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  • webm
    05-21 01:19 PM
    What are the conditions required for processing the 485 application.

    1. Are all applications which have a 485 RD within the processing date, are processed? or
    2. Only applications which have a RD within the processing date and whose PD is current, are processed.

    As per the uscis approvals it was all happening randomly,,sometimes they stick with rules and sometimes not..ofcourse PD should be current but ProcessingDates vs 485 RD its still stands a mystery.

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  • chanduv23
    07-08 02:51 PM
    Relax buddy.
    As long as you sent it by certified mail and have the return receipt, if it does not make into your file and if later they issue an RFE, you have covered your base. As long as your new job satisfied the AC21 parameters and you have the certified mail receipt, you are fine. Relax and enjoy new job.

    Hmm, we did not send it by certified mail, my Attorney sent it by DHL. Does that matter?

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  • raju123
    04-09 02:04 PM
    How many people are ready to appear to media with statement
    "Yes, we are tired with endless wait of employment based green card and going back to back home"

    I'd say, we've waited enough(6-12 years). I know we are all chasing the american dream (perhaps it is just a dream), we should just make peace and move back. Thank you congress, america for giving ppl (from so called 3rd world nations) like us the chance to come and serve this great nation.

    mind you.. dont forget to take back your $$$

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  • Pineapple
    10-05 12:19 PM
    The immediate reference to illegal immigrants right after mentioning high tech workers does convey a link between the two, no matter how you slice and dice the semantics.

    This is what I wrote to the editor, in response:
    Hello, Susan,

    This is apropos of an article by John Harwood on the Washington Wire (October 5, 2007; Page A4), section High Tech Employers.
    (See link here: )

    In the article, John wrote, (I quote)

    �HIGH-TECH EMPLOYERS get lift from House Republican letter to Speaker Pelosi urging passage of immigration bill to help "attract and retain" high-skilled workers. But in the poll, 56% of Republicans earning more than $75,000 annually would "strongly" or "partially" agree with candidate who would bar illegal immigrants from path to citizenship.�

    The article strongly suggests a link between high tech employees and illegal immigrants. That is very far from the truth!! Almost all high skilled employees are employed legally, and there are stringent and complex rules and procedures for gaining employment legally for a high skilled person.

    The woes of high skilled workers � delays of 7 to 10 years to get permanent residence in spite of following all the rules and contributing to society and taxes - are ignored by the media as well as politicians on left and right, allowing ill informed demagogues to set the agenda.

    Sloppy journalism by the likes of Mr. Harwood does not help matters either. It would do him well to research the subject well before writing in a story just to beat an editorial deadline.

    See ( to see more on the issues faced by legal immigrants.


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  • logiclife
    01-15 04:51 PM
    I have purchased 4 firearms during my nonimmigrant status, including a handgun. Nonimmigrants can generally not own firearms in the US. Though, there is an exception to the law if you possess a valid hunting license and have resided in the US for more than 90 days. I took a hunting class, which was a prerequisite for the hunting license and also had very good firearm safety information.

    For long-guns, you will need some paperwork before you go to the gunshop (utility bills from at least last 90 days, hunting license, Driver's license, your I-94 number). The background check will probably be delayed a day or two while FBI checks your immigration status. Your gun seller will call you when they get the ok.

    For handguns, there may be additional paperwork. I had to apply for handgun permits with the local sheriff's office. The person you first deal with will probably be unaware of the exception for individuals with hunting licenses. You will probably need to take a copy of the law (ICE has a pamphlet on firearm laws for nonimmigrants, take a copy with you) and talk to a supervisor. Once you get the permit you take the permit and your DL to the gun seller plus all the paperwork I listed for long gun purchase. Let me know if you have additional questions. Good luck.

    I have lived in Nevada before. I think in that state and many other western states (where guns laws are more liberal) you have to have passport, I-94 and utility bills proving you have lived in NV for 6 months. That's it. You don't need hunting license to get a gun license.

    Here is the biggest irony:

    IN order to own a gun, FBI needs only 2 days to check your background.

    IN order to get 485 approved, FBI takes months or years to do a background check.

    I guess green-card is a more lethal weapon than a handgun.

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  • cygent
    03-17 06:03 PM
    I would try get Alan Greenspan back into office :rolleyes:
    Bernanke does not seem that qualified IMHO.


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  • ramus
    06-18 11:43 AM
    I totally agree..

    If to get EAD and AP going to take more then year then what is advantage of VB becoming current?

    When the EAD and AP dates processing dates are backlogged, there isn't much advantage to early filing.

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  • casinoroyale
    06-20 09:21 AM

    We have several sprinkled threads on AP Renewals so this is an effort to create a thread which can capture all AP Renewal Questions & Concerns.

    To begin with, i have posted the following question in one of the other AP-threads but did not get much response. So lets beging with clarifying this issue - Gurus please give your 2 cents on this aspect.

    Previoud Post begins here:

    I just read this in the I-131 instructions, so if i hold a valid AP now and apply for renewal and go to India and enter back using the existing AP, does it mean my pending I-131 renewal will be abondoned? :eek: (page 4)

    If you travel before the advance parole document is issued, your application will be deemed abandoned if:

    A) You depart from the United States; or
    B) The person seeking advance parole attempts to enter the United States before a decision is made on the application.



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  • jsb
    08-04 08:53 AM
    I don't understand why people take offensive about expressing thoughts that has no bearing/ insulting towards anybody. I think using his/her language gives a person a powerful tool to express the emotion in a positive way. I think it shouldn't matter, if the person doesn't have ill feeling towards anybody.

    This forum is nothing but a virtual place where like minded people mingle and discuss their sorrows and excitement; if somebody uses some other language to express feeling shouldn't have negative bearing on anybody. Of course, brief explanation in English is certainly helpful.

    So far IV has enough people in almost all languages who can point out the trash or curse words that alerts other members who in turn can coordinate with admins to weed out those members from community.

    I think these folks are better than the members who use the wild characters to trash talk all the time.

    In my experience, I have seen the poetic folks are strong motivators and most of the folks that write these beautiful stanzas are selfless workers towards the community.

    In short, I think we should not veraciously criticize these gentle folks.. Be kind to them.

    Sorry, if you didn't like my comment. I am of Indian origin, and recognized/enjoyed your poetry and thoughts well. We can surely talk to our peers in any language, but writing for general information exchange on a public forum in our language may lead to regional labelling of our forum, which we don't intend.

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  • Nikith77
    04-02 02:34 PM
    EB3I will move to 2005 in coming months


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  • leoindiano
    02-23 09:13 AM
    I just dont get it. A.R Rehman has been doing amazing work for ages now and it needed a British movie to take him to the world stage. Really, his work in Dil Se...was way better than what he did in Slumdog.

    Bollywood sucks and how!!! They need to figure out how they can take their cinema to the world audience. They've been failing miserably in promoting their movies in the west. Americans welcome change and encourage talent always and our bollywood producers/directors need to tap that.

    You are Right, The difference is world never watched his work directly until slumdog, He deserves recognition...

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  • english_august
    11-18 10:11 AM
    We all came here looking for greener pastures. But How many of you think this Country and this Culture is great ? Now think about the Economic Growth - The US is still the most competitive but they are not the Number One anymore.

    Or maybe some of us came here precisely for the reasons you mention, seeking greener pastures but fell in love with the openness, informality and the possibilities here :).

    A lot of people wait until they get green card and then make a move back home primarily because they are hedging their bets. They hear all those stories about growth and opportunity in India but are not so sure if they will able to fit in after staying away for so many years. Having a green card gives them the opportunity to test the waters so to speak and come back if it does not work out.


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  • shimul99
    10-23 09:16 PM
    What is ur PD ? and ur 140 dates ?

    PD - EB3 from Bangladesh
    i140 got approved on Sep 2007
    Fingerprint Sep 2007

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  • chanduv23
    10-09 04:58 PM


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  • lacrossegc
    07-20 04:53 PM
    If you look at THOMAS it actually shows that Yeas are 55 and Nays are 40
    So the bill passed the voting ....
    but it failed because it was ruled "out-of-order" and hence rejected ...
    I dont know why it was ruled out of order ... maybe because it was attached to the defence spending bill so it was not the right place to put in this kind of amendment....

    I hope that Yeas mean YES and Nay mean "NO" or I need to get my head examined

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  • Jitamitra
    07-19 04:16 PM
    I think most important things you need to consider: (Considering the fact that PD will be pushed back to stone ages in September Bulletin)

    a) Hope that your I-485 Application is not approved before your PD becomes current. If this happens, it's a royal screw up until your wife keep's her own status (F1, H1).

    b) Earlier, it was predicatable when your PD would become current and it allowed most of the folks to add their spouses at later time.

    c) Bigger question is whether they would process on the basis of PD or RD. I think it's unfair to do it on basis of RD as most of the people would be jumping lines. Currently it's done on the basis of RD, but USCIS might change their SOP because of this July VB Fiasco.

    d) As others suggested, make sure to maintain your H1B status as long as possible without invoking your EAD. This way, you can continue to keep your wife on H4 status (Unless she can keep her own status for atleast another 2-3 years).

    I am in the same boat with EB-2 PD of Aug 2005. My spouse is outside US to get her F1-H1B stamping as her OPT Expired few weeks back.

    Hope, USCIS would allow filing for dependents at a later stage even your PD is not current. :confused:


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  • gvenkat
    03-19 05:08 PM
    Shop lifting has to be the most cheapest crime our indians commit when they land here.. They think the stores dont have anything and try to put it in their pocket and go away..

    This is not an accident. there is no justification for what this guy has done. but maybe he can be given a benefit of the doubt that he did a stupid thing, in the rush of blood. I dunno if he inadvertently tried to put something in his pocket , forgot and left the store...if that is the case the guy deserves a break...

    if not i cant fathom the fact that a sane person who took so much effort to get here thro F1 or H1 or what not, had this cheap idea... :eek::eek::eek::eek:

    I read in one of the posts that they forgot to bill that item and could have been caught. Most cases if u are buying so many items and miss one they will leave u...

    BTW, i'm curios as to what u shoplifted and where...? :(

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  • senk1s
    05-21 01:58 PM
    This is unprecedented - NSC was doing Eb3 140's slowly and now they stopped.
    NSC EB2 140 is July 5th 2007 (my friend got approval yesterday by filing in Aug 2007)

    Clear your cache and then reopen browser - you should be able to see MAY 15th update.


    Unbelievable :(
    If it is any more ridiculous, it'll be funny.
    NSC140EB3 is like a sunk treasure ... we need to send Prof Indy to look for it

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  • zen
    04-05 06:29 PM
    actually more meaningful campaigns spearheaded by core will make people donate more.
    right now some members are saying that the donations being made is for lobbying.
    how much does that cost ? how much is needed ..more information is needed.
    say if lobbying costs half million and every month we are able to raise 10K ..then it will take 5 - 7 years just to raise that amount

    01-15 06:38 PM
    If you don't take the hunting class, I highly recommend a firearm safety class. Almost all firearm accidents are caused by human error and there are many technicalities you need to know (e.g. what to do if the cartridge malfunctions or fails to fire) to not endanger yourself or those around you.

    I recommend going to a nearby firing range and renting some firearms at the range and trying them out. You have a better chance of finding handgun rentals than long-gun rentals. The range will likely only ask for your Driver's license and will make you take a safety exam before they let you loose on the range. The experience at the range will help you determine if firearm ownership is right for you (noise, recoil, etc.). Go with a smaller caliber and a heavier firearm for a more manageable recoil the first time.

    Good info. From the pamphlet it is clear that if you have resided in the State where you are buying the handgun for 90 days and intend to make a home in that State AND are in possession of a valid hunting license or permit lawfully issued in the US the you are eligible to purchse a firearm from an FFL to possess in the US.

    I checked the GA Department of Wildlife website and you can get a license online for hunting in a matter of few minutes by paying a small fee unless you intend to hunt Deer for which you need to undergo hunting course.

    04-28 08:46 PM
    I tend to think a point system is better than what we have now. One thing though is that the points should be allocated "properly". For example, more points should be given to people with higher education, who earned a US degree, who have worked in the US for more years, who have paid more taxes, etc.

    Someone mentioned a good point is about the visa number limits. If the per country limits are not eliminated, the points system won't solve the problem. Of course, they should also give more points to people who have passed Labor and I140 and allow them to adjust status right away. Otherwise, we will further get stuck in all the backlogs. Poor us. :(

    I think if all the above issues are solved/cleared, probably a point system is good for us (i.e., EB based immigrants who are now stuck due to backlogs and retrogression). :p

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