Thursday, June 16, 2011

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  • eb3stuck
    05-11 12:53 PM
    So bottomline is we are stuck as usual for Bulletins releigously on second week Fridays...and get ready to pack your Sept,2006 approaches...

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  • paskal
    12-17 11:32 AM
    "And please remember it's bottom up that works here not top-down."

    so i guess then we can count on you to give up on this one little thing and help us constructively...? join the state chapter? help with lawmaker meetings and do the grassroots stuff?

    i'm not in the least asking you to leave..i would really love to see you put you energies towards required actions...and we would all be richer and better for it! :)

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  • flipflop
    12-11 08:47 PM
    It is not I, who decides it on what to do. It is always the opinion of majority members.

    You didn't get me. If the majority members say lets do all of them, which ones you think you will be able to do?

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  • BECsufferer
    01-15 08:48 PM
    EB2 Jan04 ... I need it to be Jan05. Damn!!


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  • siddar
    05-13 12:33 PM
    I would strongly suggest, people refrain from using words like injustice, etc., Injustice implies the US govt is doing something wrong, when they are not. Such accusations do not reflect well on us and are unlikely to benefit in any meaningful way.

    Desis are impacted because we are just so many of us. No other reason. Keep in mind that we are still walking away with the bulk of green cards each year, far above the stipulated Quota.

    The Green card system exists for the benefit of America. It will not be tailored to meet the individual needs of overpopulated countries. All we can do is request them to improve the system and make it easier for applicants. Taking the aggressive approach of accusations, demanding for change, asking for more, etc., will not work.

    When there is a overflow, I strongly feel that it should flow to all the categories and that is called equality. Some inefficient people in Decision making authority at USCIS framed a rule on visa overflow and they are following it. If the rule is not much logical/ethical to most of the people, then anyone can voice their rights against it.

    Just for example, a team consists of one project manager(EB1), two tech leads(EB2) and 6 Developers(EB3). The demand is based on no. of vacancies exists on the market, that means a lot of EB3, less EB2 and few EB1.
    As per this rule, USCIS is not actually feeding the hungry.
    Regarding the country quota, US is not favoring/helping the foreign countries by giving GC to those people from them. So, it makes no sense at all when it comes to immigrants but I can understand the bureaucracy behind it.
    If they are implementing the country limit then it should be like 0.00001% of that country's population, I feel.

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  • Kodi
    06-28 02:02 PM
    This is not good. My PERM labor is stuck in Atlanta, I was hoping to apply I-140 pp since my 6th year H1 is expiring Dec, 07. If I can get my I-140 approved then I'll have to leave.


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    03-03 06:21 PM
    Will send check out this weekend.

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  • vinodp1978
    06-28 03:44 PM
    Please ...let us agree on this ...will get an EAD even if i-140 is pending while 485 is filed correct??


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  • xela
    08-05 09:01 AM
    See we dont know what you wrote, so without that you might find people that find it offensive, simply because they have no idea what you just said.

    It is like you going out with friends and one of them doesn not speak your language, so wouldnt you speak English to make sure he or she isnt left out and feels uncomfortable?

    Plus if it gives people goosebumps and is a great piece of poetry share it all of us :-)

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  • svgupta
    05-22 07:36 PM
    the contribution thread. --


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  • arunmohan
    05-24 11:37 PM
    I would like to request core members to please prepare one web fax for H4 people who are stuck in green card logjam.this issue should also be put in limelight now.I request all other members to help draft a letter for the same.

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  • StarSun
    05-17 06:20 PM
    The Training on Sunday June 6th will be held at Hyatt Regency near Capitol Hill ( ecific_wasrw_hyattregencycapitolhill&k_clickid=5a3402af-3df6-af68-63e2-000060fa8023)

    The closest airport to the capitol is the Reagan National Airport. The other two airport are Baltimore International, MD and Dulles International, VA are options too - if you can get good deals.

    Priceline can offer good pricing for hotels.


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  • chanduv23
    10-13 08:13 AM
    We had around 17 highly charged up and dedicated IV members who definiitely want to do "something".

    There was a diverse crowd this time. We had F1 students, who are now beginning to understand the gravity of this issue. One student is a student in Journalism and is currently doing project in legal immigration.

    One physician came all the way from Connecticut and his wife another physician doing residency came all the way from Long Island and our dedicated leader mpadapa came all the way from Poughkeepsie.

    Me and another family came from Queens. Some were from Manhattan.

    Almost everyone else resided in New Jersey.

    'laborchic' was the man behind this meet and greet and his enthu never went down, he always stood up and adressed the gathering. He stressed on the importance of Unity, which the community lacks.

    mapdapa discussed about local law maker meetings. He has been managing and scheduling local lawmaker meetings. Almost everyone instantly offered to meet their lawmakers - but definitely with training and some direction and efficient management.

    Me, mpadapa, singhsa3, siravi and laborchic were explaining to folks the importance of IV, our goals, plans etc...

    One of them was a "Birthday Boy". He accompanied his sister and brother in law whose IV handle "sweet23guyin"

    We had ndbhatt, healing_wong, dressking, supermann, frankiesaysrelax, devillion696 who also actively participated.

    In addition, logiclife's email newsletter got us a few more people and I do not have their IV handles, they are Badri, Tejesh, Alpesh, Sailesh.

    One guy (Alpesh) was a part of San Jose rally and was an active member in the CA chapter and recently moved to NYC.

    Maya is a beautiful place for a evening drink and a snack and discuss things - only drawback was that they played music that was loud, and we had to ask them to reduce the volume. The snacks were very good.

    Based on the feedback over past few days and also based on some feedback about local meetings in general
    Everyone wants to have a Saturday afternoon meeting in New Jersey.
    The meeting must be in a conference hall or a banquet hall and have parking facilities.
    One or two core members must be present
    Training for law maker meets must drive the entire session with other stuff also being discussed in between.
    Educating people about IVs goals and the hard work IV does in the background is a must in every chapter meeting.

    We all decided that we will be active from now on, if we were not active earlier. We will build a strong State chapter.

    Those who were in the "meet and Greet" yesterday - please post your experience - we all took turns and spoke and shared ideas - do please post your experience and your views.

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  • Keeme
    06-02 06:31 PM
    We got heavy weights here supporting this bill... Kennedy and Schumer.. IV fights for all immigration issues, but not for this... then whom IV fighting for???

    One can see from these posts how one feels when they see a little 'Hope' and 'Help' coming their way when its needed the most and how desparate they are to get involved for this fight ! Even though, In past we have seen some thing similar leaving us at where we were, we were happy to see that someone with us and fighting for us! Disappointed, disheartened and frustrated, we looked forward and now here its again ! -A hope of help !

    IV core members must be having into their own games to help the community and can't blame them for not supporting this bill. But It would be a huge mistake if IV doesn't support it- if it has EB Visa recapture and not just for Family.

    Not even people who don't understand this country and its politics would bet on CIR. IF Dems had an advantage and have won recent elections because of CIR issue, they would loose the next one because of CIR - they know it very well ! Long story short, if this economy crisis was "Perl harbor' for this administration, CIR will be another one !

    THE BEST AND ONLY WAY for us to get out of this mess is to get Visa recapture bill passed ! Period.

    Time is in our favor, Dems have majority and controll all 3 executive braches ! Housing industry needs more buyers ! Economy needs more immigrants ! Dems need to make their base stronger ! What else ?

    There won't be better time than today, Let's bring a new energy in us, do everything we can to support it.


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  • rparuchuri
    03-10 10:05 AM
    We all are working and in this economy everyone is worried about losing job if they don't go to work. I have two little kids and I work full time. I already used the vacation that I got for this year, it because of kids being sick one after the other and need to be off again next month for loss of pay for a kid's surgery. I know its just two more days and might result in something positive but I can't take a chance of losing my job and then don't have a job when it�s time for my 485 to be approved resulting in denial.
    I will donate money but unfortunately, I can't come for the advocacy day. It is a sticky situation for many.

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  • brb2
    10-10 07:01 PM
    Well, DOS is alerting that don't expect additional rapid movement any time soon. Here is the relevant part of their warning:


    Cut-off date movements in recent months have been greater than might ordinarily be expected, in an effort to maximize number use within the annual numerical limits. This has been necessary because demand being received from Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS) Offices for adjustment of status cases has been relatively light. As these dates have advanced, however, many thousands of applicants have become eligible for processing at CIS Offices. Once number use increases significantly as CIS addresses its backlog, cut-off date movement will necessarily slow or stop. Moreover, in some categories cut-off date retrogression is a particular possibility.

    The only positive thing I can take from this visa bulletin (assuming there is even a modicum of linear thought possible on the movement of dates) is that the 485 traffic for PDs between 2002 July and Jan 2003 is fairly light for EB2 India. After all they stated as much in their footnotes about anticipated movement of PDs. This can be construed as offering some hope for those from EB2 India with priority dates in early 2003 (say up to march). After all anyone in their right mind would not chance CP now with the fluidity of priority dates and the pending BEC deluge of cases, and the hordes of people hunting labour subs. etc. Basically if anyone gets the chance to file 485 they will do it lest the dates retrogress again while they are waiting for the consular interview.

    So those with early 2003 dates can be hopeful now, later than march and I doubt you will be in this fiscal years quota.

    Very true about the nurses and PTs. This will definitely lead to a lot of noise and I am quite sure the remaining 50K visas left for recapture for yrs 2002-2004 will also be recaptured soon after the elections. I hope for the SKIL provisions but am less confident about them than I am about the Schedule A workers.


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  • aristotle
    02-07 12:20 PM
    It all depends on the job requirements. MS+0 or BS+5 is considered as EB2. May be you can get a written statement from another well known attorney to help convince yours. Or you can try to use a different attorney if your employer permits.

    Thank you all for the responses.

    I am EB-ROW and EB2 is current for me.

    you said "you must get a job zone 5 classification to file EB-2. Note that "information technology manager" is job zone 5". I am not in a manager position. I am software engineer/developer.

    Is there any way EB2 can be filed. What should I tell my compary lawyer? I told him my friends in other companies are able to file EB2. they are also software developers. He says "The other companies should not be able to file EB2 for software engineers but I can't say what another company's hiring history would allow and what they are willing to risk in filing a case which surpasses the minimum requirements allowed by DOL."

    How do I convince him. Is there any documentation or link which I can show him which states that software developers can file EB2?

    Thanks again all..

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  • pappu
    01-22 11:12 AM
    I felt there were too many fields to fill in. It might help if we can take out some fields. Like RFE etc.

    in the current system it is not mandatory to fill out all the fields. if you want to leave out RFE, you can do so.

    We felt that some people want to track RFEs and see how it affects the overall progress of the case. Even though we do not have such calculation, I think it would be worthwhile to have an analysis done on that. It would help people know when an RFE is generated how far their case is pushed back. RFE information will also help people in the same boat and they can make such people as buddies and monitor each others cases and contact each other to figure out what is going on or how the RFE was replied.

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  • trueguy
    08-16 01:45 PM
    I got a reply for these letters from my local Senator. She just said thank you for expressing my opinion about this bill and she gave me the latest status on it.


    08-21 02:52 PM
    Everyone is acknowledging that Recapture Bill will help everyone, but no one is willing to do anything.

    Next month, Congress will be in session for a very small interval of time, then why not try to do our best as much as we can regarding this bill.


    04-21 02:23 PM
    Dear Friends,

    Please stay together....we will get this permission.

    If our parents stay in US, US economy will improved. We will be buying health insurance and food for them.
    We will stop sending money to our native country. All money we earned will be spend here. We will be travelling more. Shopping more. etc.
    This will help to improve US economy. I want to see US become super country like how it was when Bill Clinton was president.

    We have a great present now. I was impressed by his speech about family value and raising kids together as family. I am sure, we will get help from him.

    You know, How J2 visa holder got permission to work in US. A person fight for it and got it for many.

    Don't bother about a negative persons comments here.

    If we stay together, we will get this permission. Anyway, after you become citizen you got that permission. We can request gov to give permission to GC holders too.

    Please call the White house and talk to President directly...May be we should be able to get this done by May 1st. Keep us updated.

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