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  • hpandey
    05-02 11:17 AM
    Two of my friends relocated to India since the beginning of this year after spending 8-9 years and they had green cards too from 2004.

    These guys had good jobs with a good pay but options in India were just much better to ignore.

    Just food for thought for people who think that only in US can we make or break our life and careers. There are other places on Earth too where people live and be happy.

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  • Chris Rock
    01-23 12:33 AM
    Here is a post from Ron Gotcher's website which might be of interest to some of us trapped in EB3 I retrogression .

    He expects visa bulletin cut off for EB3 I to jump to 2004 in coming months. No reasoning behing this though..

    There are only 35000 EB3 visas available. India quota is 2450. India is now in Oct 2001 and ROW is not current yet. How come India PD will move to 2004?

    I have seen many such reports from Dec 2004. We all wait till the last quarter only to face disappointment. That happened last year. What is different in this year?

    Also there are lots of Eb3_india gyus are waiting with PD being current. PD being current is not important. Getting GC is important.

    Go figure!

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  • mrsr
    07-20 02:01 PM
    My i485 Package reached on 2nd July 09:01AM and was received by R.Mickels. No Checks cashed yet.

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  • marwan234
    07-21 10:05 PM
    Delivered July 2 At 10am. No Checks Cashed. No Receipt. No Noting...i Guess My Application is Sitting In A Pile On Someone's Desk Waiting It's Guess Two More Weeks.


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  • pointlesswait
    12-30 09:38 AM
    nut job...

    that dude must have had some cheap vodka...when he wrote that article.

    Please ignore if it has already been posted. This article looks interesting considering the current economic and immigration situation

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  • snathan
    02-11 03:21 PM
    Looking at the Labor cert , it says "Masters degree" and NOT "Masters or equalent". that might be the caused the I140 denial .

    Any one had this situation before ?


    That might the cause...whats your qualification.


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  • gc_on_demand
    04-27 12:49 PM
    Hello Folks

    I just donated 25 USD and didnot become DONOR. Is this system take care automatecilly or Admin has to assign donor status. ?

    Subscription Number: S-39675586V4235911J

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  • bsbawa10
    08-23 12:25 PM
    I never had any RFE, but my case has been bounced around for no reason. From TSC->CSC->TSC and I am told that it is not even pre-adjudicated not even assigned to any officer as yet. I have yet to see any more illogical organization other than USCIS. :mad:


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  • senthil1
    05-24 09:00 AM
    Compare passing of bill with statusquo. Which is better?
    Main changes are legalization of illegal immigration , point system,H1b increase with restriction and slight increase of immigration and reduction of family based immigration. If any of these need big changes bill is in trouble and CIR is years away. If no CIR no relief for legal also. This bill with minor amendment is much better than statsuquo

    Yep!! This bill is really bad.
    It bleeds us dry.
    It bleeds the H1B program dry.
    It is evident that the proponents of this bill want it that way.

    Apparently the proponents see us as negative impactors to the US economy
    Apparently the proponents see the business community that use the H1B program as not "Pro-American".

    This is the beginning of protectionism.
    This is the beginning of isolationism.
    This is the beginning of blunting of America's competitiveness.

    The proponents of this bill must go back to school to study rich European nations and find out why they do not have vibrant economy like US has.
    And the proponents of this bill must go back to school to know what makes US unique and vibrant.

    After this if they still remain proponents, then GOD SAVE US!!!!!

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  • Caliber
    04-01 02:05 PM
    Thanks a lot for your contribution Malibuguy.


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  • GooblyWoobly
    09-12 09:57 PM
    welcome to the world of retrogression. it is only going to get worse from here on out.
    with the deluge of filings in june/july and aug. this year....the retrogression will get worse. USCIS will not make the same mistake again.

    I see this prediction every now and then. Why don't you guys get your facts straight. Retrogression will remain the SAME. The pace at which they process GC's is not going to change. It's just applications moved from your home queue to the USCIS queue. Why would that make retrogression worse?? Think before you talk!!

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  • gcpadmavyuh
    03-17 12:06 PM

    My personal advice - you should consult with an experienced attorney with the specifics of your case. This is not a very typical case, and what you hear on this forum may not be very useful for you.

    Need your valuable advice on this serious issue. Involved in shoplifting case, got arrested and plead guilty. Served the community service, and paid fine. Got the �Court Disposition Document� which states that I am all clear. My status is I-485 pending and have EAD, AP documents.
    1. Is it safe to travel to India and come back on AP?
    2. What are the possible chances that visa officer may not let me into the USA?
    3. Do I need to carry any letters from my criminal attorney explaining the situation?
    4. Any one in similar situation, please update me on this?
    5. Please list of documents I need to carry during my travel

    Please reply and post your valuable opinions/suggestions/advices.

    Appreciate all your inputs.

    Have a nice day!!!

    Thank you,


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  • alterego
    09-22 03:03 PM
    Hi everyone.
    I was part of the San Jose rally .. where there were about 300 odd people.
    My neighbors had been to the immigration rally in Washington(flew from San Jose) and they said that there were about 1000 people there.

    I have been following the immigration issues for sometime .. and I'm not very convinced that such small numbers can make the difference.

    Silicon Valley has maybe a 100,000 Indian engineers or more. Add families .. and a much higher number. Add Chinese and European immigrants .. and you have all of Silicon valley :)

    We should hold a huge rally say in the campus of some company like Cisco .. or Google(who are immigrant friendly) on a work day .. say Friday lunch time .. and have everyone attend.

    Being in Cisco .. you can pretty much get all their employees to attend... which is substantial.
    Also have industry people talking in favor of better immigration policies.
    (we could hold it in some other company or a common area .. anything works)

    Unless we can have a substantial number of folks say 10,000 or more .. I don't honestly see too much of a point.
    Even if IV collects a few million dollars .. and lobbies .. it will never have the impact of 10000 people protesting.

    We need to see if we can have similar rallies ever month in major hubs like New York, Washington, Seattle, Houston.
    Unless we have s sustained campaign and we have the numbers .. I personally do not see things really changing.

    I see people being optimistic about 300 folks in San Jose rally and 1000 in Washington. But having been to the rally in San Jose I don't see how 3 times that number in Washington is going to cut it. (Read Logiclife's post ... but we still need the numbers !!)

    I'm not being a pessimist .. appreciate all the efforts that IV core undertakes .. but am totally unconvinced of major immigration changes. Looking at something like CIR being struck down .. after being on television for long and being debated .. I think we should get real.

    Thank you

    Sounds like a very good idea if you guys can pull it off. I am not sure what is the level of support among American colleagues in Silicon valley, but their presence in significant numbers would make the biggest impact on the observers. I am sure there are those who see the bad in keeping talent out, many times the lack of certain skills needed might end up causing the whole project to be outsourced.
    If that makes national news and you are right it would take about 10K or so for that to happen, then our cause is likely to get more visibility.

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  • desi3933
    06-18 11:48 AM
    If my priority date is retrogressed at the time of processing my EAD and AP, will USCIS keep the EAD and AP on hold? Or will they process EAD and AP and hold the I485?

    Yes, EAD and AP are issued and renewed as long as I-485 application is pending. It does NOT matter if the PD is retrogressed.

    Permanent Resident since May 2002


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  • pappu
    01-22 11:07 AM
    This Tracker facility we have in IV is good. Kudos to the Admin team who implemented this thing.

    These are my observations. I could be grossly mistaken. Pardon me if I am wrong.

    There are approximately 26,000 people who have put in their priority dates and other such data in the tracker. When I compared similar cases, I got some 265 who were EB3 India with a priority date in 2002. That is approximately 1 %, give or take.

    Here I have ignored EB3 India 2001 guys. But that number would be very less I believe.

    1% of 400k is 4000 which is what USCIS issues GC for EB3 India in a year.

    Does that mean I could get my GC this year.

    Hope these numbers are right.

    We are going to clean up data further in the coming weeks. People who have missing fields may not be part of the tracker etc. The analysis will also be expanded to give more representation of the data from all angles. We are also working on some more features in the tracker that will make it really informative. At this time we are waiting for everyone to input their data or update their data and also get others who do not have a profile on IV to come here and input their data. Please help us in this task and bring everyone to IV tracker. Once we have more data that can help us represent a better % of the overall actual applications in USCIS data, the analysis will be much better. At a later stage we are thinking of bringing some statistics experts on board to create monthly analysis of the data and publish report for our members.

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  • apnair2002
    11-10 01:46 PM

    Report indicates that the Lame Duck may pass through the Thanksgiving. However, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid reported spoke with Majority Leader Bill First, Majority Whip Mitch McConnell, and President Bursh on Wednesday addressing Democrats desire to accomplish 5 (five) legislative items during the lame duck as follows:
    Continuing Resolution
    Bioterror Legislation
    Off-Shore Drill Legislation
    Agreement on Nuclear Weapons Proliferation
    Popular Tax Cuts Package
    Should the Democrats stick to these agenda, the immigration legislation will have to be pushed over to next yeer. For the report, please click here.


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  • mayhemt
    05-26 11:53 PM
    You mean

    Now this seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel ( not of an incoming train. hope so)

    Lets support this bill, there is a website I am trying to remeber the address, I heard while driving on kfyi radio station, where all the bills are listed and people can poll on bills and this will help the lawmakers to find what bill is popular and which one is not.

    I'll try to find and post it on the forum, we can poll and support this bill.

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  • m306m
    07-31 11:32 AM
    EB3 I = June '03
    EB2 I = C

    "Unke dekhe se jo aa jaatee hai MuNh par raunaq
    Woh samjhte haiN ke beemar ka haal achaha hai

    hamko ma'aloom hai jannat ki haqeeqat lekin
    dil ke Khush rakhne ko, 'GHalib' yeh KHayaal achaha hai"
    Ref: Ghazal by Mirza Ghalib :)

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  • go2roomshare
    07-09 02:52 PM
    What do you mean by working? Is this just your idea or you have some information on the effects of this campaign?

    I agree. There is no point in this. I am really afrid that we are moving away from core abjective of IV. why we are getting inthis fiasco, there is no value in this

    06-24 11:55 PM
    There is one more option for you. H1 and L1 employees can go on long paid/unpaid leaves. If her company can support with document that she was on an unpaid leave for any reason (I do not know the reasons...make something) then there are chances that she will be able to change her status back to H4. All you have to prove that there was a good faith employee employer relationship for that particular duration. Talk to a lawyer, explain the situation..........every passing day is making your situation worse. Good Luck.

    It may work for someone who is out of status for couple of months, but if someone has not worked at all or out of status > 6 months, it will be tough.

    Another thing if change of status is approved without I-94 and by then if I-485 is filed, then out of status is recorded and will be very difficult to overcome. It is always better if out of status issue is resolved BEFORE filing for I-485. Typically Change of Status can take 3-4 months and we may not have that much time to wait for I-485.

    Trip overseas and re-entry can fix the out of status issue in couple of weeks.

    Your choice.

    Not a legal advice.
    Green Card holder since May 2002

    desi3933 at

    05-13 10:43 AM
    its not EB2 or EB3..its just desis that are being signalled out!
    it borders on Apartheid..but of a different kind..;-)..(think maan...)
    so to fight this "whatever" support IV..;-)

    I and many folks in this forum have seen very few approvals for this category. How come USCIS says that this category is over subscribing the visa quota. Why they are moving un used visas to EB2 (no offense) why not for EB3?

    We need IV help in this area.

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