Saturday, June 18, 2011

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  • Caliber
    04-02 01:41 PM
    Probably you were busy with your GC and someone else was doing what your balls should do..

    We have 2 pages of posts, but just 150.00.

    Sanju is right when he says, we are High-tech educated illiterates.

    You have 15 posts. First you were crying for EAD, then GULTI, now all this.

    And you think this is the way for convincing law makers on our contributions to American society? Is it because of your bad language, the law makers should give your spouse, EAD?

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  • miththoo
    11-08 12:52 PM
    I have an nre repatriable demat acct thru icici - it took all of 5 mnths and over 30 calls to cust svc to get the acct opened. The acct was mainly for utilizing the indian stock opts given by employer. You can trade as an NRI but online trading is not available for US residents on nre demat accts - u can however trade thru a broker like sharekhan etc.

    All dividends are credited only to your NRE savings a/c - not to regular savings a/c. Any stock sale requires an authorization number which the broker can provide. Taxes on capital gains must be paid only if you sell within a year of purchase - the percentage is the same as for Indian citizens. There is no tax on long term cap gains

    Since we do not have any taxable income in India, and many NRIs make charitable contributions regularly, the tax liabilities are usually not very high

    Also there is a very informative section on for NRI taxation. You are not required to file any tax returns if you are in NRI status and are within the exemption limits.

    Thanks Ramaonline.
    Which broker do you use to do the online trading ?

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  • chanduv23
    10-03 01:27 PM

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  • fide_champ
    09-15 11:22 AM
    I agree that it's really a personal choice. It's quite risky in this economy with housing prices going down. It needs a lot of reasearch and lot of thinking before you can make that decision. I don't think surveying people will help because there's lots of personal factors that can play a role in making that decision. Maybe it may help to listen to different people's decision making process. Having GC is a factor but it's not the only limiting factor. I know a lot of people who bought homes much before they filed the i-485 and i know few others who didn't and you can't blame them for their decisions.

    For the record, i bought my home in 2008 and i must admit that owning a home is one of the nicer things i did in this country. We and the kids love the extra space and the luxury. My kids will be going to public school next year so will be making full use of the taxes we pay.

    If you have a stable job, IMO you can buy a home and i bet you won't regret that decision. But stable job is as hard as finding a treasure these days.


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  • humdesi
    12-11 11:59 PM
    Did you mean "strategic"?

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  • dhirajs98
    06-28 04:30 PM
    As per online status "Your response received on June 15th and processing resumed". If it's pending for couple more days, As per the rule i should get my $1000 back. Will my I-140 then thrown back in the normal (non-PP) queue?

    How long USCIS tool to update the status online to show your RFE response has been received? I sent the response for RFE on June 7th and there is update about the case at all. No online status update either. God knows what they are doing with it. They are suppose to complete the case in 15 qorking days after they receive it.


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  • punjabi77
    07-17 04:47 PM
    Emailed and Faxed the letter to Saxby Chambliss, US senator of Georgia

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  • franklin
    08-22 07:06 PM
    First your PD has to be current for USCIS to look into your RD.

    Not quite, as I understand it, if your PD is not current, your AOS will continue processing and will eventually get to a "approved, pending visa number" state. You can pretty much be in this state for some time, and then when PD does become current (as happened from May through July this year with the significant shift in PDs in the bulletins) there will be a massive approval rate of all those pending applications.

    USCIS doesn't stop the application process just because your PD is no longer current

    This is how USCIS got through 60k unused visas in a staggeringly short time. There were a LOT of applications that were ready to go, they were just waiting for those numbers. USCIS didn't all of a suddenly quadruple their efficiency in processing :)


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  • sethurama
    06-13 11:24 PM
    Even my 140 was filed with CP. My PD was current last month. I filed my 485 (AOS) last week. As per my attorney if CP is specified in your 140, you have 2 options. You can file CP or AOS. You can just file for AOS. No need to convert. But AOS is speicifed in your 140 and want to convert to CP. Thank you need to file some form.

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  • qasleuth
    04-01 09:19 PM
    as of now, there is nothing is just donate, donate and donate.
    we don't even know why we are having new donation campaigns every month ... my favorite color is red start giving me red's for being frank and speaking out the truth

    Zen, simple question: how would you handle something like this without advocacy/group effort ? -->


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  • chanduv23
    01-13 01:32 PM
    EB2 -- Dont run fast, you will fall down again ...

    I'm EB3 , with PD Oct 18th, Off by 3 days since last 2 months ...

    I don't think dates will go back again unless they drastically move the dates forward. The dates could remain stagnant for a long time though.

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  • belmontboy
    01-15 02:51 PM
    I wonder whether proper first aid was given to the person.

    People do normally survive gunshots to leg!!


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  • rockstart
    08-04 11:03 AM
    Same with one of my friend - his PD is EB3 2005 India - he never received his FP as yet and is just planning to wait it out. Gets his EAd and Ap renewed regularly.

    I know 2 friends who filed in July 07 and got their FP notice last month. The explaination they got was their applications were struck in name check and once that was over they issued FP notice. This was news to me.

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  • go_guy123
    07-02 10:40 AM
    I guess country quota is root of all our green card related griefs. everybody else can dream of getting a green card someday, but EB-3/EB-2 India & China should stop dreaming about Green cards...I am sure this can be prooved illegal.

    We cant say. Even Supreme Court works by voting where judges vote and majority wins.
    In the past courts has said yes to "Affirmative action" and that it doesn't violate the
    equality given by constitution.

    Another option would be to challenge the interpretation of the law. Like unused visa capture whether wasted visa
    should be counted.

    Long back time spent outside US and on H4 visa used to we wasted. Not anymore. This has come about by challenging
    the interpretation of the law.

    Similar challenges are going on interpretation of the Child status protection act that was passed in 2002


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  • praveenat11
    10-25 03:00 PM
    I have sumbitted my I-140,I-485 on Oct10 2007 in the category of EB1.
    Today my check is encashed.
    can anyone say what r the next steps...?

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  • GCwaitforever
    02-25 10:55 PM
    I will be sending my second contribution soon.


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  • indianabacklog
    10-24 08:10 AM

    Just to let you know there are EB3 ROW still waiting. My priority date is November 2002 and applied for AOS in May. No rhyme or reason to this process it would seem.

    Cannot imagine I am the only old PD still waiting while people who applied four years later get their green cards.

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  • caydee
    05-14 07:23 PM
    Contributed $120 to date. Cheers!!

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  • mirage
    02-24 10:25 AM
    I diagree with you...Indian film Industry have very good directors, They are no way inferior to Hollywood. Firstly you can't compre them with Hollywood because they have differen audiances...Hollywood have money power so their movies are technically better, but as far as quality of movies Indian film industry is very good...It caters to all tastes. There are Shyam Benegal, Basu Chaterjee, Govind Nihlani for people who like simple senseful movies there are Karan Johar, Yash Chopra, Mani Ratnam for expensive, hip hop movies. There's RGV, Hirani, Rakyesh Omprakash Mehra for different story based movies. In my opinion caters to wide variety you need to pick up by your taste...None of the Amitabh Bachans did any thing for slums,Danny Boyle Made a very good movie.I think the fact is Rehman is a prodigy no doubt about that, he makes very good music we all know that.As compared to Hollywood directors Bollywood directors are subpar with the exception of very few good ones. Movie business is controlled in India by few families,what ever the movies they make rest of the people will watch it.I dont want to open the bollywood can of worms.Movie directors in India are usually sons of Bollywood actors or some one related to Bollywood.

    I am sure none of the Bollywood directors would ever be able to make good movies,they dont have a global outlook,neither the needed juice. usually Bollywood directors are some low key high school drop outs who have connections with mafia.

    If some one who is reallly talented is not going to make it in Bollywood,Southern Film industry is even worse.

    06-28 01:57 PM
    I live in Tx..If I file today...would it help if it reaches tommorrow....for PP-I140??...Where is tjhe form for applying PP-I-140...somebody plz answer....

    I907 is the form for PP

    10-10 09:59 AM
    I wish the same.. Keeping my fingers crossed..


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