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  • unitednations
    08-16 01:36 PM
    I personally think that 6 month rule-of-thumb is nonsense.

    AC21 clearly states you can switch employers 6 months after your green card application has been pending. On what legal basis could USCIS then come back and deny citizenship to anyone for switching employers too soon after getting their green card?

    I'd really be interested to hear if someone has specific knowledge of a case where someone had their citizenship denied due to switching companies too soon after getting their green card.

    I'm just curious as to how many postings you see on these boards where a persons case has been denied; DOL/USCIS has visited their home; their visa got cancelled by consultate when h-4 went for stamping; got caught in interview lying; DOL investigating companies, etc...

    People do not post these types of issues on immigration forums.

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  • desi3933
    06-19 10:22 AM
    Nice information. Could you tell me what precautions I have to take now while filing my 485 if if I have intended to use AC21.

    Nothing. Just intent to work for sponsoring employer permanently. This intent can, however, change after 180 days of filing I-485 (if it is still pending). Important: This intent should not change until 180 days.

    Like what documents I need that time?
    New Employment Verification Letter from new current (or future) employer and letter to USCIS notifying that you are invoking AC-21.

    Do I need 140 copy that time too?
    Not Needed, but nice to have.

    Again thank you very much for your response.
    You are welcome. Good Luck.

    See above in Blue.

    Please verify details with your lawyer/attorney. This is NOT a legal advice.
    Permanent Resident since May 2002

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  • luckysiri
    04-15 02:30 PM
    Sorry to hear your situation. Please let me know right now which state you are? i have some options to tell you. I am from Massachusetts.

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  • desidas
    02-04 05:27 PM

    Please review this thread:

    What are your thoughts now?

    See how this guy is harassed at POE with AP travel.


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  • aadimanav
    07-18 11:13 AM
    Please try the following websites


    I am planning to send letters in regular mail. What is the best address, senators local address or DC address. Any suggestions?

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  • gapala
    05-29 03:02 PM
    Native Americans speak English from the day they were born and sometimes can't translate the spoken words to letter. .
    This truely made me laugh :D

    Good point though.. I agree with you.. This is coz.. the kids learn language by sound units not by word units.. They see their parents talk, often running words together to smoothen up a lil bit as a part of their speach music.. Kids follow.... and as they grow, if you ask them to put it in paper... damn!..they can't..

    There is a different version of same problem, kids in High school who can't read.. the language that they speak... Even in India, I have seen.. there are people who speak for Example (Konkani), can't read or write Devnagari script But they speak well... so.. here you go.. "Sound units to Word units.." :)


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  • scorpion00
    04-17 05:57 PM
    Signed up for Subscription#S-5A1425088N490514D with payment of $25 for one month.
    Unique Transaction ID #10R95417J0920701T

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  • unitednations
    08-16 09:16 PM
    I do, but I don't get all the answers.

    Didn't think about that. but... why would officer ask "do you work for the sponsoring employer"? Isn't your GC same as family based, asylum, etc. green cards? Does officer even have that information right away? What do they ask usually?

    I don't see the difference between being laid off and leaving yourself. In case of being laid off, your employer has to show intent of employing you forever. If any document will surface, that he had plans to lay you off before applying for I-140 or without you invoking AC21 at moment of AOS, then you are in the same trouble.

    These issues are raised not to start freaking out, but just to know them and not to do some silly things.

    In general... take this philosophically - it never ends. If not immigration, then something else will always be. Just know the law, keep your paperwork in order, don't talk to government employees without a lawyer, flex your mind, and do your thing.

    There is a category code on the greencard. Each category code tells POE officer how one got the greencard.


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  • apnair2002
    01-16 02:43 PM
    I paid 50$ through pay pal...Once again thanks for the great effort

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  • akred
    04-15 05:57 PM


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  • bitzbytz
    06-24 06:29 PM
    "problems if generating paystubs" this a pure speculation or do you have to anything to back this statement....

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  • spicy_guy
    06-04 03:02 PM
    On a lighter note- "motorize"... at the DMV?

    Haha... Typo.... Anyways, any idea on my original question?


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  • praveenat11
    10-24 01:27 PM
    hi guys,
    The PD current for EB1 in the month of Oct.
    I have filed my I-140,I-485 on Oct10 2007 in the category of EB1.
    But until now i did not receive any confirmation notice..
    Can anyone say what should i do now or have to wait for some more weeks?

    Thanks in advance...

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  • knowDOL
    07-10 12:12 PM
    Core members,

    I think flowers comaign is a good idea. But I wanted to know why don't we send letters and emails to Mr.Aytes and USCIS Director and probably HEads of DOS to issue the 182,000 unused visas since 2000 now so USCIS can work on those visas from July to October.

    NYTimes article mentioned that DOS officials did not want this years number wasted like the 182,000 visas got unused since 2000.

    Can someone come up with a writing so we can all send emails and postals mails with this request.


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  • alterego
    10-05 02:40 PM
    We have tried very hard to separate ourselves and not be a hostage of other issues. Now there is more awareness on the greencard issue being separate from H1B. There is also more awareness that Immigration problem is not just about Illegals. There are legal immigrants too in this country suffering.

    Pls post letters to the editor. Last week we are able to get CNN correct their incorrect reporting of the rally due to effort from everyone on the forum.

    Dear Editor,

    Thank you for your coverage today about an issue that is critical to the growing high tech. economy in the USA. The issue about the need for expansion of highly skilled immigrant visas to sustain this high growth part of our economy is something that is gaining increasing acceptance from lawmakers.
    Having reported on that however, you did both this debate and your readers a tremendous disservice by mentioning in the same paragraph that "In a poll 56% of Republicans earning more than $75,000 annually would "strongly" or "partially" agree with a candidate who would bar illegal immigrants from path to citizenship."
    What was the relevance of this fact at that juncture of the piece considering you are discussing legal high-skilled immigration? I am sure you are aware that illegal immigration is not an issue in highly skilled immigration. Most people already realize there is opposition of republicans to illegal immigration, we saw the implosion of CIR on the senate floor this summer. The debate over immigration is a highly emotive one for the American public, the last thing they need is an influential newspaper such as yours associating these issues at a time when CIR is dormant. This is the type of reporting that can misguide the public.
    Please correct this erroneous association which I suspect was an unintentional oversight given the impeccable journalistic reputation of your newspaper.

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  • ragz4u
    05-11 11:47 AM
    I'll believe it when i see it.

    I have heard and seen far too many such "stunts" and public displays to be excited just yet.

    But it would be disastrous in terms of PR if even this fails. But like you, I would not hold my breath for this but am cautiously optimistic at the same time.

    Also, please realize that any changes to the bill will meet absolute resistance from both sides. We will have to wait and see how many amendments are they planning on allowing.....


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  • sanju
    02-23 04:39 PM
    I am also proud to live in such wonderful country who are open to any new talent and do not hesitate to honor anyone irrespective of their color,race and religion. I wish all countries take inspiration from it.

    I share your enthusiasm, for now. But it is not always like this, and will not be like this. So lets cherish these times. Great talent and greatness has been rewarded with obscurity, more often than not.

    Here is an example - Do you know who invented AC current, electric motor, laser, x-ray, radio technology, wireless technology, cellular technology, neon, remote control just to name a few. There is not a minute that goes by in the life of modern humans when we don't use inventions of this great man, but over 99% of all people don't know his name. Everyone will call Einstein a great scientist. But this is the greatest, and how come so less people know about him?

    Reason, he was not American, British nor a Jew. So history rewarded the greatest scientist with obscurity. And most of us don't know about him.

    The point is, great talent is not always rewarded as it should be. We think that we are talented and that's why we are on "special" visa. The fact is, we have chosen to be part of the system, that makes a rich guy richer. As long as you are in the business of making a rich guy richer, or as long as you are part of the system that makes more money for some hotshot powerful banker, we can all continue to live in this fool's paradise claiming that any new talent is always honored in this GREAT country.


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  • mantric
    06-29 02:56 AM
    thanks for the detailed post.
    a question: after 140 approval, does the service center notify you of the approval and send you a copy, or do you only hear next from the NVC ? I'm waiting on my 140/CP filing for the last two weeks and getting a little anxious. Also when can one call up the NVC to confirm that they've received the file ? thanks a lot.


    There seems to be little outdated information on this forum.

    1. We can not apply for the medicals if you have opted for the CP. You have to do medicals only in the place where your case will be transfered from NVC.
    example: If your case is transferred to Chennai consulate. you have to do your medicals in chennai from the list of doctors they provide.

    2. Once your I 140 gets approved, your application will be transferred to the NVC for further processing if you opted for the CP.

    3. Once NVC receives the approved 140 it will then notify the attorney or yourself with Fee bills to be paid.

    4. Once you send the cachiers check for the CP processing, NVC receives the same and send the Packet 3 which is the FORM DS 230 Part 1 to the attorney of records.

    5. Once you receive the DS 230 Part 1, you will have to fill that and send it back to NVC.

    6. NVC complets the proccessing and will keep the file at NVC until the Priority dates become current.

    7. Once it becomes current, NVC forwards the case to the respective consulate for further processing and scheduling of appointments.

    8. once the consulate receives the same depending on their appoinment schedule will schedule an appoinment and will go on from there.... issuing the visa..

    With Respect to me...

    My 140 got approved in jan 2007,
    sent to NVC in march
    NVC sent the fee bill in April
    Sent the bills back to NVC in April.
    Received packet 3 DS 230 part 1 in May 2007
    sent the filled out form in May 2007,
    NVC forwarded the case to chennai consulate on June 5th
    Waiting to get any news from chennai consulate.....

    Hope this clarifies every one in this forum[/QUOTE]

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  • sapota
    08-21 11:52 PM
    For EB3 India Apr 04 PD, 3 more years seems about right.

    10-07 01:42 PM
    We have been watching VBs ever since Jan 2005 when priority dates were added.
    . 1/1/2005 10/1/2008
    All - C 1/1/2005
    CH - 1/1/2002 10/1/2001
    IN - 1/1/2002 7/1/2001
    ME - C 7/1/2002
    PH - 1/1/2002 1/1/2005

    ROW has shown some progress, but CH, IN, ME is behind what was in 2005. Thats almost 4 years after re-introduction of priority dates.

    We need a solution now.

    India Was in 1998 for some time. Not sure if this is right "IN - 1/1/2002 7/1/2001" .

    05-18 08:51 AM
    Best way to get more immigrants to participate in advocacy efforts by for legal immigration is by communicating to international student organizations of various universities around virginia, maryland, washingtondc,west virginia north and south carolina. Arranging busses for the students is not a bad idea. Students once convinced why they need change in current immigration reforms for employment base legal immigrants will participate in huge numbers to attend the advocacy efforts done by as they have more time in hand

    What will students get out of it? Their Green cards are not stuck? Are you offering them H1B visa that they desperately want? They do not care about Green cards. They only care for scholarship, a job after graduation and H1B sponsorship from the employer. You are offering nothing from this list.

    People whose green cards are stuck should come rather than outsourcing to students?

    If we cannot help ourselves and stand up for ourselves, nobody else would.

    I am trying to take at least a day off from work. I would lose money from my wages if I take day off but I am ready to lose money for the sake of doing something good for myself and family. Others who are sitting on their armchairs should also consider coming to DC if they want their greencards.

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