Saturday, June 18, 2011

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  • ivslave
    09-12 10:03 AM
    good guys/gals.... for your opinions and votes.....

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  • looivy
    07-14 06:22 PM
    They are cashing (name or headlines) on our people's hardwork. They have no right to take credit for other people's effort. How many folks did they send to today's rally or how many flowers did they send?

    Does it really matter who the messenger is as long as the message gets through?

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  • chanduv23
    10-12 06:46 AM
    How long does it take for ppl to make up their mind on a casual get together??

    Come on folks participate in this poll and drop in for the meet. If I can make it to the meet by commuting for almost 2 hrs (one way) what is stopping folks who are working few subways stops away from penn st or GCT :confused:

    Looks like people are forcing themselves to resist. Everyone sees advantage in IVs activities, but actually are far from deciding that they must get active.

    The more you resist, the more USCIS will resist. When you cannot care about yourselves, how can you think the lawmakers and USCIS care about u

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    05-08 11:02 PM
    Best way to get more immigrants to participate in advocacy efforts by for legal immigration is by communicating to international student organizations of various universities around virginia, maryland, washingtondc,west virginia north and south carolina. Arranging busses for the students is not a bad idea. Students once convinced why they need change in current immigration reforms for employment base legal immigrants will participate in huge numbers to attend the advocacy efforts done by as they have more time in hand


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  • lazycis
    06-12 11:50 AM
    I am sure the jury will say that you are not guilty if your wife supports your side of the story. Remember, the verdict should be unanimous. So go for jury trial and request a court interpreter to make sure there is no language barrier.

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  • chanduv23
    10-02 02:42 PM


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  • saimrathi
    07-10 11:48 AM
    Any news from the men/women on the "front line"?

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  • Macaca
    06-15 08:31 PM
    DOS allocates GC numbers to USCIS adjustment cases only as the point of approval is reached. DOS can set/move/retrogress PD based on info provided by USCIS about number of cases at point of approval.
    USCIS is not able to provide a good estimate of this number because

    it can not calculate this number based on USCISs workload, and
    it does not know the number of cases DOL will send to them. DOL again can not calculate the number of cases (it will send to USCIS) based on DOLs worload.

    The following are from page 35 and beginning of page 36

    The key to addressing this management issue at USCIS is to understand the dynamic interplay of priority dates and shifting workloads of three departments, and to know with greater precision and accuracy the size and details of USCIS� workloads.
    The tri-agency meetings seek to expand inter-agency communication regarding expected new demands and surges, workflows, and priority dates. During the meetings, there is an examination of the case management systems and data collection processes used to assess workflows through each entity, particularly USCIS.
    Although USCIS stated in its 2006 Annual Report Response (at p. 8) that it provides detailed data to DOS, the tri-agency group identified gaps in USCIS� data.


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  • smisachu
    10-05 04:22 PM
    They are also called, as we were informed in the DC rally as the "NNP"...
    No nothing

    Good Joke :)

    GOP = Grand Old Party (Republican party)

    Although historically Democratic party is much older to RP

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  • leoindiano
    05-29 11:25 AM
    It is a competition, Indian kids are winning. This is not ultimate thing in life. Still last night it was highly viewed, coveted title and winning it is not a small achievement. I would say just be happy for them.

    I am happy for the girl and their family. I wish her best of luck and hope she would become BEST neurosurgeon in USA.


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  • logiclife
    02-01 06:05 PM
    HAs anyone seen this.
    How is this going to effect our efforts for lobbying

    Check this out


    The rule passed applies mainly to former members of congress who now work as lobbyist. The rule says that those lobbyists, who used to be members of congress(senate or house) cannot go to house floor or the house Gym.

    This does not affect our efforts due to many reasons:

    1. House floor and house Gym is not the exclusive place for lobbying. Lobbying can be done at a lot of places in Washington DC besides the house floor or the Gym of the house. This rule is only lip-service really. It serves one purpose: after the abramoff scandal, you will not see lobbyist of the ex-congressman variety physically present in the house floor or the house gym lifting weights with the congressmen.

    2. Lobbying - the legwork and logistics - happens mostly at the staff level. The top guys only establish initial working relationship. The rest of the work happens between the staff of the lobbyist and the staff of the congress member.

    3. None of the firms we are talking to are tainted by the Abramoff scandal. The ones that were tainted are already closed anyways.

    4. This rule or that rule is not going to slow down the business of lobbying significantly. Its is nature of Washington DC. Its not going anywhere. These rules will only prevent congress members from accepting gifts and freebies from lobbyist. And actually that's a good thing.

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  • stuckinmuck
    05-14 04:54 PM
    This hits the nail on the head. We need to do a reality check on our side as well. I have been extremely embarassed by my fellow desis stinking to the core and digging their noses in meetings.

    I've also had the extreme embarassment of being asked by a fellow non-Indian colleague as to why most 'male' desis didn't believe in taking a shower and washing their clothes.

    Another point raised was why some ladies wore anklets in the office. The sound of anklets does bother me too since it truly distracts one's attention. I understand there is a cultural tradition involved here but we need to assimilate as much as possible especially in the work environment.

    Sometimes, unfortunately such things take away the attention from our real skills which are our brains and smart work.
    We need to maintain proper hygiene and courtesy everywhere, even at home.


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  • lost_in_migration
    05-14 10:05 PM

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  • ASR
    05-21 06:01 PM
    I agree. My I140 also got approved. See my signature for details.

    looks like you just missed in june cutoff dates


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  • eb2dec2005
    04-15 12:31 PM
    Well, last year i was in a similar situation too ,actually worse than yours.My project ended in February '08.Then i went to India for 4 months. After i got back , my employer refused to pay for my health inssurance.I opted for COBRA and was paying 1200$ for my family , with my husband and child listed as dependants.I attended several interviews,while I was expecting my second child . Though its against the law, many were skeptical in employing me as a consultant during this time. I was very lucky to get a full time offer using my EAD, where my health coverage started after 60 days .All this time, without a project , i was paying through my nose for the health insurance using COBRA.

    Ofcourse, i never bothered to inform my employer about my new employement.(Do i need to??)One fine day, i get an update on my H1 application , that the case has been reopened for review , and i get to know through my employer that he has CANCELLED my H1(got a 3 year extension based an approved I140).He did not give me chance to transfer it, inspite of me working rather slogging for 4 years , during which he shamelessly took the overtime money i earned as part of the billing.Though, i feel cheated,used etc etc.... but i did nothing. What could i have done?
    All through my journey in this GC process, i have had bitter experiences with desi employers.Though i've been in this country for 10 long years, i am still sitting waiting for my GC with the PD of Dec '05!! The previous employer, said he was filing my GC under EB2 but actually used EB3. And he also was willing to 'sell me my labor' for 12k!!!!! when i requested for retaining the PD. I coulddo nothing..
    I am not writing all this to vent my anger but to make you think that there could be other worse things happening to us.

    Also can somebody educate me on the 'stimulus' ,please?(pardon my ignorance)


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  • bestia
    08-15 03:54 PM
    They will know because when you fill out the N-400 application form, you are required to list your employment details for the last 5 years.

    I don't quite understand these "citizenship" worries. Am I missing something? You are not required to keep W2s for more than 3 years. You can apply for your citizenship on 6-th year and list your employment after 1 year of having GC. So you appear on interview showing last 3 W2s and that's it. Why would it lead to denial of citizenship?


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  • chanduv23
    10-09 10:28 AM

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  • franklin
    08-13 09:39 PM
    I'll look out for the revised version and take a look - nice job guys!

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  • gc_on_demand
    06-02 05:54 PM
    As OBAMA is going to have meeting this monday it will clear lots of things for us.

    Biggest one is if there will be a CIR or not ? if yes then what is time frame.

    if he signals yes for CIR discussion ( I am not saying passing ) then all these bills will be crap. and we should start lobby and advocay. If he doesnot think for CIR for year or two then we can push for this one as we will not have any agenda left. ( Except same and simmilar job )

    02-23 08:08 AM
    Thank you to both of you for responding. I entered in to US 5 years ago and i am here since then.

    11-03 02:36 PM
    I am facing same issue....need to get some money back from India....and there is no way i can get it officially without losing significant part of it. It is really illogical to send money to India for property investment just because we cannot get money back.....I am repenting doing that....

    Whenever I ask my friends to do this favor to me.....all they say is they dont have money to send India (since they dont want to disclose their worth to me) or they dont want to send money to India since they know it is useless to send money at such a bad conversion rate.

    If you can find some better way, let me know too.
    open a nri account here in india with your dad as a second name to it in a bank like hsbc which is there both in india and usa....then you or your dad dcan deposit money in that account...then anybody can withdraw after that. ...Second your dad can gift you a certain amount by converting rs to dollars in india and getting american express travelers check and sending it to you,....

    let me know what you do and if there are other ways to do that..

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