Thursday, June 16, 2011

amorphous carbon raman

images Figure 5: A typical Raman amorphous carbon raman. amorphous carbon raman
  • amorphous carbon raman

  • jfredr
    08-26 05:53 PM
    NJ DMV realy sucks people are really bad they are very unfriendly people i have seen in any department.

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  • Figure 5: Raman spectra of

  • yabadaba
    06-28 01:17 PM
    yea...this is effective july if you I140 reaches cannot use premium processing

    amorphous carbon raman. (a) G Raman band position,
  • (a) G Raman band position,

  • gc_rip
    06-13 02:04 PM
    Did anyone ever get the copy of I140 by filing G639?

    Please share your experiences.

    2011 Figure 5: Raman spectra of amorphous carbon raman. Raman
  • Raman

  • pappu
    03-10 03:54 PM

    Why would we have an exam after dropped out of school?

    I thought dropping out is like going back to home country


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  • amorphous carbon. of amorphous carbon films; of amorphous carbon films

  • mqualique
    09-20 09:48 AM

    amorphous carbon raman. Manufacturer: Nano Carbon
  • Manufacturer: Nano Carbon

  • h1techSlave
    01-15 12:20 PM
    In India, the govt. collaborates with the criminals to kill the citizens.
    my friend, pretty much every place in US in unsafe.

    from the news: "The motive behind the killing is not known but Murthy, an official of the state-owned Bharast Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL), quoted Vishal's friends as saying that some African Americans shot him after an altercation. "

    Not to disrespect the read, but people should realize what they are getting into before they get into arguments or brawl. This is not India.


    amorphous carbon raman. Raman spectrum of CNT tip.
  • Raman spectrum of CNT tip.

  • daramesh
    01-06 12:38 PM
    I have a couple of questions, pl let know if you have valid info.

    Situation: Spouse came to US on H4 and then got converted to H1.Due to delay in pay and not a strong case, she is not willing to go for H1 visa stamping next time when she goes to India. She wasnts to go for H4 visa stamping instead.

    1. Is it better to convert to H4 here and then leave for India? We feel that if it would take time to convert to H4, then instead of waiting she can work till the last day here and then quit and leave(because she wants to leave ASAP). Also changing from H1 to H4 here means submitting paystubs and other documents and more scrutiny. I think in Chennai consulate there will be less questions if applying for H4. Any thoughts, pl help?

    2. If applying for H4 in Chennai, will they ask for paystubs from her previous H1 status? They shouldnt since she is applying for H4, but I still wanted to know. If they ask why do you want to change back to H4, what is the best answer?

    3. Travelling on an expired visa from East coast to Chennai. If there is no time to get transit visa to travel thru Europe, which is the shortest route/best airlines to get to Chennai quickest from say, Atlanta? Pl help

    This is urgent, PLEASE HELP

    2010 (a) G Raman band position, amorphous carbon raman. Figure 5: A typical Raman
  • Figure 5: A typical Raman

  • chanduy9
    07-06 12:40 PM
    Is there any Specific date, I mean when AILF is filing the case...USCIS is announced they are gonna reject the applications..but did they rejected any single application?? We will come to know after 4 or 5 weeks abt our applications (As per USCIS rep)....I think there must be some time limit to file a case...and we dont have a base to file a case until they reject it.

    Finally they dont reject application nor they will accept it...

    Guys send flowers with all your comments on JULY 10TH...we may get media and political atten...

    this is just my 2 cents.



    amorphous carbon raman. Raman Spectra of Diamondlike Amorphous Carbon Films
  • Raman Spectra of Diamondlike Amorphous Carbon Films

  • peyton sawyer
    07-23 02:20 AM
    hi chisinau,or anyone..

    Hi chisinau..

    It's destiny that I came across your posting.. like you, I am an RN waiting for the DS230 approval also since Oct.2006.. believe it or not ,I was also informed by the NVC to resubmit a new DS230 because the previous one I submitted last year was already outdated. Now, I sent them the updated DS230 last June 27,2007.

    I really want to ask if in your opinion, or if you have some positive information regarding this…do we still have a chance of receiving an embassy interview and medical exam schedule before October 2007?

    I would really appreciate a response.. thank you

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  • Canadian_Dream
    04-21 02:05 PM
    Hmm, What part of the words "Good, Reliable and Comprehensive" you did not understand.
    Health insurance is not an issue these days as there are several indian firms covering it for foreign travel


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  • amorphous carbon structure. amorphous carbon structure. for amorphous

  • s7911
    06-24 03:56 PM
    hi desi3933

    my wife was out of status from mar 2006, her visa got approved on mar 2006. till mar 2006 she was on a valid f2 visa since i was then on a f1visa...i will try to catch hold of the employer...but i 'm not sure this will work out well..i want to know more about fresh visa stamping at chennai, india. i will give all my docs and i have been on valid status, while filing form ds 156 in the visa type column, i will have to mention her visa types, however they are not asking details or duration of the visa types...., i do not want to lie abt it. i want to know if they would ask her paystubs to prove her status here..this is my question,anybody has any Experience regarding the stamping please share...anybody who knows a nice immigration lawyer, please let me know, you can email me at


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  • frankiesaysrelax
    11-04 09:27 PM
    After reading your post, I just called the ICICI customer support and checked with them. They told me that I cannot get anything from my ICICI NRO account unless otherwise it is for education or for medical purpose.

    I am not sure how you got your money from ICICI. May be you had put USD and got it back sometime later. Have you tried to bring back INR from ICICI account? If yes, let me know what you did.

    As I mentioned in my post, I had a resident Indian A/C - account that was opened when I was legally a resident Indian (salary a/c incidentally). No way it can be confused with one of N/RE/O accounts. I had INR in my account. It was wired over to my account here in the US, I got $s. Simple. If you look through the link that I posted, ICICI's instructions are quite clear - you can say family maintenance as a good reason.

    As a couple of people commented in subsequent posts, it is straightforward to send money, INR to $.


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  • ratio of amorphous carbon

  • floridasun
    04-19 06:39 PM
    good post... agreed for the most except - yes this is how free market enterprise works but this is also how economy is so vibrant and so many jobs are generated although US has only 300 million ppl most of whom are under-educated. if you are saying ppl in 30's should look elsewhere - where would so many ppl look jobs for ? why not they stick here for few more years and when time comes (read it as when they are forced to leave the country), they just go back to home country and make use of saved money/401k etc in their local currency. also focus on their kids.

    Politicians always want to keep issues alive! If issues go away, there is nothing to fight, nothing to talk in the elections; without issues you cannot get "bulk" support from any specific group! So, the so called CIR will remain a "perpetual carrot". It will never happen in our life time.

    We are all mature, educated people from a highly politically conscious environment! So...we are not naive, I am sure!

    I take this opportunity to summarize a few things which have happened in the context of "long term indentured" labourers like us:

    1. Quantum jump in terms of H1 ---> about 8 / 9 years back [happened because of pressure from corporations and their lobbies, nothing to with us. they wanted cheap labour and more profits!]

    2. "Free for all" L1s ---> There is no cap, no specialty skill requirement. Not even sure if this has a min wage like H1. Why? Only because it serves the interests of the corporations to import 80% of the work force in any project!

    3. Yearly H1 extensions based on Labour approvals / 3 year extensions for I 140 cases ---> When the "slaves" started returning after 6 years (without GCs being approved) the corporations growled and again the lobbies worked day and night. This has nothing to do with our pleading!

    4. AC 21 ---> This is a good feature with a humane angle, but again there is NO WRITTEN MEMO permitting the employees to switch jobs 6 months after receving their EADs! This has been clearly articulated in a new item by! So AC21 is NOT a fool proof mechanism!
    If the employer withdraws his I 140 there is a fair chance that 485 might be denied. (as per, there are a number of cases where such denials have happened). Again INS will never issue a memo, because it will antagonize the corporations

    5. EAD / AP merger ---> this is a minor change in procedure, an admin fix! This is not a policy change. Full credit to several immigration forums and pleadings. However, this is not going to help many of us as our AP / EAD dates vary by several weeks and we might not be able to file them together

    So, after 10 + years pleading, we have been able to get an admin fix :) That is amazing!!! Under the circumstances we cannot even dream of any legislative support or correction! Instead of Chinese / Indians in the endless line had citizens of the EU nations been affected, everything would have been fixed ages back!

    Everyone is interested in the illegals and their "hard working" school children! That is because of the money, muscle, vote power they wield! Even if they were to have 1% of the law on their side, they would have achieved their objective ages back! They are holding us hostage because we have 100% of the law on our side and they have 0% of the law on their side. Otherwise, why should we law abiding immigrants be grouped with people who jumped fence?

    Think...does this make sense at all? Correct me if I am wrong! I will accept my mistakes with all humility!

    How is the CIR even relevant in our case? Did we do anythng illegal????

    What are we all waiting for? ~ ~ ~

    Honestly, NOTHING but the WILL of the SUPREME POWER can help us !!! (more than 99% of the population are believers, anyway)

    Youngsters in the early to mid 30s with "non US citizen kids" please think seriously. Do not waste your time in this mess for decades. We have all suffered for 10 - 12 years now and have no options. If you cross the age of 40 then you cannot immigrate to any western country because you will lose in the "points system". It would be a good option to live in countries who have a clear cut time bound program which does not discriminate on the basis of your nationality.

    When the corporations wanted you and I, H1 was increased - no one was bothered about your nationality at that time. Today when we want a future for our family and kids, people talk about quota and diversity! This is what is known as "Having the cake and eating it too"

    Remember, the system has been designed to support and ensure long term indentured labour to sustain the greedy corporations! There is no place for empathy or compassion. It is business! It is money! Free market enterprise works this way!

    If we are expecting miracles, we are chasing a mirage!!!

    May the SUPREME POWER bless the EB2 / EB3 communities and give them the strength, resilience and the patience they badly need!!!

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  • h1techSlave
    09-27 02:31 PM
    I guess using our degrees to pass on a message is a fool-proof idea. That can immediately catch on with media like flowers did. If not stoppers, we can write our message in bold colors on the degrees.

    Indeed thoughtful. I'm all in for it.

    That's neat. We should all send a copy of our MS or other higher education degrees to lawmakers. On the back (or on the front itself) we can write details of our GC process.


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  • amorphous carbon structure. Amorphous Carbon Structure

  • GCAmigo
    05-24 09:07 AM
    If no CIR no relief for legal also. This bill with minor amendment is much better than statsuquo
    in the long run, it is going to be extremely BAD/HARD for skilled immigrants..
    I couldn't confirm it but from what I understand, the dual intent will no longer be valid on H1 ie A H1-B holder cannot have an immigrant intent. Does that mean, they cannot file for a GC, while on H1? Also, as consulting would be severely restricted, how many of the H1s will be able to find Full-Time Jobs?

    As we read more into the Bill, the 'hidden' intent is becoming clear..
    Restrictions & more Restrictions..

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  • and amorphous carbon.

  • Berkeleybee
    04-26 11:45 AM
    BTW, I want to use this opportunity to thank IV members virtual55, jkays94, and cpolisetti for setting this whole ball in motion.

    It was their post on the forum (see pointing out Mitra Kalita's Q&A on the Wash Post site that set this whole ball rolling.

    It is just one example of how every member can do his or her part to help us.

    Keep the spirit up!



    makeup Raman Spectra of Diamondlike Amorphous Carbon Films amorphous carbon raman. amorphous carbon particles; amorphous carbon. Amorphous Carbon (a-C) is a
  • amorphous carbon particles; amorphous carbon. Amorphous Carbon (a-C) is a

  • vinerva
    08-27 05:07 PM
    I think all of us EB2 ( including yours truly) are guilty of too much analysis paralysis of EB2 visa no.s for the remainfer of FY 08. With today's post by a lawyer on DOS communication to USCIS to stop allocating visa numbers to India/China till OCT 1 , 08, it is clear that USCIS will never get its act straight unless we are completely united and press on for a major drive to senators to pass the visa recapture bill ( regardless of EB2 and EB3) . So let us start flooding the senators inbox, voicemail and email with letters urging them to pass the recapture bill. To that extent I request all of you double your efforts. The next session of senate, which starts next month, is a short session and we should act NOW. otherwise nothing will happen until late next year.

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  • and amorphous carbon,. pranju

  • eb_retrogession
    02-24 01:54 PM
    This is my third post regarding this topic. I have made my contibution and urged all my friends to do the same. [B]Can we sell some add space[B]. If we can have more broad immigartion related topics like proceesing times, more people visit and we can probably sell some add space


    Thanks for your input.

    We haven't ignored the suggestion about selling ad space.
    IV is not yet a very high traffic portal. Usually ad space prices range from a dollar to couple dollars (if that!) for every 10,000 impressions. So this may not be a practical thing to do, given the very low returns for the associated effort.

    But thanks a lot for your contribution

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  • alterego
    10-20 08:42 PM
    Good to hear that 01, 02 & 03 ppl r getting approved. Atleast they are following FIFO and the line is getting shorter. Not that I am not happy abut the 06 folks who got GC but it should realistic 'First In First Out'.

    The only problem with this is as follows. You are either FIFO all the way or you are not. When you are FIFO by convenience, then the result is multi year old 485s, and volatile PD movements that make the stock market gyrations seem minuscule, which is clearly not the intent of the system. Where was FIFO this summer when they were shooting random approvals from the hip? How can you say FIFO for come and luck of the draw for others?
    I am especially glad to see the older cases getting their due, but they have most certainly screwed some ie those with 2004/5 PDs, especially those at the NSC by their policy this summer.

    11-01 05:29 PM
    This US wide and not a state wide. Homeland security and DMV wanted to use a new database to track immigrants.

    04-26 10:27 AM
    This is absolutely fantastic. An article on the frontpage of Washington Post dedicated to IV. I'm sure the opponents must be cringing in their seats and biting their finger nails.

    We sure do need more members to contribute to sustain this level of intense involvement.

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