity.

    I will prefer doing math or some thing else than your SPELLING BEE.

    Finally, If you want to congratulate her arrange a meeting or pot luck in your home and congratulate her.
    Or just send a check for her. Please dont make non sense here by posting suh useless /out of scope matters.

    PS: Take ot easy if there are any spelling mistakes in my reply.

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  • lotres
    11-09 07:18 AM
    I respect all the holidays and I would like to celebrate with you guys, but what is the meaning of Diwali?

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  • hebron
    04-20 08:42 AM
    2 year back my I-140 got rejected due to same reason 3+2 degree. I have 3 years Bsc in Computer science and 2 years Master of Computer Mgmt. They raise the question on 3 year Bachealor dagree. My lawyer send the reply along with degree evaluation and we try to say my 3+2 equal to 4+2 of USA and USCIS didn't buy this argument. after that lawyer told me that no hope in MTR or appeal. So we file again in Eb3.
    Now i see based on your reply if have taken this approach in appeal then i might have got approval in appeal.

    Hi Pankaj,
    Was your case rejected due to the number of years of education (10+2+3+2 = 17)?

    What if it is 3 + 3 ( 3 year Bsc Physics + 3 Year MCA) 10 + 2+3+3 = 18? I am wondering if USCIS would consider this equivalent to US masters? Came across a memo used by Nebraska Service center that says USCIS would consider 3+3 equivalent to US masters, but that memo was from 2006.

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  • solaris27
    09-06 04:08 PM
    cut middle layer and make more


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  • go_guy123
    07-02 11:27 AM
    If DOJ agress what is being done based on country of origin is unjust, in what way can they help?
    Can they ask congress to act? can they order USCIS to recapture lost visas?

    DOJ does not ask congress to act. They directly give orders to executive branch that is USCIS in this case, based on their judgment..

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  • rakesh_one
    03-19 02:57 PM
    Unless all of the 10,000 immigrants are going to bring money from their respective countries to buy homes, it is not going to change anything signficantly. You are proposing to take the money that is in the system, i.e asking banks to lend you money. The current crisis is credit crunch. Banks dont have money. All they have is mortgage bonds. There are no takers of these bonds. They are becoming junk. So, if any money from outside flows in, there will be some difference.


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  • casinoroyale
    07-01 05:45 PM
    1) what is the best way to attach photos when sending supporting docs so that they won't get lost or mis-placed. What goodies are avaialble in Staples for this?

    2) As part of AP e-file process, is it possible to do all the work on a machine which does not have printer and later retrieve the confirmation notice and print it?

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  • tooclose
    08-11 10:48 AM
    Hopefully they might be waiting to approve both AP and 485 together. (I am thinking they might have taken the amount on AP already)

    Take an info pass appointment to get more details if it is close to you.

    I am in Mar first week PD and hence dont know whether my PD is current yet (Aug VB). Planning to wait for the first week of September before taking an infopass appointment.


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  • chanduv23
    04-08 02:01 PM
    We all admit, the we haven't served our birth land as much as we have served America. Maybe there is calling here amongst all the turmoil with getting GCs.

    Our home country wants us back. I know we have huge issues back in India. Population, Politician :-) etc etc.

    U r funny. Just because H1b is being made tough, you want to serve your country, so if you get a Green Card will you not server your country? :D :D :D

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  • eb3_nepa
    05-11 03:07 PM

    I keep hearing that "STEM will be exempt from the quota". What EXACTLY does that mean? Does it mean that:

    1) STEM's can apply for 485 straight away if labor is approved regardless of PD?
    2) STEM's still Cannot apply until PD is current, but after that no more waiting for the country quota


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  • ilikekilo
    05-13 01:41 PM
    chandu, would u mind sharing what the company u are working or worked for? so that we wont be facing hte same in the future

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  • terriblething
    06-13 12:15 AM
    That's the last post I put here. Let this thread disappeared

    Firstly I am not from India where most of your guys come from. Instead from Taiwan 2 and half year ago. As travelled much between Asia countrys, no much time staying is US office although I based here. Yes, my English is poor and broken but this is not a fake story, make no sense for me. Just kill the time???

    When cops knock out your room, handcuff your hands on the back, force you stay down at the corner , if you could keep calm and state very clearly. I can only show my respect but unfortunately I did not make it. This is my first time. :( Should be the last time either.

    Now the negative point is mostly from my statement, no matter whether you believe, the attorney told me drag with anger is battery. we think that's okay does not mean it is okay on the law. So I wish you guys be careful on this kind of play around to avoid any trouble. I knew you all have better english than me. so you could explain clearly :) But Same level, do it on your spouse is even worse on a stranger.

    I create this thread just wish listen your opinion and try public view how much chance I can win the jury trail. Some of your advice is really helpful and I will take them.

    My wife is writing the mail to DA and wish it helpful to my case. I will have several rehearsal with my attorney in coming weeks. Anyway, we will fight for the justice and not accept that ridiculous battery charge.
    Any advice, please PM me, highly appreciated. If you suspect my honest, please don't waste your own time. Let's shut up on this thread and let it gone.



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  • hiralal
    08-11 05:51 AM
    I know EB / India would be disappointed but somehow it seems that this is a genuine bulletin - the reason is that family category dates have moved. I wish USCIS would have a exact date when they would release their bulletin

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  • rameshvaid
    03-15 10:04 PM
    Thank you La_guy and others....

    Do they ask me regarding this at the POE? In what forms do I have to fill the info? I am not sure, as one of you suggested, if they ask we will tell them. But does this record appear in their computer screen and if we did not mention to them, will it be treated as another crime?

    God please help me , It's THE WORST thing ever I did and been trhu a painful experience

    Thank you guys........

    If not expunged, it will FOR SURE pop up immediately they punch your name in. You certainly can not lie there. You will be deported. If expunged, you still have chance BUT NOT to lie..If the form ask " If you have ever been arrested" say yes and as others suggested have all your documents ready from court but make sure you have all originals and notarized documents if required for all court orders pertaing to your case.

    Good Luck..



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  • jsb
    07-31 12:55 PM
    Make it

    EB1 India Unavailable
    EB2 India Current
    EB3 India Current

    Jokes apart, by now USCIS knows dual effect of cut off date advancing. It makes visa available for I-485 filers with PD prior to the new cut off date. It also invites additional I-485filings with eligible PD's. In an effort to finish with leftover visas in September, USCIS might move cutoff dates upto July 07, but not beyond. They know, doing that will get them more I-485 filings for which they are not prepared.

    Let us see what comes out for September. If there is a big movement, as in the past, some lucky ones will get GC ahead of others.

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  • tnite
    06-18 12:04 PM
    What is your point, Tnite? EAD and AP can filed/issued even if the PD is retrogressed. MY PD was retrogressed after I filed I-485 and EAD and AP were issued?

    Permanent Resident since May 2002

    my point is if dates retrogress and if processing EAD's and AP's takes a long time getting a EAD might be easy in the first 60-90 days but renewals will become more difficult.

    its ok for folks that are within their 6 yrs of H1b but for others it will be a big head ache. As someone already mentioned earlier, you might have to apply for your renewal EAD the day after you get your 1st EAD and so on.


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  • lacrossegc
    07-20 05:39 PM
    Dude .... before you start bashing Dems ... they did NOT vote against the amendment.... they voted against the Budget Act waiver, Thanks best_mode for your clarification ... it makes sense ..

    Just wait.

    Once I become the citizen I will work on defeating these Senators that voted against SKIL.

    If you met any of these senators and at that time they showed hollow symapthy to you, it is time to go and meet them and hold their feet to the fire. Tell them how they lied to you and how you are disappointed.

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  • gauravsh
    03-29 12:15 AM
    Guys MY PD is feb 2008. I am recently watching vias bulletins. I am in EB2.
    Based on my watching previous visa bulletions ( after sep 2008) I dont see that it makes major difference if you file in EB3 or EB2.
    Both are backloged very much and sincearly I dont hope inspite on being in EB2, I will get EAD or GC till 2015.

    What are your thoughts, is it worth filing in EB2?

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  • Marphad
    04-08 02:56 PM
    EB3 became unavailable, EB2 no movement.

    I am planning to create a new USCIS hate club. Members????

    09-22 02:37 PM
    My I485 is still pending (> 180 days filed on July27th '07). I have my renewed EAD valid for the next 2 years. I have been out of project for 4 months and my employer , who filed my GC, terminated my health coverage too. Iam using my COBRA option.

    Recently, i have applied for a perm position using EAD . I explained to the client about by current status of GC. They wanted to know what they are supposed to do for it. I told them i need to 'invoke' a law called AC21.(pardon my ignorance if iam wrong) inorder to transfer my pending application.

    Now the big question is, how do i initiate this whole process?

    I really apreaciate all your suggestions.

    Invoking AC21 is easy, but you need to know what you can expect and how to resolve it

    (1) If you decided to change to new employer using EAD - there is nothing you need to do. Just join and work.
    (2) As employer is asking what they need to do - tell them they need to provide an AC21 letter of support - you can find various formats on the web.
    (3) Your new job must be in same or similar category.
    (4) Call customer service to verify your address on file - also hire a personal attorney and make sure they file g 28 and have them on file too for USCIS communication
    (5) Your AC21 letter may/may not reach your file depending on the service center, officer and a lot of other factors.
    (6) Usually most AC21 cases go through just fine unless your ex employer requests a revoke on i 140 - in such a situation you may get an RFE, NOID or a straight denial on 485 - nothing to worry about - you can resolve all these and you will find yourself back on track.

    Hope this helps

    02-25 12:25 PM
    Sent my second contribution in the last 3 weeks! I will keep contributing till I can, God willing!

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