Thursday, June 16, 2011

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  • rashu_gulati
    08-15 02:05 PM
    what are the options when infopass didn't work too. My company is big so they won't allow me to work without ead.
    Can someone pls suggest

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  • kondur_007
    09-29 04:24 PM
    I would say the number should be no more than couple hunderd. They had all the time in the world to ensure that they don't waste any visas this year.

    Yes, you are right; but you never know USCIS.

    Because the process of allocating visa numbers is such that you can never use all of it...(you may listent to USCIS and DOS testimony several months back. They mentioned in that testimony that the best they can do is to waste 5% or less).
    So my best guess is: they wasted about 5-7k EB visas this year.
    They still will claim "great success" as they used >95% of numbers.

    The real solution was in visa recapture bill; but it is no where in sight now...

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  • la_guy
    05-29 04:46 PM
    I guess you are speaking like Tom Peters. But in the end, it all depends on where one wants to be and what is the world view of someone. If one thinks that just because someone is a manager over others, that makes that someone better and more successful than others, and if most B- students manage A+ students (which is fuzzy maths), yes, in that case it maybe that its better to get a B- grade than A+, and there is no need to go to business school either. If the world view and the objective is not just to become a manager or make 100K instead of 120K, but actually do something worthwhile in every stage of your life, rather than just having an objective of becoming a manager, maybe its about learning a language and words, then why not. Strong vocabulary is the first stage to clear expression and clear expression is the corner stone of a successful and satisfying career, including bring a manager. I don't see anything wrong with learning more words, or loving parents or obedient children. Everyone has a different age in their life when we revolt against the environment, just to break free. Its not necessary that one must continue to revolt an entire lifetime to be creative or be better than others. Bill Gates or Steve jobs never wanted to become just managers, they wanted to re-invent the future. College dropouts, but successful. But how many Gates and Jobs do we have? I guess there is no clear definition of success and different people gauge success differently, but most people, more so in this crowd on this forum, relate success to level of education/university (US masters or Bachelors from India), and title at work place. But maybe the key is not how others gauge your success, but how you gauge yourself. Maybe you have set your eyes on squeezing most number of lemons or maybe being fastest eater of a water melon, or climbing on top of rhinoceros back, whatever it is, if you have done it and you feel satisfied, you will see yourself as successful. So whatever is the definition of success, whatever is anybody's opinion or world-view, the fact is, these kids did well with the goal they had set for themselves. And if that is how they feel satisfied with their hard work, they are successful. The fact that there were so many other contestants wanting to prove that they were better than others, and they weren't, makes it a recognizable achievement. Its that simple.
    Well said....

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  • laborpains
    08-05 11:20 AM
    If your application is an SRC then:
    call (800) 375 � 5283 then 1-2-1-recpt number-1-1-wait for recorded status-3-4 speak with customer service.

    Thank you for the info!


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  • bheemi
    03-03 10:08 AM
    one more thing when I need to add in bill pay do i need to select company or person..
    pls let me know immigration voic contact ph no also..


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  • h1techSlave
    02-24 06:14 PM
    sending flowers did work for us.

    You mean to say sell US real estate for GC/citizenship? I don't see this going very far. I can see anti immigrants waiting for this one. Best is to lobby using aides of big corporations, developing relationship with lobbyists who already have connections, hiring lawyers, developing strong case, donations in election campaigns etc. All of this needs loads and loads of money. Are we ready to donate to IV and build strong lobbying group for our cause? That is the only way to change our current situation.

    Sending flowers, sending pizzas, sending all these proposals will only fall on deaf years. Congress understands language of money to pass laws, Rest of the country/orgranizations understand language of laws/court.


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  • chanduv23
    10-03 06:06 AM
    Folks ,

    I will try my best, I work in North Jersey , Usually I leave from my office around 7 PM, I will let you know

    Same here, I work in Fort Lee - I plan to start early on that day.

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  • vin13
    08-02 05:21 PM
    Of the hundreds of thousands of July 07 filers, who paid a mere $325 for their I-485 application, do you think USCIS will devote the time/effort to constantly keep track of the applicant's eligibility of 485 over the next several years???? It will take atleast 4-5 years for several of us to finally get a visa number. Several of us will move/have address changes during these years.

    It took them 2.5 years to process these...imagine the nightmare if they were to try doing subsequent rounds....

    Keep in mind that 485 eligibility is not just tied to employment but also FBI name checks etc. Do you think USCIS will keep on doing name-checks every other year, or issue EVL's every other year if/when they see for instance, an address change?

    Dude...USCIS is already on its way of bragging to the congress that it has pre-adjudicated all these 485 applications. I think if they touch these pre-adjudicated applications, then someone has to answer to someone of what is going on...why haven't you still worked on this? why are you devoting your time to these old 485 applications when there are new ones yet to be processed.

    I think once the application is pre-adjudicated...that's it!! I don't believe USCIS will spend anymore time and resources to these applications again...until a visa number is available from DOS and they apply the number to the pre-adjudicated 2 cents!

    If you read what i said earlier, i mentioned "There is a high chance that a pre-adjudicated case may just get an approval when the visa numbers are available". The probability of RFEs could be low. The point that i was trying to make is that if someone is looking for guarantees that may not be established with Pre-Adjudication. If you see my signature i have already changed jobs twice using AC-21. Its not a big concern to me.


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  • vinodmp
    02-06 06:38 AM
    Thanks red200,

    There was no RFE at all . Infact I was following up my case through my congressman's office and we always got responce back from uscis saying it is under "Security review" .

    The email says "application denied." if it says RFE , I would not have such a shock .

    it was reall gard day for me y'day when I sow that . I was almost on the werge of closing a house deal this month and with this 485 issue , I don' think I want to take the risk of buying the house now.

    Though I do have little bit hope if it is because 140 revoke and we can prove the AC21 documents , it will get through .


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  • dealsnet
    10-11 12:25 AM
    Patriotism is depends upon individual thinking. My friend's uncle is a former army officer from India and he is in the USA for 35 years. Participated in 1971 war. But he didn't become US citizen. I asked why, he told me he took the oath to serve India and fight for her whenever there is a requirement. So he want to keep his oath. If he want to become US citizen he need to break the oath and take a oath to fight for USA, even if against India. He is not a RSS or VHP person. He is a christian (for your info).
    So patriotism is not by speech or blogging from USA. It is by action. How many people help poor people in India ?. Most members here want to become US citizen. Only complaint is the delay. So love your counry of birth and love the country giving opportunities.

    Can you please provide us any link or legal constitutional document from any legal organization in India and USA which states that Patriotic Indian ( For the sake of argument Indian) should not apply for US Green Card ( Permanent residency)? Or for that matter can you legally proove that not applying for US GC is the barometer of patriotism towards India for an Indian?

    Do you have any reading comprehension capabilities?

    Read the first sentence of following link and let me know what do you comprehend?

    Your lesson for US immigration starts from here.

    USCIS - Green Card ( D&vgnextchannel=ae853ad15c673210VgnVCM100000082ca60a RCRD)

    Best Luck.


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  • StarSun
    05-11 09:10 AM
    Please continue to fill out the form for the advocacy days and make a difference by taking a positive step by meeting with the legislators.

    For members who can only provide support, please mention the kind of support you are willing to commit to on this thread too.

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  • VivekAhuja
    08-18 05:39 PM
    What is the BIG DEAL? So what if we are called Anchor Immigrants? This is typical Indian mentality to looks for small issues. I care a damn if we are called DOG IMMIGRANTS. It does not change anything.


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  • gauravster
    01-15 11:38 AM
    In times like these, we should look at the employment generation capabilities of the skilled immigrants. The argument that skilled labor would take US jobs and increase unemployment does not hold as those with 5+ years experience in the US in a skilled position are very likely to start new business, have career in new fields at managerial positions, buy a house, etc which will in itself be a huge stimulus to the economy.

    The same cannot be said about unskilled labor though.

    Yoda says:

    Bill hard to be approved that it is.

    Unemployment rising for Americans rapidly it is. Tough to let more immigrants like us get jobs from Americans. Obama try he will.

    Be the Force be with you. IV contribute more should you.

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  • drirshad
    07-20 04:21 PM
    The following may not happen after the bill defeated ......

    Skilled Workers May See Green-Card Surge
    Problems with the green-card program have prompted informal discussions in Congress about a law to offer more visas to highly skilled applicants

    Congressional leaders have begun to discuss legislation that would sharply increase the number of high-skilled foreign workers who could become permanent U. S. residents in the next few years. While it's sure to be controversial, the measure, if it passes, could mean more than 100,000 additional green cards would become available for skilled workers, perhaps even doubling the 140,000 that are allotted each year. "There are some discussions going on informally," says Representative Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.), who chairs the House subcommittee on immigration.

    A sharp increase in green cards would come as a relief to many, particularly in the tech industry. High-skilled foreign workers have become increasingly upset in recent years because the wait to gain the cards, which confer permanent residency, has stretched to five or more years for certain applicants. Technology companies, including IBM (IBM), Microsoft (MSFT), Google (GOOG), and eBay (EBAY), have also advocated for more skilled workers from other countries to be let into the country.


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  • franklin
    07-10 02:54 AM
    CIS director is saying that he has made arrangements to pass on the flowers set to CIS office to the US war-wounded soldiers.

    I think we should start a blood donation campaign to impress upon him that aspiring immigrants will not be found lacking in caring for the US army soldiers.

    Any thoughts?

    It could be a good idea, however there are various restrictions that we might be caught out by including:-

    Living in Europe (most countries)
    Travel within 12 months to malaria countries (including India)
    Living in Malaria countries within last 3 years (including India)
    MMR within the last 4 weeks
    Any conditions found in the medical report.
    the list goes on...

    I've tried donating blood before and have been denied through the 1st and 2nd point

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  • nshalady
    06-19 01:02 AM
    You dont need an EAD, if you still have valid H1. AC21 has nothing to do with EAD. However, if your H1 is expiring soon, and you have already used up 6 years of H1, you would need an EAD, because H1 extension beyond 6 years is available only for people who cant file I485 because of retrogression.

    If you don't need EAD to use AC21 whats the use of EAD for the primary applicant?

    I was not planning to change company and just filed my 485 without EAD last week. But now situation has changed and the lawyer said i need EAD if i want to use AC21 after 6 months. I'm hoping to get a receipt notice soon so that i can file for EAD without the increased fees. Anybody has any link to where it says we don't need EAD for AC21 so i can check with my lawyer?


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  • Project_A
    02-10 05:21 PM
    Do you mean 30 credits with 3 year degree from India to complete MS?
    $15K for 30 credits means $500 for 1 credit?

    ISU - Iowa State University; Not from India. Yes, $15K for a total of 30 credits. Aprx 3 credits per subject => total 10 subjects. One of them must be a project, so total of 9 subjects ( with 3 credits each).

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  • johnamit
    07-09 02:51 PM
    Wake Up
    Wake Up

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  • oldschool
    08-15 11:33 AM
    They will know because when you fill out the N-400 application form, you are required to list your employment details for the last 5 years.

    can they really deny you on this basis alone?

    05-24 01:25 PM
    I understand and agree with all the points except I am not sure how it puts ppl with pending 140 at risk. Can you please elaborate?

    Also, AC 21 repealed? So no switching of jobs after 6 months of 485? What about those who have already switched?

    Also, the current visa numbers are 9800 for a country annually. That limit goes down to 9000. Its a 10% cut but is that going to have major impact on retrogression?

    AC 21 repealed (disastrous)

    Bad for pending I 140 .... left in limbo

    Bad for pending LC .... left in complete limbo

    Bad for retrogressed.... backlog will increase phenomenally 'cos of decreased visa numbers

    09-23 09:54 PM


    For the third week in a row, the committee fails to move forward on these bills despite being scheduled today for a markup. And, according to the American Immigration Lawyers Association, tomorrow is not looking much better. Lovely.

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