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  • Goodintentions
    04-20 06:11 AM
    Politicians always want to keep issues alive! If issues go away, there is nothing to fight, nothing to talk in the elections; without issues you cannot get "bulk" support from any specific group! So, the so called CIR will remain a "perpetual carrot". It will never happen in our life time.

    We are all mature, educated people from a highly politically conscious environment! So...we are not naive, I am sure!

    I take this opportunity to summarize a few things which have happened in the context of "long term indentured" labourers like us:

    1. Quantum jump in terms of H1 ---> about 8 / 9 years back [happened because of pressure from corporations and their lobbies, nothing to with us. they wanted cheap labour and more profits!]

    2. "Free for all" L1s ---> There is no cap, no specialty skill requirement. Not even sure if this has a min wage like H1. Why? Only because it serves the interests of the corporations to import 80% of the work force in any project!

    3. Yearly H1 extensions based on Labour approvals / 3 year extensions for I 140 cases ---> When the "slaves" started returning after 6 years (without GCs being approved) the corporations growled and again the lobbies worked day and night. This has nothing to do with our pleading!

    4. AC 21 ---> This is a good feature with a humane angle, but again there is NO WRITTEN MEMO permitting the employees to switch jobs 6 months after receving their EADs! This has been clearly articulated in a new item by! So AC21 is NOT a fool proof mechanism!
    If the employer withdraws his I 140 there is a fair chance that 485 might be denied. (as per, there are a number of cases where such denials have happened). Again INS will never issue a memo, because it will antagonize the corporations

    5. EAD / AP merger ---> this is a minor change in procedure, an admin fix! This is not a policy change. Full credit to several immigration forums and pleadings. However, this is not going to help many of us as our AP / EAD dates vary by several weeks and we might not be able to file them together

    So, after 10 + years pleading, we have been able to get an admin fix :) That is amazing!!! Under the circumstances we cannot even dream of any legislative support or correction! Instead of Chinese / Indians in the endless line had citizens of the EU nations been affected, everything would have been fixed ages back!

    Everyone is interested in the illegals and their "hard working" school children! That is because of the money, muscle, vote power they wield! Even if they were to have 1% of the law on their side, they would have achieved their objective ages back! They are holding us hostage because we have 100% of the law on our side and they have 0% of the law on their side. Otherwise, why should we law abiding immigrants be grouped with people who jumped fence?

    Think...does this make sense at all? Correct me if I am wrong! I will accept my mistakes with all humility!

    How is the CIR even relevant in our case? Did we do anythng illegal????

    What are we all waiting for? ~ ~ ~

    Honestly, NOTHING but the WILL of the SUPREME POWER can help us !!! (more than 99% of the population are believers, anyway)

    Youngsters in the early to mid 30s with "non US citizen kids" please think seriously. Do not waste your time in this mess for decades. We have all suffered for 10 - 12 years now and have no options. If you cross the age of 40 then you cannot immigrate to any western country because you will lose in the "points system". It would be a good option to live in countries who have a clear cut time bound program which does not discriminate on the basis of your nationality.

    When the corporations wanted you and I, H1 was increased - no one was bothered about your nationality at that time. Today when we want a future for our family and kids, people talk about quota and diversity! This is what is known as "Having the cake and eating it too"

    Remember, the system has been designed to support and ensure long term indentured labour to sustain the greedy corporations! There is no place for empathy or compassion. It is business! It is money! Free market enterprise works this way!

    If we are expecting miracles, we are chasing a mirage!!!

    May the SUPREME POWER bless the EB2 / EB3 communities and give them the strength, resilience and the patience they badly need!!!


    Hi all!

    Please visit this link !

    Comprehensive immigration reform probably doomed - Yahoo! News (

    THis is precisely what I had said yesterday! The issues HAS and WILL be kept alive, FOREVER!

    In a way it is good because, now we can plead with both parties to think of LEGAL WORKERS like us!

    If this ends the "hostage drama" by the "illegals" we should be more than happy!

    What next???

    Thank you!!!

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  • unitednations
    08-15 07:02 PM
    There are limits to everything - and to worries too. Of course you don't want to be taking meaningless risks, but to live like a chicken is not an option either. But this is more philosophical, here is my question.

    USCIS may send RFEs for whatever and whoever they think it's reasonable. They can investigate and reinvestigate and GC holders and citizens, it's their job. Now tell me. How many you know of GC holders who got denied their citizenships because they just threw away their W2s? How many GCs were actually revoked and people were deported because USCIS investigated company and found out that most of the employees were H1b?

    Here is case of my cousin, he had his GC for many years, his wife and kids got citizenships. He didn't because he didn't accrue his 5 years in the US. He felt that he would be more successful in his home country. So he had business over there and was traveling back and forth to/from US. Once, at airport the immigration officer asked why he was traveling so much? He honestly answered "i'm doing business abroad". What do you think? INS officer initiated investigation and put him on deportation. Reason? "Absence of immigration intent!!!!". The case was quickly dismissed by immigration judge. My cousin was telling me how angry the judge was at prosecutors, he told them not to waste tax money like this anymore. So... what would be the right choice for him? Taking risk and making money (now he has a $1M house in LA) or be "careful" and live in some crappy hollywood apartment until his citizenship?

    People who left employer early or want to leave early will say it is ok; because it suits their needs.

    People who plan on staying later or don't have any intention of leaving early will say to stay.

    Bottom line is it is upto everyones own risk tolerance. I have just seen some of the biggest cowards in terms of immigration all of a sudden get so brave after they got the greencard.

    If people are waiting years and playing it safe then what is the possible harm to wait a little longer and not get riled up by every small story of someone who got questioned at citizenship time, etc.

    Immigration laws don't change very often; however, uscis interpretations and memos do change quite frequently. When you have to start hiring lawyers, go to court, face uncertainty then we'll see how brave people are.

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  • imh1b
    05-07 02:37 PM
    I will try my best to come. I also pledge $151 for this event.

    Good Job IV. Happy to know that we are doing something so big.

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  • NNReddy
    09-15 04:10 PM
    Low cost markets like atlanta, Tx can support rent. But high cost markets like boston,ca , your rent will not be sufficient to pay mortgage and other costs.


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  • tnite
    06-18 11:08 AM
    If my priority date is retrogressed at the time of processing my EAD and AP, will USCIS keep the EAD and AP on hold? Or will they process EAD and AP and hold the I485?

    They will send your application back to you.Maybe some experts can opine on this

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  • rolrblade
    07-20 03:09 PM
    How come we didn't have any phone campaign? What were our lobbyists doing?

    I'm glued to C-SPAN whenever anything related to immigration is going on in the senate. This time I wasn't aware of it.

    We need to be more alert this time. Maybe a phone campaign or web-fax campaign would have turned the scale! We gotta be more alert.

    Don't worry. This is not the complete defeat yet, since this ammendment ties into the troops withdrawl bill. The president would have definately vetoed the bill.

    The bigger thing is the SKILL ACT, which has yet to be at the floor. If we really want any success, we have to ensure that the immigration act is passed a a standalone act and not an ammendment to any other bill regarding defense.


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  • MerciesOfInjustices
    11-08 08:53 AM
    A quick analysis of election results and its relevance to us:

    As of 11:45 PM PST, House has gone to Democrats in a landslide; the Senate is on its way depending on outcome in Montana and Virginia. If Democrats win MT and VA (Jon Tester in MT, Jim Webb in VA), the Democrats would control the Senate too...

    Thirdly, Jon Kyl almost lost his Senate seat in Arizona. If it’s any indication that anti-immigration noises are no career-savers, this may be it.

    I agree with everything as you said. Darn, but certain Congressmen from Wisconsin and Colorado made it back - of course, without the clout.

    As Fareed Zakaria pointed in a recent article, (I cannot find the link, somehow) Immigration reform is the only issue that George Bush, Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Rudy Giluiani and Nancy Pelosi agree on! How many such issues are there? I cannot really think of one!

    But, would like to point out something about Senator Kyl, who may have voted against CIR finally. But, he has not been against legal immigration. In fact, he had co-authored the Cornyn-Kyl version, that was a variant of the final compromise version being floated in the House. As far as I know, he opposes only certain aspects - but does not have an anti-immigrant stance, as such. He is, of course, better known for his work in healthcare legislation, where he has been very close to what most doctors have supported in terms of Tort Reform, to reign in rising Helathcare costs. In other words, he is more balanced - that may have been the saving grace. But, your analysis is also correct - voting against CIR did not bring him a landslide!

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  • eb_retrogession
    03-01 06:30 PM is the most visited website for INDIANS in NORTHEAST....for all classifields. Would it be very expensive to put up some banners in LEADING indian websites where lot of INDIAN IT people visit.


    based on our earlier contact, sulekha was WAYY too expensive. if any of you guys know of some contacts there and can help us out, we can certainly pursue this again.
    Indian media outlets don't care about community service :-)


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  • matreen
    10-03 12:45 AM

    I am also close to situation 3.a but I changed my GC sponsered employer and working for other good and stable company using AC21.

    I would like to start a company and do a side business.

    What you recommend - registering it on my is good idea or on spouse's name?

    If I register it on my name and generate a profit - is it going to impact my 485 as I already invokded AC21? (again I will be working in simialr job as a FT)

    Any sugessions would be great help.


    If you are on 3a, you have neither used AC21 nor have you left your full time job (FT job that aligns with your LC). On EAD, you can do any number of jobs (ex: you can even work 2 part time jobs totally unrelated to your LC requirements ofcourse as long as you continue to be with your GC employer). Using this rationale, you should be fine starting a business and making profit in the part time.

    In fact even those who were in 3 b were able to get their GC after an interview (Search for posts by the user "unitednations"). But, it's risky and best avoided.

    Personally, I want to get into 3 a, but my 140 is still pending. I plan to approach my company to switch me to EAD as soon as my 140 gets approved.

    PS: This is not legal advice. Please contact your attorney and do more research before taking any steps further.

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  • ramus
    08-13 06:44 PM
    This is my first message after so long time...
    USCIS stoped issuing interim EAD before years... We just been to local office this Monday and they said they don't issue it any more..

    Do you have offical link to this memo??

    According to June 12 2008 memo from USCIS FAQ :

    If you filed Form I-765 more than 90 days ago and have not received a decision, who should you contact?

    If you have not received a decision within 90 days of the USCIS receipt date and you have properly filed your EAD application, you may apply to obtain an interim EAD by appearing in person at your local USCIS District Office. You must bring proof of identity and any notices that you have received from USCIS in connection with your application for employment authorization.

    PM if you want a pdf copy


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  • pappu
    06-12 01:49 PM
    kumarc123 I merged your thread + created a redirect with this one because of duplicate post and same discussion on your post in 2 places.

    Will respond to your other post soon. Pls look at us as people like you rather than venting against us for everything.

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    07-14 01:43 AM
    I would ignore this. Almost all the news articles in this country gave credit to the imimigrants in this country and the I did not seen one where they mentioned the USINPAC.


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  • nat23
    11-10 12:40 PM
    Immigration is one of the very few issues the President and the Dems agree on. It would be good if this issue gets addressed as early as possible (part of building good faith) before they go back to pointing knives at each other. Which is bound to happen once Dems set up inquiry committees.

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  • geniousatwork
    08-26 05:58 PM
    The number of people prior to Jan 05 is up to 89 and I am sure it will keep peeping up.
    The factor of 100 (1 % polling) seems to be a realistic assumption.
    Considering the above numbers/assumptions we are looking at the following number of people awaiting approval next month:

    89 * 100 * 2.25 = 20025

    By this poll/statistics somewhere between 20K - 25K people are awaiting approval next month.

    Also there seems to be no more approvals as per after 08/21. Either all the people have been greened (barring a few with some complexity in their case) or the visa numbers have been exhausted(I do not think the latter is the case).

    Hopefully a big chunk of these people do get their approvals next month.

    GOOD LUCK!!!

    Even if its multiplied by 100 we should be ok, if the USCIS does a good of not waisting visas by doing their best in the month of Sep. Say we have 6500 * 2 .25 (Family) = 15000people waiting from EB2 2004. Looking at the spillover numbers from last year, we might be lucky enough. Just trying to be optimistic for the next 35 days.

    We received our 2nd biometric appointment notice for Sep 11th. Our Notice date is Sep 19th 2007. Just keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for something good. :)


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  • villamonte6100
    11-20 08:46 AM
    I visited the PA DMV yesterday to renew my driving licence based on my pending I-485. With all the valid documents like EAD, I-485, SSN card, I-94 etc. They refused to renew it saying that they have a new pilot program implemented called SAVE and need to get clearence from that, it will take upto 30 days. Anybody else gone throgh this proces?? Day by day more hurdles to pass...what a life, why dont they keep their systems uptodate or provide some temp permit as long as their check is pending. I am frustated with all this GC process, name check, DL SAVE system check etc..Why dont they implement just one check and give approval to everything.. atleast make it less time consuming.

    Anythoght from anybody? anybody else went through this SAVE (Systematic Allien Verification for Entitlement) program, or am I the only one?? D&vgnextchannel=71919c7755cb9010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 ____

    Yes, 4 of my frineds in Colorado went through the same process called the "SAVED". I was the one who started this thread to find out if other states have already started using SAVE and it seems other states are reluctant to use it.

    Ironically, the DMV in Colorado got sued last week regarding this new process because US citizens were badly affected by this. Please read the article below.

    My wife's DL will expire on 02/07 but because of this new process, we decided to visit our local DMV here.

    They renewed her license with just the new 797 and passport as the requirement. I don't know if the law suit has got something to do with the change.

    My other friends are still waiting to be cleared by SAVE and couldn't drive.


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  • caydee
    05-28 04:51 PM
    I am amazed by the effect the writer has had on stuckinmuck. More amazing is the fact that the writer validates his own point by claiming that he is with HR. Wonder how many real HR professionals reveal their company secrets.

    ........... My point is if we check our credentials, how many of us are 'true' innovators? I know I am not, I am an expert in what I do and am an asset to my company but I haven't filed any patents or publications which would be the true requirement for this country. My skills are indeed readily available in domestic workers as well. Could that be the reason for the backlog in EB-3 and none in EB-1? So do we need to do a reality check here? Just wondering if this could be the reason why we're getting a raw deal. Could it be that 'highly skilled' is not enough but 'genius' and 'highly skilled' is what's required here? Just a thought.


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  • tooclose
    08-12 05:32 PM
    How long does the IO usually take to review 485 cases (assuming that the case has been pre-adjtd.) ? Gurus...pls post your thoughts

    Gurus... do you know how long this takes usually ?

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  • pamposh
    01-16 09:14 PM
    We just posted our contribution of $200. Thanks for all your hard work... great job, keep the spirits up.


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  • crazyAbtUS
    12-16 11:13 AM
    you can contribute even small amounts with paypal account ..
    payments directed towards ...

    Great..crystal!... I did not know about this..thanks for the info..

    See really ignorence on this option ( of making smaller contribution using paypal- )... is probably why some of the guys I have spoken to at work have also not contributed yet..though they all visit and adhore the IV effort..

    But here is the one that turns me off everytime I visit the contribute section of the IV site.. (" Note : If you previously signed up for $20 per month recurring contributions, you don't have to do anything, they will continue as $20 per month until you choose to cancel them. Beginning 5/17/2007, we only have 2 options for recurring payments : $50 per month and $100 per month.

    05-25 10:44 AM

    please do.

    Thank you

    10-10 01:24 PM
    Happy columbus day to you all... Too bad we do not get a holiday in CA on this auspicious occassion :p

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